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    Welcome to the Soul Society Role Play Your one stop for all your bleach role playing needs. The rp is going to be restarted and everyone needs to register their character.

    Before joining please read our rules thread as well as relevant information in the Read before Joining thread.

    Character sign up sheet:




    Blood Type:
    Type A

    Best Traits: Conservative, introverted, reserved, patient, punctual, and perfectionist.

    Worst Traits: Obsessive, stubborn, self conscious, and uptight.

    Type B

    Best Traits: Creative and passionate. Animal loving. Optimistic and flexible. Individualist.

    Worst Traits: Forgetful, irresponsible, and self-centered.

    Type AB

    Best Traits: Cool, controlled, rational. Sociable and popular. Empathic.

    Worst Traits: Aloof, critical, indecisive and unforgiving.

    Type O

    Best Traits: Ambitious, athletic, robust and self-confident. Natural leaders

    Worst Traits: Arrogant, vain and insensitive and Ruthless.

    Reiatsu Colour:



    Hair color:

    Eye color:

    Notable features: (Such as body type, scars or other notable features.)


    Personality: (Brief description of personality)



    History: (Summary of your characters past.)

    Position: (Student, unseated member, seated member, vice captain, captain. New RPer will start with a student level character.)

    Abilities in order (categories):





    Reiatsu Control (this category is only for returning players. students do not add this, until graduation)

    (Students will need to add in their stats.)

    Weapons: (new characters does not have any weapons at all.)

    Zanpakutou: (Basic form of your weapon)

    Type: (Type for instance Elemental/Physical/Summon/Support/Supplement.)

    Shikai: (basic description of what the release looks like)

    Stage 1: (effect of stage 1)

    Stage 2: (effect of stage 2)

    Stage 3: (effect of stage 3)

    Bankai: (basic description of what the release looks like)

    Stage 1: (effect of stage 1)

    Stage 2: (effect of stage 2)

    Area of Speciality: (For instance Science/Medical/Fighter ect)

    Personal Techniques: (Special abilities learned by your character that are not shikai/Bankai. These might be Reaitsu tech, Kidou tech, physical tech, Scientific Tech.)

    For each character it is very important to keep registration up to date. You should add it to your signature. (Go into your user cp, and edit signature, then add a link to your registration post.)
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  2. Updated 3-17-11

    (Still need to update some stuff. Also, need to add some pictures that i first need to find again)

    Name: Kaisen Tenshu

    Also Known As: The Blood Taichou

    Age: looks to be mid 20's

    Gender: male

    Blood Type: Type O

    Best Traits: Ambitious, athletic, robust and self-confident. Natural leaders

    Worst Traits: Arrogant, Vain, insensitive and Ruthless.

    Reiatsu Colour: Blood red.


    Height: 6'3"

    Hair color: Dirty Blonde

    Eye color: Blue

    Notable features: Kaisens body covered in old scars. He has the appearance of a battle worn warrior, and the confidence of one to boot. Unlike most would expect from a leader of the seventh, he is not a giant mass of muscle. Like the previous taichou, he has focused more on quality, not quantity. As such, his muscles have become more dense, making him weigh more than he would appear to. He also wears a blood stained haori at all times. The haori was specially designed for him to be more spongelike. It absorbs blood, and stores it for later use.


    Personality: Self confident is a good way to describe him. He is sure in most things he does. In his time as a shinigami, he has studied every form of fighting he could get information on. Essentially, he wants to know what he's up against, and more importantly, how to beat it. If the man has a soft side, Only his woman and child would know.

    strong alcohol, or stout beer
    human world history
    an occasional cookie

    being looked down upon
    most things pink
    brussel sprouts


    Position: Taichou of the 7th division (Nanabantai)

    Abilities in order (categories):





    Reiatsu Control

    Weapons: zanpaktou

    Zanpakutou: ((well the original picture i used for my blade i cant find, so i'm just going to describe it.)) A black wood and leather sheath houses this blade. It is an ordinary blade with a winged dragon for the guard. Further down the sheath, another dragon rests, moving only when attaching to kaisens waist.

    (this is a similar sword) [IMG]

    Type: fire element

    Zanpaktou spirit:
    Kaisens spirit started out as a single Dragon, and an egg. When he attained bankai, the egg hatched, leaving his innerworld inhabited by a pair of dragons, father and son. Seiryuu is the original dragon, the father.

    release phrase- "Burn them to ash, seiryu!"

    In this form, The hilt is altered to a black handle, with a dragons head at the butt of the blade. The guard is the open claw of a dragon. The blade is blood red, extends out about 6 inches before curving forward in the front, then continuing the rest of its length. The back side is straight, although the first foot or so is serated like a saw. When released, the blade takes on flames.

    Stage 1: Flames of the Dragon God
    The first ability of seiryuu is its constantly burning flames. These flames are no ordinary flames however, as they have a very specific fuel that feeds them. Reiatsu is their sorce, and burns through it with ease. Anything touched by the flames is drained, becoming a source of power, its level of drain determined by the color of the flame. A lightly colered yellow or white flame burns hott, but uses little reiatsu. A dark red, or Black flame burns through reiatsu at amazing speeds. This also determines the heat intensity.

    Stage 2: Breath of the Dragon God
    In the second ability of this blade, The mouth of the dragon on the butt opens its maw wide. After a moment, an intense flame thrower launches forth, originating deep within. This flame burns anything, and everything in its path, as a dragons flame would. More intense then napalm, it is said to turn all it burns to ash.

    Stage 3: Chains of the Dragon God
    In the third ability of this blade, the mouth of the dragon on the butt opens wide, similar to the second ability. From it, an egg shaped form, solid black in color falls free, a chain coated in orang flames connecting it to the sword. Since releasing bankai, the egg now unfurls into a small dragon, the chain clasped around its neck. The chain holds a constant medium level reiatsu burning flame, while the dragon at its end holds a constant maximum burning flame. The dragon being a sentient form, can move on its own, controlling its own direction, and by association, the movement of the chain.


    Stage 1: Dragons Blood

    'Having expended, and used his flames, the dragon resorts to his burning blood'

    In bankai, kaisens blade takes on a new form. A twin sided blade, is its main form, but it can change. Kaisen sticks his blade into a pool of blood, the blood becomes heated, and is then fully under kaisens control. He can use it in any way he pleases. All blood within range can be controlled. Once blood hits the air, and takes on its red form, it can be controlled. This means kaisen cannot control blood before it leaves an enemies, nor his own body. he keeps a large amount of blood in his spongelike haori, which he can pull free at any time. The blood soaking his haori is from all of his strongest opponents.

    Stage 2:
    In stage 2, all else is abandoned for raw power. All blood controlled flies to kaisen, covering his form in blood. Then, from the blood, a new form appears. In this form, kaisen is covered in a golden dragon armor. He has large black scaled wings, and golden horns protruding from his head. Essentially, he becomes the lord of dragons, his form harnessing all the power of a dragon. In this form, his strength and power are intensified.

    Area of Speciality: Physical Prowess, Fighting, War strategies, Military Leader

    Personal Techniques: to be updated

    For each character it is very important to keep registration up to date. You should add it to your signature. (Go into your user cp, and edit signature, then add a link to your registration post.)
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  3. Name: Nicho Kiennes

    Age: About 500 looks 30 though

    Gender: Male

    Blood Type: AB

    Reiatsu Colour: White

    Appearance: Nicho wears a short sleeved black shinigami uniform under his sleeveless Taichou robe. He always has it pulled tight around him so that it does not flap and get in the way of his work. His twin Zanpakutou rest in an X shape at the back of his belt so that the hilts poke out either side and he often rests his elbows on them pulling them around to the side slightly. This is a casual way of readying for a fight that most people miss as a simple resting place for his arms.

    Height: 5ft 8inch

    Hair color: Blood red

    Eye color: Both eyes are a pale blue with four black dots surrounding the pupil in a diamond formation.

    Notable features: Nicho is noticeably thin with perfectly chiseled features giving him an odd look that is too good and almost fake. His teeth are perfectly set and sharpened to slide between each other. Rarely he gives a full toothy grin or smile settling for a smirk or fox grin. His left arm is the most curious aspect of Nicho, it is about two inches longer than the other and the finger segments of that arm are about three centimeters longer than the other hand. On this hand the nails are slightly longer and pointed in contrast to the flat and very normal right hand.


    Personality: Nicho has many personalities. Most people would whisper that he is a mad scientist who has passed the point of eccentric and into insanity. People also whisper that he does nothing without getting something in return normally your soul. Carrying a smile for everyone whether for friend greeted or an enemy impaled Nicho supposedly does not make any distinction between shinigami or Hollow as long as he can experiment on them. His ruthless, patient and planned approach to things come from his time as one of the more ruthless 2nd division Taichou's. Some people say he still works with them taking prisoners that interest him for experimentation. Some of this is true, some of it is just gossip, the real Nicho enjoys all of it and is more than happy to feed peoples fears.

    Likes: science, experimentation, manipulating peoples lives, annoying and mocking Taichou, apples.

    Dislikes: People like him, people who copy and never explore their own potential.

    Before Nicho:

    Nicho’s life begins before he was even born. His father a 2nd division fuku-taichou and his mother a noble woman met an ill fate. Many centuries ago there was a plague, it infected shinigami and turned them into Hollow. The 12th Taichou at the time found a cure but it was rushed and flawed.

    It caused all Taichou and Fuku-Taichou shinigami to become half hollow and half shinigami. This caused these infected shinigami to become insane with power. Before he became infected Nicho’s father was ordered to kill the 3rd Division Taichou, a half cured shinigami who did not agree with the need to lock them away.

    Being his best friend Nicho’s father could not defeat the 3rd Taichou and let him escape. In the process of the fight he became infected himself. Fleeing with his pregnant wife they found a sage hiding place at the edge of Soul Society whilst the 2nd division Taichou hunted them down.

    Nicho’s mother gave birth to him in a small building whilst his father fought the 2nd Taichou. He was captured as was his wife and child. The sentence for Nicho’s father to be exiled with the other infected Taichou and his mother executed as an example.

    The baby that became Nicho was placed in the care of a middle class family with nothing but his name.

    Growing up:

    The small boy had no idea of his future. His life was simple, he had his chores each day to deliver packages for the family delivery company every year getting slightly bigger with his age. At the end of each day he would help his brother close up the store and then play with his family and friends in the fields of Rukongai.

    Once he came of age Nicho was entered into an arranged marriage. He was not to inherit the family business but to marry into a richer family thus raising his own in the social structure. He did not mind, this was simply the life he knew.

    He courted his betrothed for a year and then they were due to be married. A few months before the wedding he returned from work to discover his brother and his wife to be together. Angry Nicho hand an argument with his brother and left the house.

    As he walked the streets of Rukongai he came across a band of thugs robbing a store. Nicho had always known he was strong, stronger than normal plus spirits but he had hidden it in order to stay with his family rather than become a shinigami.

    He beat the thugs to an inch of their lives in his rage and spent several days in the fields that he knew and loved so much. Upon his return to his family home he was horrified to discover his eldest brother and betrothed murdered. His parents gave him a note that implicated the thugs he had attacked.

    Furious that Nicho had brought such suffering to the family his parents threw him out and so Nicho resolved to join the academy and learn to control his power.

    Those Academy Days:

    In the beginning Nicho was solitary with only two friends. Even then he slowly left them behind to find a nice quiet place up high to relax and practice his Reaitsu techniques. It was only when he met a boy named Axel who was much younger than him that things began to change.

    Axel challenged Nicho constantly interrupting his peace and quiet and often landing them in trouble with teachers. Eventually they became friends and rivals, they hunted scattered hollow that were left from an invasion in the Academy woods. Often the fights would bring them to the edge of death and they never won.

    Two people either saved them or trained them, likely seeing potential in the boys, shinigami called Bob and Hara became their teachers when they visited the academy showing them places to train almost forgotten by time.

    Axel and Nicho grew stronger in body and mind honing their skills and readying for war. Eventually they were joined by a young student called Kisada, the three of them became enlisted into the first invasion of Hueco Mundo in known history.

    The battle was brutal, life changing. The three worked together to stay alive when surrounded by Hollow. Eventually they were saved by Hara but the mental scars were already formed and shikai obtained in that Dark lifeless world filled with blood and death.

    Friends to Enemies:

    Axel, Kisada and Nicho all joined the 6th division together. After all their teachers were both in that same place. Though Kisada and Nicho found a home Axel did not. Slowly the hot blooded Axel fell out with the division and left to join another. Nicho and Kisada continued their training Kisada becoming a guard and Nicho becoming a pet to Bob trained for the sole purpose of dishing out punishment behind the backs of the central 46.

    Eventually Axel was caught up in a civil war started by the division he had joined. Nicho had become the first personal executioner of the 6th and Kisada the only one to retain some sort of honour and sense of what the 6th stood for.

    In the civil war Nicho was called on by Bob to kill many shinigami the most noted in his list of scars to kill Axel himself. The battle was brutal even at their rank, Nicho eventually over came Axel with more than a few underhanded tricks. He was faced with the choice to kill Axel or not, choosing duty Nicho brought his weapon down on the man he called friend and rival.

    The blade was stopped by a Taichou and Nicho was sent broken and half dead to Bob back at the sixth. He spent much of the invasion in the 4th and bed from then on but that single decision had broken in deeper ways than the Taichou could have physically.

    Cold hearted and focused Nicho joined the 2nd under the strict but sometimes mad supervision of the 2nd Taichou he fell deeper into darkness, death and silence. The once three friends were now on far different paths than they could have ever imagined.

    Killer to Teacher:

    Slowly Nicho grew tired of his Taichou, his power still growing more than she liked. He began to be given mundane missions as low as setting up other taichou in embarrassing ways just so the 2nd taichou could have some dirt on them.

    Unfulfilled the silent killer quit the 2nd and moved to the academy to teach Kidou and Reiatsu much like he had been all those years past. Whilst teaching he met three students that drew his interest, a young white haired girl called Mana, a dark but clever boy named Alban and a savage passionate boy named Johon.

    Focusing his training on the three Nicho found a new passion. Whilst he trained them he trained himself, making a secret laboratory in the teachers building and pushing his knowledge of Reiatsu nature further than he had ever considered.

    Eventually the 2nd division Taichou vanished, no one really knows what happened but from time to time in history they have done just that. In a battle Nicho and Axel were both promoted to Taichou and their friendship renewed. The three students he had raised in the academy joined his division and the most ruthless, passionate and seductive 2nd division was born.

    Love, War and science:

    Nicho raised his students through the many hardships that befell Soul Society. Eventually Alban and Johon became Nicho’s fuku-taichou’s. Alban the silent assassin, Johon the passionate killer they created a balance in the division leveled by the kind unwavering heart that was Mana. Some say Nicho fell from Mana and that is why he kept her close and out of danger, some say it was more that she was a light in his darkness. Whatever the case was the four of them worked well together.

    After many years the perfect team was broken up. Alban went missing on a mission and was never heard from again. Johon became the fuku-taichou of the 2nd and gained bankai with the help of some training from Nicho and Mana.

    A large war broke out on earth, Soul society found itself unequipped to handle the sudden increase of deaths created by the violent nature of the battle fields. However a group of Hollow arose like nothing they had ever faced. Ancient records half destroyed called them Arrancar and it was in a battle at Tokyo that the shinigami were brought to a halt.

    With a new found enemy using new powers and even science against them Nicho could no longer stay taichou of the 2nd. With Johon having bankai he left the division with Mana and created the 12th division. Here he would become the scientist everyone either hates, fears or looks up to.

    Eccentric or insane:

    Nicho reopened the derelict 13th and renamed it after its ancient original division name. The 12th division became head of science and Kidou research, driving forward the technology and plans of soul society. From his private laboratory Nicho labours on projects unknown with the aid of Lodium his fuku-Taichou and a rising apprentice Makoto mutterings and gossip now rise on just what they do and on whom they experiment.

    Dark Side:

    though Nicho had rea hed what some considered the natural pinical of shinigami evolution along with Axel. That did not stop the duo from finding other ways to expand and grow. Nicho using the thick walls of the 12th and his secret rooms experimented on clones, Axel and even himself to discover what a shinigami could be if certain aspects were pushed to the limits.

    Along with this he continued his research into dimensions and other worlds. Developing an understanding that made him a frightening foe but secretly frightened him as some thigns were revieled in the deeper knowing. With the new knowledge at hand and events unraveling in soul society he went about developing new weapons in secret even from Axel and his two prodige Lodium and Makoto.

    No one knew just how far these plans went and in some cases they still don't. Why did he only impart certain things to each student rather than teaching them equally? Why did he willingly do what he did in order to win.

    Perhaps it would never be answered or atleast not in some shinigami's life times. Now however in the final hour on the field of battle he faced down an immortal trapping it in an eternal empty pocket of space and together with Axel brought an end to the 'Mother' of hollow that had plotted and planned to destroy the shinigami for countless thousands of years.

    Now only his friends remain to tell the tale of Nicho Kiennes. No one could say who he really was. Some might have said he cared for the shinigami, was kinda and raised them to be strong, even loved. Others would say he was a honourable warrior in his own way, loyal to his friends and to their way of life always looking forward to the next battle. There are however some who would call him a monster, a keeper of secrets, torturer, unatural, even insane.

    On the records he is dead... However the dark shadow that left the field may now be the worst enemy they ever faced. Perhaps....

    Position: Taichou of the 12th

    Abilities in order (categories):

    Reiatsu Control






    Zanpakutou: Sealed form takes the appearance of two white pine katana with no guard. when in their sheath they look like simple curved sticks.

    Type: Elemental

    Shikai: (Ventus Phasmatis) The basic appearance of Nicho's Shikai is an explosion of air that reaches the range of his shikai. As the air clears his two weapons have become a large 6ft by 6ft cross with sharpened edges and points.

    Stage 1: Controls the movement of air at a basic level within the radius of effect. For instance can send the air in one direction at a gale force wind or pull it to blow toward him in order to repel or draw in prey. The closer the air the more effect he has over it.

    Stage 2: Uses Reaitsu to bing wind into a swirling lance of air. Upon impact this does not piece but acts like being hit by a spiraling blunt drill pushing and spinning into you until it looses momentum. This can leave the area of Nicho's control but slows down over greater distance

    Stage 3: The air and Reaitsu can be used to propel its user in various directions. This can be at increased speed forward backward or even allow its user to fly. Passively this looks like Nicho is as light as air, this stage is now in constant effect as long as shikai is active.

    Bankai: (Divum Deus) The cross weapon is thrown into the air vanishing into the sky. White begins to wrap itself around its user until it opens into a pair of wings each 10ft wide and glowing white, Nicho's clothes have now formed into a long black robe covered in light blue glowing runes. This form urned Nicho the title of fallen angel for a time until he became recluse enough not to use it before others.

    Stage 1: The pair of 10 ft wide wings project each feather in a bombardment of piercing projectiles sharpened by reiatsu and speed beyond visual perception.

    Stage 2: all that is known about this is that a massive tornado crashes to the earth and slowly moves, the combatants are always hidden within.

    Area of Specialty: Science

    Personal Techniques:

    Science Abilities:

    Reiatsu-tech: This is the overall basic outline of Nicho’s research, it stems from his research into Reiatsu the building blocks of shinigami and plus soul forms in fact everything in Soul society is made of it.

    Curse tattoo's: So named because you can only get them if you agree to a price that comes with them these tattoos can do several things for the shinigami depending on how extensive they are.

    Passive effect: The tattoo's no matter where create a line that is strengthened like constant Reiatsu Armour. Nicho and Bhavahara created it like this so that the shingiami could have something similar to the Arrancar Skin that has become a threat.

    Arms: Just having these on the arms allows the user to engrave the Reiatsu patterns of 3 spells. This allows the user to instantly cast the spells no matter what. The down side is that the stronger the spell the more strain it causes to the users arms.

    Full body: By having a full body Curse Tattoo you gain the ability to continue to move your limbs and body for as long as your brain still functions. The tattoos go up to your head and connect like an intricately painted skeleton, the thoughts of the user to control their Reiatsu through the tattoos allows for continued movement. The movements stops when the tattoos are broken namely by the limb being cut off.

    The down sides of this ability are that it uses a constant amount of Reaitsu, if you are too drained it will fail completely. The other down side is as stated there is a cost to these tattoos that Nicho makes people aware of but does not say what it actually is.

    Robotic Eye: Though Nicho can create a cybernetic part for anything his true focus has been on this and the main limbs. The Robotic eye is deep blue with a white pupil, around the edges are a total of twelve black dots around the very edge of the eyeball.

    The abilities of the eye are completely passive. They allow the user to read any transmitted data picked up by their wireless devices on an ‘eye up’ display. It also reads the overall Reiatsu level of the person observed and allows for a limited amount of Reiatsu movement reading. The eye works by thought process, there are no downsides to the eye except that if the user is new to the technology there can be a slight delay between the eye and the brain receptors.

    Robotic Arm: The abilities of the arm are to allow for extended reach and faster than human reflexes of the hand. The robotic arm has two incorporated features:

    Poisoned knife extending from the palm: The poison has the effect of slowing Reiatsu flow in the opponent's body very slightly. The drawback is that it can be easily cut whilst extended meaning the user could easily loose an arm.

    Six prism projection band: Around the wrist a jeweled band can be seen like a watch but incorporated at skin level. This band is normally used by 12th members to project an image of AM13 for communication purposes as well as wireless data transfer. However with Nicho’s personal abilities it is capable of much more. The drawback of using Nicho’s abilities with the device is that it over loads and breaks the crystals.

    Growth Technology: Through experimentation due to the robotic arm technology Nicho looked into the ability of rapid limb regeneration. While this technique is sketchy at best it allows the user to re-grow an entire arm at the sacrifice of almost half their entire Reiatsu reserves.

    Bio, Nano-Tech: whilst this technology was originally developed by Makoto, Nicho has explored it further with the use of his own bio-tech research. Taking Makoto’s nano-bots Nicho has supplemented some of their mechanics with his bio, Reiatsu-tech.

    This research has developed several strains of the Nanites that Nicho has put toward medical uses since it is very difficult to use them as a weapon since each shinigami/hollows Reiatsu is very different creating far too many variables.

    The first ability Nicho perfected and was started by Makoto was the fight against infections namely the ancient plague recently rediscovered. By attacking foreign impurities in the body a single dose of the tiny robots can reduce the spread of or stop any infection but not reverse it. It requires a far more powerful and pure drug that has sketchy results.

    The second ability is that a shot of robots can stay in hibernation within the body absorbing Reiatsu over a period of time and then using it in a quick release and repair of Reiatsu in the user’s body. The drawback of this is that it burns the user’s normal Reiatsu supplies also depleting a fifth of their power and it can only be done once since the nano-bots are destroyed in the process and new ones must be injected and Reiatsu absorbed over time.

    The third and final ability is skin supplement. The nano-bots literally sacrifice themselves to create new layers of skin and tissue to replace old ones. The Nano-bots mold together to form this and again can only be used as long as there are bots in the users system.

    The fourth stage is still in experimentation and a closely sealed secret in Nicho’s private laboratory.

    Reiatsu mine: This is an old technology created by Nicho back in the 2nd division. A small rectangular package, it can be attached to anything in anyway due to its form. The mine can be filled with various things before combat, Nicho used to use gases but now uses them with explosives for a more immediate effect since he has no need to be stealthy.

    Poisons: Nicho created many strains of poison in his time as 2nd division Taichou. Due to the nature of shinigami and Hollow the effects are normally weak but at times could tip the scale of battle.

    Black Pain: This poison agitates the pain receptors in the opponent making cuts and strains more painful. This can range from burning pain in a weak opponent to an annoying tingle in a taichou level enemy.

    Purple Sloth: Nicho’s favourite poison, these act to slow the flow of Reiatsu in the infected enemy’s body. Like the others this can range from paralyzing its opponent if they are very weak to merely annoying the enemy with a slight slowness if they are much stronger.

    Red fire: A poison to agitate the skin of an enemy. This is mostly used to attack the eyes making them blood shot and red hot. Against the skin it can create itching and rashes, a weak opponent will feel like their skin is on fire and their eyes are being burned out. A stronger enemy might merely feel an odd tingle against their skin or their eyes watering slightly.

    Wolfs Blood: The only truly powerful poison in Nicho’s bag of tricks, he has a very limited supply and it cannot be reproduced unless permission is given. This is because it is an extract from Johon’s shikai that literally breaks down Reiatsu.

    Reiatsu abilities:

    Orb Shield (Mastered)

    Shield without orb (Mastered)

    Imbuing Reiatsu (Mastered)

    Dual Reiatsu swords (mastered)

    Reiatsu Armour (Mastered)

    Shynpou (Mastered)

    Senka (Mastered)

    Shihou 1-4 (Mastered)

    Conducting Reiatsu (Mastered)

    Super heating Reiatsu (mastered)

    Change Reiatsu (Mastered)

    Reiatsu Projection (mastered)

    Reaitsu nature Manipulation (Mastered)

    Hide aura (Mastered)

    Reiatsu Blast (Mastered)

    Advanced Molding Reiatsu (Mastered)

    Reiatsu Cloning (Mastered)

    Space Manipulation (Mastered)

    Dimension Manipulation (Forbidden) (Mastered)

    Kidou abilities:

    Binding Kidou:

    Binding Art 1: Bakudou no Ichi: Sai; Obstruction

    Binding Art 2: Hikari no Mekurumeku (Blinding Light)

    Binding Art 4: Crawling Rope (hainawa)[/I

    Binding Art 8: Barrier (Seki

    Binding Art 10: Everlasting Grudge

    Binding Art 12: Concealing Fire

    Binding Art 13: Sorainju - Sky Ribbon

    Number #21: Lightning Paralysis (Raiden's Trap)

    Number #24: Chains of Air

    Binding Art 26: Kyakko; Bending Light

    Binding Art 37: Tsuriboshi; Suspending Star

    Binding Art 39: Enkosen;

    Number #43: Hikangoku (Ice Prison)

    Number #50: Sokubaku (Shackles)

    Binding Art 52: Bara no Kabi (Cage of Roses)

    Binding Art 54: Flow of Ice (Made by Mana)

    Binding Art 58: Bakudou no Gojuu Hachi: Kakushi Tsuijyaku; Picking Tose, Chasing Quail,

    Binding Art 61: Bakudou no Rokujuu Ichi: Rikujyoukourou; Six Truncheon Light Prison Binding Art 62: Hyappo Rankan: 100 Stepped Rails

    Binding Art 63: Sajou Sabaku

    Binding Art 64: Kashou sono Reikon Burn the soul (Mana)

    Binding Art 68: Akusui Gaikaku Water Castle, (Mana)

    Binding Art 75: Quintet of Iron Pillars

    Binding Art 77: Bakudou no Nanajuu Nana: Tenteikuura; Heaven's Fortress

    Binging Art 81: Dankuu (Rejection Void)

    Binding Art 89: Kouchinomaru (Circle of Confinement)

    Binding Art 93: Kyuuten ko-ru Heavens Call (Mana)

    Binding art 94: Kamiyonanayo Bankotsu Seven Heavens courage, (Mana)

    Binding Art 95: Time's Deadly Hand (Mana)

    Binding Art 99 part 1: Bakudou no Kyuujuu Kyuu: Kin; Restraint

    Binding Art 99 part 2: Great seal

    Binding art ??: Double layered Barrier; (estimated at lvl 90+)

    White Crawl: (Estimated lvl 70+)

    Binding art ??: Mirror Door; (Estimated lvl 65+)

    Destruction Arts:

    Destruction Art 1: Sudden Impact

    Destructive Art 2: Hikari no Mekurumeku (Blinding Light)

    Destructive Art 4: White Lightning

    Destructive Art 8: Kutsuunomaru (Circle of Pain)

    Destructive Art 9: Shotgun

    Destructive Art 10: The Scorching

    Destructive Art 20: Reeling Touch

    Destructive Art 25: Earth Breaker

    Destructive Art 30: Marikodos (Chaos Rain)

    Destructive Art 31: Hadou no Sanjuu Ichi: Shakkahou; Red Flame Cannon

    Destructive Art 33: Hadou no Sanjuu San: Soukatsui; Blue Fire, Crash Down

    Destructive Art 35: Tenken (Sword of Heaven)

    Destructive Art 46: Tatsugaze (Dragon Gale)

    Destructive Art 54: Abolishing Flames

    Destructive Art 58: Tenran: Imperial Inspection

    Destructive Art 63: Hadou no Rokujuu San: Raikouhou; Thunder Roar Cannon

    Destructive Art 66: Twin Lotus Blue Fire, Crash Down

    Destructive Art 70: Raging Cyclone (Nicho)

    Destructive Art 76: Hayate Gakuzento (Hurricane Terror)

    Destructive Art 80: Bleeding (Nicho)

    Destructive Art 84: Ikijigoku (Hell on Earth)

    Destructive Art 84: Hiryu Genkizoku Hinten Raiho; Flying Dragon Strike, Heaven Shaking Lightning Cannon.

    Destructive Art 90: Hadou no Kyuujuu: Kurohitsugi; Black Sarcophagus

    Destruction Art 92: Purity of the Seven Fates (Mana)

    Dual Kidou casting (mastered)

    Time delayed Kidou casting (mastered)

    Raw Kidou conduction (mastered)

    Reverse Demon (mastered)
  4. Name: Ultimate
    Age: 24 (was 20 when he first entered the academy)
    Gender: Male
    Blood Type: Type O
    Best Traits: Ambitious, athletic, robust and self-confident. Natural leaders
    Worst Traits: Arrogant, vain and insensitive and Ruthless

    Reiatsu Color: Silver
    Picture: In my sig

    Height: 6'5
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Silver
    Notable features: Ultimate's hair style is a fade. He has an athletic build and stays fit. His eyes look sleepy sometimes (like Kakashi from Naruto). Most of the time, he wears dark sunglasses with his shihakusho (robe).
    Personality: When he was 20, his attitude was horrible. He was an arrogant little shit, but the past years have taught him much. Now, he has a laid back personality. He likes to think out plans and act them out in fights (a tactician). Sometimes, the old version of himself shows up (by him becoming angry and a scowl appearing on his face).

    Likes: He used to draw, but he had stopped quite some time ago. He likes training and practicing to become better, hanging out with his comrades, and chillin (ya know! Put your feet up, smell the roses, etc...).

    Dislikes: Idiots, arrogant indivduals, common sense being wasted
    Ultimate was born in the month of May. His father and mother raised him for six years until they left him with his grandmother. Ultimate remembers his early years, and when he thinks about them, his feelings become jumbled. There is happiness for one moment, then anger, then happiness once more. At the age of 16, Ultimate decided to leave his grandmother and start his own life. He left without telling his grandmother; hoping that she would worry about herself and not him.

    Ultimate was a wanderer in his teenage years. He used to wander from place to place; meeting many people along the way. The people that stood out more from those wanderer days was an old Native American man named Nava and a woman named Sylvia. Nava was one of the few people that made Ultimate have a purpose in life. Nava used to be a boxer in his good ol' days, and thought that Ultimate could be a great apprentice for him. He taught Ultimate everything that he needed to learn to box (the fundamentals, baby!). Block, jab, uppercut, footwork, and dodge were some of the many things he had learned. He had helped Ultimate start his career in boxing, and it was going pretty well.

    Right after Ultimate won his debut match, he met a woman named Sylvia. There wasn't any romantic relationship between the two, but they became good friends after meeting with each other. Sylvia was a woman boxer, and had three years of experience under her. The two would train together and push each other to their greatest limitations. One night, as the two headed home from practice, a man came out of nowhere and started shooting towards them. Ultimate tried to defend Sylvia by shielding her with his body, and he was successful, but the damage would be critical. As she knocked out the gunman, she ran back to Ultimate, and tried to keep him alive as best she could. Once Ultimate was taken to the hospital, he died soon after. As he arrived in the Soul Society, Ultimate didn't know what to do.
    His life had taken a monumental turn. One day, he noticed the academy, and decided that he should try to become a shinigami.

    "Ya never know what might happen..."

    Once Ultimate entered the academy, he had mainly concentrated on his reiatsu control and kidou. Hell, he even made his own attack with kidou (he would make cards out of reiatsu, which would cut through objects and walls). But what he enjoyed most was zanjutsu. After learning the Multi-stirke, he decided that the way of sword would be better suited for him.

    Throughout the academy years, he had met some interesting people. One individual he won't forget was an old man named Gi sensei. Ultimate trained with him, talked with him, and learned as much as he could from him. Gi was like a "wise sage" in Ultimate's eyes. Without him, Ultimate would have not had the drive to become a great shinigami.

    One of the friends he had made during that time was a man named Rayf. He was basically, in Ulti's opinion, "a great rival". The two also trained together, but not as much as Ultimate would have liked. The thing was, there was not much time to train with Rayf (because of classes and other things). Ultimate has hoped the two meet again in the future.

    Another friend he had made was a man named Lodium. They had fought once, but the fight was cut short when the time to go to divisions was nigh. Luckily, the two met up with each other again during a mission. Lodium's intelligence is so great, Ultimate has much respect for him. "There's always more to battle than brawn. Lodium knows that well."

    Upon joining the 11th division, Ultimate had been...well, an ass. When he first met Koi (who had just taken over the 11th from the ex-taichou Zoey), he had tried to test him, but he learned quickly that his attitude needed to change. During his time there, he focused on trying to mix tactics and strategy with his power and speed. "If you put two and two together, it will make it difficult for the enemy to beat you."

    During a situation where the 11th had been infiltrated by enemies (bandits, I believe), Ultimate had gained his zanpaktou. Noticing the difference between a zanpaktou and a regular katana, Ultimate knew that being close with his sword would be key if he wished to progress further in life. So far, he's only talked with it once, but he believes the next time he talks with it, he will gain his shikai.

    Ultimate has also been in plenty of battles during his time in the 11th. From fighting enemies in different missions, to fighting in tournaments, to training with his comrade Xavier (son of Kaisen), to even training with Koi taichou. "All of these battles taught me something each time. I believe every fight that occurs between individuals teaches them something they did not know before".

    Position: 4th seat of the 11th division

    Abilities in order (categories):
    Reiatsu Manipulation
    Weapons: Zanpaktou (at the moment)

    Zanpakutou: The blade is snow white, while the handle is silver with black edges. Ultimate has been thinking of customizing it, but has never gotten around to it...

    Type: Unkown (at the moment)

    Shikai: none

    Stage 1: (effect of stage 1)

    Stage 2: (effect of stage 2)

    Stage 3: (effect of stage 3)

    Bankai: (basic description of what the release looks like)

    Stage 1: (effect of stage 1)

    Stage 2: (effect of stage 2)
    Area of Specialty: Tactical fighter

    Personal Techniques: Multi-strike

    A series of fast sword thrusts and jabs allowing for the illusion that the opponent is being stabbed multiple times at once. A beginner will often start out at two-four while a more advanced fighter may illustrate eight to twelve attacks at once. This is not entirely about attack speed. It is also important for precise accuracy. An experienced swordsman will know where to hit along the torso, aiming for the more likely and critical location. This is primarily agility and precision. There is no reiatsu.

    He has regained his zanpaktou, but still does not have shikai. The reiatsu collar that he had has been taken off by Koi, which means his silver reiatsu can run freely now.

    Ultimate is learning from a dojo called the Gedan dojo. This dojo focuses on knowledge, accuracy and precision. With Ultimate's strength, plus the other three skills, he will become a force to be reckoned with.


    Femoral Artery (thigh) – heavy bleeding. Restricts running or shyunpo greatly. Dangerous.

    Deep Femoral Artery (femur; along the thigh) – major artery. Internal bleeding, numbing intense pain down to the foot. Life Threatening.

    Pulmonary Vein(chest) - Four of them. Bring blood to the heart. Damage should be obvious.

    Abdominal Aorta (abdominal cavity) - Supplies blood to the abdominal cavity. Delirious, shortness of breath, heavy bleeding, possible death. Deadly.

    Jugular Vein (jugular) – deoxygenated blood to the head and back to the heart. Common sense if you’re cut or jabbed here. Deadly.

    Thoracic Aorta (left ventricle) – Supply blood to the head, neck, thorax, upper limbs. Heaviness to inability to wield weapon are the first major signs.

    Brachial Artery (upper arm) – Inability to wield weapon. Sharp pain, numbs entire muscles in the arm. Limb is useless. MUST be slashed however.

    Deep Palmar Arch (palm) – Inability to wield a weapon efficiently or a two handed weapon. Lots of bleeding. A deep cut must be made affectively.

    Femoral Vein (hunter’s canal, middle of thigh) – Life Threatening. Several other veins drain into this one.

    Above the elbow joint- jab using the hilt of the sword (temporary paralyzes of limb)

    Forearm- jab using the hilt of the sword (stun them. Low bleeding)

    Neck- If hit, the enemy's air supply would be cut off, which would cause immense pain

    Femoral nerve- If hit, inner thigh would go numb, making mobility slower

    Femur- The bone in the leg that extends from the hip to the knee.

    Abdomen- The belly, that part of the body that contains all of the structures between the chest and the pelvis. The abdomen is separated anatomically from the chest by the diaphragm, the powerful muscle spanning the body cavity below the lungs. The cavity within the abdomen, the space between the abdominal wall and the spine.

    Abdominal Cavity- The abdominal cavity is hardly an empty space. It contains a number of crucial organs including the lower part of the esophagus, the stomach, small intestine, colon, rectum, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, and bladder.

    Jugular- The principal vein in the front of either side of the neck. The word comes from the Latin jugulum meaning throat. The jugular is "the vein of the throat" or in ancient times "the sacrificial vein.

    Thoracic Aorta- The thoracic aorta is a section of the aorta, the largest artery in the body, within the chest. Specifically, the thoracic aorta is that part of the aorta that starts after the arch of the aorta and runs down to the diaphragm, the great muscle that separates the chest from the abdomen.

    Femoral Vein- The largest vein in the groin. The femoral vein is a continuation of the popliteal vein. It passes, together with the femoral artery, beneath the inguinal ligament to enter the abdomen and form the external iliac vein. The femoral vein is one portion of the venous system that carries blood from the lower extremity back to the heart.

    Groin- In anatomy, the area where the upper thigh meets the trunk. More precisely, the fold or depression marking the juncture of the lower abdomen and the inner part of the thigh.
  5. Name: Faul Machin
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Blood Type: B
    Reiatsu Colour: Yellow


    Height: 6'2"
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Green
    Notable features: Skinny yet lean muscular build. Various scars on his body, but a notable one going down his torso. Carries around a hammock in a pouch. Faul wears his shinigami robe in a very relax and loose manner; only tight enough to keep it on.

    Personality: Faul's persona is unique amongst the shinigami. He is literally the laziest shinigami that anyone knows and gleefully enjoys that reputation. Faul is usually hard at work to avoid hard work and commands his post with questionable motives. However Faul has proven himself to be a capable warrior, however tends to hurt himself more than the enemy.

    Likes: People who enjoy the little things, Resting, Books, Cats

    Dislikes: People who call him lazy, Low efficiency, Responsibility


    Pre-Pre Faul: Nothing is known about Faul/Draco's earliest years.

    Pre-Faul: Draco was a member of the Gwyrr Noble Clan who was the least brutal of the clan and as such was made an example time and again. Beaten by his father, Caen and ganged up by Jerohyn, Draco eventually joined the Black Pitchforks. Several years later, Caen was assassinated and Draco was blamed. A bounty was put on his head and his group was immediately targeted. Managing to escape the massacre, Draco went into hiding amongst the Rukongai's poorest. After changing his names numerous times, he fatefully came to Faul Machin.

    Working Faul: Faul earned the reputation for being fired from 100 jobs in 2 years. That's an average of about 7 days of work. Faul's ability to get fired didn't stem from his laziness, but rather from his chewing out fellow employees who were honestly taking way to long to do their work. Faul never wanted to become a shinigami, and was forced into the academy by a random shinigami who saw his potential.

    Academy Faul: Being forced into the academy didn't sit well with Faul as he decided to not excel and flunk from it. This plan was ruined by his friends Kaisen and Bhav. During the numerous attacks on the academy, Faul didn't shine but didn't fall either. In fact during a mission, he impressed the officials enough to learn a couple of non academy kidou. Though he nearly burned himself alive trying to pull it off. Not to mention the electrocuting himself with white lightning.

    Post Academy Faul: Graduating took a while for Faul, and joined the 6th Division because the 8th wasn't open. Needless to say he stuck to his usual ways and laid about the 6th Division. A mission would be forced upon him, but he would do his best given his lack of a shikai. Eventually during the world war arc, Faul was assigned to follow Nicho on a secret mission. Faul failed miserably during this mission because Nicho was simply too fast and lost track of him. Eventually, Faul found himself partying at Hawaii for a few years.

    Return To SS: Being Missing in Action for years, Faul thought he had eluded SS however a group of 6th Division members found him in Hawaii and dragged him back. When Faul returned he found himself promoted to the 4th Seat in his division, clearly they thought he was dead otherwise they would never have given him such a seat. With his new found responsibilities, Faul tried to get out of them when ever he could.

    Hot Springs Arc: Faul was tasked with investigating the crime in the Hazumi District. Faul took the mission except he didn't follow the mission the way it should have gone. Instead of investigating the crimes, he instead went the district best hot springs to enjoy the facilities there. He was joined by Ravi and Steve (Stceve). The irony was that Faul's desire to enjoy the best hot springs brought him to the heart of the criminal organization responsible for troubling the Hazumi District.

    One thing lead to another, and Faul with Ravi's help stirred up the hornet's nest. Hell broke loss as the organization went into full swing. Because of Faul's reckless actions and nearly fully nude fight, Academy students were put at great risk. However, the shinigami on the ground won the day and returned to Seireitei. Faul himself found himself in the 4th Division a few weeks later.

    As punishment for risking the lives of the academy students, Faul was to train Arashi and Misaki. Before training however, Faul had to deal with a lot of paperwork since he was the highest rank within the 6th Division present at this time. He conned his way out of it by stuffing the paperwork into Hara's quarters, and acting like they were done. He did however meet with Nicho about matters of the Zanpaktou incident. In the meantime, Misaki had graduated. Arashi's training was cut short by the incident at Central.

    Central Invasion Arc: Faul had received word that Central had been invaded by something, and he rushed to Central to find out. Though he didn't want to, it would be worse if he didn't go. Central hated him enough. Living them out to dry would only cause the survivors to hang him. Upon arriving, Faul learned that the Zanpaktou spirits Nicho told him about were the cause of the trouble.

    Without much hesitation and his real sword, Faul went into the belly of Central. Faul found himself against three Zanpaktou spirits that held captive a group of central members. The battle was fierce and a complete distraction from his real goal, to free the central members. The result was the group of central members getting away, and Faul KOing himself in a bizarre move that isn't recommended for any kidou user. Nicho was the only thing that kept Faul from meeting an untimely grave. Shortly after being rescued, Faul returned to the 4th Division and earned the gratitude of the Central members he saved.

    6th Division Destruction Arc: Faul is promoted to the rank of Fuku-Taichou against his wishes, and goes on about the responsibilities of this position. Well mostly... okay, so he has the position title.

    After some time, the 6th Division gets reports of small villages being burned to the ground at the edge of Soul Society. The suspects were the Black Pitchforks who were supposed to have been wiped out decades ago. Faul's reaction to the reports was questionable, but at his recommendation, Faul, Kisada, Leo, and Kaisen go to investigate. They are ambushed by two powerful bounty hunters who intend to collect the bounty on the Taichou's heads. However, they were a diversion while the main force took out the remaining Taichous. The true prize was Faul, but somehow Faul eluded detection by the two bounty hunters.

    The 6th Division was attacked by the strongest of the bounty hunters, Furia Wyndra. This man single handedly destroyed the Division while the Taichou and Fuku were away. When Faul and Leo got wind of the attack on the 6th, they immediately headed back and faced Furia. The two were soundly defeated by Furia and the Bounty Hunter took Faul.

    Faul was scheduled for execution at the Bubonic Rose Prison Facility run by the Gwyrr Clan. It was revealed that Faul turned out to be Draco Gwyrr who had defected from the clan decades ago. On the day of execution, Faul was rescued by crack team of shinigami lead by Kisada. During the battle, Furia was slain and Faul wound up in the 4th Division.

    Position: Fuku-Taichou

    Abilities in order (categories):
    Reiastu Control

    Weapons: Rokudenashi and his fists/legs.

    Zanpakutou: Normal sword.
    Type: Sleep.
    Spirit's Name: Rokudenashi
    Appearance: Dresses in similar apparel to a Buddhist monk and lives in a temple by a lake in the middle of Faul's spirit world.
    Personality: Rokudenashi doesn't like to do much of anything really. He tends to Faul's trees, the temple, and the lake. However, he does take great satisfaction in chewing out Faul for not doing something better. Roku often bets on Faul's fights out of amusement. Though, where and who he bets with is unknown and weird.

    Shikai: Varies in appearance.

    Stage 1: "Do something, Rokudenashi!" Being wounded/cut by the sword will cause the opponent to fall asleep. However the time it takes varies from person to person, the size of the wound, and the duration of the attack. The sword maintains its form and can't be distinguished (sight anyway) from its normal form.

    Stage 2: "Break the blade, Rokudenashi!" The second form loses the ability to put people to sleep, but gains the ability to put parts of an opponent in a numb/sleep state. The blades also change into a pair deer ankler daggers. The effect on the limbs/parts will only last a few posts, and a timer will be given.

    Stage 3: "Couldn't Remember the Lyrics, Rokudenashi!" The zanpaktou transforms into a microphone, which loses it's combat effectiveness. However the microphone allows Faul to put people to sleep so long as he is singing.

    Bankai: N/A

    Stage 1: N/A

    Stage 2: N/A

    Area of Speciality: Laziness. Tactical fighter. Hand-to-hand Fighter.

    Personal Techniques:

    Reiastu Manipulation:
    Reiastu Shield with Orb
    Reiastu Shield without Orb
    Reiastu Blade
    Reiastu Armor

    Kidou: (I lost my list, and this sounds about right... +/-)
    Binding Kidou:
    Circle of Pain
    Everlasting Grudge
    Sky Ribbon

    Destruction Kidou:
    Sudden Impact
    White Lightning
    Blue Fire Crash Down
    Waste Flame
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  6. Name: Hara

    Age: ? (looks to be an adult)


    Blood Type :
    Type A
    Best Traits: Conservative, introverted, reserved, patient, punctual, and perfectionist.
    Worst Traits: Obsessive, stubborn, self conscious, and uptight.

    Reiatsu Color : Red, the occansional accented black flair.

    Appearance: 5' 9", brown hair slick back with small wisps arching upwards from his head. Underneath autumn hair large. smoldering gray eyes reflect no light and leads down to a stoic face. His muscles are toned to a point of looking slender, but his corded muscles let's on years of training his body. He wears the traditional clothing of a teacher of the Shinōreijutsuin (Spiritual Arts Academy).

    Hara can never really be pegged. He stays quiet and thinks, most times with a slight frown on his face. When he does speak, it's never wasted, and is the voice of reason and wisdom in many situations. Pressure is Hara's weakpoint, as he gets nervous or embarrassed quite easily when put in awkward situations. Always straight laced, but hiding a mind that thinks himself otherwise.


    From the documents of Central 46
    Hara was the first and only birth into the Michiyo home, which lay in the -censored- district of Rukongai. Son of Shinigami Michiyo -censored- and Michiyo -censored-, He was born inside his home by a member of the fourth division. Minutes after, his mother died from complications during birth.

    The boy and his father traveled as Michiyo -censored- began to spend his days gambling. The addiction became so bad that he owed a life to Yozijin, a mob boss whose took delight in taking cherished things in the stead of value. So at a indeterminate date, Michiyo -censored- disappeared and Hara had been given to a monster.

    For many years he was locked in a cramped cell inside the basement of Yozijin's mansion. Hara had nothing but the backroom dealings of his deranged captor such as brutal beatings, dealings with the scum of Soul Society, and killings of innocents, to keep him company. He delved inward during the day, acting out scenario after scenario of himself as a mighty shinigami who saved the poor boy locked away inside this dungeon.

    And with his hopes, came help. Sixth division finally invaded the compound of Yozijin and freed the captured prisoners. The evil man escaped to die a year later from a gang war with his own son. Freed after a seeming eternity, Hara was taken to a foster home to live until he trained his withered, pale body to become a shinigami. And then, the Sixth division Captain. Until his disappearance..

    Hara's Own account

    "In Rukongai.." Hara said, not bothering to let his head up. He hope he was doing the right thing.

    "..In Rukongai, they have Yakuza. At least, in my district they did. They ran everyone and everything. You couldn't do anything about it. you were either in their pocket, or dead.

    I had a father then. I don't know if he was my true father, I can't know now. But, he was my dad. He was perfect, the only problem I could see was that he had a bad habit with gambling. Races, cards..any kind. Being a gambler meant you were in the Yakuza's clutch. I don't know how much he owed them, but it was alot..
    I wanted to run away, perhaps into a better district. All he wanted to do was to get hammered. He drank alot too, another bad habit. Thats where they met up with us. My father on my back, barely able to speak. The beat him up pretty bad, asking for the money."

    Hara clucthed his knees tightly.

    "'Just take the boy!' He told them..

    The boss was pretty nice when I met him. He never gave out his name to me though, which made me nervous. He cleaned me up. A bathe, new clothes, a bed to sleep on. It wasn't as terrible as I thought after a while.

    ...Then I woke up that night.

    The room was pitch black. It was cold and I must have dropped my blanket on the floor. Must have. Only, when I got up to get it, I felt metal hit my hand. I was caged. It wasn't very big. I could crouch in it and walk a few steps. they left me without food for a while. I couldn't tell you how long I was in it. they kept it dark for the ..longest.. time.

    They eventually began giving me food. Only enough to survive. I was sick alot, or so I think. It was so hard not to scream in the beggining. towards the end, they couldn't get me to talk. One day though, I heard footsteps. It made me so happy.. I wasn't alone. then I heard the faint flip of a switch."

    Hara shook all over, he had gotten this far. If he was actually able to cry, this was where he would have.

    "With the room fully illuminated, I saw exactly where I was being held for the first time. It was a room for this man to do his sordid dealings. Toture, Killings, Beatings, Black Market deals even. chains, masks, whips, bombs, guns, needles. It was all there. I think the worst part thinking about it now...I enjoyed every second of that light being on. It wasn't the toture, it was the light. I watched like a child would watch television. I couldn't speak, my lips wouldn't let me. I don't think I would have said anything if I could anyway. I was fond of the light, I loved seeing anything when normally I was kept in the dark.

    Then one day I heard lots of footsteps. Shinigami! The sixth division had cleared the Yakuza out. They put me in a home with complete strangers. It did matter too much. Just a short couple of years and an entrance exams for shinigami had begun. And now I'm here."

    Hara gave a short chuckle. they said that confessions clear your soul, but he wasn't so sure.

    Hara entered the academy with one thing in mind, to train himself to become of use for the sixth division. At first he seemed weaker than the weak, still sickly from lack of sun. He excelled in his kidou classes, yet constantly trained in Hakuda. He was extremely lucky, as his meek, conservative personality combined with his prone to hard training methods caught the attention of the Sixth division's captains, Yachiru. Unexpectedly taken under the captains wing by the Taichou after a fight with Ichi, which he showed his skill by attacking with the blunt side of his sword to not injure. He lost the fight but gained a mentor and friend in the small, pink haired Captain.

    He had a chance to meet many of the captains as a result of being becoming a student of Yachiru's, though they used him as a plaything or taxi as and after they got drunk. When not moping in the garden he made in the academy, he often got chances to train with Muskrat-Taichou in medical kidou and with Senso-Taichou in the uses of different kidou. He became friends fast with Miho-Fukutaichou, or Rabbit, as both seemed to be the only reasonable voices in many situations the Captains got in. He learned even from Zoey-Taichou, who taught him a small bit in zanjustu as she had done with everyone. Learning from them gave him not only strength, but the courage to become strong that he was lacking.

    Inside the door to getting his zanpaktou was the house he'd "grew up" in. The torturous place he was taken to and locked in the basement of for century. As he entered he heard a bizarre laughter, the laughter of the man. Yozijin! The man who locked him up! Terrified, but willing to go on, he confronted his fears and got to his zanpaktou in the twisted house. After coming out with it, however, Hara realized what it was...a wooden bokken. The man laughed in his head, and Hara was horrified to find him as his zanpaktou spirit!

    Becoming a shinigami helped Hara. He learned he could rely on his Taichou, Yachiru and his friend and sometimes rival, Bob. Slowly but surely he developed both physically and emotionally. Until that is Soul Society decided to invade Hueco Mundo.

    He was foolishly taken along to Hueco Mundo before the invasion began, and was one of the first to see it's gray deserts. Yachiru-Taichou, Senso-Taichou, and he went on a recon mission to see how many hollow had gathered. But they were spotted. The captains took on hundreds of hollow, but still some snuck by to attack Hara. relying on kidou, Hara quickly wore himself out of reiatsu and looked as though he was about to die. He was on the ground, bleeding out, when once again his visited that house...

    There his spirit met with him, still under the guise of the man who imprisoned him wrongly. They fought and Hara killed Yozijin, taking away with it the burden of carrying such pain. The reward was his shikai, which he used for the first time in Hueco Mundo. He gathered his own hollow army around him after he used his shikai to make them love Hara. They charge into the other hollows and Hara was able to make it out alive along with his two friends. They reported on events while Hara recovered in the fourth division, staying there longer to learn healing kidou again from Muskrat while Rabbit-Taichou visited.

    Soon, a decision was made to promote all students to shinigami in preparation of the coming war and he got his chance to meet both Nicho and Axel for the first time, though in a haste to prepare for war.

    Although doing well himself, killing an arrancar with the help of his friend, Bob and saving the new pair of sixth recruits, Yachiru, his captain was not so lucky. The man he admired, whom he thought invincible, seemingly died during the invasion of Hueco Mundo. It ruined Hara.

    He immediatly went into mourning, sitting beside his Taichou's gravestone for months. He refused to eat except when near exhaustion or sleep except after passing out. The only job he had ever expected himself to accomplish was to watch over the sixth division, and he failed..

    With a little coaxing from Bob, and Taichous Rabbit and Muskrat, Hara finally left his perch and headed back to the division he failed once already.

    He was suprised at on his return he was given a fukutaichou spot. He refused it until once again Bob's advice led him to the hard answer. He grudgingly accepted the spot from his new captain. He was also suprised at the many new recruits the sixth had, including all the students who had bunked there during the war.

    Eventually Hara returned to his normal, self-deprecating self. The new captain seemed to have been working out. He respected him almost as much as he used to Yachiru and vowed that this time he wouldn't let anything happen to the Taichou.

    During this time he trained a bit with Bob, learning more about his zanpaktou than ever before. His shikai became stronger and he could leave it on longer than most other shinigami. He even learned some new tricks. He found that when he inserted his shikai into himself, he could manipulate his own emotion, becoming much stronger than before with no emotional barriers in the way. He also had a much firmer grip on emotional states, his shikai seemingly becoming stronger with every emotional duress Hara undergoes..

    He turned to his new captain for help with achieving bankai, and he received much. The man was kind to him and treated him well. Yachiru would have been glad to have such a replacement, Hara was sure of it.

    He was starting to feel normal. He talked to people more and even visited other divisions such as the 11th on occasions to train. Until one day, Hara was inside the division and saw his captain running from other 6th division shinigami. They spouted out "traitor" and "murderer", but Hara payed them no mind as he tried to rush to protect the man.

    He followed his captain blindly, finally finding the place he was. Bob was there as well, fighting their leader. Bob killed their captain in front of Hara that day. The sight of another dead captain threw Hara over the edge yet again. He contemplated killing Bob while he recovered from his fight and bankai usage in the fourth. But instead he waited loyally on him in the hospital. The struggle in his mind about his duties to captains vs. divisions leaned heavy on his mind.

    When Bob was named the captain of the sixth division, Hara was glad he didn't try out for it. He knew that Bob was strong enough to take care of himself, and Hara also knew he was a bad omen for the sixth division. Anything he devoted even a little into would die, it was a fact that had been with him his entire life.

    The changes Bob made appealed to more and more students and soon the division had as many people in it than ever before. Hara didn't mind the company as long as they didn't ask for training, which Hara decided not to do.

    Eentually Bob made him try and train again for his bankai after a disaster filled first try. And although having enough control over his reaitsu, he still could not find a connection with his sword.

    Once realizing this, Hara studied more and more into the intricites of kidou. Senso's advice and loans of books gave Hara the chance to really get involved with it. His aptitude for it spurred him on. Thousands of hours later, he claimed mastery over many spells.

    Fearing another repeat of his captain dying, Hara left the sixth division to join a new upstart division, led by Ravi. His strong sense of Loyalty to one's division kept him to stay even after Ravi declared war on central 46.

    This war led to run ins with the rest of the Gotei, obviously. Although staying out of the fight longer than most, he finally had to resort to violence. He lost to the superior fighter, Rabbit of the second division. He was incarcerated to the sixth where Bob once again gave him advice. However it landed on deaf ears.

    Hara escaped. By knowing the sixth division layout and guard changes he made his way out of the sixth division, saving his division mate Axel. It wasn't a shinigami that brought him back shortly after, it was himself. Hara decided to turn himself in for his deeds in the rebellion. Unfortunately, the Vice captain of the sixth, Kulu, had no clue and thought he was escaping for a first time from the grounds. They were readying for a fight whenever an assailant taking orders from Ravi killed Kulu with a poisonous dart.

    Hara's guilt over Kulu's death made Bob feel sorry for the hurt Hara, so much so that Bob knew Hara'a heart would remain with the sixth division. Under Bob's order, Hara rejoined the sixth and became the Fukutaichou. An act that did not go over well with the central 46, who regarded the man still as a traitor.

    During a mission, Hara and others were blindsighted when Yachiru, Hara's mentor and former 6th division captain, showed up; his mind warped by hundreds of years of abuse by an entity in Hueco Mundo. Hara's shock soon turned into anger for seeing his old master in such a state, so much so his bankai released for the first time in a desperate attempt to help Zoey fight Yachiru. It was of no use however and Yachiru got away.

    During Bob's absence, Hara was able to become the interim captain. Although he didn't like the job, he was able to go on a mission with Rabbit and Muskrat. There he saw his former Taichou, Yachiru again. Hara then realized that there was no turning Yachiru back. He'd remember how Yachiru was. Not how he became what he was slowing becoming, a demon. This second meeting, seeing him so far transformed, changed Hara. He became much more interested in enforcing the law through any means, and exploring the places outside of the sixth division.

    While checking files on himself, he discovered something. Inside the file was the mission de-briefing of the mission that saved him from his past restraints in Rukongai, there were many things about the report that disturbed him. Classified information he couldn't access led him down a road of mystery that he uncovered with great detective skills. The Yakuza boss who inprisioned Hara, Yokuji, had a son who killed him shorty after the sixth raided his home. With help from Axel, a brash shinigami and future 7th division founder, The yakuza gang were killed and Hara was able to finally come to terms with his past.

    Coming back, he got word of Bob's death. The news hurt Hara, but this time he couldn't run away. He became the new Sixth division captain.

    During a battle with a group of quincy, Hara and a small but powerful group of shinigami were hit with an explosion that imprinted their souls and created copies of the shinigami. Many went to attack their duplicates directly, whereas Hara's decided to hide. He used his shikai to attack Hara himself, giving him feelings of hatred and insanity while in the company of Nicho and a well hidden clone of Axel. Hara forced the two to fight in a special cell beneath his office until Nicho killed the faux Axel. Hara and Kisada, whom he decided to show, left quickly afterwards. Once out of range, Hara returned to himself too late to warn anyone. The clone already was wrecking havoc, using his bankai to busy the captains of Soul Society while he walked into the central 46. On his way to intercept, Hara found the real Axel and Nicho fighting. Even though Hara was injured stopping their fight, Nicho was able to get to the premises and fight Hara until help arrived.

    The help came from an unexpected source. Yachiru appeared and stopped Hara's clone from killing Nicho and taking over the minds of Central 46. Hara appeared just long enough to speak to the now-sane Yachiru for one last one. The experience led to the commendations of Axel and Nicho to become captains, and the Central's probation of Hara for the rest of his tenure as captain.

    Hara's duties became too hard for him once he led men to hunt down and kill Axel. It ended with Hara choosing his old friendship with the captain rather than the law of Soul Society. Desperate to find purpose, he retreated into a hellish penance. Hueco Mundo..

    Four years.

    Looking out at the wastelands of Hueco Mundo, you would not expect much change. The wind whips along with a slow pulse, the only measurement of time I had besides any internal clock I tried to keep for myself. So where did four years come from? How was I sure? Hollows told me, every day they came to me and told me just how long I'd been here.

    Grabbing the 13th's device was easy. The desolate division kept it's secrets unguarded now for the most part. As if a vault of any size would have stopped me. A key for transporting back and forth, as well as the transporting device itself, were grabbed. Stolen is too bad of a word, they'd get it back sometime. I had every intention of returning when I felt ready. But it's already been four years. I wonder if the 13th has returned to it's fighting strength, or if it is still used as storage for the gizmos and gadgets. It's a shame, that I had to learn kidou in the most peculiar way.

    Harsh is the best word to describe Hueco Mundo. Everything about it is just harsh. But I need harsh, I want harsh. If I'm ever going to change as a person, it has to be a baptism by fire. Still though, the first month was so hard. Hollow became attracted to me immediately. I don't blame them. After a while I felt almost appreciated by them and their attraction to my reiatsu. They sometimes swarmed around me, my reaitsu bittersweet, and goaded me into endless fights. They would stalk from the shadows and whisper of my past, as if seeing into my mind. Some would charge me and screams curses and tell me how weak I am. It didn't take too long before I realized that they spoke because they were frightened. To gain an edge. Soul Society and Hueco Mundo's inhabitants were not so different sometimes.

    I was getting stronger, but I wandered all the same. It had only been a year by all the hollows accounts. I came close to a large fortress, and Bob-Taichou's reaitsu along with it. And I know he felt me. To try to fight him alone would be foolish, his arrancar would kill me. I would not be so stupid as to attempt that by myself. I could have needed the 6th division then. Kisada is sorely missed. Every night, as much as day and night can be determined out here, I thought of my division. It was early on that I decided that Kisada had things under control. It still did not help me from worrying. The new shinigami he had begun to train, Tamkara and Tatsuya, they needed help. They had something special, if they were even still alive.

    I think of Yachiru a whole lot out here. The only other person he knew that spent as much time as he did here, in hell. It was another reason why I found it fit to stay here instead of anywhere else. I would follow in Yachiru's footsteps, and actually would live to tell about it. I would not be controlled by a weak hollow, or any hollow. I would show him that I have merit as a shinigami. That I was not a total waste of space. That I can make a difference.

    During one such stretch of thinking about my assorted past, I was able to visit a memory long since gone. The crater he stood in now was The battlefield he once stood on long ago. The battle that kept hollows in check for so long, the one in which so many countless died. The dead shinigami left behind were gone by now, time has a way of removing any dark spots. It was still a sight to behold, pillars were still crashed. A large ridge where I'd felt the largest single burst of reaitsu ever. I soaked it all in, the past. Until he heard a voice from the grave.

    "Hara.." it said, softly. A whisper in the wind, but one heard clearly by me all the same. The captain of the thirteenth division. "Senso?" I said in a rush, quickly trying to get an answer.

    Black reaitsu stood dank in this place, and it slowly formed to create an image. It was Senso, former captain of the thirteenth. I pulled My sword out in defense of whatever hollow it was that was playing tricks on me. It was no trick however. After calming down, he told me what was happening.

    "I fought here once, fought with all my strength. I don't remember much, but I do know that the explosion of reaitsu was powerful enough that it left an imprint of my very soul here. The reaitsu of another shinigami must have awakened me."

    The shock wore off, and happiness of finding someone in Hueco Mundo took over. Senso was dead, there was no denying that, and I think this ghost Senso himself knew somehow. But he was still here, speaking to me. I told him of my troubles. About how I came here to find myself. To be true to it.

    "You always were a natural in kidou. Your passion for the 6th was the only thing that stopped me from inviting you to the kidou corps."

    "Then." I told him. "Lets begin my training of kidou, see how my life would have ended up as."

    Two and a half years of training with a master of kidou. I learned a lot. And I needed it. I was constantly barraged by hollows, ones I was sure all had the same stink of Bob on them. These were stronger than the wild ones which appeared. A arrancar or two tried their luck as well. The things I learned from Senso though stopped them all cold.

    High level kidou. The highest levels. Dark coffin still gives me troubles, but I consider that pithy to the other things I was able to learn. A technique I've heard of, but had never seen. Demon arts turned physical force. Shyunko was the ultimate test of my old power, Hakuda, and my new, kidou. It not only caused punches to be devastating, but the area around me was so dense with kidou, it could even bring a halt to movement itself.

    This was the training I had been missing. But the stronger I would became, the weaker Senso's spirit. My own reaitsu had begun to wash the area of any remaining sign of battle, including Senso. The spirit of My friend only saw that as a good thing. When I really use my reiatsu full force, there now are black streaks that run through it. Senso's Mark.

    I learned new techniques with bankai as well. Hardening spores allowed for them to change into different shapes, become rock hard, only to die and await my order to make more. I learned different things. A solid ball of hardened spores could be shot out like a cannonball. I found that the secreted poison had no effect on me at all, so covering my body with it could end up being a close combatants nightmare.

    Even so, I felt stagnant in other areas, a plateau. Zanjutsu was never an area I had much interest in. Reiatsu control, at least while not releasing, wasn't being trained. Instead, for the first time, I threw self-discipline out the window. I allowed himself to be wild. With new strength, I attacked hollows with much more verocity. The reaitsu was enough to show Bob how little I should be triffled with, the same way I knew how much stronger he himself had gotten.

    A dying hollow then told me of the war on earth. It shook me to the core. Humans attacking humans meant that plusses were being eaten at an alarming pace. I had to return. Hueco Mundo had turned Hara from boy to man. It'd been four years after all. That was why left. I could feel himself turning wild, thirsting after hollows to set free. I did not know exactly how long Yachiru was here before he turned, but whenever it was, now I could see how.

    I ended up back in rukongai. My shinigami robes were tattered, and the first thing he overheard was the talks of the 6th division. A winged demon whose justice was death, Setsunateki. I'll return to Soul Society soon, I'll keep every promise I made to Axel. I Told him I would learn to be a better person and now I know I'm a better person than I used to be. I'm my own person now, and I'm so much stronger because of it.

    Hara Returned briefly to Soul Society to settle an age old debt with Setsunateki, Yachiru's zanpaktou who now had his friend imprisoned, and to assist Nicho in a battle with a powerful Arrancar before deciding to once again disappear from Soul Society.

    This time though, to visit earth and have a well deserved retirement.

    Fate, and his zanpaktou, had other plans for him...

    Position: Gardener of The Shinigami Academy

    Specialty: Jack of all trades

    Likes: Order, Quiet, Respectfulness, and Gardening.

    Dislikes: None

    Abilities in order:

    reiatsu control

    Zanpakutou : Normal katana usually strapped to Hara's left side.
    Type : Psycho
    Spirit's Name : Hara
    Appearance : A virtual carbon copy of Hara
    Personality : ...With an attitude

    Shikai - "Cloud the mind, Hara"

    Upon release, thousands of microbiotic fungi disperse into the air surrounding Hara. So dense the spores are that it looks like a small, red cloud hanging in the air. Breathing these spores in causes them to rush to the brain and grab hold of the organ. They send false synapse of Hara's own will, allowing him to change the emotions of the person infection. Fear to Hatred, Love to Anger, Brave to Cowardice; His shikai leaves the victim confused of his own feelings.

    Shikai ability 1: "Explode" - Hara overcharges his spores with reiatsu, causing micro explosions of his concentrated reiatsu wherever there are his spores. He can use the technique when his spores are inside your body as well, hitting vital organs with thousands of powerful explosions whose blast is measured by how much reaitsu Hara charges his spores with.

    Shikai ability 2: "Mind field" - While not actually an ability, Hara is so connected with his spores that they are part of his mind and he can notice minute changes in their patterns when they are moved. It gives him a sixth sense of a person's location wherever his spores rest, like a spider's silk web.

    Shikai ability 3:
    "Enrage" - Hara uses his own shikai against himself, blanking out the deep inhibitions inside Hara and fueling him with increased brain activity and increased sense of rage. It's usually preceded with a euphoric sense of enlightments inside the mind of Hara himself.

    Bankai -
    Upon activating Bankai, The swarm evolves and gains legs and stingers. They are able to reproduce themselves infinitely, giving Hara the ability to grow the swarm to hundreds of feet in diameter. His Bankai works the same as his shikai, except for the effects. Once a sufficient enough of his bankai is either breathed in or entered through cuts or any opening, They grab hold of the persons brain with the evolved stingers. Once a sufficient amount lands on the brain, Hara has a hold of your mind and can make you think anything according to his will.

    As with his shikai, a strong will against the thought Hara implants can stop the effects.

    Bankai ability "Enslime" - Hara's bankai gathers around Hara himself, millions able to land on his body until no more room is left and they die. Upon death, they harden instantaneously, encasing Hara in an crimson, chitin armor. Through small pores, poison is secreted from out of his armor, leaving a slow oozy mucus going down the shinigami and his zanpaktou. If infected inside a cut Hara makes, the poison hops onto the signal from the cut registering to the brain, and causes the worst pain from your life in the victim's memory and makes you relive said pain.

    Second Stage -

    Personal Techniques

    Binding Arts

    Binding Art 1: Sai
    Binding Art 2: Blinding Light
    Binding Art 10: Everlasting Grudge
    Binding Art 13: Sky Ribbon - (Mastered)
    Binding Art 23: Lightning Paralysis (Raiden's Trap)
    Binding Art 50: Shackles - (Mastered)
    Binding Art 52: Cage of Roses
    Binding Art 58: Picking Tose, Chasing Quail
    Binding Art 61: Six Truncheon Light Prison - (Mastered)
    Binding Art 75: Quintet of Iron Pillars
    Binding Art 89: Circle of Confinement

    Destruction Arts

    Destruction Art 1: Sudden Impact
    Destructive Art 2: Blinding Light - (Mastered)
    Destructive Art 4: White Lightning
    Destructive Art 9: Shotgun
    Destructive Art 20: Reeling Touch
    Destructive Art 25: Earth Breaker
    Destructive Art 31: Red Flame Cannon
    Destructive Art 33: Blue Fire, Crash Down
    Destructive Art 63: Thunder Roar Cannon
    Destructive Art 76: Hurricane Terror
    Destructive Art 90: Black Sarcophagus - (Mastered)

    Reiatsu Orb
    Reiatsu Sword
    Reiatsu Armor
    Reiatsu Shield

    Spirit Threads
    Flash Step
    Shunko (Flash Cry)
    Reverse Demon

    Reirykou eyes - Using reiatsu to enhance his eyes, Hara can see the spiritual power, or reirykou, a spiritual being has.
  7. Name: ??? His name is unknown. He is called Janza (more on this later)

    Age: Unknown

    Gender: Male

    Reiatsu Color: Blue with a gray tint normally, has moments were a blackish red moves through

    Blood Type: B

    Physical Characteristics:

    Height- 6'

    Weight- (205 lbs) currently 170 lbs

    Eyes- A deep, striking blue

    Hair- The color is a dark brown that almost looks black. It is quite rough and uneven. It sticks out in random directions with a lock of hair resting right between his eyes and ending mid nose. His hair forms into a wavy sort around his face. It has a disheveled look with bits and pieces sticking up, but most of it goes down.

    *He has a muscular build and a scar on his back right over his heart. He has a tattoo on the back of both hands and the front of both hands. It is the same for all of them. (It sort of looked like an ankh but with a crown instead of the curvy part). There is a tattoo on both feet on the bottom that is sort of a spiral pattern. There is a reflection of it on the top of both feet. He has a big zero on his back. He has a bandage wrapped around his forehead. Nobody knows what's under it. He tends to be slightly unshaven.

    Janza's basic appearance has changed a little since he became a shinigami. More notable is the change from around the time of his unexplained absence. Perhaps most notable is the weight. When he first entered the academy. Currently, his weight is 170 pounds, if that. He hasn't been eating well lately.

    Other than weight, Janza keeps his hair a little bit longer causing it to stick up a little bit less. The standard bandages underneath his loosely worn shinigami garb are still there, but underneath has changed. The tattoos that were once on his hands and feet are now gone. The mark from his hands is now on his forehead, but that is covered up. Even though, it is almost impossible to see. Also, the scarring that was on his arms has cleared up.


    Personality: Janza is complicated. When it comes to anything important, he is very much the lone wolf. The problem is that he hates being alone. He is the very definition of an oxymoron, like an attention whore that needs space. He doesn't consider himself to be a rabid attack dog or anything of the sort, but his emotions play a lot in how he goes about things. This, along with his general lack of respect for titles, gets him into trouble often enough.

    Likes: Humor, rainy days, apple pie, daytime naps

    Dislikes: loneliness, sitting still, formal clothes, (He also dislikes fat people wearing clothing they have no business wearing)

    He has an irrational fear of doctors and medics.



    Nobody knows who he is or where he is from. It is thought that he is from some place outside of Rukongai (?). One day, he wandered into West Rukongai in an bad state of deliriousness. He was wearing something that looked like blue shorts. The clothing had two things of cloth that crossed (when worn properly, but these were hanging to the side. He said one thing "Janza". He was known as Cipher Janza for the "0" tattooed on his back and for his first word when he arrived. He had his customary bandage wrapped around his head, covered by his hair for the most part. Strapped to his waist were several daggers and two solid black wakizashis. He has since misplaced these weapons. On his back was a large, oddly shaped and colored shield. He also had a strange chain around his neck (smallish but not quite like a necklace).

    Three days after he had arrived, he woke up. He had not consumed any food or water for several days... perhaps weeks. He was being tended by a quiet little girl called Kiyame. She nursed him back to health.

    While he was recovering, at the beginning, she would read to him. She would ask him questions about what he thought, but he would just laugh and smile. For a while they would play strategic games like go or shougi. Janza had never played any games like these. Any time of his that he could remember always involved wandering and fighting. To Kiyame's delight, Janza was a quick learner. Janza was easily Kiyame's match after a handful of tries. They started playing cards soon after. For some reason, he was a natural at gambling. He taught her many tricks of the trade.

    Kiyame was a quiet girl, and she didn't have many people too talk to. This situation was beneficial for Janza (other than the being nursed back to health part), because he was able to call a place home for perhaps the first time ever. They were like brother and sister. They were family.

    Anyway, as soon as Janza was able to stand more than 5 seconds with passing out, he started helping Kiyame with chores. He would often volunteer to run errands for her. The fresh air always put him at ease. The funny thing was that he would almost always get into a fight while on these errands. It was not like he was the bloodthirsty fighter type always looking for trouble, but for some reason, he was restless.

    Janza would always clean himself up after his many brawls, and he would a point of being somewhat presentable. As hard as he would try, Kiyame always noticed. He always had a sad grin on his face accompanied by a deep sense of longing hidden in his eyes.

    They continued like this for a year. It was eating away at Kiyame. In an odd sort of way, she felt every hurt he did. Kiyame was getting weak. Ironically, she made a point of hiding it from Janza. It really did hurt her more than it hurt him. His wounds would always heal. It would kill her if she brought any sadness too him.

    One day, after this year together had passed, Janza got into his worst fight yet. Basically, he ended up being the instigator of what became a pretty large free for all bar brawl. Toward the end of the fight, Janza was about to kill one particular person who he had thought had caused Kiyame harm. Right before he was about to stab him, an unnamed shinigami grabbed his arm. He told him that wouldn't be a happy thing to do. What stopped him more than the unknown person was Kiyame's tears.

    Long story short, the man revealed to Janza that he was hurting Kiyame inside. She had told him that he needed to find his purpose as well. As they man was walking toward the exit, he said one thing.

    "Come with me boy. I will help you find your reason to live."

    Two or three important things happened to Janza while he was at the Shinigami academy. Being punished by an instructor wasn't a strange occurrence. Heck, having a captain mess with him wasn't rare.One of those particular happenings was when Nicho, the captain of the 12th division, had probably been irritated by Janza's questions. Showing his teaching style, Nicho took him to the Human World and subsequently attracted some hollows to his position. What followed was a hellacious ordeal that left Janza near dead. Nicho was the first, but not the last captain, to almost get Janza killed.

    The second important event was when some shinigami of the 2nd had told Janza that he was wanted on a mission involving academy students to the Human World. The shinigami almost made him and Pluto Rikudou pass out from his spiritual pressure. Anyway, the whole idea of going on a mission had been exciting to him, but he had some suspicions. This, by the way, was the second time where a captain had almost gotten Janza killed.

    In short, the mission to the Human World was all about trying to recover some noble girl he had never heard of. Still, nothing, and nothing really means nothing, was revealed about this mission. But, what rose his suspicions was the large amount of shinigami from the 7th that came with them. If this mission required some high-level shinigami, what use would some greenhorn academy students be? This mission is also where his distrust of other shinigami really intensified.

    Anyway, before leaving to the Human World, everything went wrong right from the get go. Seemingly, the portal had been attacked. All of the students arrived to the human world scattered all over the place. It was a mess.

    Janza took the opportunity to search out some high-ground right off the bat. If memory serves, had had run into a wayward spirit in a college library. After that, he had made his way up into a bell tower trying to get his bearings only to be attacked by some sort of were-beast. A quick use of explosives bought enough time for him to escape. What was important was that he found out where to go and helped some peers fight along the way. What saddens him is that one of them seemed to die after Janza left to find some wayward fellow students.

    On a few occasions Janza ran into some hollows. there was a dragon type hollow that had given him a pretty decent injury. After that, he teamed up to fight a were-hollow with the help of Pluto, Misaki, Anton, and Dell. The fight was bloody and brought in a bunch of the lackeys of their opponent. At one point, Misaki even nailed Anton with a Sudden Impact. What followed was a flash involving Janza getting the beast to corner him to have a lightning paralysis hit it. At one point, Janza even let some claws from the beast rip into him while also infecting him with the taint. that beast went down just to have an even stronger opponent appear to wipe out a kidou team that had healed up his group. He led his friends running through a snarling group of beasts and went running through the sewers. Thinking that either him or Anton could turn at any moment and attack his peers.

    Janza told the other three to go ahead while him and Anton sealed up the grate from the sewers. Just as the alpha were-hollow had almost killed him, a random shinigami showed up killing the beast.

    Anyway, Janza found his way back to Soul Society just to feel assaulted by a nasty feeling in his gut that Kiyame was in danger. He rushed to the Academy heedless of any words directed toward him. He arrived just in time to save Kiyame. Soon after they got split up, and Janza had to fight his way through several minion beasts. After things seemed to have settled the taint had taken control. He even went so far as to attack some of his peers. Right as a trap he had set up looked like it was going to get Dell and Pluto, his third time of being nearly killed because of the actions of a captain had occurred. Koi instantly beat the enraged Janza down. Kiyame quickly carried Janza to the 4th.

    One thing, of all, is still remembered from his academy student times. Janza formed a rivalry with Pluto Rikudou.

    A lot has happened to Janza after he graduated. Not the least of which was obtaining his two blade zanpaktou and eventually releasing his shikai. He had been to yet another mission to the Human World that had Latus save him... followed by Souji... and finishing with Tyler saving him.

    Janza woke up his blades in a battle while Johon was near. He soon tested his shikai in a battle against two different people. One was a mace user named something like Zor or Thor. The big part was that this guy used a thunder element. The other guy wielded a spear. Janza killed the mace wielder and took the spear user to the 12th under direction from Johon. Upon reaching the 12th, he was forced to use his shikai against yet another opponent... who also used thunder based weaponry. This opponent died after much struggling on Janza's part. Soon after, Janza found himself challenging Pluto just to have them both distracted by a huge disturbance. Janza spent some time defending the people needing the help of the 4th division, but soon grew tired of that. He started to meditate preparing for a fight, but something happened to him.

    Janza later ended up crawling into the 2nd with a weird cane on his back.


    Position: Second Division Captain

    Abilities in Order:
    Reiatsu Manipulation


    Weapons: The two blades of his zanpaktou, throwing knives, smoke bombs, small explosives and wires.

    Zanpaktou: Raija... this is a zanpaktou with two blades. One is the length of a wakizashi while the other is the length of a katana. The guard for both blades are crescent moons. The pommel on both are wolves heads with blue eyes. It has an elemental base of water.

    Shikai: Released with the words "Howl at the moon, Raija!"

    1st Stage: With the exertion of reiatsu, Janza can effect the water around him forming and protecting . The big attack of this stage has the name of Blue Moon. With the buildup of reiatsu, Janza releases it into a massive tidal wave.

    2nd Stage: His reiatsu starts to leak out and flood the area around him. Maybe not a part of his ability, but more of a physical manifestation of his reiatsu, a mistiness appears. Affecting the way the light hits the water, he creates an illusion of himself. It is warped a little bit.

    3rd Stage: This stage takes into account the sheer power of the 1st stage and concentration of the 2nd one. Basically, the true purpose of the second stage is to set up this one. Anyway, after it has been set up properly, the opponent is enveloped in a dome of water. They are assaulted with wave after wave of water hitting like waves of steel.

    Bankai: The water in the area is infused with reiatsu exploding wildly in a large area before condensing around Janza in the form of a large water wolf. (Size is somewhere around 4-5 stories in height and a bit longer and wider than a basketball court.)


    Area of Specialty: Crazy Fighting

    Personal Techs and Abilities:

    Reiatsu Techs:
    reiatsu orb
    reiatsu shield
    reiatsu armor
    reiatsu weapons
    reiatsu detection/tracking

    Binding Art #1 - not mastered
    Binding Art #10 (Everlasting Grudge) - not sure if it is mastered or not
    Binding Art #21 (Lightning Paralysis) - mastered
    Destructive Art #4 (White Lightning) - mastered
    Destructive Art #63 Raikouhou
    Binding Art #54 Flow of Ice
    Destructive Art 76: Hayate Gakuzento (Hurricane Terror)


    Shield Breaker- This is a tech that was designed to deal with many of the shields and barriers in existence. It is used by flooding the zanpaktou with a large amount of reiatsu and pulling back hard on it upon impact. This creates something of a void or vacuum effect. The strain of yanking on the reiatsu so forcefully can be damaging to bones. Due to this it is not advised to use it more than three times. The risk of forgetting or ignoring this rule can mean a broken arm or worse.

    Pure Water- Janza cannot use this in battle due to iffy at best reiatsu control. Instead he carries canteens with the pure water. Pure water does not conduct electricity. This is only used in an emergency situation and will not last long.

    Name: Makoto Kobayashi

    Age: 23 years old

    Gender: Male

    Blood Type: Type A

    Reiatsu Color: Gold

    Height: Six feet tall
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Green

    Notable Features: Makoto's facial expression is usually blank as though he were empathetic about everything about him. His skin is flawless without a single scar to be seen. He has a toned body, but a small and wiry build.



    Personality: Makoto used to have no rival in his arrogance. Having been under the tutelage of the late Nicho Kiennes, and through the war in Hueco Mundo, Makoto has become a more humble person. He has, however, developed a reputation for cruelty and some shinigami even view him as mentally unstable. Makoto is content with letting the image he has acquired remain. He is the kind of person that doesn't care what others think of him and has never been too interested in the 'social' world anyway. He has earned a few friends however and in them he has complete trust.

    Likes: Studying reiatsu particles and how to push the limits of the techniques he has acquired.

    Dislikes: Spicy food, not being able to find the answer to complicated questions


    Makoto Kobayashi was born in the first district of Rukongai to a very wealthy noble family. As a small child, everyone could tell that he was different. He never smiled and he was caught more than once killing small animals and tearing the limbs from bugs. He never showed any emotion except for something similar to happiness when he was killing or torturing small animals. Yet according to a test he took after going to therapy ordered by the servants of the house, his IQ was staggering. The servants of the house feared this strange child. He always seemed to be watching them as if he were observing their everymove, storing their habits within his warped little mind. His parents, were too busy trying to stay ahead in the business world to notice anything strange about their son.

    One day, by chance or it could very well have been something like fate, a gang took over the house. This gang took Makoto and his parents hostage, demanding large sums of money for their release. Makoto expected his parents to get out of the situation easy since they were so powerful in the business world. He was shocked and disgusted as they wet themselves in fear as their servants were brutally murdered in front of them as a show of power from the gang. Disgusted and not wanting to see the weak insects anymore, Makoto punched the man guarding him in the side of his face. The blow catching the man off guard, was a knockout blow. Makoto ran through the house, managing to avoid all of the gangs guards since he knew the house so well. As he left the house, he felt a strange emotion. It wasn't happiness or sadness, it was content. Makoto left the first district completely, wanting to be away from the weak minded fools formerly known as his parents.

    A few years later, he had been living on the streets in the poorer part of Rukongai. He enjoyed watching the people go about their lives. He ate well because he would study the habits of a family and when nobody was home he would go inside their home and have himself a good meal. Yet still, this life held no intrest for him. He longed for more, something that could really get his adrenalyn going and test him. In his daily wanderings, he came across a strange looking beast. As he approached, the beast seemed to explode from within, sending Makoto backwards through the wall of a building. Intrigued, Makoto managed to stand and crawl his way towards the creature. As it turned out, he had accidentally walked into the middle of a fight between a hollow and a patrol from the 6th. Just watching the small fight got his heart pumping. The energy he felt from the fight made him short of breath, and the skill and savagery the shinigami fought with inspired him. One of the shinigami fired a beam of energy from his finger tip at the creature, slicing it in half. As it dissapeared, Makoto was begining to gray out because of bloodloss.

    The patrolling shinigami thought nothing of him and started to leave. Makoto took a step out of the buildings ruined wall and collapsed. He was still conscious, but he did not have the strength to stand anymore. One of the members of the patrol noticed that he had been watching the whole fight and had been unnaffected by the reiatsu they had been emitting. After a trip to the 4th, Makoto was offered the chance to take the entrance exam to get into the shinigami academy. Not showing any emotion, Makoto accepted the chance. After the exam, he saw that he had made a perfect score and had been accepted to the academy. Content with this, Makoto went straight to his dorm and went right to sleep for the first day.

    During his years in the Shinigami Academy, Makoto Kobayashi excelled in all things he applied himself to. During his time there, Makoto quickly became friends with two students named Amusai and Kyto. Amusai and Kyto were the only two shinigami he ever really became friends with and they even accompanied him on the adventure of a life time. Because of his high marks and exceptional intellect, Makoto was given a kind of internship with the 12th Division. While there, he was given the task of collecting information on a unique dimension known as the "zanpakuto dimension". Amusai and Kyto, naturally, accompanied him as body guards. The trio of students accompanied by Mikama of the 6th Division, and AM13 from the 12th Division, managed to complete the objectives set before them and return to the soul society just after the battle against the vizard began. Shortly after these events, Makoto found himself being led away for private training at the Ayer family compound with his teacher, Lodium of the 12th Division. The Ayer compound was the location of his graduation.

    Since his graduation, Makoto has spent nearly all of his time within the labs of the 12th division. He has finished a masterpiece of a technology project that makes him nearly immortal when dealing with average attacks. The 'nanobot' project consumed most of Makoto's time after his graduation so he has only recently began to delve into his true passion, spiritual particles. He has developed a custom reiatsu technique of his own, learned reiatsu shyunpo from Nicho taichou, and has even taken a student under his wing. Just before Makoto acquired the position of 3rd seat, he participated in the yearly 11th division duels. His match was against Ultimate and it was in this match that Makoto displayed a small portion of his shikai and his ability to cast kidou effectively. While Makoto is an officer of the 12th division, he has made it clear to Nicho Taichou that he holds no allegiance to anyone or anything except pure science.

    Quite a good bit of time passed since Makoto was the Third Seated Office of the twelfth division. In that time, his knowledge of spiritual particles had advanced by leaps and bounds. He has also acquired, through secret experimentation, a detailed knowledge of the human body and the brain.

    It was also during this time that Lodium returned from his exile. The former sensei of Makoto, he returned a much more mellow soul. However, now Makoto views him as more of an intellectual equal rather than a sensei, though Makoto still finds himself learning from him from time to time.

    At this point in time, the Soul Society is preparing to face one of the greatest threats to its life in the history of the Gotei 13.

    Makoto has spent the better part of the last few years under the training of a man named Nicho Kiennes, the former Taichou of the 12th Division. Under him, he has learned a good deal about the world of reiatsu. When the soul society invaded Hueco Mundo in an attempt to quell the hollows that were waging war against them, led by the former 12th division taichou, Nicho, the Soul Society fought to their limits against a seemingly unbeatable enemy. Makoto developed a friendship with a shinigami named Hurs when they fought together against a very powerful hollow within one of the lower realms of Hueco Mundo, the Menos Forest. After defeating the enemy, they were met by Lodium and managed to escape back to the 12th division, Makoto severely wounded. Lodium managed to defeat the corrupted Quincy and return safely as well. While Makoto was wounded, he had a most interesting encounter with his zanpakutou spirit in which he struck a deal that he would prepare his soul for the spirit to take over one day soon. Makoto has continued to train himself, though he has his own reason. The day he approaches his zanpakutou spirit to hand over his body, he has no intention of complying with the original agreement. Over the year after the conclusion of the Hueco Mundo war, Makoto has furthered his ability to manipulate reiatsu particles though an unfortunate side effect of a technology he developed before the war caused him to get into a bit of trouble. The nanobot technology he had relied on for so long had been corrupted by hollow reiatsu and caused him to cannibalize plus souls. He has gotten through the predicament and plans to assist with the rebuild of the destroyed 12th division while continuing to make himself strong enough to execute his plan against his zanpakutou spirit. Meanwhile, the politics in this particular era have shifted with the deaths of Nicho and Axel. Central 46 has been reinstated without the debt to Nicho to hold them in check and their first order of business appears to have been a demonstration of their complete control over the Gotei 13, instating the shinigami Gaja as the 6th Taichou and merging the 4th division with the 12th division, effectively destroying it. They also ordered that two of the 2nd Shinigami put on a public fight for every shinigami in the Gotei 13 to witness, the prize being the winner would become the next Taichou of the 2nd Division. A shinigami thought deceased, Janza, won that fight. As to whether or not Central will have another announcement has yet to be seen.

    Position: Fuku-Taichou of the Twelfth Division

    Abilities in order: (categories)
    Reiatsu Manipulation

    Weapons: Makoto's mind is deadlier than the sharpest of blades and as such, he has no need to carry anything but his zanpakuto. He does however, carry a variety of scientific technology on his body, in hidden pockets within his lab coat.

    Zanpakutou Information

    Zanpakuto Name: Alcahayr

    Zanpakutou Spirit: Makoto's zanpakutou spirit is a massive golden dragon, whose body is so long it cannot be measured. In recent years however, he has discovered a knight that inhabits his inner soul as well. The knight has a tower shield and an enormous lance. His armor is gold in color with Makoto's family crest in the center of his chest plate. The knight has proven to be a sadistic, arrogant, bastard of a soul that constantly torments Makoto and has now struck a deal with him regarding seizing control of Makoto's mind and body when it sees the time is right.

    Zanpakuto Description: Makoto's Zanpakuto is a gunblade. It is a permanent release type and is nearly as long as he is tall. The gunblade is secured to Makoto's back via a chain that extends from the hilt and wraps around his chest, holding the gunblade tight to his back.

    Type: Permanent Release/Support

    Shikai: Since his zanpakutou is a permanent release, there are no release phrases or a change in the shape or ability of his sword. The gunblade itself is about 5 feet long with the hilt and guard looking like a revolver. A small chain hangs down off of the hilt with a tiny dragon eye at the end. Special containers resembling larger shotgun shells fill the chambers of the gun. The shells can have kidou sealed in them, they have special designs all over them that get more intricate as the kidou level increases.

    Stage One: Six shells are formed and there are 6 chambers. The shells can contain kidou up to the 60's. When teh shells are loaded into the chamber, basic intersecting lines make their way down the blade. The higher the level is, the more lines there are.

    Stage Two: The amount of shells double to 12 total shells with 12 chambers. These can be loaded with Kidou ranging from level 1 up to level 70. When stage two is acquired, the lines spider web down the blade. The lower level the kidou is, the more open space between the lines.

    Stage Three: The Shells number doubles once more to a total of 24 shells. At this point, the shells have enough resilience to withstand containing pure, raw kidou energy and all kidou of any level. Having acquired Stage Three shikai, when the shells are loaded into the chamber, the entire blade glows with an ominous golden light. The higher level the kidou is, the brighter the glow.

    The shells currently contain the following kidou: Binding art #10: Everlasting Grudge (x4), Destructive art #4: White Lightning (x4), Destructive Art #90: Black Sarcophagus (x7), Binding Art #8: Seki (x8)

    Bankai: Souseiki Kyanon *Genesis Cannon*

    Bankai Description: When released, the Gun Blade breaks down into spiritual particles and forms a golden steel armor across the right half of Makoto's torso and his right arm. The large cannon forms above him and is manipulated via the link of spiritual particles between the armor and the cannon. The cannon itself is roughly the size of the Seireitei with each shell fired the size of an average Gotei 13 Division.

    Limits: The techniques can only be used once per 7 posts. On top of that, stage one can only be used three times and stage two used twice. If this maximum limit is reached, Makoto's zanpakuto returns to its original sealed state (pre-shikai). Once he recovers his reiatsu, the blade will release itself once more on its own.


    Stage 1: Alpha - Firing an anti-reiatsu blast suspended within raw kidou energy, this technique causes a medium sized explosion from the raw kidou energy that is containing the anti-reiatsu. The explosion is followed by a massive implosion that can reduce anything caught within its grip to a singularity.

    Stage 2: Omega - Stage two is an extension of the first technique. The technique associated with the second stage bankai fires a shell encased within raw kidou energy. When the shell detonates, after the explosion from the raw kidou energy, all spiritual energy is drawn into the area that the shell impacted and reduces that energy to a singularity. Immediately after all energy has been drawn to a singularity, the energy is expelled outwards, creating a massive explosion that is capable of destroying anything caught within the blast radius.

    Area of Specialty: Science

    Personal Techniques:

    Reiatsu Sphere (with and without orb mastered)
    Reiatsu Shield (mastered)
    Reiatsu Armor (mastered)
    Reiatsu Sword (mastered)
    Reiatsu Shyunpo (mastered)
    Reiatsu Tendrils (mastered)
    Reiatsu Super Heating (mastered)
    Reiatsu Super Cooling (mastered)
    Basic Static Reiatsu Manipulation(mastered)
    Advanced Static Reiatsu Manipulation(mastered)
    Basic Reiatsu Projection(mastered)
    Advanced Reiatsu Projection(mastered)
    Basic Reiatsu Color Modification (mastered)
    Advanced reiatsu color manipulation (mastered)
    Hard Reiatsu Projection (mastered)
    Soft Reiatsu Projection (mastered)
    Basic dynamic reiatsu projection (mastered)
    Advanced dynamic reiatsu projection (mastered)
    Reiatsu Clones - Advanced Dynamic Reiatsu Constructs and Projection (mastered)

    Nanobots - (Rapid cellular regeneration)

    Binding Art #1: Bakudo no Ichi... Sai

    Binding Art 2: Hikari no Mekurumeku (Blinding Light)

    Binding Art 4: Crawling Rope (hainawa)

    Binding Art 8: Barrier (Seki)

    Binding art #10: Everlasting Grudge

    Binding Art 13: Sorainju - Sky Ribbon

    Binding art #21: Lightning Paralysis

    Destructive art #1: Sudden impact

    Destructive art# 4: White Lightning

    Destructive Art 8: Kutsuunomaru (Circle of Pain)

    Destructive Art 9: Shotgun

    Destructive art#20: Reeling Touch

    Destructive Art 25: Earth Breaker

    Destructive Art 30: Marikodos (Chaos Rain)

    Destructive Art# 31: Hadou no Sanjuu Ichi: Shakkahou; meaning Red Flame Cannon

    Destructive Art 33: Hadou no Sanjuu San: Soukatsui; meaning Blue Fire, Crash Down

    Destructive Art 90: Black Sarcophagus
  9. Character sign up sheet:

    Name: Arashi Denkou
    Age: 24
    Blood Type:
    Type O
    Best Traits: Ambitious, athletic, robust and self-confident. Natural leaders
    Worst Traits: Arrogant, vain, insensitive and Ruthless.

    Reiatsu Colour: Bright electric blue with a hint of white, when his shikai or bankai is active his reiatsu crackles like electricity (SSJ2 Gohan electricity)


    Weight: 220 lbs
    Height: 6ft 4in
    Hair color: Blonde
    Eye color: Blue
    Notable features: Keeps a beard, currently growing his hair long. He is muscular but not exactly ripped. His hair is now down past his shoulders.

    Personality: Hard-working, ambitious, intense, loyal,
    Likes: Fighting, Justice, his Zanpaktou spirit, cars, Pizza, progressive music
    Dislikes: Traitors, hollows, vizards, arrancars, quincys, any enemy of SS



    Arashi as Captain


    Position: Captain of the Rokubantai

    Abilities in order (categories):
    Reiatsu Control

    Weapons: n/a


    Type: Thunder and Lightning
    Spirit's Name: Thor
    Appearance: A very large blond man, around 6'6". Extremely muscular. He wears chainmail and battle gear. Has long flowing blond hair.
    Personality: Headstrong, confident, soft-spoken, wise

    Shikai: "Thunder, Mjollnr."
    The sound of thunder and a flash of light happen at the command line and the ninjato becomes a stone mace. Arashi's reiatsu begins to electrify the air around him.

    Stage 1: Thundercrack (Ikazuchi Hibi)
    When any part of the opponent, including weapon, is struck, the zampaktou will create a 'thundercrack'. The thundercrack creates a loud thunder-like noise. The sound will act like a weaker pulsewave. Instead of cutting an opponent, it would damage tissue over wide range, most of the damage centered on point of contact. But the more hits take from it, the more it hurts each time (like punching one spot over and over, it begins to hurt more each time). The idea of this is to wear down an opponent. But if they were not to make contact, they would take no damage.
    When this is active, the air around the hammer would appear distorted and warped while crackling with lightning. When it would be released by contact, the immediate area around the person would fluctuate and distort. Similar to a kinetic energy attack but is really sound shockwave.

    Stage 2: ThunderWave (Ikazuchi Nami)
    With a sweep of the weapon, a shockwave would go out.Think wind scar or getsua tenshou.
    It would do a more powerful version of the 'thundercrack', almost twice as powerful.
    When fired it would seem like a warping of the air, like a semi-invisible getsua tenshou. It would also be accompanied by the sound of thunder and lightning around the hammer. Technically a kinetic energy attack.

    Stage 3: ThunderStep (Ikazuchi Sochi)
    This is just a speed boost. It pushes Arashi beyond the normal barrier of possible speed for his strength level. It tires him out after several uses.
    When moving, the air in the area that is passed through would appear warped and distorted.
    This makes Arashi use sonido instead of shunpyo.

    When activated, a bolt of lightning comes from the sky and engulfs the shinigami. Arashi's normal shinigami robe is completely disintegrated in the lightning strike. When he is revealed in the crater he is instead wearing a chain mail shirt that covers the bicep under a dark shirt and black pants and calf-high leather boots. He now wields a gigantic hammer that is taller than he is. In the center of the hammer head, there is a pagan symbol for Thor in the middle of it. The area around Arashi becomes dark and cloudy. It essentially becomes a violent thunderstorm.

    Base abilities
    - Thundercrack attacks with each swing
    - Each successful swing fills the symbol (takes 10 swings)
    - Flight at max Fuku Shunpo Speed

    Stage 1 Attack: Fury of the Thunder God
    -Arashi flies up in the sky when the symbol is at least half full (5 swings). He holds his hammer up and lightning strikes it. He then throws the electrified weapon at his opponent.When it impacts, it creates a thundercrack before lightning strikes the impact area creating an wide explosion of both kinetic and electric energy. The explosion would destroy an area with a 75 yard Radius. The hammer then returns to Arashi, the symbol now empty of the energy glow.

    Stage 2 Attack: Judgment of the Thunder God (not obtained)
    -When the symbol is completely full, Arashi holds the hammer up in the air and focuses a large cluster of electricity above his target, then uses it to send a huge lightning bolt crashing down from the sky. The bolt would almost disintegrate anything thats not a Taichou level being in a 15 yd radius. The symbol would be empty.

    Area of Speciality: Fighter, speedster, Law Enforcement

    Personal Techniques:
    Reiatsu Tech:
    Reiatsu Orb
    Reiatsu Shield
    Reiatsu Blade

    1: Sudden Impact (Mastered)
    4: White Lightning (Mastered)
    24: Lightning Blade (Mastered)
    30: Marikodos; Chaos Rain
    33: Soukatsui; Blue Fire, Crash Down
    45: Blue Incineration Blast
    63: Raikouhou; Thunder Roar Cannon(Mastered)
    67: Thor's Justice

    1: Obstruction
    21: Lightning Paralysis; Raiden's Trap
    25: Kajoukaze Kansei; Whirlwind Trap

    Hohou Tech:
    Master Shunpo

    Zanjutsu Tech:

    Arashi grips the ninjato in his left hand in a reverse grip. He allows the back of the blade to press against his metal forearm. His right side is facing his opponent with the zanpaktou mostly hidden behind his body.

    The main advantage is that it changes the angles of attack that your opponent has to deal with. This is an advantage, because few people train against someone who holds a blade like that. In that sense, it's like the boxing equivalent of fighting left-handed.

    Another (moderate) advantage is that it gives you a powerful upward slash, as well as a good horizontal slash - and upward attacks like those are harder to deal with than with overhead slashes.

    Another thing you can do is hold the blade against the flat of your arm, thus making a more stable defensive parrying position for vertical parries and blocks, where you don't have to worry as much about being cut.

    If you're fighting in close, it can be a simple way to shorten up your blade so you don't get in your own way as much.

    And, if you can pull it off, you get a really strong downward thrust (ie, the icepick technique.) But again, that's really a technique for smaller blades, rather than swords.

    That being said - what's the disavantages to it? Well, lots, actually. In pretty much everything BUT what I talk about up there, a traditional grip on a longsword works better than a reverse grip.

    1. Range - as a general rule, hold a blade in reverse grip reduces your functional range by 20% or so - you can't hold your blade out straight.

    2. Harder to thrust with - not as much of an issue with smaller blades, but with larger ones it becomes pretty obvious that it's hard to keep your point pointed towards your opponent. (Which is where the term "point defense" comes from - keeping the tip of your blade pointed at your foe, thus keeing a certian level of distance between the two of you.)

    3. Less options - it's generally easier to whirl a blade around the top of your body (as you can take it over your head) than you can beneath your body (where you end up hitting your legs.)

    Arashi uses this as a basic guideline for fighting, combining it with his Raikou Chikara(already known). He uses the electricity generated from the reiatsu tech add more damage to his strikes.

    Reiatsu Tech:
    Raikou Chikara
    Arashi's reiatsu creates an electric field around him that repels any physical attacks by non-taichou level opponents. It works in a 3 foot radius around him. But since his reliance on emotions and fighting, this technique has unconsciously become attached to his emotions. It tends to spark up when he gets angry.
    Any melee attacks made against him also send an electrical charge through the attacker. This works against tethered ranged attacks as well.

    Lightning Arc
    Arashi uses his arm as a conductor to add electricity to the strike. Arashi swings an uppercut with his left arm. Electricity arcs behind it. If the initial blade strikes the opponent, it sends a shock through the part of the body. The electricity sends muscle spasms at the point of contact. If the sword misses, there is a chance that the electricity still affects the opponent.

    Arashi has an automail left arm that comes with 3 things it can do. He can fire kido through it. The plates rearrange to reveal a 2ft blade extending from the wrist. And also has a firing grappling hook. The hook is a small 1/2 inch expanding bullet-type on a 100ft reiatsu empowered tether. Arashi can also use it as a whip.
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  10. Name: Kurogane "Hikage" Himawari

    Age: Unknown, seems to be around 20

    Gender: Female

    Blood Type: AB (Best traits: cool, controlled, rational. Sociable and popular. Empathic. Worst traits: aloof, critical, indecisive and unforgiving.)

    Reiatsu Colour: White


    Height: 155 cm / 5'1"
    Hair color: blond
    Eye color: green
    Notable features: -

    Himawari is short and small with her 155 cm / 5'1" height and 49 kg / 108 lbs weight. Under the traditional Shinigami robe is a girlish and thin figure. Her eyes are green and hair is blond, almost white. Her hair is often kept up in a ponytail. Few strands of hair frames her face then.


    She lives up to her first name Himawari (sunflower) by being joyful and last name Kurogane (iron) by being stubborn when she fights over something she feels worth fighting for. She is spontaneous and loyal to ones who had gained her full trust. She likes to help everyone she just can. Her friends call her Hikage (sunshine).

    • good food and drinks
    • books
    • nature
    • hot bath
    • snow and winter

    • dishonesty
    • lack of effort


    Living being

    She don’t have any memory of her life. Just some passing unpleasant glimpses of it. She is almost sure she was a medical student in a big university. Other thing she knows for a fact, her death was not a pleasant, she was murdered.

    Shinigami Academy


    Time skip

    First year

    When Hikage thought those four years, she admitted that the first year of the Shinigami Academy was hardest. There were so many new things and skills to learn. Sudden flashbacks, glimpses of her human life started to appear without warnings. None of the memories she regained were pleasant.

    Second year

    The second year went by as she deepened her skill in arts useful to Shinigami. She tried to study hard. This meant she could be find most of the times either in the training grounds or at the Library.

    The time she spend in the Library blossomed as a strange, yet lovely flower. The Librarian and Hikage became friends. Friends good enough to call each others by their first names.

    Time just seemed to fly by. She was still troubled by the flashbacks of her past life. They seemed sometimes like pieces from a jigsaw puzzle. Yet she wondered if those pieces belonged to the same puzzle.

    Third year

    Somewhere in the middle of the third year during training Hikage was badly injured. It forced her to spend long period of time in the 4th Division's care. She felt bad for the time she had lost at academy while other student went on. She tried her best to keep up with others and catch up.

    She is the type of person who hates even the idea of being a burden to others. So when lights were turned off she often sneaked out to read in the Garden. She fell in love with the small garden, the scent of the herbs and flowers filled air around, the sunshine warming her shoulder on sunny days and the moonlight seeming to hide her from the rest of the world. The garden was the one peaceful place, a safe haven, she could go to get away from the craziness that is the life of a Shinigami.”

    Fourth year

    When the last year for her at the Academy started, the question to what division she should apply turned real. For her it turned out to be an easy answered one. After spending so long in 4th Division as a patient and to recover, she had truly started to understand how valuable work was done inside of its walls. Being part of it turned out to be her dream, a dream coming true.

    When she received a letter telling was she accepter or not her hands were trembling and her heart was pounding heavily when she opened the letter from 4th Division. She couldn’t believe her eyes or what she was reading. She had been accepted!

    “I know it is going to be hard work there as well. Nothing is gained for free. But still I am happy that I have made this far. I will do my best to learn more and study hard.” she looked up to the old librarian and a dear friend.
    “Hikage, I am sad to see you go. Yet I am happy for you, moving out to be a real shinigami.” librarian squeezed her shoulder gently to encourage her.
    “Thank you, for everything.”

    Old librarian got last goodbyes, with those said she walked out of the Academy to start her life in the 4th division.

    Unseated shinigami of the 4th Division


    4th Division 3rd seat


    Special characteristics: She has no real memory of her human life. Just some passing unpleasant glimpses of it. Though she is almost sure being a medical student in some big university. Flashbacks of her past life hints her death was not a pleasant, she was murdered.

    Position and division: Shinigami of the 4th Division, Medical Assistance & Supply of the Gotei 13 of Soul Society, 3rd seat.

    Abilities in order:

    • Reiatsu Control
    • Kidou - demon arts
    • Hohou - movement
    • Zanjutsu - swordplay
    • Hakuda - hand to hand combat


    Zanpakutou: Ukiyokiritsu 浮世規律 Name could be translated as Transient Order or Order of the Temporal.

    Type: (Type for instance Elemental/Physical/Summon/Support/Supplement.)

    Shikai: N/A

    Stage 1: (effect of stage 1)
    Stage 2: (effect of stage 2)
    Stage 3: (effect of stage 3)

    Bankai: N/A

    Stage 1: (effect of stage 1)
    Stage 2: (effect of stage 2)

    Area of Speciality: Medicines and healing

    Personal Techniques: (Special abilities learned by your character that are not shikai/Bankai. These might be Reaitsu tech, Kidou tech, physical tech, Scientific Tech.)

    • Bokken (wooden sword)
    • Zanpakutou
    • Beginners Guide to Kidou
    • Reiatsu orb
    • Soldier's Cocktail
    • Blood Replacement Pills: A concoction high in iron, these pills increase the speed at which blood is regained by a small, but efficient amount.
    • Bandages
    • Reiatsu Boosters
    • Metabolic Infusion Pills

    Kidou list
    • Reiatsu Blade
    • Reiatsu Shield
    • Reiatsu Armor
    • Medical Kidou Number 6: Joint Prison
    • Medical Kidou Number 11, Stasis

    Theme music:
    Death of Kurogane Himawari Ikue Asazaki - Obokuri Eemui

  11. Name: Lodium Ayer

    Age: looks 20 but has aged alot during his time in s.s

    Gender: Male

    Blood Type: B

    Reiatsu Colour: Black, pure black


    Height:5ft 11

    Hair color: Black

    Eye color: change from there natural blue to his lycan yellow on occasion.

    Notable features: medium to slim build very weak looking, alot has changed for Lodium during his time in S.S and now wears a soft smile most of the time.

    Picture: None

    Personality: Most of the time Lodium is calm and cool always holding a soft smile to whom ever he faces.

    Likes: the 12th, learning. friends, wolf's.

    Dislikes: Nicho, human world.

    The sun rose and a young boy emerged from the house to meet the rest of his family ready for the family hunting trip. Lodium was now at an age where he could help the family hunt and be seen as a man within the family. Looking around him while he secured his bag of things on his back he saw his father. Jothan Ayer or to everyone else within the family, Lord Ayer. The family had set off and Lodium was excited, still being a young boy he couldn’t help being overwhelmed and even thou the sun had just rose he had a big grin upon his face.

    Lodium saw his father up front but his subordinates accompanied him. Yurakai and Malakai, Lodium knew these two very well as they visited his house a lot and he knew them before the family tests. Lodium was unsure what these tests were but it had turned Yurakai and Malakai into monsters, Lodium might have not know what these tests were but he knew if that was the outcome he didn’t want to do them. Catching up to the three Lodium greeted them all good morning, but was given no response as Yurakai and Malakai fell back to join the others. For a long while there was silence and as they walked there was nothing, after a while Jothan spoke

    Weakness is no excuse, Mercy is for those unworthy of our blade and we fear our selves for we are our own undoing

    Lodium had no idea what this meant nor did he try to understand it, his father always said things that Lodium didn’t understand but it time Lodium would understand this one this time. Jothan had hung his head Looking down and walked faster leaving lodium behind.

    After a long walk Lodium saw a Large tree line that they were approaching fast and Lodium saw his father stop, and his subordinates had rejoined him. Yurakai Looked at Lord Ayer and Spoke

    “My Lord, is it time? I know he is your son but he is a member of this family too if he wants to prove his worth he will.”

    Lodium was out of range to hear what the two were discussion but Malakai was moving towards him and shouting to the others of the family.

    “ At the ready soldiers! We are approaching target zone secure all your bags and have weapons at the ready we await Lord Ayer command.”

    Lodium watched as the others secured the bags tighten them to their shoulders and making their weapons accessible but what interested him the most was Malakai extended hand towards Lodium as it was covered in a draped cloth as something was hidden underneath it. Lodium hated Yurakai and Malakai as his father showed more interest in those two than his own son. This hunting trip was the sole purpose for Lodium to make his father proud of him and turn the light from those monsters. Looking at Malakai and his extended hand Lodium snarled at him with a mean look on his face.

    “What do you want Mala? Come to take away more things that belong to me?”

    Malakai didn’t approve of Lodium’s tone but he followed his orders and removed the drape covering his hand to reveal a wazaki and a dagger. Offering them to Lodium to take as he would need them he spoke to Lodium

    "Weakness is no excuse. Mercy is for those unworthy of our blade and we fear our selves for we are our own undoing”

    Lodium was shocked as they were the exact same words his father had used but was more surprised at the weapon presented in front of him.

    Taking the weapons in front of him Lodium attached them to his belt and Looked towards his father obviously he was done talking to Yurakai.

    Setting of they began to walk into the woods and they were organised in 5 lines of ten. Lodium didn’t have an important point with any lines. He walked amongst the 3rd line at the 5th position completely safe from anything.

    Travelling within the line Lodium was order to be quiet and keep things calm. Lord Ayer order a spilt up and the 5 lines went in their different directions. Before the family had completely spilt up the 3rd line, which Lodium resided, the hated Yurakai joined him. Seeing Yurakai join him within the middle Lodium drew his two weapons. The long dagger and the short katana shined in the light as Yurakai stood before Lodium. Yurakai was the friendly of the two and didn’t completely act like a monster but never the less he still was one. Given in Lodium followed Yurakai on his 6’, keeping to a quiet Yurakai began to speak to Lodium.

    “Hey Kid, you know I’ve always liked you and you used to like us until he had them tests. The same thing will happen to you when you partake in those tests, and those tests there more of a transformation than a test. They do test one to your limit see what your capable of and the end result of the test is always the same for…Weakness is no excuse, Mercy is for those unworthy of our blades and we fear are selves for we are our own undoing.”

    When Yurakai was doing this Lodium felt light headed all of a sudden, his eyes closed and he fell to his knee. Pushing him self back up off the floor Lodium couldn’t understand why every one was saying that and why did he just feel light headed from hearing it. Opening his eyes Lodium usual energetic bright blue eyes had a slight change in them. They had become the evil yellow and opened his eyes to see new things and Lodium couldn’t understand any of it. Watching Yurakai trail away Lodium saw something interesting. Gazing at Yurakai he saw a dark shadowed trail following him and when Lodium looked at Yurakai face he saw what the true monster was. Everything around the area was dark and gloomy and looked as if darkness was rising from the floor. Lodium closed as quickly as they where opened and the new vision had gone everything was no longer dark and gloomy and his eyes returned to bright blue but the energy within them had gone.

    The 3rd line had stopped they had seen some animal grazing at a point just 100 yards from where they was. Stopping Yurakai order Lodium to prove his worth, with that Lodium sheathed the short katana and took the dagger in his good hand. With the dagger at the ready those yellow eyes came back. Lodium was ready and he felt a new strength within his body scent of things increased strength seemed slightly stronger and his hearing improved, he could hear the animal breathing. He looked on at the animal, raising his arm he prepared to throw the dagger . At this point Lodium had been gritting his teeth hoping not to get it wrong but he didn’t notice that his teeth had grown to become sharp and he had drawn blood from his lip. The animal could smell the blood and began acting cautiously and started moving away. Lodium was losing his chance to catch the animal. He heard something from behind him and he looked back and saw Yurakai talking to him.

    “It’s now or never Kid! This is your test hunt the animal and become the monster you so fear just don’t let it break you. Go Lodium and forgive us for we can not intervene with your test of time.”

    Lodium Looked on at the animal and chased after it. Running after it Lodium didn’t realise it but he was becoming more of a monster just chasing this animal. Running past tree bouncing off them to catch this animal. Landing on a tree stood against it vertically he hadn’t realised that he had over took the animal. So he waited for the animal to come past.

    Hearing cracking of branches on the floor Lodium was ready and as the animal walked past Lodium dropped from the tree and lunged his dagger into the animal. Watching it squirm, as it died Lodium saw it was a dear but early couldn’t tell as his vision was darken again. Picking up the dead dear on to his shoulder Lodium removed the dagger from the dear and placed it back on his side. Walking back to the main camp just outside of the woods Lodium hoped his family would be there cause as of the walk back he heard no one or saw no one. Lodium just figured they was hunting and would be back in the evening to eat.

    The Sun began to set and still Lodium was alone. Lodium had began to get a little worried and as the sounds of the wind filled the woods Lodium heard Nothing. Thinking to him self trying to understand what those three had been saying to him before the day. He played it over in his mind…

    “Weakness is no excuse, Mercy is for those unworthy of our blade and we fear our selves for we are our own undoing.”

    Lodium didn’t understand it but lost his concentration as a voice came from behind him he heard some one greet him. Turning around to see, no one was there Lodium was still alone and had begun to hear voices. Lodium set up his sleeping area for the night and because he was alone he didn’t bother eaten his caught prey. He laid within his tent with his dagger in hand held tightly against his chest.

    Sun rose once more and Lodium was hopefully that his family had returned. Still there was no sign of them and he was scared when he heard that voice again.

    “They not coming back Lodium…this is your test!”

    Lodium grew scared at this aspect and began to pack his things. He thought to himself while packing that he could of got campsites mixed and they would be setting of home. So lodium decided to do just that, set off home.

    Arriving back at his home there was silence. There was nothing but him self. Dropping his bag on the floor Lodium was alone no one around no one near. Just the words of his father and his two subordinates that echoed through his mind. His vision began to darken but he could still see, the light turned to darkness but he could still see, the plant life around him looked dead but he could still see. It was his eyes that was making him see these things, those dark murky yellow eyes that didn’t belong to him. Sitting within the main hall of his house Lodium waited, he waited for days. Days, which turned to weeks, which turned to months. By now the time alone waiting for his family to return had gotten to him a fair bit. The strange voice that he heard on the hunting trip had become more frequent and more intelligent. Lodium knew not what is was only that is was his own company that had stopped him turning insane during this long wait, but it seemed that talking to this strange voice had already turned him insane. Upon the 1st day of the 4th month of waiting Lodium had an urge to walk but he wouldn’t walk far, maybe to his father old room. Walking into his room he noticed a strange item there that didn’t seem right for his father. Picking it up it glinted within the light. Opening the top revealed the which of a Zippo lighter, hidden by the side of where Lodium found the Zippo laid a carton of cigarettes. Picking them up Lodium didn’t know why he had picked them up but still he had taken one from the packet and brought one to his lips. Lighting the cigarette Lodium’s eyes were still in their unnatural form those that which weren’t his.

    Awful taste was sent down Lodium throat and the smell of it burnt his scent sense. Throwing the cig down and stamping on it Lodium eyes had returned back to normal.

    Not sure why Lodium pocketed the cigs and headed back to the main door as his young mind took him back to the times he spent with his father. It wasn’t long before he got bored of reminiscing and fell asleep. His mind wonder and he stood before a strange man. Lodium felt like he knew him but had no clue who he was, and yet standing before him he looked up at the figure and he spoke…[/C

    “Who are you show your self answer me? Do you know anything of my family? Answer me.?”

    Lodium shouted at the figure in a panicked voice and yet silence dawn upon him. After a while the figure spoke

    “Weakness is no excuse…Mercy is for those unworthy of our blade…and we fear our selves for we are our own undoing…I am that undoing that you should fear…I am everything you are and are not…I am the shadow that walks beside you…as you walk beside me in the night fall…Lodium Ayer son of Jothan Ayer you are to endure… you must learn to fight…and then fight on some more…your dreams of the shinigami…your fathers ignorance…prove the mighty Lord Ayer wrong and surpass him.”

    Lodium had fallen to his knees and the figured disappeared. Everything began to disappear the light turned to darkness and the darkness turned a light above him.

    Work in progress

    Position: Taichou of the 12th Division

    Abilities in order (categories):






    Zanpakutou: Mist of Living darkness, two daggers, 10inch blade 6 inch hilt

    Type: Element, Dark/shadows

    Shikai: Walk among the shadow, Ninja sword, 27inch total, blade length 20 inch

    Stage 1: Mist of living darkness, is an area effecting zanpaktou. Dark fog like mist emitts from the zanpaktou, covering any amount of the area in a dark fog. The dark fog seems to have a mind of its own and moves freely within that area. Also the dark mist is very dense removing the ability of sight, however Lodium is able to see within this mist makin it easy for him.

    Stage 2: Darkned Step, This allows Lodium to 'jump' within the dark mist. It's speed surpasses that of shynpou and is practically impossible to follow.

    Stage 3: Dark cloak, The mist retreats giving the ability of sight back to the opponent. Instead of being an Area of effect ability, the mist surrounds Lodium making it look like a cloak. The mist now has the ability to harden and become any weapon Lodium chooses. The weapons are able to leave Lodium's body and attack the opponent freely.

    Bankai: The mist retreats behind Lodium and grows behind him taking form of a giant lycan that’s over 50ft tall. His zanpaktou changes shape into a regular katana, total length of 40inchs, 29inch blade with a 11inch pure black hilt and square guard that rests upon his hip. Also his clothing changes too, becoming a long dark coat that covers Lodium from head to toe.

    Stage 1: The giant wolf, howls giving Lodium the ability to dark step without use of the mist. Instant teleportation for 3 posts, however the wolf cannot howl for another 5 posts there after. Rieatsu forms above his hand taking shape of three giant claws, making a direct connection to the wolfs movements, and attacks behind him.

    Name: planet of living darkness

    Summon: bring darkness to all;

    Apperance: A giant sphere made up of the mist.

    Ability: The break down of the users physical structure, In essence turning Lodium's body into mist.

    Effects: Negates physical attacks, kidou can damage.

    Withdrawals: Cant access shikai for 2 weeks after use. Aswell as any kidou damage is dealt after zanpaktou is sealed.

    Additional information
    First of all, the sphere is not filled with mist its just a containment area. Lodium cannot make physical attacks or make the mist make physicall attacks.
    For attacking with kidou, Lodium still has to make the kidou from his hands/body So he would have to form to fire.

    Best way to explain this is, The sphere is a containment area, an area where its possible for Lodium to become the mist. If the area is broken, or attacked from outside then the containment area would be breached reverting abilities back to stage one bankai or even sealed zanpaktou. Because Lodium's mist has become the containment area there is no mist within the inside of the sphere, and when the ability is in place, Lodium can't fill the sphere with himself. More like if he were to be cut, it would be cutting through mist.

    Energy type attacks.
    Kinetic attacks act like kidou type attacks where by it would affect after reseal. Cero also acts like kidou

    Area of Speciality: Science/Kidou

    Personal Techniques:

    Reiastu abilities:

    Reiatsu orb shield

    reiastu shield without orb

    reiatsu use through the body

    reiatsu blade

    reiatsu armour

    Reiatsu shape manipulation

    reiatsu weapons

    Reiatsu Heating

    Kidou known and learnt:

    Destruction Art #1: Sudden Impact.

    Destructive Art #4: White Lightning

    Destructive Art 8: Kutsuunomaru (Circle of Pain)

    Destructive Art #9: Shotgun

    Destructive Art 10: The Scorching

    Destructive Art 20: Reeling Touch

    Destructive Art #25: Earth Breaker

    Destructive Art 30: Marikodos (Chaos Rain)

    Destructive Art 31: Red Flame Cannon

    Destructive Art 33: Blue Fire, Crash down

    Destructive Art 46: Tatsugaze (Dragon Gale)

    Destructive Art 54: Hainen; Abolishing Flames

    Destructive Art 63: Thunder Roar Cannon

    Destructive Art 66: Twin Lotus Blue Fire, Crash Down

    Destructive Art 76: Hayate Gakuzento (Hurricane Terror)

    Destructive Art 84: Hiryu Genkizoku Hinten Raiho; Flying Dragon Strike, Heaven Shaking Lightning Cannon.

    Destructive Art 90: Black Sarcophagus


    Binding Art 4: Crawling Rope

    Binding Art 8: Barrier (Seki)

    Binding Art 10: Everlasting Grudge

    Binding Art 13: Sorainju - Sky Ribbon

    Binding Art 22:Raiden's Trap

    Binding Art 24: Chains of Air

    Binding Art 30: Shitotsu Sansen; Break Piercing Triple Beam

    Binding Art 34: Sunken Ground

    Binding Art 39: Enkosen; Arc Shield

    Binding Art 41 : Shadow Game's

    Number #43: Hikangoku (Ice Prison)

    Binding Art 58: Kakushi Tsuijyaku; Picking Tose, Chasing Quail

    Binding Art 61: Six Truncheon Light Prison

    Binding Art 62: Hyappo Rankan: 100 Stepped Rails

    Binding Art 64: Kashou sono Reikon (Burn the soul)

    Binding Art 68: Akusui Gaikaku (Water Castle)

    Binding Art 77: Heaven's Fortress

    Binding Art 81: Dankuu; Rejection Void

    Binding Art 89: Kouchinomaru; Circle of Confinement

    Binding Art 95: Time's deadly Hand

    Other Abilities:


    Master Shynpou

    Shihou stage 1

    Graduation Kidou

    Barrier techniques 1, 2 and 3

    Reverse Demon (hanki) + shunko (flash cry)

    Coming soon

    Binding Art 61: Six Truncheon Light Prison

    Destructive Art 76: Hurricane Terror

    Destructive Art 63: Thunder Roar Cannon

    This is a failed experiment performed on Lodium's right hand zanpaktou. Around the hilt of his zanpaktou is a small metal strip. It's function was to be able to create and hold any reiatsu shape. I.e weapons.

    However due to Lodium's failed attempt it is only able to extended the hilt to that of a bo staff. The tech requires small amount of reiatsu put into it before it can hold that reiatsu and form the staff

    Originally created by Anne fukutaichou of the 4th division. Lodium had the seal placed on his back by Anne fukutaichou during his time of training learning advanced barrier type kidou. The seal it's self constantly feeds off of the users reiatsu, storing it away. The seal requires a huge amount of reiatsu manipulation and great control.

    As far as the tech it's self, it has 3 levels allegedly. However Lodium is only capable of the first level at the moment.

  12. Name: Axel

    Age: Unknown

    Gender: Male

    Blood Type: Unknown (Only Nicho knows Axels blood type and himself ofcourse)

    Reiatsu Colour: Yellow

    Appearance: Axel stands proud, his usual atire are typical yellow and black robes given to him by Nicho of the 12th

    Height: 6"2

    Hair color: Blonde

    Eye color: green

    Notable features: Axel has a mid build, lean yet thick muscle around the chest and upper arms, his face houses a multitude of scars most of which are covered by his newly grown scruff of a beard, Beneath his clothing lies a thick web of burns and scarred tissue, suprisingly the only part of his body which isnt scarred to some extent, is his right arm, his sword arm.

    Picture: (I'll get it off of my old pc at some point)

    Personality: Axel is fun loving when he's under the company of old friends but in the real world he's as viscious as a rabid dog, unruly and mentally unstable his thirst for death much stronger than his thirst to carry on living, the only man thus far who has been able to keep this beast caged is the 12th Taichou, under him he is in a state of complete calm, until he's given orders ofcourse.

    Likes: beer, fighting

    Dislikes: Nichos noodle soup (yuck)

    When Axel first attended the Academy he wasn't what you would call battle ready, he was a prankster riling up the teachers whenever he got a chance, it was on his first day when he first met Nicho another newly started pupil, unaware this man would become his greatest friend and greatest rival, they trained toghether every chance they got, knowing eachothers abilities in and out so they could be the perfect team, Upon graduation they entered the 6th Division under Taichou Bob, Axel didn't seem to fit in here, upholding Justice was all good and proper but he needed something more, something exciting. So along came Ravi who roped him into his division shortly before he staged a coup to overthrow the divisions of soul society, this didn't go quite to plan and Axel was thrown in jail due to his Taichous arrogance and clear madness.

    When he was finally released by an old friend and FukuTaichou of the 6th division Hara, he turned his head to the 11th and its Taichou Zoey, he trained under her for years, getting stronger and stronger, honing his abilities, incorporating them into his shikai, Zoey even took him out into the wilderness for a survival course that would nearly be the end of him, but he returned to sereitei, stronger, harder and faster. During his time at the 11th he never rose up in rank, forever he chose to remain a unseated member, although his skills allowed him to become the divisions FukuTaichou he could not accept the roll, he wanted something more, he would become a Taichou or nothing at all.

    Eventually another full scale war broke out with the hollows, except this time it came within the realms of the divisions, Axel fought alongside his division and they managed to push the beasts back into their realm, but this fight had a lasting impact on Axel, he knew he was worth more than the 11th, he knew his calling was elsewhere, He confronted Zoey over learning to achieve Bankai, she had no arguments she knew he was ready and so she took him out into the wilderness, a forgotten dark land filled with fog and shadow. What took place once they got their can only be described as a dark age torture, Axel was bound to the floor and repeatadely cut and stabbed, the sadistic nature of the 11th Taichou came out in full force as she tore at his flesh until at the end of it all she took Axels Zanpaktou and drove it through his heart. Axel did not die instead he was reborn, he had finally reached that level which all shinigami dream of, Bankai.

    Shortly after a group of Arrancar invaded soul society, Axel and Nichos efforts in fighting this mennace were rewarded, they were each given control over a division, Axel was given the 7th, he remade it in his image turning the building into a keep filled with barracks and training areas, deep within its bowels secret areas were errected for unpresidented training methods to be carried out under lock and key, during this time he took on an apprentice, Kaisen, the boy was stubborn and didn't have much potential to be honest, but he reminded Axel of himself all those years ago in the academy, not sure which way to turn. So Axel took him in, trained him to become his heir, to take control of the 7th which he eventually did.

    Once Axel had officialy resigned he took a downwards spiral into madness, he turned on his fellow shinigami, almost destroying two divisions and completely obliterating the 4th, but this was not all his own doing, his father a forgotten shinigami from a forgotten time had returned, he had become a Vizard and had began to control his sons actions through euphoric visions and with the use of a planted device. Eventually with the help of Zoey and Nicho, Axel returned to sanity.

    Many years passed by and many things happened, but one thing always remained constant, through all the changes, Nicho. He was still without a doubt the only person Axel could truely rely on, so Axel fell into the shadows of this man, he had achieved all he wanted, he had become a Taichou, he had mastered his own soul. So he gave himself to Nicho as a tool, a tool to be used when needed kept asleep under the confines of a lab ready to be awakened.

    Position: Experiment A1

    Abilities in order (categories):
    zanjutsu: Pointbreak mastery- Axels physical power allows him to turn his zanpaktou into an extended weapon, using built up energies rather like Sekkaku but in his bodies upper half with every sword thrust and slash, an invisible force follows carrying on beyond the swords reach which can cut the outer skin, pumble the insides, or both, depending on the degree it is used.

    Hakuda: Knife fist fighting style - Although rarely used by Axel due to him being a zanjutsu user, on the uncommon occasions he loses his Zanpaktou Axel resorts to fist combat, combining his attacks with techniques such as pointbreak Axels punches and kicks become razor sharp, cutting into his opponent wether he connects or not.

    Hohou: Sekkaku - Named by Kaisen developed by Axel, this technique's abilities are unique, unlike Shunpo its reaitsu consumption is nil, however it places a tremendous strain on the users leg muscles and tendons, the user builds massive muscular tension in his/her legs before releasing it in a sprint which rivals the speed of Shunpo, in Axels Bankai the technique is tremendously improved.

    Kidou: None

    Reiatsu Control: Axels reaitsu control is very pour, if and when he does allow reaitsu to flow from him freely, it lashes out whipping the surroundings as if trying to latch onto something.

    Weapon Arsenal: Artificial eye -wired to the 12th's mainframe, has the ability to scan for lifeforms, hollow and shinigami, heads up display with information regarding scanned opponents and a complete library of the 12ths accumulated data.
    Wrist device - projects several images of Axel confusing opponents
    Reaitsu Cannon - a device embedded into Axels left arm, it slowly draws reaitsu from deep within Axels body readying it to be fired outwards like a cannon (7 post charge time)
    Nano-tech healing - as a result of one of Nichos many experiments on Axel, he has been given nano tech, it heals his wounds at the expense of his reaitsu.

    Zanpakutou: Metsubou, an old battered rapier style katana.

    Zanpaktou spirit: an ancient warrior shrouded in the fog of war, dark and battered armour covers its shadowed figure, bright beaming yellow eyes framed within a helmet of dread, Metsubou chaos incarnate.

    Type: Physical.

    Shikai: Constant release

    Stage 1: Constant release, upon will Axel can change his zanpaktou into a weapon of relevant size, such as a spear, an axe, or even split his zanpaktou into two.

    Stage 2: part of Axels zanpaktou sheds off into a liquid metal before taking rest upon his left shoulder, this shoulder pad has 3 unique abilities, the first it can extend encasing Axel in a large metalic ball used only for defensive purposes, the second technique is an offensive ability, the liquid metal fires out solidifying into sharp points . and lastly a mixture of defence and offense, the metal moves freely around Axel, solidifying to block and parry blows, even slash back.

    Stage 3: None

    Bankai: Axels reaitsu errupts outwards before being sucked back into his body, when the dust clears Axel is now encased in an old battered armour (similar to that of Metsubou's appearance) this armour is thick and strong able to withstand blows against powerful kidou and zanpaktou hits, his sword is replaced with a 6 ft tall Halberd, yellow fur dangles from its hilt, this Halberd has the ability to extend and retract, it can become 25ft long, or 2 ft.

    Stage 1: Axels physical might more than doubles in power, he is able to conjure up massive shock waves of power from his body, wether it be his fist, or his halberd, his speed is also slightly increased and his perception greatly improved. The armour encasing him provides defence against kidou and zanpaktou assaults.

    Stage 2: His armour breaks into tiny shards of yellow reaitsu ,as they move to engulf Axel a new figure is revealed, the only clothing now on his body are a pair of green torn pants, his upper half covered by a thick yellow mane trailing all the way down to his lower back, yellow marks skitter across the surface of his skin and large pertruding fangs appear in his mouth, instead of one halberd he now holds two. in this form Axels abilities tenfold, it was once said in this form Axels power excedes all others in raw strength, similar to bankai stage one, but all of his defence is removed to bulster a pure offensive bankai.
    Area of Speciality: fighting
    Personal Techniques:

    (i'll finish it off later, my head is too tired right now)
  13. Name: Shoto Kisada (Shoto is the family name)

    Age: Undetermined, appears to be in late twenties

    Gender: Male

    Blood Type: A
    Best Traits: Conservative, introverted, reserved, patient, punctual, and perfectionist.
    Worst Traits: Obsessive, stubborn, self conscious, and uptight.

    Reiatsu Color: Red

    Appearance: Long crimson hair, tied together with a simple cord at the back of his neck which hangs loosely down to the middle of his back. Fair-skinned with a very light complexion. He wears what appears to be a normal black shinigami uniform under his sleeveless white haori which indicates his rank of Taicho. His uniform is tailored slightly differently with narrower pant legs and shorter sleeves to allow greater freedom of movement during combat.

    Height: 6'1"

    Hair Color: Crimson

    Eye Color: Dark hazel eyes that are sometimes very green and sometimes very brown

    Notable features: His zanpakutou consists of a traditional samurai daito of wakizashi and katana and are sheathed at his left side next to each other. He has a scar on his face that consists of four parallel lines, begins on the lower left side of the jawline and travels diagonally upwards to the upper right side. Due to extensive physical training and his specialization in Hakuda he is extremely muscular but lean and thin(think Bruce Lee). He is rarely not seen in his uniform, but when this occurs he often wears the white gi and black obi of a karateka(karate student).

    Personality: Most know Kisada as a very stern and strict person who adheres to very rigid rules of decorum and etiquette. Most of the time he is observed with an impassive face which does not easily change expression. In combat another side of his personality comes out: a berserker rage. Often times he loses himself in a violent blood lust and has to fight to control his emotions. When he is alone he is often found reading, writing poetry, and smoking his pipe. In private he is often very quiet, kind, and polite. He also enjoys a drink now and then and can get out of hand if encouraged.

    Likes: Exercise, anything red (except tomatoes), strong-willed people, most foods, honesty, gazing at cherry blossom trees, poetry

    Dislikes: Whiners, tomatoes, drunkards, liars, thieves, most residents of Area 80


    Kisada, like many of the plus souls who find themselves in Soul Society, has no recollection of his life as a human. He has no recollection of his life really before his childhood. His earliest memories are of starving in the street begging for food. Kisada was one of the unlucky souls to find himself in Zaraki - otherwise known as Area 80 of the North Alley of Rukongai, the most dangerous place in all of Rukongai. With rags for clothing and hunger all that he knew Kisada expected to live a brutish and short life in this place. The only thing that kept him alive was his intense desire to live. Though often stricken with intense depression as a boy growing up in that place he had within him a burning desire to keep going, to live to see another day even if it was worse than the one that came before it.

    While living like this Kisada met a middle aged man who lived by himself. This man was well respected by the community for being a master martial artist. Unlike most residents of Zaraki this man was upright and moral with a strong sense of justice. With his fists he protected who he could in Zaraki from the blood thirsty degenerates that abounded. He discovered Kisada as a young boy, shivering in an alley, almost starved to death and took him in.

    If asked Kisada would not be able to say how long he had lived with this man who he knew only as Sensei. Every day seemed to bleed into the next. Waking at dawn for training which would last until sunset with only short breaks for meager meals. Sensei taught Kisada his fighting system in order to pass it on to a new generation. Sensei saw the potential in Kisada to be the next great master of his fighting system. Tirelessly they trained for years, decades, possibly centuries. No one really knows or cares about the passage of time in Soul Society, especially in Rukongai, especially in Zaraki.

    Kisada's life changed when he was out getting food for himself, his Sensei, and some people who were staying in their small hut until they could build their own. While out he was ambushed by a gang of thugs who wanted to take what little money and food he had on him. An intense struggle ensued where Kisada was able to disable two of the gangsters until they overwhelmed him. He was beaten nearly to death when a shinigami arrived. This shinigami wore strange clothing - the normal and recognizable black outfit but it looked more like the gi that Kisada wore as a karateka than the elegant kimono they could usually be seen wearing. Like a flash of light the shinigami dispatched the thugs in moments while Kisada merely stared in awe. Then he used some sort of strange green light to heal most of Kisada's wounds and quickly left.

    Some time later Kisada was approached by recruiters from the Shinigami Academy. The recruiters and his Sensei encouraged him to become a Shinigami. Kisada agreed and was brought to Seireitei to train to become a Shinigami.

    Almost immediately upon joining the Shinigami Academy Kisada was taken in by two Senpai, Nicho and Axel. Though often feeling like a third wheel to the intense rivalry between these two they spurred Kisada to train harder than he ever had before. Often these three trained together without the help of any teachers, constructing strange and terrible obstacle courses on the academy grounds out of the sight of instructors who may disapprove.

    Kisada immediately excelled in Hakuda from the start. He combined the Shinigami style of Hakuda to his own system which he had learned from his Sensei. This was the start of Kisada's lifelong journey to learn every system of martial arts that existed. A goal which he has still yet to reach.

    Axel and Nicho had been taken under the wing of two shinigami from the 6th Hara and Bob. Kisada did not relate well with these shinigami at first and stuck mainly to training by himself or with Nicho and Axel. He was intrigued by the 6th Division's focus on law enforcement and tried to learn as much about it as he could.

    Kisada participated in the first invasion of Hueco Mundo with Axel and Nicho. All three of them had nearly been killed many times over. It was after this invasion that it was decreed that Hueco Mundo was no place for Academy students. What they did not realize was that the only reason that Kisada, Axel, and Nicho had struck out ahead of their superior officers was their frustration with the inaction and posturing of the shinigami above them. The three swore to each other after the invasion that they would not be like the arrogant and power hungry shinigami that went to Hueco Mundo with them. Kisada swore to himself that day that he would devote his life to protecting Soul Society and pursuing justice in this world. This was when he knew he had to join the 6th Division.

    Upon graduating Kisada met his zanpakutou for the first time in his life. He had never been so frightened of anything in his entire lifetime. It seemed as though Hell itself had opened up inside of that small chamber and swallowed him up. When he emerged from the chamber he was holding two swords, a wakizashi and a katana, he was told that having a dual blade zanpakutou was rare but having a daito zanpakutou was even rarer still. Immediately upon graduation he was given a seated rank in the 6th Division.

    Years passed in the 6th Division with Axel and Nicho. They had graduated shortly before he had; his intense training regimen had lead him to catch up to them quickly in a short time. They had joined the 6th Division for their teachers Bob and Hara and Kisada had joined for his senpai and for his growing sense of justice. Axel quickly tired of the 6th division, wishing to become more of a fighter. Nicho and Kisada stayed though and went on numerous missions to clean up Rukongai. Kisada had been given the charge of a patrol officer for the region but had no idea that Bob had made Nicho an executioner.

    It was on one of these patrol missions to Rukongai that Kisada had discovered his Sensei brutally murdered by one of Rukongai's gangs. For the first time in his life Kisada entered into a berserker rage. He brutally murdered many of the gang members and even some innocents in Rukongai. In his rage he was pulled into the world of his zanpakutou where he learned their names and the ability to perform his shikai. Once his mind was released from his zanpakutou he awoke to a dark tunnel filled with corpses and gore. Nicho was there and guided him back to Seireitei. After this he swore never to take innocent life again. The berserker which lay just under the surface of Kisada's personality constantly struggled to break free. Very few people realize that Kisada's stern demeanor comes not from stuffiness but from his constant struggle with the beast inside of him.

    Kisada earned a reputation as a fierce fighter and upright defender of justice. Where many shinigami fell to vices and corruption Kisada had done much to clean up the 6th Division and improve its reputation among the Gotei 13. Unfortunately, this was all to come undone very quickly.

    Hara, the fukutaicho of the 6th Division, transferred to the newly created 3rd Division where the captain there, Ravi, promptly started an insurrection. Kisada's faith in his division and in his friend Axel who had joined with the 3rd Division were shaken to their very foundations. This insurrection was short-lived and Ravi disappeared leaving Axel and Hara to take the brunt of the punishment. During the conflict Kisada had stood up to the legendary Zoey-taicho who was sympathetic to the rebels. This was the first time Kisada had felt truly powerless but he could not back down from his convictions and said there that he would gladly die upon the altar of justice. Zoey seemed less than pleased with these words but chose not to intervene. This incident led Kisada to question why his taicho had not stepped in and he promised himself on that day he would become the taicho of the Rokubantai and change it for the better.

    Years passed and part of Hara's punishment for the insurrection appeared to be being made taicho of the Rokubantai after Bob's disappearance. Kisada was promoted to fukutaicho under Hara and served him diligently. It was during this time that Hara became prone to long absences. In order to preserve the reputation of the Rokubantai Kisada worked as both taicho and fukutaicho during Hara's absences in order to try and hide the fact that he was gone. Though after hundreds of years it became clear that Hara was not around and Kisada had been doing the work of two officers for some time. This did not bother Kisada in the least. He had no love for Central 46 and hated how they constantly tormented Hara. He promised himself that they would pay one day for what they were doing.

    During this time many things changed in Kisada's life. He watched as his friends Axel and Nicho became increasingly more remote. Additionally, a demon named Setsunateki had taken an interest in him and visited him with some regularity, constantly offering to make him stronger which Kisada denied every time, knowing that this was a Faustian bargain he was unwilling to make. Axel had been imprisoned during this time and seemed to be descending into insanity. Nicho was becoming more and more secretive as captain of the 2nd Division. Kisada had never felt so alone in his entire life than during this period. His hair grew longer and more unkempt and he became looser with his clothing and habits though still retaining the stern scowl he was famous for.

    Also during this period Hara and Axel both dissappeared from Kisada's life. Hara seemed to slip into the ether as he always did but Axel went berserk just as he left and attacked the 6th Division. Kisada tried to fend him off as best he could but Axel succeeded in destroying the division and nearly killing Kisada. This fight is the source of the scars that mark Kisada's face.

    For decades Kisada worked tirelessly as both taicho and fukutaicho of the Rokubantai. Shinigami came and went from the division but he felt himself building a strong corps of shinigami who would be his officers when or if he ever took real power in the division. He fostered and trained many shinigami through the years. This wore on him after a while and he had to leave to undertake a soul searching journey of his own. He disappeared into the remote areas of Soul Society and when he returned he was a changed man.

    He had gone to a desolate volcano far from Seireitei. In this volcano he met an ancient shinigami who had gone insane and was using his powers to cause the volcano to erupt and endanger the people living around it who needed the fertile volcanic soil for their subsistence farming. Kisada did battle with this shinigami and again had to confront the berserk animal living inside of him. When he emerged he had released his bankai for the first time. He kept this a secret from everyone for decades.

    It was not until the Central 46 was invaded and destroyed that the Rokubantai was able to truly shine. The 6th Division had been instrumental in fending off the invaders and as recognition of this and because he had released his bankai during combat Kisada was promoted to taicho of the Rokubantai.

    It has not been long since this promotion and Kisada has changed his habits very slightly. He made Faul Machin his fukutaicho who he quickly had to rescue from kidnappers in Rukongai somehow connected to his past. Kisada had a strange feeling while he was in the enemy stronghold that he could not quite place, as though he had been there or seen their clothing and symbols before.

    Kisada spends his days as he had always spent them, though far less busy now than before. He trained tirelessly, still waking at dawn to strengthen his body and his mind. He now carried a long kiseru pipe with a large bowl on the end which he could be seen puffing on at most times.

    Position: Taicho 6th Division

    Abilities in order (categories):
    Reiatsu Manipulation

    Zanpakutou: Hougaku Nenshou - Burning Law. The traditional samurai daito of katana(Nenshou) and wakizashi (Hougaku). The hand guards are two interlocking rings.


    Type: Elemental

    Zanpakutou Spirit: Hougaku - a tall and thin man with long pure white hair who wears all white robes. Over his eyes is a white blindfold and he carries a straight white cane, signifying that he is blind.
    Nenshou- a large dark red tiger with black stripes. He is usually engulfed in flames.

    Shikai: Kisada raises Hougaku Nenshou above his head and crosses them, staring at them while he pulls them downward slowly, reciting the release poem:
    A burning soul
    cries out for justice.
    Sacred flames
    destroy the wicked.

    He then shouts his zanpakuto's name, Hougaku Nensho, and a bright flash emanates from him. He is then revealed wearing a tri-bladed straight blade katar on his left hand and a four blade shuko claw or "bear" claw on his right.The black arm guards on his arms are also replaced with guards coming out of his new weapons that are red with a fire motif on them and he has a white band holding up his ponytail that flows down behind him.

    Katar - [IMG]
    Shuko - [IMG]

    Stage 1: Red fire emanates from his hands and this fire is the main ability of his shikai. When Kisada strikes his opponent with his weapons he absorbs some of his or her reiatsu, decreasing his or her strength and energy and increasing his own, making him stronger and faster with each blow and they weaker and slower.

    Stage 2: Kisada's stage two shikai ability is "Togetogeshii Keigoku" (Harsh Punishment). Kisada brings his arms back forming right angles with his arms, his hands are open, fingers to the sides, heels of his palms in. He shoots them forward after shouting the name of the attack, his wrists are now together and his fingers out to the side. With this Kisada uses most of, if not all, the reiatsu he has gathered from his opponent to create a fireball whose size depends on the amount of reiatsu used. The fireball is destructive only and does not absorb reiatsu.

    Stage 3: Dzuki Kansei (Entrapment). With this flaming grieves appear on Kisada's shins, they have a flame motif just like his arm guards and they emanate reiatsu flames as well. This gives Kisada a substantial speed increase and allows him to absorb reiatsu with kicks. These grieves now appear automatically without having to be called out when Kisada's shikai is activated.

    Bankai: "Hougaku Nenshou Onii Jajii" [Demon Judge of the Burning Law] The weapons on Kisada's arms and the grieves on his legs disappear. Flames burst out on his forearms, legs, chest, and forehead. On his forearms white armor forms that wraps around his forearms and goes up to his elbow, going a little bit past. The go up to cover the backs of his hands but leave his fingers and palms exposed.

    On his lower legs armor forms that covers his shins and wraps around to cover his calves as well. The armor goes up to his knees.

    On his chest a breast plate forms that covers only his pectorals and wraps around to cover his upper back.

    On his forehead a red crystal appears and from it a white crown wraps around his heat with two spikes that stick up in the front on either side of the crystal. All of the armor is white and trimmed in a fiery red.

    As the armor forms the flames covering Kisada's body move outward and away from him and quickly form a massive pillar of flames that appears to reach the sky and is approximately 200 feet in diameter. These flames are similar to the flames from before in that they sap the reiatsu of any person inside of the pillar and feed it to Kisada. The difference is that these are also real flames that will burn anyone who attempts to leave the pillar of flames.

    Kisada's natural specialties are vastly increased by his bankai as well. His physical strength becomes vastly improved which increases the damage that he can do from Hakuda and his speed and overall Hohou are vastly increased as well.

    Kisada has had his bankai for decades now and is still getting used to using it but has mastered some of the basics. The speed and power boost were the first stumbling blocks that he has overcome and can now move with speed that is more than most shinigami can even comprehend. His bankai saps his opponents' energy at a rate far greater than his shikai and this can overwhelm Kisada, causing his opponent's personality to meld with his and cause him to have flash backs to moments in that person's life. If not careful mental trauma can occur.

    Kisada also has the ability to fire ranged attacks in the form of small fireballs similar to his stage 2 shikai ability. This is a very rough ability which he has yet to master.

    Area of Speciality: Law enforcement and Hakuda.

    Personal Techniques:

    1: Sudden Impact,
    4: White Lightning,
    31: Hadou no Sanjuu Ichi: Shakkahou
    1: Bakudou no Ichi: Sai,
    2: Hikari no Mekurumeku [Blinding Light],
    4: Crawling Rope (hainawa),
    61: Bakudou no Rokujuu Ichi: Rikujyoukourou[Six Truncheon Light Prison]

  14. Name: Souji Okita
    Age: Appears 19 years (33 years in SS)
    Gender: Male

    Best Traits: Ambitious, athletic, robust and self-confident. Natural leaders
    Worst Traits: Arrogant, vain and insensitive and Ruthless.

    Reiatsu Colour: Cyan

    Height: 6'4"
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Brown with a Cyan ring around his pupil
    Notable features: His body is moderately scarred, a result from the damage taken by hollows and the mutant beasts he has fought. A large cross shape scar on his chest from a battle with Johon. Black hair on his head that he grew out into short dreads, but little hair anywhere else.
    Picture: N/A

    Personality: Despite his lackadaisical nature, he is a leader, born and raised, and is a brilliant thinker. He is proficient in most fighting styles, concentrating highly on a 2 sword style. He can be considered a savant. His strong drive can cause him to ignore events going on around him. He also finds the issues of others to be secondary to his own, even the issues of his superiors although he tends to hide this fact from those in higher positions that himself.

    Likes: Planning, growing, sleeping, eating and friendship

    Dislikes: Failure and weakness

    He was a nomad, a soul that moved from court to court, once belonging to a prestigious family in the inner courts. His mind and body were pristine, holding no grudges against any being, just living his eternity out as a comfortable soul. His troubles started when he was drawn away to the outer courts, his curiosity peaking when a man claimed to have knowledge of his true purpose.

    Arriving at his goal, he was ambushed, and though he fought valiantly, he was overwhelmed and kidnapped, the true intentions of the man being revealed, LAFCO was part of a hostage situation. Many weeks, many years went by, his mind and body pushed to the limits of conventional torture by the group of people who ensnared him, all without word of his possible release.

    Through many trials and errors, the group managed to sway LAFCO's opinion on life, for a time brainwashing him and giving him his current name, all which he comfortably assumed. Through decades, even as relatively powerless soul, he led many of the raids, the attacks and the kidnappings of the guerrilla group he was assimilated into.

    Only after a severe run-in with a former 2nd division shinigami was LAFCO caught and detained, his mind and body crumbling, his psyche warped, and his soul teetering on the edge of evil. The powers of the shinigami were exposed to LAFCO, his new captors much kinder, much more focused on him, he was helped in his journey through reclaiming his original nature.

    Months of intensive help, and finally he seemed to be fully healed, both mentally and physically, and as a way of keeping track of him, he was trained in the basic ways of the shinigami and then released, let go to work his way up through Soul Society.

    Through attacks on Soul Society and the witnessing of injustices by his fellow souls, LAFCO dedicated himself to the salvation of all souls, and prepared to enter the shinigami academy. During final training from friends, it was made aware to him that at times of great duress he regressed into a more primal, more inherently aggressive personality, becoming more capable of pulling himself through tight situations. This news shocked him, but he kept it hidden from others, controlling the remnants of his warped personality even as he entered the academy.

    Souji's days were crap. Sheer crap. The amount of information that he absorbed in a few years was unlike anything else in his life. For 4 years his body was at the will of his trainers, his mind at the will of...of...at the will of Bakeneko, his zanpaktou's name. Bakeneko was the shape shifter spirit that he got to know fairly well after his training sessions. Crouching in the darkness of night, Souji had a flood of memories drown out the rest of the world.

    His first training session was with Johon. It started immediately after the battle between Johon, Tyler, Latus and himself. For months they were locked away, training, Johon trained LAFCO past all of his growing levels, his body a wreck for months at a time. The ability to survive was startling; his body a sponge for all the training, his mind, his body, and his senses, all were increased. The lesson taught was LAFCO's use of reiatsu. Increasing his skill in using reiatsu, his body increased it’s capacity to hold in it's reiatsu, his ability to use it was increasing, never catching up to Johon's abilities, but it was slowly advancing. Many months were spent, his body being augmented by the weights and reiatsu. His physical training under Johon was at least as difficult as his reiatsu training, if not harder and every time LAFCO would complain, Johon would retort with his comment of pain being the disappearance of weakness. Nothing beat that time during the first year of the war in the Human World.

    The many hours went by before LAFCO made the leap in speed that so many above him easily wielded...shyunpo. Johon had forced his body to the limits of his abilities, his body's limits and then he let him go even further, but it was only wild movements. A bad use of reiatsu, his body was streaking around the room, wild, crashing, without purpose, not quite a shyunpo, but close enough for LAFCO's level. As he neared the end of what Johon could teach him, LAFCO was passed onto the real world orders from Nicho-taichou, and given to the battlefield, and the hands of Bakeneko.

    Souji easily remembered the way the world worked. It wasn’t something that one would forget, not after all that he had been through, not after all that the world had been through. Humans, shinigami, and hollows: all had been through turmoil, fighting, surviving, dieing. As Souji stood over the edge of the battlefield he saw the various fights ongoing…the humans and their guns spraying each other…the hollows fighting one another to feast on the tortured souls that were curdled from the remains of dead humans…the hollows fighting the shinigami to defend what the shinigami would purify; the spirits of humans.

    Spirit, that's what they were, solid in the world by unknown means and a creation for the preservation of balance. Forced into training, forced into battle, LAFCO was a tool out of balance. A tool that was not accurate, one that had lost it's precision. Before he could snap, and possibly fully revert back to the lost instrument he had been earlier in his afterlife. His salvation, his recalibration came in the form of comrades...friends, namely Latus, Zodiark, Kamilah, and Tatsuya. A few spars with Latus had proven to him how far off he was from being a superior warrior. Though the 2 had a good friendship, LAFCO wasn't able to share his inner turmoil with his fellow division member...he wasn't able to share his problems with anyone for that matter. Talking with friends had no real calming effect, even being around Kami had no effect; at least there was no effect unless they were alone.

    The effect Kami had on LAFCO was calming, despite her increasingly distressing acts. She was a balance...no, that wouldn't be right, how would one crazy help another crazy be less...crazy? I didn't matter. She helped, and the month lapse that held LAFCO from the fighting in the real world was remarkable only when with Kami; LAFCO wasn't going to deny that. Too bad it never progressed past meals, kidou sessions and lots of spats, too bad...

    Through all the mess, Souji saw perhaps the most important battle; the shinigami, their numbers faltering, fought to defend one another, to defend the world, to defend the balance as was their sworn duty. Souji finally tired of just watching his comrades fight and he left his perch, securing his zanpaktou and his backpack. Silently he dropped through the air, his tight uniform stopping all noise except the wind over his ears and even that was silenced as the rush of memories forced their way back into Souji’s mind.

    The entire world that LAFCO had seen before was nothing. The hollows were everywhere and all he had was time to fight, the many months went by and as LAFCO and Bakeneko fought, they strengthened each other. The battling wasn't impressive, it was tedious, and his mind stretched, his abilities stretched, even his relationship with his spirit was stressed. The only good that had come out of the fighting was on a personal level for LAFCO, his shikai was being trained. LAFCO liked to have it out, his abilities were getting higher and he was able to hold the released form unconsciously for almost a full day. His exploration of his base skills with his zanpaktou had neared it’s limits…he could stretch the staff up to 8 feet, as well as use the staff to increase his reiatsu control in a multitude of ways. When he took time to think about it, he was glad the war came; the war had made him better.

    Even after a year of fighting, LAFCO knew only a few things...the first being that he was being watched; he didn't know who was watching or even how many were watching, he just felt eyes every moment no matter what he was doing: sleeping, fighting, purifying souls, receiving orders.

    Dropping to the ground, using some reiatsu to create a panel to slow his decent, Souji consumed his spent reiatsu and swiftly sought out opponents. Not opponents he would do battle with, but rather Souji searched the field for the opponents that 2nd division members needed help with. He would protect the members of his division fiercely even as the page in his ear went off…he was wanted back in the 2nd. With a few shyunpo, Souji created a momentary lapse in the area, the hollow around him disintegrating, but off in the distance several menos approached the group of 5 shinigami he had saved. With only a small look backwards and a recently learned Waste Flame, Souji cut off his reiatsu as he headed into the gate, appearing in the Gotei 13 for the first time in months. One memory resurfaced as he looked around the area he had been in almost a year ago.

    One night, LAFCO was pulled from the field, his body in tatters; he was taken back to the 2nd division in Soul Society. It was there that he first begun to train his shikai. The 3rd year was a tedious lesson in his limits. For the first sixth of the year all he did was converse with his spirit. One conversation in particular was a revelation for all of his new life.

    You know what you once were right?

    Of course, what do you take me for Bakeneko?

    An idiot. An idiot who knows not of his true past and hence calls himself “LAFCO”. What does that mean anyway?

    It means me; it’s my name, which is the only name I have ever known.

    So Souji Okita means nothing to you?

    NO, should it? What is that my name?

    In a way, yes, it’s your soul’s name; the true representations of all that you are in words.

    Like a blow from Johon had struck him, LAFCO…Souji was forced onto the ground, his body was literally rippled with the confusion his soul had dropped into. Lying on his back, Souji was sucked into the world he had seen in the distant past: the ocean of his inner world.

    It’s nice to see you here again. Last time you visited me we were on land, but I like this place better.

    How come there’s a different version of this world Bakeneko?

    Why all the usage of names? Do you want to fight?

    Change Bakeneko.

    The zanpaktou changed, it’s body becoming a sleek staff instead of 2 blades, and it became a length of 6 feet, resting in the hands of Souji. Even as the weapon changed, the spirit inside the weapon changed, from a man into the celestial figure of dragon, a dragon of a deep purple, a dragon that dove into the sea swiftly and broke the surface of the water with a majestic might. The dragon came to rest before the drifting Souji; it’s body sleek and powerful, an imperial reflection of the person before him.

    I am here, IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED?!?!

    The body unfurled, wings spread; the great figure took a stance only attributed to angels. Its power could be felt, not in the usual sense of reiatsu, but in terms of sheer presence, the being had shown the shinigami below it’s true form, and any mockery would have swift repercussions. The wings themselves seemed to harden the waves with each movement; the water below became a floor, almost as a foreshadowing of what would soon occur.

    To tell you the truth, yes…I am going to beat every strand of knowledge out of you, and you will let me know everything.

    The staff was extended, it’s body not taking a fragile form as it extended: it was brimming with reiatsu, charged with a deep tint of purple and it was pointed at the only other creature in the world…the dragon before it.


    Without warning the 2 figures clashed, Souji’s body was covered in his dark purple reiatsu, his staff in hand; Bakeneko was attacking with claws and fangs, using his natural weapons to push the battle in his favor. The skirmish was shown through Souji’s body, scratches appearing along his physical self as his spiritual self fought against the massive figure before him. Time and again the 2 would meet, Souji’s attacks literally bounced off of the stronger spirit, it laughed at him as he pinned him down, the fight ending quickly, the dragon’s appearance diminished, leaving only a man in it’s place…foot atop of Souji.

    DO YOu Now see my power? Any attempts to take it away from me will be stopped. Remember, you maybe the make of this world, but I have control over what occurs here. This is my domain…

    With a small chuckle and a purple flash of the eyes, the man, Bakeneko, released Souji, settling down onto the waves that had resumed their flow. Water splashing around him, the completely dry Bakeneko looked at Souji, the answer flowing out of his mouth before the question could enter Souji’s.

    You get stronger…it’s all you can do. As you mature you can go and find out more, but for now, become strong.

    With a swift motion of his hand, the spirit tossed Souji out of the inner world, and back into the dark room. Immediately LAFCO began to train himself, increasing his reiatsu, gaining more control over the energy he was gaining and practicing his physical skills. After another sixth of a year, Souji was finally given a master, Nicho, who immediately began to attack Souji. The attacks were relentless, challenging Souji in ways no one had ever thought to challenge him before. No amount of resourcefulness had given Souji an advantage…nothing in his backpack could fool the taichou, and no reiatsu usage could help him overcome the gap in their power. After being beaten completely, Nicho began to build upon the rubble that was before him…Souji was turned into a more capable shinigami than before.

    Crossing the bridge, weights slowing his body and collar subduing his reiatsu, Souji’s mind flipped through all the things he had learned from his Taichou in his fourth year of the war, all the things that his mind had been opened to. Self Reiatsu Negation, Advanced Reiatsu Weapons, Reiatsu projection, Reiatsu stamina, Advanced Reiatsu usage, Reiatsu channeling all things that had been unknown to Souji…all things that he had now had some control over. The training was incredible, more so than any other event in Souji’s being.

    Reaching up several times, once to push back his short dreads, another to set the level of his collar higher still, yet another time to increase the weight of the 5 straps on his body. Finally, Souji reached up once more to pull down his mask, revealing a short smile on his face as his mind shimmered back to the past in remembrance.

    There are a lot of things I have taught you Souji: control, power, wisdom to an extent, but I cannot teach you your own path. All the techniques I have shown you have been something I was forced to learn. I learned it my own way and have taught you my way. Now you need to learn your way, it’s that or it is failure when you are shown no guidance. Show me you have learned.

    No words came from his mouth, just a nod. No wasted movement, just a nod. No sound from is body giving away his tension, just a nod. A nod was all it took from Souji to launch his mind and body into action. His plan was to show off all of his acquired skills in one easy shot, not for the sake of pleasing Nicho, but to prove himself worthy of the training he received. Instantly a ball of reiatsu appeared, to anyone sensing, a small signature would appear, a signature akin to a student starting in the academy. As the energy was given off, the ball formed a shape. It started slowly, inching its figure out from the ball, a miniature of a man was molded from the reiatsu. The details were formed smoothly, almost appearing on the figure instead of growing away from it. Steady, the figure began to grow, its body stretching to about 6 feet. The figure stood still, it was a mold of the one across from it; it was a mirror of Souji. A small ball had created a large object, one that drew its swords and began to swing. It used speed and it used power, fooling the world around it of the realism that it commanded.

    With his creation finished, Souji reabsorbed the mass of reiatsu, taking back most of the energy used as he awaited the final grade from Nicho. The taichou said nothing, his body seemingly an empty shell at the moment. Perhaps it was the great man deliberating, perhaps it was nothing at all…but his body disappeared in an instant, the movement too fast for Souji to follow. The man reappeared and disappeared, his body blurring even as Souji tried to follow, his sense overwhelmed by the actions. The moving body began to slow, not to a quick run, but back to the level of a basic shyunpo, back to a level that could be seen and studied by the young shinigami. For a total of an hour’s time, Nicho moved around the room, starting off slow and built his speed, giving Souji ample opportunity to study the movements. At the end of the hour, Nicho had accelerated back to his top speed and completely vanished from Souji’s presence…leaving the young member to practice himself.

    Months in the room were spent completing a basic shyunpo, his body accustomed to the speed from the training with Johon. His mind focused the ability he had begun to show, honing it into a usable way of movement. With all things using reiatsu, Souji was insistent on using it a lot, and though he used it superfluously, he quickly mastered the very basics of the skill, his speed increasing steadily through the time he spent training himself.

    It was a rush, the skills he learned were immediately put to use. For the portion of the year that remained, Souji was sent to the Human World…again. His mission was a solitary one, he had not been granted a squad, or a seated position. Souji had been given a place in which he could fight against all odds, without restraint, his mind and the guidance of Bakeneko kept him alive until he was summoned back to Soul Society.

    In front of the division, past its large bridge, Souji wondered about the changes of all the people that he had left, and of those he had not had the privilege of meeting, especially Alban, the man who disappeared from the 2nd Division, the man who would have been his direct senior. Alban was revered by many in the division, and as leader of the Executive Militia, he had earned his reputation. The absence of such a strong warrior was felt deeply, especially by Souji.

    Training will have to wait, but I really did want Alban-san to teach me.

    With a long sigh, Souji purged his mind of thoughts of his absent superior, his fellow division members and Kami especially and walked to the entrance of the 2nd Division.

    Entering the main hall, Souji moved up to the receptionist, and spoke quietly in a voice that had been used few times in the recent past.

    LAFCO…Souji Okita of the Keigun reporting…I was summoned by Nicho Taichou.

    The shinigami stood to the side, pulling out a small book which held information on the kidou Thunder Roar Cannon. After a few moments of awaiting the call from his leader, Souji closed his book on his index finger as the receptionist nodded affirming that she had understood his words…he looked around…he was once again home.


    Position: Vice captain, 2nd division. Guundanchou (Head of Keigun).

    Abilities in order: Reiatsu Control/Zanjutsu

    A backpack that carries the standard 2nd division equipment. Additionally carries many vials, holding various liquids that can paralyze, poison, knock-out and heal those who are given the liquid.

    Two black blades, in a sheath on the back of Souji. The blades are not completely solid, having a thin cut out in the center of the blade which runs about two-thirds of the visible length of the blade. The grip is black and hollow, with a silver stud at the end closing off the hole that can contain vials. The liquid placed in the hollow of the handle spreads gently over the blade, especially the edges. [IMG]
    Type: Physical-Shape changer
    Spirit: can be a nondescript man or a large purple water dragon.

    : Name: Bakeneko
    Call: Change Bakeneko
    It becomes a staff, the outer parts a deep purple color with silver skull endings as well as a double-ring silver middle. The staff can split into 2 blades, both of which are black.


    Stage 1: The staff can extend up to 8 feet long each of the 2 portions can grow to any length as long as the total length is no more than 8 feet. The staff grows from the way reiatsu is channeled through the weapon, and can protrude any imaginable reiatsu weapon from the skull ends.

    Stage 2: Can control the mass of the staff, by concentrating reiatsu into the actual weapon.

    Stage 3: Increased top speed

    A HUGE sword, as big as a menos. Black blade with glowing purple kanji that says 'change'.

    Stage 1: Controlling the density of itself and things in contact with it up to 5ft from point of contact.

    Stage 2: N/A

    Area of Speciality: Fighter/Tactician

    Reiatsu shield(with and without orb)
    Reiatsu blades
    Reiatsu armor
    Self Reiatsu negation
    Advanced Reiatsu weapons
    Advance Reiatsu shaping
    Advanced Reiatsu usage
    Reiatsu sensing/detection
    Reiatsu projection
    Reiatsu stamina

    Reiatsu channeling

    Reiatsu replenishment
    Healing of musculature


    16 way cut

    Blasting spell #1: Sudden Impact
    Destructive Art #4: White Lightning
    Number #9: Shotgun
    Destructive Art #10: The Scorching
    Destructive Art #31: Red Flame Cannon
    Destructive Art #33: Blue Fire Fall
    Destructive Art #54: Abolishing Flame
    Destructive Art #63: Thunder Roar Cannon
    Destructive Art #66: Twin Lotus Blue Fire, Crash Down
    Destructive Art 76: Hayate Gakuzento
    Destructive Art 84: Ikijigoku

    Binding Art #1: Obstruction
    Number #6: Bind
    Number #8: Kutsuunomaru (Circle of Pain)
    Number #10: Everlasting Grudge
    Number #21: Lightning Paralysis
    Binding Art 26: Bending Light
    Binding Art 30: Break Piercing Triple beam
    Binding Art 37: Tsuriboshi
    Binding Art #58: Picking Tose, Chasing Quail
    Binding Art #61: Six Truncheon Light Prison
    Binding Art 62: Hyappo Rankan

  15. Name: Kyto Solren
    Age: 368 (Looks about 25)
    Gender: Male
    Blood Type: AB
    Type AB
    Best Traits: Cool, controlled, rational. Sociable and popular. Empathic.
    Worst Traits: Aloof, critical, indecisive and unforgiving.

    Reiatsu Colour: Blue
    Kyto's Shinigami uniform is worn differently than it was a year ago. No longer wearing a kimono of any sort, Kyto wears a tight sleeveless black shirt with a collar that stops at the top of his neck. He wears his hakama like anyone else in the Gotie 13, but it is tied at the waist with a black leather utility belt instead of a white sash. Kyto keeps a variety of explosive pellets and trip wire stored in the pouches attached to the belt. His once short hair is now shoulder length and his eyes have become the same color of blue as his hair.

    Height: 5'9
    Hair color: Blue
    Eye color: Blue (Result of Reiatsu Training)
    Notable features:
    Kyto is a bit scrawny looking for someone his size which unintentionally hides his surprising strength and fighting prowess. There is a scar on the left side of Kyto's chest above his heart. This scar is from when he was stabbed and killed in the human world, the wound surprisingly never healed once he became a spirit.

    Personality: A bit short tempered but very polite and a little shy around new people however can make new friends very easily with time. Despite his appearance Kyto is surprisingly an excellent fighter especially in hand to hand combat. Outside of combat and training Kyto is laid back almost to fault, usually sporting a smirk with a stoner's stare. When the situation demands Kyto to be serious his persona completely changes. The laid back aura is replaced with one of determination and focus while his eyes glare at his foe with a killer's intent.

    Likes: Sleeping, Eating, Night, Rainy Weather

    Dislikes: Working, Alcohol, Heat, Awkward Silence

    Kyto had been living a peaceful life with his wife Mia. Things were looking up for the two as their life seemed to be going on the right path. One day as the two were heading home they were cornered by a trio of muggers looking to rob them. While Kyto was able to fight and beat two of them the third attempted to go after Mia. Not thinking clearly Kyto jumped in front of his wife and was stabbed in the heart by the man.

    The next thing Kyto was waking up in a strange location that he had never seen before. Standing before him was a group of Shinigami who explained to him how he had died and that they saved his spirit by sending him to the Soul Society. Looking at himself in a mirror Kyto was shocked to see his once Brown hair was now bright blue instead. The Shinigami told him that this was an indication that Kyto had reiatsu meaning he could potentially become a Shinigami himself. Kyto began to ask the men if his wife had survived or died as well. They told Kyto that his wife's body was dead next to his when they arrived but there was no sight of her spirit.

    An able to comprehend the situation Kyto went into a fit of rage, even beating one of the Shinigami with his own hands. After the two were able to subue and calm Kyto they explained to him how a Konso worked. Even though his wife was not at the scene at the time did not mean she never made it to the Soul Society. After taking a few days to absorb all the information he had learned Kyto was determined to find Mia no matter what. With that Kyto began his search for her through the entire Rukongai.

    Kyto spent over a hundred years in the Rukongai attempting to find Mia with no luck. With each district he went through his hope in finding her faded away a bit more. After a so many failed attempts Kyto finally gave in to defeat and stopped looking for her. Kyto would spend another hundred years dwelling in one of the worst parts of the Rukongai, a mere shell of his former self. One day as Kyto walked about with a blank expression he saw a group of thugs trying to harm a young girl. Flashing back to the day he died Kyto suddenly snapped and went charging into the crowd. He easily defeated all of the thugs and got the girl out of there safely. An on looker told Kyto he was able to beat them all so easily because he had spiritual powers which made him stronger compared to most everyone else in the district. Hearing that a thought occurred to him, if he could perfect this power and gain more he may be able to find Mia. The spark of determination that Kyto had lost so long ago was revitalized and with a new found sense of hope Kyto made his way to the Shinigami Academy.

    Once Kyto had been accepted to the academy he began to learn as much as he can in order to gain strength. Despite apparently having the spiritual power to enter the Academy Kyto found reiatsu control to be the most difficult aspect of learning. What took other students learning to form reiatsu orbs and swords few days took Kyto weeks. Despite his poor reiatsu control Kyto did excel in physical combat training at the Academy. Kyto was one of the most efficient fighters in his class at the academy and was the best in hand to hand combat. He still lacked in reiatsu control, however with the help of Miagi-sensei Kyto started down the road to bettering his control. While Kyto grew stronger in the Academy, learning to use a multitude of reiatsu abilities, he became friends with fellow students Makoto and Amusai. Kyto along with the two even took part in an official shinigami mission entering a relam known as the Zanpaktou dimension. As time passed and Kyto grew stronger he was eventually offered a task by Miagi-sensei which upon completion granted Kyto his own Zanpaktou and graduation from the academy.

    After graduating from the academy Kyto made his way to the Second Division in order to join its ranks. After a few test where Kyto had to prove himself worthy of acceptance he eventually became an official member of the Nibantai. Since then Kyto has been under the tutelage of Okita-Fuku Taichou learning the ways of the Second Division. Aside from gaining strength Kyto has learned to better use his mind in combat and has become quite the strategic fighter. His previous objective recently was to become strong enough to obtain Shi Kai like so many around him have knowing that if he is ever to succeed in finding Mia one day he will have to be able to master his Zanpaktou's powers.

    As Kyto spent more time in the Second Division he became a more useful member to the Division's missions. Continuing to train himself further Kyto eventually found himself being trained by Zera-Taichou as well as Okita-Fuku Taichou. His first lessons were rather difficult as he was put up against much stronger opponents. He was given a lesson in eleventh division combat the hard way when he went toe to toe with Takashi Fushichou. Kyto then found himself learning to over come stronger reiatsu when he was up against his fellow nibantai in Janza. These two fights more so than anything taught Kyto how to use his mind over anything else in his arsenal as well as helping him learn to control his reiatsu more effectively. Soon after these training sessions Kyto ran into his friend from the academy, Makoto. Makoto had asked Kyto if he could assist him on a mission to help rescue a lost Shinigami, to which Kyto agreed to. What Kyto did not realize was that this particular mission would send him and the rest of Makoto's group into Hueco Muendo. While in Hueco Muendo Kyto encountered his first group of hollows, and while they gave him some trouble he was successful in defeating them. Things became particularly troublesome when after completing the objective the group had to retreat from an approaching Arrancar of great power. Kyto himself risked his life to save Janza from being left behind despite Makoto's protest. Luckily for everyone the group was able to make it back to the Soul Society without any deaths. It was after this encounter in Hueco Muendo that Kyto became more determined that every to learn the name of his Zanpaktou and obtain his Shi Kai.

    After the encounter in Hueco Muendo Kyto returned to the Nibantai with a even greater drive to strengthen himself. He spent some time training on his own while the Gotei 13 was pre-occupied with the tournament set up by the eleventh division. Kyto then found himself in front of Janza and Zera-Taichou who assigned the two of them along with Tylar to take part in a mission in the physical world. Before Kyto could head out however he was confronted by the Wolf Pack, Zera-Taichou's elite guard that followed only his orders. The Wolf Pack wanted to train Kyto and make him to perfect his skill and turn him into a deadly fighter of the Nibantai. Before the training could begin however Kyto had learned that Okita-Fuku Taichou was injured badly from the tournament. More concerned about the Fuku's well being than the Wolf Pack's training Kyto left them to aid Okita-Fuku Taichou any way he could. As Kyto reached Okita all hell broke loose as what appeared to be a zombie outbreak broke through the walls of the Second Division with the intent of destroying everything in their path. Kyto and an injured Okita made their way to the battle field to put an end to the problem.

    In the midst of battle Kyto, worried about trying to protect the living Shinigami as best as he could, began to hear a voice in his mind yet again. In the middle of combat Kyto found himself transported to his spirit world where he was confronted by the water bear yet again. Here Kyto had to confront his weakness that he was in fact no where near as strong as he wanted to be, that the only way he could achieve this goal is if he looked for help from others. Accepting the words that the water bear had to see Kyto asked for his aid, which in turn allowed Kyto to know his name. As he returned to the battlefield Kyto looked at the oncoming horde with a smile as for the first time he fought alongside Mizu-Tsume. With his new armor and gauntlet Kyto was able to fight using Hakuda, making it all the easier to go up against these opponents.

    As the fight progressed Kyto was eventually joined by Makoto in fighting the undead creatures. The two of them easily handled a good portion of the threat that found its way into the Second Division. Through the chaos that the undead brought with them Kyto found his way to Zera-Taichou who gave Kyto two orders that shocked him more than anything else ever had. Zera-Taichou left Kyto in charge of handling the entire situation taking place in the Second Division. On top of that he was now in charge of the Wolf Pack, the same assassins that had been following him mere days before the invasion. Now that he had the Wolf Pack at his disposal Kyto was able to put together a strategy that was perfectly put into action thanks to their skills. In no time the chaos in the battlefield was controlled as Kyto and the Wolf Pack leader dealt with the primary issues at hand. The battle did not end well however, though Kyto was successful he had no idea that the twelfth division was working on a cure. As the antidote rained down and took effect Kyto was standing in a field littered with the corpse of his fellow Shinigami. While he tried his best to hide his emotions Kyto was shook to core that he in turned ended up killing so many people when they could have been cured. The results of this war have made Kyto begin to doubt his strategic insight and if he truly has what it takes to be in the Nibantai.

    After the events of the Zombie invasion Kyto began preparations to start his second mission assigned to him by Zera-Taichou. Though Kyto knew he had to complete this objective he was still in shock from the end of the invasion. He believed in his abilities but wondered if his strategic skills were as good as he thought they were. Placing his doubts aside Kyto entered the living world to track down his fellow Nibantai, Janza. The two confronted each other and after Janza became unwilling to go back to the Soul Society with Kyto they found themselves in a heated battle. Kyto put up an impressive fight but Janza was able to get the upper hand on Kyto, severely injuring him and leaving the blue haired Shinigami for dead. Before Janza could escape however the Wolf Pack arrived on the scene, saving Kyto and capturing Janza in the process.

    After recovering from his fight with Janza it was ordered by Nicho, Taichou of the Twelfth Division that all Shinigami were to report to his division. Once there Kyto was trained by Lodium, Fuku-Taichou of the twelfth and mentor to his long time friend Makoto. Lodium's training taught Kyto better control of his reiatsu and allowed him to use it much more effectively in combat. This particular training came in handy, as Kyto and the rest of the Gotei 13 soon found themselves on the invading end of a war against a powerful hollow army in Hueco Mundo. As the war began Kyto did his part in helping beat the advancing hollow army. He and Mizutsume crossed paths with enemies of varying strengths. While the Taichous were busy fighting the commanders of the hollow army Kyto did his part to thin the enemy numbers.

    In the heat of battle the commanders released a special ability that effected all the Shinigami in Hueco Mundo. Each Shinigami soon found themselves forcefully being transformed into a hollow. While most of the Shinigami were able to overcome the madness, and in some cases use this hollowfied power against the enemy, Kyto had nearly completed the process of turning into a complete hollow. At the brink of darkness, just before Kyto was lost for good, a voice could be heard that helped the blue haired Shingiami return to his senses. It was not his own voice of reason or even his Zanpaktou's, it was in fact the voice of his missing wife Mia. Hearing Mia's voice brought Kyto back to sanity, giving him the strength to overcome the transformation and shatter the hollow body that he was slowly turning into. The resulting struggle weakened Kyto greatly, preventing him from no longer taking part in the war as the medics of the Fourth brought him to safety. As they brought Kyto and many other wounded Shinigami back to the Seireitei Kyto was able to sneak away amidst the confusion.

    Making his way to the outter edges of the Soul Society Kyto began to train vigorously, despite his injuries. During the training both he and his Mizutsume realized that neither one of them had used Kyto's memories of Mia to convince him to fight off the hollowfication. The only other reasonable option was that Mia was in fact alive, and that when Kyto was on the brink of becoming a hollow it was only then that she could reach his soul. However, this also meant that Mia was no doubt a hollow herself since she only reached Kyto when he himself was becoming one. Unshaken by the potential fact Kyto found the spark of hope he had lost so long ago reignited and stronger than ever before. He and Mizutsume agreed to spend as much time as they needed out in the wild of the Soul Society edge, training and not coming back to the Seireitei until they felt they were ready.

    A year has passed since Kyto has stepped foot inside the Seireitei. That years has been nothing but solid training, perfecting old skills and creating new ones as well. Kyto is another year older as well as wiser, yet retains much of the laid back persona he is known for. It is a stroke of luck that the blue haired Shinigami has returned to the Gotei 13 the exact same time all the Shinigami have been ordered to report to the Eleventh Division. Curious as to what is going on, Kyto has opted to go to the Eleventh before returning to his own division of the Second.

    Position: Unseated member, 2nd Division

    Abilities in order:
    Reiatsu Control

    Aside from his Zanpaktou Kyto carries a small amount of trip wire as well as a smoke, explosion, and flash pellet to aid him in combat
    A Nodachi with a silver square guard and hilt wrapped in blue cloth

    Shi Kai:
    Name: Mizu-Tsume(Water Claw)
    Type: Water Element
    Zanpaktou Spirit: A large translucent blue bear made entirely out of water
    Release Command: Swipe them!

    When Mizu-tsume is released the blade turns to water that wraps itself around Kyto's left arm until it takes the form of an armored gauntlet that spans his shoulder to his fist. The arm is encased in a blue and silver armor with two small vents on the forearm facing towards Kyto. On the shoulder are two medium sized pumps which are connected to the shi kai's ability.

    When Mizu-tsume is released it begins to gather water and moisture from the air and store it inside the shoulder. It keeps gathering water until both pumps are fully risen. The water that is gather by Mizu-tsume is used for Kyto's abilities and depending on how much water is gather will determine what attacks Kyto can use.

    Shi Kai 1: Eki Katana(Liquid Sword)
    Kyto gathers the water stored by Mizu-tsume, mixes it with his reiatsu, and forms a sword of water that covers his wrist and hand. ((Think Ed's Automail from FMA))

    Shi Kai 2: Kamisori Amamizu(Razor Rain)
    Fires a high speed, claw like missile of water at an enemy with the intent of piercing through them. Each shot takes up half the water stored in one pump, a total of four shots can be fired when pumps are fully charged

    Shi Kai 3: Suijou Kyoubou(Aquatic Rage)
    Mizu-tsume's most powerful attack, it can only be fired when both pumps are completely filled with water. Kyto gathers all the water, mixes it with his reiatsu, and forces it all towards his fist where the vents on his forearm release the pressure. Kyto then slams his fist to the ground causing a massive splash of water to erupt, from this splash comes dozens and dozens of Razor Rain missiles capable of piercing through multiple targets at once.

    Area of Specialty: Hand-to-Hand combat/Strategic Combat

    Personal Techs and Abilities:
    Reiatsu Orb
    Reiatsu Shield
    Reiatsu Armor
    Reiatsu Weapons

    Binding Art 1: Sai
    Binding Art 2: Hikari no Mekurumeku
    Binding Art 4: Hainawa; Crawling Rope
    Binding Art 10: Everlasting Grudge
    Destructive Art 4: Byakurai, White Lightning
    Destructive Art: 13: Sapphire Fist

    Multi-Strike Technique

    Fighting Style: Tsuyu no Kame (Art of the Seasonal Rain)
    Tsuyu no Kame (Art of the Seasonal Rain)

    A style created by Kyto Solren implemented to combine the skills of his Zanpaktou and his expertise in Hakuda. Tsuyu no Kame takes the water based abilities of Mizutsume and allows Kyto to alter the form or style of attack into a new one. The fighting style is broken up into three seperate techniques, one focused on subduing strikes, another based on attacks of pure strength, and a final set made up entirely of finishing moves. This style is exlusive to Kyto, seeing as how it requires the water manipulation abilities granted to him by his Zanpaktou, Mizutsume.

    Haruhana (Blossoming Spring):

    The moves of the Haruhana reflect the season in which the technique is named. The Haruhana's moves are calming and able to subdue most opponents without much harm, much like a spring rain. Each of the moves are capable of short term paralysis or disorientation of some sort. The Haruhana is the weakest in terms of damage of all the Tsuyu no Kame techniques, but is also the most capable of controlling the movement of an opponent in combat:

    Amesuzume (Raining Sparrows):
    Kyto will create an Eki Katana with the water gathered from Mizutsume and then condense the liquid blade to a ball of water ovre his fist. Mixing in his reiatsu Kyto will then throw his hand outward in a swiping motion, causing the ball of water to break apart and launch numerous beads of water towards his opponents. The beads will then shape into hundreds of tiny pin needle like objects with enough strength to pierce through skin. The needles that make contact will cause a paralysing effect, slowing down the target's movement speed for one post.

    Ennetsu (Sweltering Heat):

    The moves of the Ennetsu are built to strike at an opponent with the most capable damage. Like the summer heat these moves can be brutal, especially to those least expecting them. Unlike the Haruhana or the Musanaki, the Ennetsu is a style built entirely around damaging the opponent. Due to that the moves of the Ennetsu have little to no side effects upon impact:

    Yasei no Hoko (Feral Roar):
    Kyto will fire a Suijou Kyoubou in order to use this attack against an opponent. As the wall of water erupts from Suijou Kyoubou Kyto then gathers reiatsu into his right arm as he steps back from the liquid. Before Suijou Kyoubou can fire the numerous claws of water Kyto will attack at the wall with an open palm strike. The strike will cause the entire wall of water to launch forward at an opponent in as one large spear shaped attack. Yasei no Hoko moves incredibly fast as is capable of piercing through weaker opponents with relative ease while striking with concussive force against those capable of blocking its sharp edge.

    Musanaki (Vanishing Autumn):

    The moves of the Musanaki symbolizes the autumn season which they are based off. Much like the Fall when the leaves change colors and nature slowly withers away to prepare for the cold and dark winter, the moves of the Musanaki are designed to end the life of an opponent. The Musanaki is made up entirely of finishing moves, built to strike at an opponent when their are at the end of the line. While these attacks are strong in their own right, they are weaker compared to the moves of the Ennetsu. The Musanaki is normally used to finish off an opponent rather than in the middle of combat:

    Kasuiantan (Somber Stream):
    Kyto will start this attack by creating an Eki Katana first. Unlike a regular Eki Katana however the water will encase the entire lower arm of Mizutsume, leaving a small blade over Kyto's index and middle finger. Kyto will then strike at his opponent, stabbing them with the small blade as his weapon. After piercing an opponent Kyto will pull his arm back, leaving the blade of water stuck in the wound he had created. Kyto can do this a total of four time before Kasuiantan takes effect. Once four blades of water are pierced into his opponent Kyto will clench his fist, causing the four blades to act much like Kamisori Amamizu. The four spinning blades will then pierce further into their opponent, causing massive damage at point blank range until they drill through the other side of their body.

    Edited 3/13/2011

    Name: Rio Tenlos
    Age: 175 (Looks to be 18)
    Gender: Male
    Blood Type: A
    Type A
    Best Traits: Conservative, introverted, reserved, patient, punctual, and perfectionist.
    Worst Traits: Obsessive, stubborn, self conscious, and uptight.

    Reiatsu Color: GRAY
    Rio wears his Shinigami uniform much like the way every new recruit does. Nothing is out of order or worn differently as he fears standing out too much in his first year as a Shinigami. Aside from that Rio keeps his Zanpaktou tied to his waist and a pair of white surgical gloves are always worn whenever he is outside.

    Height: 5'6
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Green
    Noticeable Features: -


    Rio is a very curious person and tends to examine everything around him. He loves to see how things work from the simplest things all the way to the most complex. He tends to be a bit nosy when trying to study certain things but he is more often than not oblivious to it. Clearly not much of a physical fighter Rio can more easily be described as a book worm since his face can usually be found inside one.

    Studying, solving puzzles, answering hard questions,

    Physical Labor, fighting, not being able to solve or answer tough problems


    Rio doesn't remember anything of his past from before he was living in the Rukongai. There he was a part of a "Family" and had been living happily for many years. However Rio was tormented many nights by the same continuous nightmare. In this nightmare he would hear a constant slow heart beat and and would feel a pain in his chest. He could not see anything in these dreams however, just hear the sound of that strange heartbeat. When Rio would awake from these nightmares he usually would find that his entire home was covered in a thick fog that stayed close to the floor. One day while having one of these nightmares again Rio was awoken from his sleep by a total stranger who snuk into his house. The man introduced himself as a Shinigami and explained to Rio how he could feel his reiatsu and came to investigate.The Shinigami told Rio he needed to get that in check otherwise one day he would leak out too much and end up killing his family. Not being one for combat Rio reluctantly joined the Shinigami Academy so as to learn to control his reiatsu and not harm his family. Rio's true intention was to learn to control his energy and then leave the academy but he has found his curiosity keeping him there to learn more and more secrets and abilities of the Shinigami.

    As time went on Rio found himself enjoying his time at the Academy. He was able to learn how to control his reiatsu and even use it to create shields, weapons, and many other objects. The physically demanding classes were Rio's least favorite, instead he found interest in the kidou classes. Rio was surprisingly gifted in learning Kidou spells, picking them up at a rather quick pace. The young student excelled in medical training above all else. Here Rio found himself using his reiatsu better than anywhere else. Rio would spend majority of his time in the Academy learning new tricks and perfecting his Kidou spells and medical training. When the time came for graduation Rio had obtained his own Zanpaktou, and even though he didn't know the name of this blade Rio was excited at the possibility of actually becoming an official Shinigami. After spending so much time worrying about becoming one Rio now found himself not wanting to leave the Seireitei and the world of the Shinigami that he once feared.


    Reiatsu Control
    A standard size katana that appears to be in very poor condition. The sword is scratched and chipped in numerous places along the blade. It has a circular copper guard that is rusted and cracked in a few spots with one small area chipped off completely. The hilt is old and dirty with grey cloth loosely wrapped around it, dangling towards the bottom. Its sheath is the same color of grey with cracks across it and chipped portions missing from it as well.

    Area of Specialty: -

    Personal Techniques:

    Reiatsu Orb
    Reiatsu Shield
    Reiatsu Blade
    Reiatsu Armor

    Destructive Art 4: Byakurai, White Lightning
    Destructive Art 9: Shotgun
    Binding Art 10: Everlasting Grudge
    Medical Kidou Number 6: Joint Prison

    Edited 3/13/2011
  16. Name: Koi Kasai
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Blood Type: AB
    Reiatsu Colour: Dark Blue


    Height: 6’0
    Hair color: Red
    Eye color: Blue
    Notable features: Koi has an athletic build and nothing on his face that would really make him stand out other then his hair and eye color. Underneath the Taichou Gi and Shinigami robes Koi’s body is riddled with scars from before and after his death and entrance into being a Shinigami. Most of his scars are centered around his back but a large one is marked dead center in his body both on the front and back. After some training with the Ex Taichou of the 7th, explained in the history, Koi’s body is covered in both re-grown skin that is a lighter shade then the rest of his skin color. These scars are covering almost ever inch of his body, both from the training with Axel and his own Shikai.

    Personality: Koi is very calm and slow to anger, until either himself or the people below him in his division are threatened by someone else. As years progressed in Soul Society, Koi was tested time and time again but missions and even Taichous and members of other divisions. He found himself being pushed further to the line, causing him to harden himself from others and to be more strict in the ways he ran the 11th.

    Likes: fighting for the protection of his his close ones, training to become stronger, and actually relaxing when he doesn’t have to do paper work for the 11th.

    Dislikes: The 12th division and their “Science”.

    Has really no other memories of his past other than her. He had one younger sister and that was all the family he had. They went everywhere with each other and were never seen apart. For some his sister would cause the older boys in the village to come after her. He would always hold her in his arms and protect her from their attacks. But one day he was off getting food and came back to find his sister's body cold on the ground and a figure standing over it. He tried to attack it but it knocked him out with one hit. From that day on he vowed to protect anyone that was close to him.

    Koi woke to find himself in Soul Society, something that he could only imagine to be a mix of different cultures that he had heard about while he was alive. Koi was taken in by a loving family, letting him get use to his new life as a soul. He found himself able to use Reiatsu, which lead him into joining the academy to be a Shinigami. As Koi trained in the academy, he researched and found that the only division that seemed to interest him was the 11th or the 7th, but sword fighting seemed to be his passion during his training. As the months passed, the 11th brought in a small section of students for training and to see what the 11th was all about. Koi found himself face to face with the Taichou of the division, a broadsword in his hand and a poisoned dagger in Zoey’s. In a matter of moments, Koi found himself with his back against the ground unable to move, but with a new found respect for the woman that just handed him his own ass very easily. From that moment on, Koi found himself growing to be able to beat that woman, or at least gather some sort of respect from her.

    Again, as time passed, there was an attack on Soul Society that left Koi in a very sticky situation. First, he faced off against a hollow like creature that took every attack and more that himself and a small group of academy students could throw at it. This was the first time that Koi actually saw a Taichou fight with some sort of power behind their blows, as he watched the Taichou of the 4th cut the monster down to pieces with only a Bokken. Koi knew, he had a lot more to learn before he could consider himself at that level. As time passed, Koi and a few others were taken out on a mission as the height of the attack came into view. He found himself fighting a clone of another shinigami with a higher ranked seated shinigami. Koi did the best he could, getting no where in the fight but still doing his part to help.

    After graduating, Koi spent a few weeks in the academy both teaching and helping the young students, while he waited on both the end of the Tournament that Zoey was fighting in and for the 7th to finish the war they had started. As Koi entered the 11th, he was given a position of unseated as Zoey kept him at arms length in his training. Koi bugged Zoey as much as he could, learning what the 11th had to hold only by his own means with a little bit of nudge from his Taichou. Time brought Koi to a mission with the 3rd seat of the 11th. They were sent into a small city, very advanced, to find a rogue shinigami. The two were given both information and orders from Zoey from another 11th member that was stationed in the city. Koi was placed between a rock and a hard place, as a young woman of the night called upon his help after she informed him that she could both see him and knew of the person that they were looking for. Koi found himself drawn to this woman in every sense of the word, but was forced to leave her as orders were given that they knew where the rogue 11th member was at. Koi was pitted again a hollow, one above his level, that was the minon of the man they were searching for. Koi continued to battle the thing, only barely overcoming the beast only to be left half dead in the middle of an alley as his higher ranked member was fighting his own battle with the rouge. The woman, somehow, finding Koi started to heal him with some sort of power. Koi fought every inch of gut and training as a shinigami as he thought she was the real person that they were looking for. As the two embraced in a hug, Koi holding only to his sanity only by a thread, brought his own zanpaktou through his chest and her own, trying to kill the both of them. With her last breath, the woman healed Koi from the clutches of Death’s hand only to be proven wrong. He was right on the gender, just the wrong woman, as the two 11th members killed the real rouge, the woman that had been giving them orders.

    With the end of the mission, Koi was thrown into nothing but depression and sorrow as he was taken to the 4th to heal. He continued his path in the 11th, always been drawn back to that moment of what he had down and the blood he could not wash from his hands. He wasn’t given much time to really be in his world of sorrow and darkness, as Soul Society was thrown into a war both on the plains of Soul Society and that of Earth.

    At first, the main thing that Koi did for the first few months getting back to the soul society was search for Aiya. He spent the days going through the main cities and even searching in the forests around the city. He wanted to find her and see if she would forgive him for what he had done. Koi, seemed to getting a little more lean than usual. He wasn't eating and spent every very minute of his time searching for her. When he couldn't find her, he would spend most of his time in his room and just being quiet. He was still broken, but when people saw him they really had no idea. Finally, it seemed that Zoey-sama had noticed and took him out for a little bit of “training”. Zoey made sure that Koi knew what he had done wasn't something look back upon and worry about. He needed to learn from this mistake and learn to pay attention to the details of a mission more. This training, Koi received a scar on his shoulder that went from the top of his shoulder down the side of his body. It covered up the scar that she gave him in their first training.
    After all that, Koi was mostly used for support than actually fighting face to face with the hollows. Every member that was able was sent to back up the 7th in fighting the hollows. They just seemed to keep coming and coming, almost an endless sea of hollows. As each member took on the most they could, some would be overwhelmed by the seer number of hollows or the power of a certain few. Koi could only sit back and fight, as some of his division members were either eaten by the hollows or actually turned into hollows themselves. This would lead to bigger, and much deadlier battles as the shinigami gave their hollow forms a little bit of a boost in power. Even though Koi was a younger member of the division and still unseated, he was sent to the front lines to help any way he could. He would battle with his whole body and soul, trying to keep the hollows from eating the souls of the innocent people that would be caught in the cross fire of the war and the solders that were fighting. Koi can still remember both the screams of pain and anger as the Soul Society fought the hollows for ever inch of land that they could. The blood that was spilled even during the first year of the battle. Out of the four years, this was the one year that Koi was beaten up the most. A few times Koi was faced with his own death but each time he was able to pull through it with the help of his fellow division members and other shinigami that were in the area. During the end of the year, Koi seemed to change a little bit in appearance. He started to get back the blue eyes that showed his kindness, he body started to get a little bit more tone, and he seemed less like a new warrior and started to look like he had some battles under his belt.
    Year two was shown with the same kind of battles but it seemed that with each passing battle it would start getting easier and easier to keep his cool and win the small battles that he was sent into. But it would seem that Zoey wouldn't let any of the men under her have any down time during this war, if Koi wasn't in the middle of the fighting he was back in the 11th receiving every little bit of training he could from Zoey. First, like Koi's first training with Zoey, about the history of combat and the specialties of the area. But know the enemy and their history, you can know what your enemy will do. Koi was training both in the art of war and the use of his blade, which he always loved to get trained in. Out of all the things that Koi worked at the hardest, it was using his blade. He had always seen his blade as something to protect and defend and he wanted to know how to use it correctly. But Koi wasn't just trained in the use of just his katana but more of the art of using a weapon. He received training having to use different kinds of weapons in different kinds of environments. It wasn't always with Zoey, it was some times Stan and any person that would agree to spar with him. After the training with zanjutsu, Koi was then trained in the tactics that went into warfare. It seemed that no matter what, Koi was surrounding by war and combat and it seemed Zoey was getting so much pleasure out of it. At the end of the year, Koi was sent off to do some training with Stan. Koi knew that this training would be hard but it would help him. They were sent to the real world and sent to a small area known to have medium leveled hollows and it was only Stan and Koi. As they found the area, Stan explained why they were there. Stan was to teach Koi the multistrike attack, which is moving the tip of your blade at an enemy that it seems you are stabbing or jabbing at them 5 to 10 times. The only thing that Koi was told to do, is use the power of his arm and adding reitsu to his arm to increase the speed of the blade. As Koi, entered a small battle with a few hollow, he was about to strike at them but he was stopped by Stan. The only way that Koi could attack anything would be using the tip of his blade and doing stabbing and jabbing motions. As the days went on and Koi was already starting to get beaten up and running low on reitsu, he was being pushed to his limit. But Stan wouldn't let him rest until the technique was mastered. They continued to fight the hollows in the area, even hunting them out late into the night. As Koi started to figure the attack out, he was getting close the 5 time mark. They kept training until Koi was able to hit 10 times with some effort. But anything below 7 was coming easier and easier to him, which Stan decided to test himself. They sparred, even though there was a huge amount of hollows in the area, to test Koi's development. Finally, after Stan was ok with the level of the attack, they were able to return to the division. Of course after they had cleared the area of all the hollows.
    Year three was seen to be one of the hardest for Koi. He was sent to the front lines more and more and it would seem that he was sent alone on some missions that he didn't expect to be sent alone on. Most of the time, Koi would return to the division is such a bad condition that the members of the 4th could barely keep him alive. It would seem that Zoey was testing him to figure out if he was worthy of receiving a seat in her division. The last mission that Koi was sent on before receiving the 4th seat, was the hardest yet and tested Koi's ability to think under pressure and come up on top of the situation. Koi was sent to the real world to get rid of the hollows in a small city on the outside of a major battle site in the human war. They city seemed to be empty but Koi was missing the hollows that were waiting for a nice soul to feed upon. As Koi entered the city he was faced with a small battle with about 10 or 12 small hollows. They were small flying insects hollows with what seemed a long tail with a razor sharp blade at the end of it. Koi was able to kill about half of the hollows before something strange seemed to happen. What seemed to be a leader of the group, reformed the rest of the hollows into the a single hollow with the same power level of a seated member. It was about the size of a small house and looked to be a big scorpion but instead of claws it seemed to have smaller hollow heads attached to it's arms. The tail seemed to have split into three different tails, this was going to be one hell of a battle. As the fighting started, Koi seemed to be forced into the defensive because this hollow seemed to have a power advantage on Koi but he still had speed on his side. He watched as each head seemed to attack on it's own and used each tail went to a single head. He started to play the attacks of the heads against each other and caused the two claw heads to attack each other. He used this time, to get a few attacks in and killed the the two heads. But this only seemed to help the middle head. It now had control of all three heads and would prove to be the biggest challenge. As Koi was beaten and attacked until his was very close to death, he was thrown into his spirit realm and slightly spoke with his spirits. After what seemed hours, but really no time had passed, Koi was thrown back into the battle with a little bit of a second wind. He brought the fight to the hollow, putting it on the defensive but they seemed to be equal matches. But Koi wouldn't give up, he was waiting for his one moment to strike. The hollow made the mistake of trying to attack Koi directly by biting him, Koi knew it was time. The teeth of the hollow sank into his right shoulder, Koi pulled back his zanpoktou and cut the mask into two pieces. Finally, as Koi limped back to the division, he was met by Zoey. She threw him a badge saying 4th and went on her way. The second part of the third year was spent learning Mitubushu from Zoey-sama herself. He was sent to a training air with a weird machine that they would be using. Koi was told to leave his zanpoktou in his room because he wouldn't be using it for a long time. As Zoey-sama started up the machine, it create a funnel of wind. She stepped up and with an open palm on her right hand she easily “deteriorated” the funnel into nothing. She explained the basic idea of the this first stage of this training. As Koi walked up to the funnel for the first time and started to think of the three parts of the attack. Step one was that the attack had to have the power to deteriorate the funnel itself. Step one was that the attack had to be quick enough. Finally, step three was the adding of a small portion of reitsu into the attack. As Koi ran these steps in his mind and brought back his right hand and tried for the first time. He hand caught the funnel and was sent flying back, landing hard on the ground. But Koi wasn't done yet, he would get back to his feet and keep trying, getting closer and closer to finishing the stage one. As he kept going, he finally made the funnel slightly move but Zoey-sama gave him a knock on the back of the head for using too much reitsu. This attack was more about pure power then adding your reitsu to pull it off. Koi spent days in the training area, practicing day and night. Finally, passing out and having to be brought back to his room. He slept and ate, in what seemed only a few hours he was back at the at the machine trying to master the first stage. Finally, after a few days later he was able to finally cause the funnel to deteriorate. But Zoey wanted him to be able to do it every time he walked up to the funnel. He rested and ate and got back to practicing and in two days time after the beginning time spent training, he had mastered it. The next stage was building pure strength, which Koi was more than happy to train for. He needed strength and this attack would be good one to have under his belt. The first part of his strength training was just lifting weights but he didn't start off slow and work his way up. Koi was made to lift his own body weight in each stage of the weight lifting. On top of that, he was trained with weighted weapons. He was given a broad sword for each hand and told to be able to swing them as fast and strongly as he would with his katana. As Koi kept training, only taking a break from it every few days to allow his muscles time to rest and repair themselves, Koi was being trained for more battle. But don't think Koi was at the soul society when he was doing this training, he was still sent to the front lines of the fighting, having to bring the broad swords with him and fight in battle with them, unless his zanpoktou was needed. With this training, Koi seemed to start to bulk up a little bit but his body type stayed the same. He was still lean but the power in the muscles of his body were starting to build. As he started to build up the strength for the attack, Koi was sent to another training area for the next step of the training. Koi was told to bring his blade because this part of the training, he would need it. As he walked into the new training area, it was basically a rocky area with certain area that looked like they had been shelled or something like that. As he walked up to a boulder, Zoey showed him by taking the blunt side of his blade and using the new strength he had and the idea of using the speed and strength of the first training he could do something, as she spoke this she pulled back his blade and with the blunt side of it. She brought down on the rock, causing it to break apart into dust. It was now Koi's turn. He walked up to a new rock and pulled out his blade. He started to think of the attack he did with wind funnel with the idea of his blade as his new hand. He swung and only caused his blade to put a small dent in the side of the boulder. Koi sat there and continued you to attack the rock only to cause it to break into pieces only because he kept attacking it. Finally, Koi had to move to a new rock, spending days on this leg of the training. He kept up with it until finally, adding a small amount of reiatsu and adding the new power he had. He was able to caused the rock to break apart into dust, only to have Zoey-sama say do it again. He kept at it until finally being able to do it easily, or what seemed to be easily.
    Year four was the hardest for Koi because of one thing that came into the picture, his Shikai. At first, Koi wasn't really expecting getting it but he was shown wrong during a mission that he thought would be easy and he would be back home shortly. The details, from what Zoey was given, that a small village on the outside of a major site of battle. It was said to be full of hollows but as Koi entered the small village, there seemed to be nothing there. The air was a little cool but there seemed to be something in the air that Koi knew all too well, Death. As Koi walked through the city, he heard a crash as a massive hollow seemed to break through any standing buildings. It was about the size of a two leve building and seemed to made of nothing more than muscle. It was completely black, all but the white mask that only sent shivers down Koi's spine. It was standing on two legs and had two arms, just like a human but there was something different about it. On it's right hand it had a long blade like appendage that came out of the wrist and the left hand was basically a huge mass of bone in the shape of a ball, this hollow was made for offense. As Koi slowly moved up behind the hollow, he pulled out his blade and started to get ready to use his new attack. He flipped the blade and jumped into the air, adding only the slightest bit of reitsu into the attack and using the power of his upper body and his arms, he brought the blade down. The hollow only turned to be too late in the attack, but something was wrong. At the edge of the blade connected with the body of the hollow, it should start to destroy the bones and internal organs of the hollow and beat it around. But the skin of the hollow seemed to easily take the attack. The hollow only laughed and something clicked in the back of Koi's mind. He had heard this laugh before, long ago this laugh haunted his dreams and ate away at him from the inside until his mind blocked it from him. Hearing it broke that barrier and the images, sounds, and feelings came flooding back to Koi. In what was only milliseconds, Koi was rushed back to his childhood. It was the day that he found his sister dead and could only see the form of something in the background as he saw the body of his sister on the ground. The figure wasn't that clear, more of a shadow, but the voice and laugh of the creature was heard so clearing and imprinted on his mind for the rest of his life. This hollow was the one that it seemed had killed his sister, but Koi was only able to stay there with his blade pressed into the body of the hollow. It laughed again and knocked Koi like a rag doll with it's left hand. “A shinigami, here? My luck must be changing, I haven't had anything to eat since I cleaned this city out. I've been so hungry, for that I thank you.” It laughed again, as Koi laid there on the ground with his eyes glazed over thinking over and over again of that day. The voices of his spirits yelling and cursing him to get to his feet. “Please Koi get to your feet and fight it, if you let it go you will never forget yourself.” “You fucking pussy, just get to your feet and fight this fucking hollow.” But the words were lost on Koi, he was lost in this form. The hollow looked down at Koi, and started to cut at his body with the blade on it's right hand and beating him up with the left hand. As Koi was knocked into the side of a building, it finally snapped him out of it. He had lightly held onto his blade, which was good. He slowly picked himself up and looked at the hollow, it wasn't a time for revenge but more of justice. This hollow needed to be stopped. Blood seemed to be covering Koi and his uniform was in pieces as the badge saying 4th barely hung on his body. The blade connected with the ground, it seemed so heavy to him and even breathing was hurting Koi's body. He had some broken ribs and could barely stand, it seemed that Koi was always put into this position. Something seemed to push Koi back into the real world, it seemed like an there was an earthquake but Koi was very wrong. The hollow was rushing him, pulling his blade back and brining it down vertically down on Koi. Koi quickly brought up his own blade to block as the the two blades connected, he could feel the strength of the hollow. The hollow pushed down on it's blade, causing Koi's legs to buckle and the blade to move down and cut into his shoulder. Koi was barely able to push and jump back and get some distance. As Koi started to breath heavy, he heard the hollow start to laugh but it soon stopped. Everything around Koi seemed to go a dole and go black and white. As it did, Koi could hear the voices of his spirits move around him. They seemed to finally take a form, the woman's voice to the form a red phoenix that was more than beautiful. It landed next to Koi and started to nuzzle into his side. The male voice seemed to take the form of a black phoenix that seemed to be missing feathers and looked like it had been battle with other birds it's whole life. It landed in front of Koi, only to attack him slightly with it's beck. “You loser, why did you let this thing almost kill you? You have to get stronger, there is no way we're going to let you stay in a place like this and die.” The female phoenix walked in front of the black one and spoke to Koi, the voice always seemed to calm him. “Koi, we know you are finally ready to know our name and fight this thing. Don't do it for revenge but to stop it from killing more people. Fight.” Koi took to his feet and picked up his blade. His reitsu started to flare around his body and the air seemed to heat up. He pulled up his blade and in a calm voice Koi spoke. “Judge and Condemn, Fenghuang and Ju-Jak.” The air exploded in heat and the blade of Koi's zanpoktou seemed to heat up to red hot. It was a little longer and seemed to be covered in red flame. Two tattoos formed on Koi's body, a red phoenix and a black phoenix. They were glowing but it seemed the red phoenix was glowing more brilliantly. Both tattoos were moving freely over Koi's body and could be any where they wanted. Koi's eyes seemed to glow a little bit more with the blue color, he was finally ready to attack and fight on the same field with this hollow. Time and color came back to the world as Koi rushed forward at the hollow, jumping into the air and quickly slashing at the body of the hollow. The hollow didn't block or try to counter, not knowing the new power Koi had. The blade easily cut through the skin of the hollow and seemed to cauterize the wound from the heat. The hollow yelled and pushed Koi back, they brought blade to blade as the fight continued. It seemed that each person was equal in strength. Taking a breath, Koi jumped back and pulled up his blade again. “Ju-Jak, it's time to finish.” There seemed to be a laugh in the air, as it heated up even more and the blade grew black. The tattoo on his body started to glow, the stronger stage of the shikai was here. It seemed that each spirit seemed to control the blade and with each change the power of the flames grew. Koi could add his reitsu to the shikai and increase the power of the flames. Koi smiled a little bit and jumped into the air, and brought his blade down at the hollow. It tried to block it with it's own blade but Koi's blade cut through it like it was butter. The hollow yelled again, it seemed that the blade was pure bone. The hollow jumped back pulling it's left arm back and attacking at Koi, but Koi brought up his blade and blocked the ball. Koi started to slide on the ground, being pushed back by the ball. Koi pushed the ball back and looked at the hollow, he pulled back his blade and the flames seemed to engulf his whole body. But it wasn't just the black flames but the red ones were covering him too. He swung his blade and the flames seemed to encircle each other and follow the motion of the blade. They swirled around almost like a small horizontal tornado, but it only nicked the side of the hollow. The right arm and potion of it's body was burned away, the attack was new and Koi could barely control it. The hollow screamed in pain but it was quickly cut short. Koi had used this time to kill the hollow with the last bit of reitsu he had left. He slowly feel to the ground and passed out as the body of the hollow disappeared. He woke to find himself in the 4th wrapped up and on a bed, Zoey had come for him. The mission had taken too much time and he was need at the front lines. As Koi rested in the bed, he started to think of ways to train his new attack and shikai as much as he possible could. But Koi really wasn't given much time to practice, as he was told by Zoey-sama to get back to the front lines and also was sent with a few things that would cause him a little bit of trouble. It was nearing the end of the fourth year and Zoey wanted to start training for shyunpo. He have weights on his body at all times and that he needed to train putting reitsu into his legs every day. Even after the fighting and this last year, Koi has been wearing the weights on his body.

    After the battles in the war, Koi was both battle harden and quick to raise his defenses against the world. Zoey could tell this, only pushing it further by forcing Koi to take metal training with Axel in the 7th division. Koi was subject to both mental and physical tourture as he was brought to the brink of sanity time and time again. A few members of the 7th had terrible shikai under their power, making Koi relive every moment of his life that caused him pain and suffering, only to be revisit them for what seemed like a life time. The training ended on the view of his little sister, watching her be ripped to pieces by the hollow that killed him. After this “training” Koi was brought back to the 11th to be forced to take part in learning from a dojo. At the time, Koi had started his training with Shunpo from Zoey but that took a break as he took a liking to the Gedan dojo. The master of the dojo was a very small woman, making Koi read books after books about the human body and clean the dojo before he was taught anything. Koi practiced on dummies, attacking the certain points of the body that the woman had told him about and what he had read in books. As time passed, an attack was put together to have the entire Soul Society make their way to Siberia for an attack. Koi was gathering the members when the old hag, told him to place his zanpaktou in the dojo and leave with a bokken. Unable to protest, Koi took the bokken and got ready for the movement into Siberia.

    As the 11th entered, Zoey decided to leave Koi a little mission of his own to finish. It would seem that the hollows were giving off some sort of poision, corrupting the souls and bodies of the humans still in the area. Koi was given the orders to clear a building of any living beings. As Koi entered, a small room was found filled with children. They weren’t alive, but they weren’t hollowes, yet. They had been infected with the poison making a normal burial impossible, leaving Koi forced to kill the small young children on the spot. There was no blood on his hands, doing his best to end their lives quickly and the least painful way, but his hands were covered ever more so with blood of innocent beings. Koi exited the building, only to be forced on the run as the Fuku-Taichou of the 11th came up behind him with a very mad, in both senses of the word, arrancar behind him. In a moment, the head of his Fuku-Taichou came rocketing in his back. Koi did his best to cause the Arracnar to leave Zoey alone, as she battled her own enemy, but being only a 3rd seat he was a little play thing, more so a kitty as the arracanr yelled at him. Koi was forced to run being promoted quickly to Fuku-Taichou, as Zoey fought the two with the end of the war. Koi returned to the 11th, missing both his Taichou and his Fuku-Taichou.

    From that point, Koi would be leading the 11th if he liked it or not. Axel made his way into the flatten rubble of the battle field to find Zoey, finding what only seemed like the shell of the woman he once knew. Koi made his way quickly to the 4th to see his Taichou but only finding that Axel drew some sort of hard feelings towards Koi and the 11th for leaving her behind, Koi knowing that deep down most would have rather had his body on that table then Zoey’s. Finding himself head of the 11th, for now, as his Taichou tried to gain back the knowledge of both who she was and what she was doing. If that wasn’t bad enough, the end of the war with the hollows was coming to yet another battle, but this seemed like the true ending of the war. They had gathered a large portion of hollows, leading their way towards Soul Society. As the acting head of the 11th, Koi found himself talking with other Taichous on what would happen, yet being forced to stay in Soul Society to protect it with Axel running the show. If that wasn’t bad enough, members of the 11th were disobeying orders as a crazed Zoey drew a blade and left Koi bleeding on the ground after he tired to defend the members of his own division from her crazed attacks. In a matter of time, Zoey regained her knowledge only to take over the academy and leave the 11th still in Koi’s care. He continued to train, taken to the edge of Soul Society as Axel passed on the knowledge of Sekkaku, or the basic of the technique to him before Koi was drawn back to the 11th. Koi, finally gaining his Bankai, was given the right to take the 11th for his own.

    As time passed, Axel brought Koi out to the edge again for some more training. The first step, was turn Koi into a giant callus. He was placed into a box, filled with sand and a large fire was placed under it. As the sand heated up, it would turn to glass as the box moved and kinetic forces pushed into the box from Axel. The attack with rip the glass off Koi’s body, but it continued to attack his internal organs. As the this step of the training finished, Koi was freed from the box, only to be trapped inside a box of glass surrounding him. The mask placed on his face from the start, let him breath, but as Axel covered it and explained the motions of Kinetic force, Koi was placed again between a rock and a hard place. Koi freed himself, only moments before dying as he fell to the ground covered in blood and healing scars. His body was treated, basically a mummy of a man, yet this was still just the start. Koi followed the Ex-Taichou as they made their way deeper and further away from Soul Society; find a small tribe as an Arrancar showed Koi the spirit that dwelled inside of him. At this point, Koi was free to go, or he was told of mountain that Axel and Zoey thought of checking out but weren’t able. Not wanting to be out down, Koi entered finding himself face to face with one Arracnar after another. Finding later that the first was only his imagination playing tricks on him because of the abilities of the other Arracnar.

    Position: Taichou of the 11th

    Abilities in order (categories):
    Reiatsu Control

    Weapons: Zanpakutou

    Zanpakutou: A normal sized Katana with a flame covered sheath and writing on the blade that says Phoenix. (changed after his gained Bankai)

    Type: Elemental

    Shikai: Koi’s blade extends as red or black fire engulfs his body, depending on how serious the battle is. Two phoenixs appear on his body, tattoo looking nature but able to move across his body freely. The two fires of his Shikai represent two different zanpaktou spirits. Red for Fenghuang who is the nice caring spirit and who’s flame isn’t as deadly as the other. Black for Ju-Jak who’s flame shows his fierce and uncaring nature as it burns through anything even Koi’s on body.
    No chain




    Stage 1: Change of blade color to go with the change of Fire, Red and Black
    Stage 2: Control over his flame, allowing to grow hotter and larger at will.
    Stage 3: “Fenikkusu Houka (Phoenix Fire)” Attack creates a spinning tornado shaped attack of fire that both burns and tears at the target's flesh

    Bankai: Koi calls forth his Bankai by both calling the name and piercing his Zanpaktou into his lower chest. The thrust into his body isn’t lethal, missing the organs and just really giving a small wound. Koi is then surrounded by the flames of Zanpaktou, leaving his frame unseen by the opponent. Koi then reemerges from the flames in the form of a giant per say, usually between the height of 18 ~ 20 feet tall. He carries two axes, the blades having phoenixes on them to represent the spirits of his zanpaktou. Other then having control of the two fires of his Zanpaktou, when the edge of his axes connect with anything other then air, while still in his hands, a medium sized explosion of force and fire almost like a small bomb going off is released from the point of contact. The more force behind the swing, the stronger and larger the blast. In this form Koi’s attack is increased as is his defense, but he losses speed because of his large body.

    Stage 1: The large form, armor, the two axes, and the explosions created from using his axe and connecting with something.
    Stage 2: Going into stage two, Koi is brought down to about 9 feet tall but carries with him a 15 foot Katana. His body is covered in samurai like armor, leaving the bottom half of his face covered in an Oni mask. Swinging his weapon, cutting something, blocking with his weapon or body, or even taking damages causes flames to spit fourth from either his weapon or body. The flames are both red and black, just like his shikai, gathering and pooling on the ground. As Koi gathers more flames, they start to take shape of phoenix parts, either wings or talons until both of his Shikai spirits are formed from the flames. Both are about 20 feet tall and have a mind of their own, attack how they want but still listen to commands and gestures given by Koi.

    Area of Speciality: Sword master and Master of the Gedan Dojo

    Personal Techniques:
    Jump Shunpo
    After Image Shunpo
    Killer Intent Shunpo (not mastered yet)
    The Feint Shunpo is just what its name tells you. Koi had gotten to a near mastery level of the after image Shunpo and messed around with it a bit. By releasing a major killer intent right before you Shunpo away, you leave basically a feint attack (feints are maneuvers designed to distract or mislead, done by giving the impression that a certain maneuver will take place, while in fact another, or even none, will) in your last position. By doing this, Koi can try and cause someone to flinch and give him a chance to strike from a different position. The idea is to use someone’s instinct and training against them.

    Mutli-strike attack: non-reiatsu using from the 11th.
    Mutli-strike based off of Axel's (working on)
    A powerhouse attack. Not available until intermediate to experienced swordsmen. A great deal of strength and stamina is required for this attack. Dominantly an offensive move, but can provide a major opening if not performed quick enough. For beginners, a SMALL amount of reitsu may be adjusted to the attack but that is strictly in substitution for strength. It is not needed later on. The move requires a great deal of training for the body in power and speed. Trainers must practice the art of striking weaponless in a wind based setting before moving onto the next step. (can be explained further if you like) A great deal of upper body strength is simultaneously adjusted. Agility is a must. The attack is performed with the flat part of the sword. It curves over into a slash, building and collecting momentum as it is slammed onto the victim or object. The result can be direct or indirect. Damage can include destroying boulders into debris, crush bones, burst arteries and veins, or send your opponent body first into the nearest wall. The edge of the blade cannot be used for this reason as it does not deliver the same form of power, instead cutting and slicing through the air and then the object. The flat is a must.

    Taichou level/Zoey level: The peak of the ability with this attack, causing maximum damage to the target. It causes bones to turn to dust inside of the body, blood vessels to break, blood hemoglobin to either disintegrate or become deformed,and easily cause pressures inside of the body to change caused many organs to explode or rip open. The area of the attack is large, being able to affect a small section of hollows/enemies behind the direct target. The area affected by the target is large enough to cause high damage to the whole body no matter where the attacked connected. If the attack is released without something connected it, or is released into the side of a building, would release “a magnum amount of force leveling the streets and pummeling the air” as Zoey showed us in the human world.

    Brute Strength. A quake attack. Loose wrist movement. Defensive, can be used as offensive simultaneously. Sword is flipped over and the hilt is thrust into the ground like a power drill. The perimeter around the fighter collapses or shakes, pieces of the ground jutting and smashing up. (A miniature quake.) Size of surrounding damage is determined by power and velocity of the performance. Perimeter is also gained through experience and training. A counter to some forms of physical kidou. REMINDER: This is not for the physically weak.

    Ripple used against a body: If the attack is brought to the body of the enemy, a ripple is sent through their entire body. In most cases it can cause temporally paralyses that can be overcome by calming the system. At higher degrees of force, this attack can very lethal, causing the brain to rattle back and forth in the skull, internal bleeding there and other places is come place if the user applies a large forced ripple.

    Taichou level: A huge quake, depending on how much power the person puts into the attack, large boulders can burst forth from the earth. At this level of mastery, the attack is no longer forms in a radius from the person, but a directed force in the direction they chose. The attack only creates a small crater under the hilt of the user’s sword. The earth in the direction the ripple takes is completely crumbled, easily causing voids for enemies to fall in.

    Buzz Saw Blade: By creating opposite spinning circles of reiatsu on his blade e, Koi generates something to a buzz saw on the edge of his blade. Though it doesn’t slice through things, it rippes and tears the object to pieces because the spinning reiatsu is pulling the object in different directions. Koi has mastery over this techneique, allowing him to use the flames of his shikai to create the spinning, adding a bit more lethality to the attack.

    Kinetic Force
    Kinetic Force Barrier: After a small period of mediation, Koi’s body is covered in a layer of kinetic force which protects him from attacks. When pierce the force is pushed out from his whole body directed towards the target. The force is enough to push someone off their feet.
    Upgrade Force Barrier with Ripple Kinetic Force
    Ripple Kinetic Force
    One of the most ruthless forms of fighting in a most majestic way. EXTREMELY DIFFICULY to learn. Requires little power but a great deal of knowledge, accuracy and precision. One mess can end their life. This house is entirely willed to cutting and puncturing pressure points, specific crucial arteries, and certain veins throughout the body. A simple jab, or cut to an exact location may lead to victory. The fighter must have intense knowledge of the human or hollow anatomy. Results can be shown with a simple thrust, cutting off blood supply to the heart or brain, causing internal damage, increase fatigue or restriction of movement. NOTE: while sword abilities will be required to affectively perform a successful attack or at the very least get in range of their opponent, it is more noted this is for patient fighters willing to take the time to study and memorize exact locations. If you’re not this type of fighter ie brute strength, impatient etc, this is not a style for you. This does take time to learn and is a capable style outside the zanjutsu expertise.

    Femoral Artery (thigh) – heavy bleeding. Restricts running or shyunpo greatly. Dangerous.
    Deep Femoral Artery (femur; along the thigh) – major artery. Internal bleeding, numbing intense pain down to the foot. Life Threatening.
    Pulmonary Vein(chest) - Four of them. Bring blood to the heart. Damage should be obvious.
    Abdominal Aorta (abdominal cavity) - Supplies blood to the abdominal cavity. Delirious, shortness of breath, heavy bleeding, possible death. Deadly.
    Jugular Vein (jugular) – deoxygenated blood to the head and back to the heart. Common sense if you’re cut or jabbed here. Deadly.
    Thoracic Aorta (left ventricle) – Supply blood to the head, neck, thorax, upper limbs. Heaviness to inability to wield weapon are the first major signs.
    Brachial Artery (upper arm) – Inability to wield weapon. Sharp pain, numbs entire muscles in the arm. Limb is useless. MUST be slashed however.
    Deep Palmar Arch (palm) – Inability to wield a weapon efficiently or a two handed weapon. Lots of bleeding. A deep cut must be made affectively.
    Femoral Vein (hunter’s canal, middle of thigh) – Life Threatening. Several other veins drain into this one.
    Pressure Points:
    Above the elbow joint- jab using the hilt of the sword (temporary paralyzes of limb)
    Forarm- jab using the hilt of the sword (stun them. Low bleeding

    Buko Ryu:

    Divine Step - Foot work. Lots of foot work. Heavy meditation, calling on the inner spirit to slow one’s heartbeat down. Sword fighting performed in the manner of fluid steps in the art of dodging, deflecting, and retaliating in one smooth movement. Motion of the Ocean. The body should be relaxed, the mind should be in a post-meditative state. It is a skill required of zanjutsu dominant fighters in dire times of combat or simply a way to deflect power or strength fighters. Noble Fighting.

    Muso (heavens) - A brutal and murderous attack. One or two blades. Any sharp edge will do. For experienced swordsmen only. Overtaking the opponent from the rear or front, high leveled agility required for absolute arm and body movements. The feet are planted firmly as the fighter literally slashes their opponent into ribbons in a blink of the eye. The edge should cut deep into the flesh, the slashes should be a blur. A difficult move to block. This attack looks graceful but will end with a Dead hollow lying in a pool of blood in several pieces. Affective against long distance fighters once in range and may easily tear apart a shield of use varying on their level.

    Koi has a basic understanding of the attacks, not at the master level but enough to be able to use them in a fight against someone of his own level of power.
  17. Name: Pluto Rikudou

    Age: 21 Decades

    Gender: Male

    Blood Type: AB

    Reiatsu Color: Dark with Red and Silver lines flowing through it.

    Appearance: Rikudou stands at a terrifying 6’3 tall and is of a muscular built. His body and its physical built are fit more for the 7th and 11th Divisions. Instead the man opted for the 6th out of preference for a certain fighting styles. The Shinigami also has long white spiky mane like hair. Crimson eyes with a touch of warmth and yet ruthless desires locked away inside them. A trait brought on by the Shinigami’s mood which depends on the situation he is placed in. Rikudou’s skin is also of a tanned colour with a tattoo of a Dragon covering his back. Rikudou’s also sports sleeveless Shinigami robes with a White Obi which extends down towards his thighs. Underneath his sleeveless robes the man sports what looks like a black sleeveless tank top. Pluto’s Zanapakuto will normally be worn across his lower back in a slanted manner. The hilt of his sword would normally extend just past his right hip. Mere inches away from his hand should he need to unsheathe his sword.

    Appearance Update: The white haired Shinigami hasn't grown in height over the years. He does however possess a body that is far more tone compared to what it was when he first joined the Gotei squads. Despite having a rather handsome face, his crimson eyes and long white spiky mane like hair often makes others wary of him. Pluto had a pair of earrings in his ears, silver earrings with a black pearl attached to it.The earrings are about 2 inches long as they hang from his ears.Pluto still sports his sleeveless Shinigami uniforn. The white sash around his waist has been replaced by a red one. The man no longer sports the typical sandals, instead, Pluto now sports a pair of black tabi boots. His change in attire came at a time when the man joined the 2nd Division. Pluto decided he would dress the part and wear his garments with the pride of the 2nd Division. Apart from this, Pluto sports a black sleeveless Haori like overcoat. The overcoat has a rather high collar with red tassels hanging from it. The Shinigami has a pair of black gloves on his hands, these gloves reaching beyond his wrist and covering majority of his forearm. His Zanapakuto is now strapped across his back these days, with a red sash holding it into place. On certain days Pluto will opt to sport his Zanapakuto diagonally across his lower back.

    Height: 6’3
    Hair color: White as Snow
    Eye color: Crimson
    Notable features: Handsome Face, Crimson Eyes and White spiky Hair

    Personality: Pluto is more or less a recluse than anything else whose visage was designed to mislead others. A solitary Shinigami, that prefers to be alone by nature and is very secretive in everything that he does. Shunning all others unless he requires something from them and as a result he pick and chooses who he befriends. Rikudou’s facade will normally give the impression of a totally different person. This of course depends on the moment and the type of situation that you came across him in. The Shinigami is also very witty and calculative, rational, observant and cool headed. The man can also be the exact opposite with his merciless persona which comes to life during battle. Pluto is ruthless in the sense that it becomes second nature to him when backed into a corner. Knowing this much about himself the Shinigami will shy away from exploring his unforgiving nature. This reluctant part of his nature can lead to the man being hesitant and indecisive. Such a trait comes as a result of Pluto not wanting to show his true self to others. There are quite a few situations in which Pluto demonstrates this to others. The Shinigami will go as far as not wanting to show off his abilities to others.


    The occasional Drink


    Feeling weak
    Being Hungry
    Unnecessary noise

    History: Pluto, is the name taken on by this mysterious young man. It is said that he took on the name in memory of his best friend who past away. not much is known about his origin. Except that he lived a life mainly filled with grief and despair. A life in which one has to be aware of his surroundings, as it could easily mean the difference between life and death. He comes across as a very reserved but cunning person. He's quick witted if the situation fits it. Pluto also never had any experience in the human world, he was born in Rukongai. Where he grew up, in one of the poorest districts there is. After his friend died, he decided to become a Soul Reaper. He desires power, but what motivates him have yet to be seen. He is the only survivor from his family. They were attacked by hollows, in which Jin now known as Pluto lost his family.

    The Shinigami began his quest for strength at the Shinigami Academy with the intentions of becoming stronger. There he met quite a few Shinigami, some who have become comrades. And some who have at times been rivals or an obstacle for him to overcome. During his time at the Shinigami Academy Pluto tried his best to hone his skills to the best of his abilities. Like most the man knew he had what most would call potential. Something that can be explored with enough practice and that’s what Pluto opted for. The Shinigami also came across a man that is now his rival more than anything. A friend and yet still an enemy when the situation calls for it. Another Shinigami by the name of Cipher Janza, along with a young woman called Kiyame. As a fledgling Shinigami the crimson eyed man got involved in quite a few missions one of which was a Mission to the realm of the Humans. It was in this realm that Pluto had one of his first real experiences fighting against Hollows. The Shinigami was just a pawn like the younger generation of the other Shinigamis. But Pluto took the time to observe and learn more about fighting against a common enemy. This Mission to the Realm of the Humans ended well with Pluto defeating what most would call small fries.

    The Fledgling felt proud of his accomplishments regardless of what the others think. Shortly after his mission to the Human World, Pluto was now eligible for graduation from the Academy. Pluto went on a mission of self discovery and it was during this mission that he came across a friend. Perhaps just a friend was incorrect since the man had discovered so much more. Pluto’s Zanapakuto spirit which is known to him as Reika had a brief encounter with the man. After taking another step to becoming a full fledge Shinigami. Pluto soon joined the Rokubantai which was undergoing a few changes at the time. But not even that could stop him from trying to reach his goals which fits well with his personality. Constantly training and pushing further and further. Pluto was soon given the opportunity to prove his worth on the grounds of Central 46. A war had broken out, one that could have shifted the natural balance. It was during this time that Pluto had discovered something new about him. It came in the form of his Shikai which added even more to his confidence as a Shinigami. A nasty beast was the Shinigami’s foe, a creature that Pluto had dubbed the ‘Cyclops’. It was Pluto’s toughest battle that he was apart of at the time. But with pride and strength along with determination, the man did overcome his opponent. However the fight against another spirit showed just how much he was lacking in strength. The battle had Central 46 came to a bloody end. Pluto withdrew himself from the frontlines after doing his part in order to heal his injuries. With the battle of Central 46 still fresh in his mind Pluto began working more closely with his Zanapakuto. After a few intense training sessions, Pluto had discovered one of the most basic things about his blade. To Be Continued.

    Position= Fuku Taicho


    Reiatsu Control

    Weapons: Zanapakuto and his Body

    Area of Specialty: Fighting and Relaxing

    Personal Techniques

    Reiatsu Orb
    Reiatsu Sword
    Reiatsu Shield
    Reiatsu Armor
    Binding art kidou 1~ Mastered
    Binding Art 21: Raiden's Trap~ Mastered
    Destructive art 4: White Lightning~ Mastered
    Destructive art 20: Reeling touch~ Mastered
    Destructive Art 30: Marikodos Chaos Rain~ Mastered
    Destructive Art 31: Red Flame Cannon~ Mastered
    Destructive Art 33: Blue Fire, Crash Down~ Mastered
    Binding Art 57: Kage Dakou – Shadow Crawling~ Mastered
    Binding Art 66: Kage Teisu- Shadow Prison~Mastered
    Bakdou 61: Six Truncheon Light Prison~ Mastered
    Destructive Art 63: Raikouhou; Thunder Roar Cannon~Mastered
    Destructive Art 62: Soukouyari-Mastered

    Multi-strike technique

    Zanapakuto Information

    Zanpakutō ID



    Zanpakutō Information

    //Road To Discovery\\

    Name of Shikai: Sejin Reika

    Release Command:
    First Form: Judge Thy Enemy
    Second Form: Reflect & Shatter

    Zanpakutō Element: Ice (Dark Ice)

    Zanpakutō Type: Katana


    Zanpakutō Appearance

    //Awakened Soul\\
    Zanapakuto Inner World: Reika’s inner world is more or less a vast land made up of ice. It is always nearly snowing whenever Pluto’s is drawn into his inner world. There are large mountains all around in the distance, and at times, the landscape will resemble that of an ocean which was frozen over ages ago. Inside this inner world is a large castle that resides in the heavens. The castle on some days is covered by clouds. The castle is a white one, lined with golden pillars, and a golden roof based on what Pluto can see from wherever he is standing. The castle itself appears to be ancient, with drawing of dragons decorating the exterior of the castle. It is also speculated, that these very drawings are on the interior walls of the castle. There are also ancient

    symbols that Pluto himself has yet to decode.

    Zanapakuto Spirit Appearance: Pluto’s Zanapakuto takes the form of an eastern type dragon that appears to be serpentine in shape. It has two large black wings, and as anyone would expect, the dragon is also black. Pluto considers this to be a coincidence, since the ice produced by his Zanapakuto is also black. The dragon has massive claws and talons, and its tail comes as a pair for the most part. There are white lines on the body of this majestic creature. A crown is also worn upon the head of the ancient beast, a crown that Pluto hopes to wear one day. On that back of the dragon are mane like red hairs, which also appears on its hands and talons. The fangs of the creature are also long and elongated for the most part. The eyes of the dragon are a blood red, with a black pupil. There are also times when the dragon will morph itself into an exact copy of Pluto. This generally depends on the nature of Pluto’s visit to his inner world. Unknowingly to Pluto however, this is a symbol for something that he himself doesn’t
    know about.

    Zanapakuto Personality: Reika’s personality is that of a creature that is expected to act high and mighty. A truly majestic and magnificent creature that will never lower its standards for anyone. Reika is also quite the intelligent one, cunning, and can have a very short temper. At this point in time though, Reika is also a very deceptive being for all the right reasons. The reason for this has yet to be brought to the light, and so Pluto has been oblivious to it all along. The dragon is simply but a book of secrets, that will be unlocked one page at a time

    Sealed Form: Sejin Reika is a 27 inches long katana with a eastern type dragon on either side of the blade. The dragons stand out on the blade as they’re black, while the color of the blade being silver. The cross guard is of a rectangular shape, being grey in color with a dragon inside the rectangle of the cross guard. The hilt is ten inches long and is red in color, the sheath of the Zanapakuto is red and black, with a red sash attached to it, one that allows Pluto to wear the weapon strapped across his back.

    Released Form:

    First Form: Sejin Reika’s most basic Shikai form is that of a large blades, one that was seemingly built for hacking and slashing. The blade’s length sees it reaches 30 inches in length, and 11 inches in width. Both sides of the blade can be dangerous towards any opponent. The top of the blade is lined with a row of spikes, numbering eight in total. Each of these sharp spikes is seven inches in length. The blade is blade in color, with golden eastern dragons on either side. The blade itself also possesses an unconventional tip, giving the blade a rectangular shape for the most part. The sharp cutting edge of the blade is silver in color. The cross guard of Sejin Reika’s Shika is that of a dragon’s head, an eastern type dragon to be precise. The dragon’s head is also of a golden color, with the blade extending from the dragon’s mouth. The weapon’s hilt extends 10 inches in length, with a red sash connected to the hilt. This sash is three foot long in length, completing Pluto’s Shikai form.

    Second Form: During the second stage of his Shikai Pluto's Zanapakuto will change its shape from its standard hack and clash type of weapon. His large weapon will now become a pair of Shuriken Mirrors with 6 blades each that extends up to 12 inches long. The blades will be carefully placed on the Shuriken with the mirror in the center of it. The Shuriken Mirrors will be 3ft wide with the outer frame of the Mirror being black in the appearance. The whole form of the mirror and blades will be metal no doubt. and on the back of these Shuriken Mirrors will be a Golden eastern type dragon carefully curled up. On the back of the Shuriken Mirrors will be a pair of handles that allows for gripping. The handles will then allow Pluto to use the Shuriken Mirrors as a sort of shield if need be.

    Shikai Ability: Pluto's Zanapakuto is an Ice/Snow type Zanapakuto that produces Black/dark Ice. As far as he knows it is the only Ice/Snow type Zanapakuto that uses Dark Ice. Pluto's Zanapakuto is called Sejin Reika which translate to (The World below Zero).

    Shuriken Mirrors Ability: Considering the Nature of Pluto's Zanapakuto, the temperature of the Shuriken Mirrors will be below freezing. The Shuriken Mirrors themselves will act as projectile weapons, which will allow Pluto to extend his reach. The Shuriken Mirrors will constantly rotate adding even more to their cutting capability. The Shuriken Mirrors will be under Pluto's control and will attack according to his will. Pluto can use his other Shikai techniques in this form, allowing him to spring surprise attacks, and to attack and defend.

    Bankai Name
    Command (Optional)

    //True Understanding\\

    Name of Bankai: Senzai, Reika no Kami (Millennia of the Ice God)

    Release Command: Descend into the Frozen Abyss


    Bankai Appearance

    //New Plateau\\

    Bankai Appearance:

    Weaponry: Reika no Kami’s bankai comes in the form of 5 modified Shurikens with mirrors inside them. To break down the appearance of the Shurikens, the Mirror section of the Shuriken is that of a round mirror reinforced by a metal frame, with of course a clear mirror inside of it. This round mirror is four feet in both height and width. But what makes the Shuriken most dangerous, are the three blades that sits on the outer edges of the mirror. This is what completes Pluto’s weapon form, making it a Shuriken Mirror. The three blades on the outer edges resemble three tomoes, very similar to that of the Sharingan tomoes from the Naruto Manga. The blades (tomoes) extend a further eighteen inches from the outer edges of the mirror. The blades of the Shurikens are of course razor sharp and seem to cut without mercy. The Shurikens are all black for the most part, with silver edges on each blade.

    The back of the Shurikens each have a handle that allows Pluto to grab hold of the Shurikens and further maneuver them for melee based combat. This normally happens when Pluto sees the need to defend him from close range. The Mirror inside each shuriken is not easily broken, as they are of a spiritual nature. They have been seen to ward of sword clashes and other attacks without as much as a blemish to the mirrors. The Shuriken Mirrors all attack by spinning violently, cutting without prejudice and moving at incredible speeds as they fly through the air. Reika no Kami’s weaponry and Bankai doesn’t end with the Shuriken Mirrors. Pluto’s Zanapkuto forms make an appearance, meaning that his sword and Shuriken forms of his Zanapakuto are to be utilized during his Bankai stage. The sword form remains the same as his Shikai form, with the sash at the end of the hilt actively wraps itself around Pluto’s wrists and forearm.

    Sejin Reika’s most basic Shikai form is that of a large blades, one that was seemingly built for hacking and slashing. The blade’s length sees it reaches 30 inches in length, and 11 inches in width. Both sides of the blade can be dangerous towards any opponent. The top of the blade is lined with a row of spikes, numbering eight in total. Each of these sharp spikes is seven inches in length. The blade is black in color, with golden eastern dragons on either side. The blade itself also possesses an unconventional tip, giving the blade a rectangular shape for the most part. The sharp cutting edge of the blade is silver in color. The cross guard of Sejin Reika’s Shikai/Bankai is that of a dragon’s head, an eastern type dragon to be precise. The dragon’s head is also of a golden color, with the blade extending from the dragon’s mouth. The weapon’s hilt extends 10 inches in length, with a red sash connected to the hilt. This sash is three foot long in length, completing Pluto’s Shikai/Bankai form.

    Dragon Form: Not only does Pluto use a combination of his weaponry from his shikai form. The man also calls forth Reika no Kami in its dragon form to the current plain of existence. This causes a 50 meter long and 12ft in width black dragon to manifest itself on the battlefield. The dragon exists as an elemental beast, one that is made up of ice. The dragon follows the theme of the dark ice, being a black dragon that constantly has frost radiating from it. In this form, Reika no Kami has a rather long body, resembling an eastern type dragon. It also has a pair of dark wings made of ice of course, a crown upon its head and with massive talons. The dragon also has a pair of tails unlike many other that only has one. The tails of the dragon so happened to be spiked tails, albeit ice ones. The dragon possesses crimson eyes much like Pluto.
    Pluto’s Appearance: Pluto’s own physical appearance changes along with the Shurikens. The white haired Shinigami now has a black ice crown sitting upon his head. The man also gains a pair of dark draconic wings made of ice. A pair of spiked tails, connected to his person where his tail bones are located. The crown, the wings and the tails all have frost constantly radiating from them. The Shinigami also gains a pair of gauntlets, those strong enough to parry weapons. The gauntlets reach Pluto’s elbows where they stop. They are of a silver and black color, with the fingers of the gauntlets being silver. There is also an eastern type dragon on each gauntlet that is also silver in color.

    Bankai Ability:

    Bankai Ability: Reika no Kami maintains its theme which is to release the ever so unconventional dark/black ice from his Zanapakuto. In its bankai state, Reika no Kami ability focuses on the creation, reconstruction and manipulation of high volumes of ice that freezes whatever it touches upon contact. The Shuriken Mirrors actively carries out this task, allowing Reika no Kami’s ability to remain as active and as potent as ever. The Shuriken Mirrors upon making contact will release the dark ice onto those targeted. Pluto also has a sword and a 50 meter long Dragon actively doing the same thing. The Shinigami is capable of releasing high volumes of ice from his blade/Shurikens should he wish to do so. The whole process is like having waves of water crash down on someone, while freezing the opponent without prejudice. The Shuriken Mirrors, the sword and the dragon passively absorbs the heat within the area, causing the temperature in the affected area to drop. Pluto maintains full control over the movements of the Shurikens and the Dragon, attacking with great speed and power.


    Zanpakutō Techniques

    //The Soul's Desires Given Form\\


    Name: Rikkase~ Ice Current
    Level: Shikai
    Description: Rikkase is released as a dark wave of Ice that resembles waves of water rushing forth quite rapidly. The attack itself will be water that freezes whatever it touches and by doing so. It is capable of producing a cacoon around that is frozen and in turn hindering movement. The attack itself will span up to 8ft in height and and length and 5ft in width.

    Name: Hyoudansu~ Hail Dance
    Level: Shikai 3rd stage
    Type: Offense/Defense
    Class: Elemental
    Description: Hyoundansu will manifest itself as a dark Ice tornado. Or sometimes two depending on which stage of Pluto’s Shikai is in use. The Tornado will span up to 16ft in height and up to 8 ft wide. Hyoudansu is made up of hails stones, wind and all the necessary ingredients for a tornado. Apart from its use as a tornado, which is manipulated by Pluto. Hyoudansu performs two tasks, which is to slice/shred using a combination of sharp hail stones. And slicing winds contained within the tornado. Like your regular tornado it also posses the ability to pull things into it. Or in some cases can be manipulated for defensive purposes.
  18. Name: Hurs Ulrich
    Age: 85 (Died as human at age of 40, looks like he's in his 30's)
    Gender: Male
    Blood Type : O

    Height: 6'3"
    Hair color : Red
    Eye color : Ice Blue (with a grey tint when using reiatsu)
    Appearance: He is around 6'3". He is of Scandinavian ethnicity and he retains his age from his age of death on the human world. He is of a slender, lean build and very fit as a result of heavy endurance training and meditation with a V shape and a tall body. Has an aquiline face with deep set shadowy eyes. They always give the impression that they are watching and have been honed into tools of intense focus and analysis, always watching and trying to understand. This is the only window into what kind of fighter and captain Hurs is.

    Notable Features: Wears a low height black cavalier hat that matches his shinigami robes, reflective sunglasses, and small silver ring earrings. Scar over right eyebrow. Hair varies: when he is a captain he slicks his hair back for a more civilized appearance but when he is out training for days or undercover he lets it grow out for a more wild appearance as shown below. He keeps the goatee in both cases.

    After bankai training:



    Personality :

    Business: Analytical and carries himself as a detective, focusing on the investigative side of keeping the peace. More interested in solving the root of problems than upholding the laws and often secretly bends or ignores them to smoke out all of the culprits and find the truth. A charismatic leader that fights and leads like a musketeer, ambitious but for the greater good.

    No business: Hurs' odd past with his brother and the mix of tragic, epic, and comedic events in his life has left him as a pretty driven and ambitious individual. His life in Soul Society replaces his failed life as a human he's actually optimistic about being dead and getting a second chance. His human life on earth was so messed up, that he is still quite young at heart and is a renaissance man, often picking up new hobbies, learning new things, or renovating his office or division. He's also quite talkative.

    Reiatsu Color : Silver

    Osata's former name used to be Hurs Ulrich and he was a well-to-do businessman in a large family of four brothers and two sisters. After graduating from college he went on to become an engineer to work in Japan. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 32 taking his own life. He almost became hollow but fortunately he was met by a shinigami who saved him from a hollow and soul buried him on his way to Soul Society.

    Once he reached soul society he decided to change his name to a Japanese one (Osata) after being roughed up and threatened by a gang of racists. He made his way to a slightly less violent section of Rukongai and through his slick business manner made connections with local peoples of power and was able to open up a tavern in the 13th district of Rukongai.

    It was a very rough neighborhood however and he constantly had to deal with ruffians and burglars that would disrupt the business from time to time. After 39 hard years of barely keeping the business afloat and barely making money he threw his hands up in the air in disgust and decided to become a shinigami and start a new leaf in his life.

    Hurs started in the academy bearded and mentally unprepared for the events that were to befall him. He gained quite a reputation for being a loudmouth, but that was partially spurred on by his amusement at the people there. Coming from Rukongai he was used to large crowds and curiosity whilst at the academy, there were very few like him and many were narrow-minded and not very sociable. Many individuals came and went but after a while Hurs realized that it was his perseverance and training that got him through the academy alive. Not his mouth. He also met a talented new student Otoya Kurenai and befriended him gaining a close rivalry in shinigami abilities. His fighting prowess was tested when a hollow attacked the academy. He led some of the students against it, but he soon found that he was still a weakling in the eyes of many even with his newly attained zanpaktou.

    Hurs can usually found hanging out in the sixth squad training with others. He nearly defeated an unseated shinigami in a duel when he first arrived, but he has noticed that most of the members are responsible, mature, and only seeks meaningful battle. Hurs joined the squad when tension was already boiling towards an all out war against Hollows. However, he soon learned that there were other forces at work as undead began to rise in Soul Society.

    Hurs and Arashi were both in charge of the investigation and soon were fighting for their lives against strange warriors formed from decaying plus souls. Pluto joined the fray and slowly they pushed the horde back. In the heat of battle he gained his shikai and spoke with his zanpaktou spirit.

    After the battle, the division was completely destroyed, with Pluto, Arashi, and Hurs standing on the rubble of the sixth with most of the squad wounded or dead. As time went on, Hurs became to be more liked in the squad and he and Arashi transformed the squad into a well known budding and growing squad known for courage, ambition, and righteousness. This was soon on the bottom of the list when the Gotei 13 head captains, Kaisen, Nicho, and Axel announced that a war had to be declared on Hueco Mundo before the lead hollow, Mother, got too powerful.

    All of the squads were amassed to fight this overwhelming threat and only through a sneak attack by Nicho and Axel was the head hollow finally killed. Hurs did his part but was sucked down into the Menos Forest by the hollow spirit of his former love on Earth and ran into two more armies. The first was led by his brother Vali, who had turned out to be manipulating all of the events thus far. With help from his comrade Makoto, they were able to surprise and beat the vasto Vali before he got too strong. With Hurs completely in shock from this turn of events, Makoto requested Lodium's aide. They soon reached another group of hollows led by another renegade, Abigor, a Quincy woman possessed by an inner hollow. She was far beyond even Vali's capabilities but Lodium was able to take her down before the hollow completely took over.

    It's been a year and a half since the War and Soul Society is facing 2 impossible to beat threats. One is Nicho and Axel in Hueco Mundo who have an army of resurrected ex captains turned hollow and the other is Vali, who through the help of traitor shinigami has gained power in the Human World and is using a fake body posing as an influential human. Central 46 is proving to be a mysterious new force as well, installing an unknown ex-shinigami as captain. When Arashi finally beat him to become captain things started to look up again until Arashi also dissapeared. After a challenging tournament where Hurs managed to beat 2 shinigami in a 3 way battle, he still feels held back and being left in the dust by everyone else. He is trying to completely transform himself physically and mentally and throws himself once again into training trying to do the impossible, become bankai level without a bankai.

    Art of destruction:
    Hado #1: Sudden impact (Advanced Mastery)
    Destructive Art #04: White Lightning (Advanced mastery, Weapon use)
    Destructive Art #9: Shotgun
    Destructive Art #31: Red Flame Cannon
    Destructive Art #33: Soukatsui; Blue Fire, Crash Down
    Destructive Art #40: Flame Siege Shield
    Destructive Art #65: Crimson Flare Cannon

    Art of Binding:
    Number #1: Obstruction
    Binding art #4 : Crawling Rope
    Binding art #8 Barrier
    Number #6: Kanashibari” ('Bind')
    Binding art #9: Everlasting Grudge
    Binding art # 13: Sky Ribbon
    Binding Art #21: Raiden's Trap


    Flash Step
    Green zone - A bounding technique that constantly steps to the side within close combat blocking distance, not allowing the opponent to be able to strike back with full force. If an attack lands the user performs a half jump and blocks hard allowing the user to use his opponent's momentum to push him safely away into a further distance. The movement is forms a circle around the opponent (Takes 3 posts to learn, 3 more to learn physically without reishi, and a week to learn the flash step version)

    Blue zone - Medium distance bounding technique meant to dodge both ranged and physical attacks from two paces away (Close enough to see what the opponent is doing in detail). An instinctual push that angles the user away from the attack right before it fires and to the side landing on the border of red zone. Once landed, if the opponent counterattacks, an instinctual bound backwards in a similar manner places them back where they started. The movement takes the form of a V.(Takes 3 posts to learn, 3 more to learn physically without reishi, and a week to learn the flash step version)

    Red zone - Long range distance. The user holds the flat end of his weapon up in front of his eyes covering most of his vision. This is to prepare for a ranged attack where the opponent's actions can not be seen in detail. This helps overcome any hesitation in turning away from an attack by focusing on the blade protecting the user's head. The moment a spike in reiatsu, or light from an attack is distorted, the user makes a huge bound to the side and away from the opponent turning the blade with the trajectory of the attack allowing them to completely turn their body and keep away as much as possible. (Takes 3 posts to learn, 3 more to learn physically without reishi, and a week to learn the flash step version)

    16 point strike
    Ghost strike
    Master strike

    Reiatsu manipulation

    Likes: good food, money, knowledge, being able to live free and fend on his own, power, honor, righteousness, blind justice
    Dislikes: Illogical people, holier than thou people, hollows (he almost got eaten by one), people who are absolute tools, blind justice
    Rank: Leader of the 6th squad
    Specialty: Detective, Psychological warfare, Morale boosting

    In its unreleased form it is a double edged katana.


    Type : Physical
    Release command : "Step through the World, Gna."
    Hurs throws/ places his zanpaktou blade first into the ground and says the release command. It then grows another blade and elongates into a 6 foot long spear.

    Zanpaktou Spirit : A child valkyrie with white blonde hair and golden eyes. Her appearance and age can change and in the inner world moves like a phantom, able to change her height (usually stands at seven feet). She wears chainmail armor covered by a cloak and shoulders a lance of energy. The inner world is an amusement park resting inside a sphere of sky.

    Stage 1: Seventh Sky - Absorbs sound then fires it in a frequency through one of the blades. The sound carries little force but is amplified in a way that causes an opponent to lose balance. At its highest power, it completely disorients the opponent and permanently kills their hearing leaving them in a constant state of dizziness.

    Stage 2 : Chaotic God - The energy field collapses and Hurs' reiatsu spikes. His body vibrates with his zanpaktou as the energy makes him move like a ghost. It becomes harder to hit him and track the path of his blade.

    Stage 3: Echoing strike- There is a charge up just like seventh sky except this time it sends an echoing spear strike (think getsuga) for the amount of time it takes to charge up. If it charges up for 3 posts then it will take 3 posts to block it, if an opponent ignores the rest of the time it will continue to cut through them.

    Bankai Stage 1: Echoes of the Dead

    Bankai Description: Hurs throws his spear up into the air and calls out his bankai. Forces of nature are summoned through echoes and Gna's hand grabs the elongated spear which is now reaching higher than a tree. Hurs stabilizes his own power back to normal in a trance. Upon completion, his zanpaktou spirit will be in full view mounted on a black horse, Hófvarpnir, with both standing at 80 feet high. She is in a very gothic attire comprising of a long black dress with long sleeves, open collar that ends in the middle of her chest showing a good deal of cleavage, and a dress length that resembles the shinigami shihakusho. Also complete with a black webbed standing ruff, black leather braces, and a silver sash. Ornate Hard leather pieces trace down the closed standing ruff, shoulder, legs, and arms of her dress to make it seem more like an armor for battle. She has pale as a ghost skin, dirty blonde hair in a glam rock fashion, and golden chestnut eyes.

    Bankai Abilities:

    Main Ability:
    Aurora Sky: A huge constantly building vibrational technique manipulated by the spear that engulfs the battlefield. The radial distance of the aurora from Gna is a good indicator to where her strength can reach. The reishi molecules caught in the vibrations gives it a colorful silver hue. The more she fights the more momentum is created and can be fed to the technique. There has to be constant vibration throughout the battlefield in order for the aurora to remain healthy and if that is buffered, Gna needs to be in constant motion in order to sustain that momentum. If not the power stops working. The limit of the momentum is the proportional effect of the strongest possible zanjutsu attack Hurs is capable of, essentially raising all possible zanjutsu skills to that level of power adjusted for her size. She can also adjust the effect of a technique to any other zanjutsu skill he possesses as well, thus making her movements deceiving as the usual laws of physics don't really apply to her strength.

    .Base abilities:
    Vibro Spear: The human form of Gna wields a spear that can be formed with vibrational crafting into any melee weapon that Hurs has mastered. She also has any zanjutsu skill that Hurs has trained.

    Glorified Body: Gna is her own sentient being in her human form so she can choose to fight on or bring Hurs to safety. If the human form is defeated after 5 posts of momentum, Hurs can decide to sacrifice the power of the aurora to reform her. Currently, can only do this once in battle without too much strain seeing as how the bankai is new. If he needs to do it a second time, he can sacrifice the remainder of his reiatsu, which leaves him half conscious and unable to use kidou, to keep her in the fight. If Hurs' physical body is severely wounded, the bankai collapses back into an unleased zanpaktou.

    Physical skills: All flows, physical and movement techniques Hurs has mastered.

    Bankai 2nd stage: 10,000 Instinct Style (Unattained and pending Approval)
    A pentagram is etched into Hurs' chest and he gains a younger body resembling a man in his 20's. His very presence warps the air around him like a mirage with his energy. He wields a long double edged blade with two points and no hilt that does not cut him while wielding. Hurs' reiatsu, kidou, and zanjutsu skill is compressed and fused into an enhanced body and mind. Hurs is able to attack multiple openings in close quarters simultaneously by using harmonious echoes of his body. This is limited by the reach of his real body and the kind of attack or block Hurs uses. A special base zanjutsu technique like multistrike using this style will take more effort similar to doing so unreleased his, because that requires him to use both physical and mental stamina at the same time. In kidou, Hurs is able to channel kidou through an enhanced voice, able to compress kidou chants into shouts of power and allowing him to fire off kidous much faster.

    Personal Techniques :

    Ghost style (Mastered) - A zanjutsu style based on and primarily meant for spear fighting. The underlying concepts and focuses of the style are distance and centripetal movement, redirecting the energy of an attack to be used against an opponent. The style is divided up into three katas of movement and power each to be accomplished in chronological order for it to work right.

    Ghost kata- The basic movement of the style. This kata implements movement such as kneel and high attacks as well as a stance shouldering the spear in a side stance angling yourself toward an opponent. The use of a blindfold in the first stages of training is suggested to increase the fear and instinct of the student and enhance his learning ability.

    The underlying secret to this kata is sliding the spear with the hands in a quick loose grip when attacking thus changing the distance of the blade at will and making it harder to follow. This is called ghost strike.

    Devil's kata - This kata is much more aggresive and based on severe counter attacks. In order to reach this intensity the user must create a training circle and practice the movements of the first kata in order to build strength and stamina. Then, constant battle with an opponent must be done until one reaches the breaking point and achieves a bloodthirsty attitude. This kata is meant to exploit the moment of counter attack and deal a deathblow or merciless extreme damage to the opponent.

    Spear strikes are thrown like a fishing hook utilizing body weight, angle, and strength in a powerful combination. Moves become more acrobatic.

    Divine kata - This form can only be achieved after the point of exhaustion. The body is forced to use more efficient movement to make up for lack of energy. The body is held in a relaxed stance but firm and resolute. There is no side stance rather the user must be facing directly with the opponent. Shifting the body and the length of one side of the spear the attack is caught by one end and spun around to be used against the opponent with a more powerful strike. High speed attacks such as mitsubushu and multistrike are impossible to block however.

    Master strike - This is the pinnacle of the divine kata movement. A calm surrender to the attack of the opponent and using its motion to spin to the rear of the opponent so that backs are facing each other. The user holds the spear with one hand in this movement and throws it back like a fishing pole in an arching reverse head strike. A sudden attack from behind.

    Forge Style (Unmastered, only on phase 1): This style is a style that is the first that can be used by practically any cold steel western medieval melee weapon. Hurs uses this to maximize the efficiency of his double edged katana and his spear shikai in hand to hand combat. There are 4 phases to mastering this style.

    Phase 1: Physical training (physical training week for each phase, three weeks of phase 1 to be ready to start learning techniques)

    This builds the instinct and stamina to be able to use the style. The first two weeks involve endurance swimming and running, intense circuit training, and constant battle, all while wearing weights for a whole week of training posts. Pretty standard stuff until the third week which involves lying on beds of nails for 'sleep', attempting to create water funnels with sword swings while in waist deep water, and tai chi. After this training, the twitch muscle fibers will be trained to have better strength control than ever before allowing the user to be unpredictable, and quickly counterattack, attack, or block in varying intensity. The physical dimensions of this style are named 'scrape', 'conduct', and 'smash' all able to create heat and sparks when used. At this level, with enough effort and force, an opponent's vision could be obstructed momentarily. It is also now possible for the user to fight for days to even weeks given their new stamina using this style. (4th seat and up)

    Phase 2: Heretic's Punishment Kata

    This phase essentially involves a week of study to accustom oneself with the sword styles appropriate with the weapon used, another week to practice them, and then another week of physical training similar to the third week of phase 1. After this phase, the user should begin to become comfortable feinting and being unpredictable in both attacking and redirecting attacks using sunlight, sparks from impact, and red hot blades to overwhelm the opponent (This can be worked on starting at 3rd seat).

    Broadsword Moves:
    Feint: A move that can suddenly change direction and force.
    Disarm: Sliding the blade underneath, grabbing the end of your sword with the other hand, and then quickly stepping away and turning to the side in one fluid motion.
    Murder stroke: Leading the opponent towards you then suddenly stepping in and using the hilt to smash the face or ribs of the opponent.

    Phase 3: 3 Horrors Kata (Fukutaicho level)
    Two weeks of intense training and meditation out in the woods creates an ecstatic state where the user's inhibitions on causing his opponent immense pain is removed. Each sword strike used in this kata now becomes heavier and puts a strain on the body. There are 3 moves of successive power: blind, burn, and corrupt. These moves debilitate an opponent quickly but cause a strain on the user so they must be used wisely. Blind is a counter-strike of the blade to parry an attack with similar force. The user manipulates the angle of his momentum to cut at the weapon, causing a shockwave of sparks knocking both fighters back. The user looks away to avoid being blinded by the light produced. Burn is a scraping motion leading from a parry or attack to ignite his blade with white hot flame to burn his opponent. Corrupt is a sliding motion using the opponent's momentum and the users to use the opponent's weapon and appendages to guide the attack. This can slide down a weapon to cut into a hilt and the fingers, or slide down the appendages of an enemy to slice flesh and protruding bone.

    Phase 4: Fool's Dance Kata (Taicho level)

    Another two weeks of physical training, one week of meditation, and two weeks of practice help master the most advanced moves in the style. These moves basically use the momentum of very powerful forces to keep the user in battle by spinning the blade with the flow of energy. This can be done for ceros, heavy sword swings, and just about anything with a long angle when it comes to blocking. The user uses their coordination to basically let it spin in the air in a certain direction for a split second, and then catching it by shifting their stance before the attack hits and using some of their reiryoku to adjust the spin and force to allow this to be done.

    When it comes to offense, the user can use their dexterity to spin the blade of their sword around the target, acting as a kind of supersonic buzzsaw. If this is done against another zanpaktou, or an equivalent weapon this creates a whirlwind of immense heat that blinds and burns the opponent.

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  19. Name: Kamilah “Kami” Hinako Meiousei
    Age: Unknown (looks a very young 22)
    Gender: Female
    Blood Type: AB
    Type AB
    Best Traits: Cool, controlled, rational. Sociable and popular. Empathic.
    Worst Traits: Aloof, critical, indecisive and unforgiving.

    Reiatsu Colour: Electric blue with hints of violet woven through it

    Appearance: Kamilah is known to mix fashion with function, often opting for a black furisode-style kimono with long slits up the sides of the skirt to allow for easy movement. Her hair is pulled back into a loose bun and pinned up with a traditional blue lotus blossom geisha pin, allowing soft wisps to frame her face. Her earrings are plain studded diamonds and she wears a necklace with a jade magatama that is of great importance to her.

    Height: 5’5”

    Hair color/type: Long, wavy silvery white hair that comes to rest just below her waist.

    Eye color: Deep cerulean blue

    Notable features: Kami is fair-skinned with a lithe, well endowed hourglass figure. She has both ears pierced, and an upper ear piercing on her left ear. The only marks on her body include a beauty mark on her lower right back, and a thin diagonal jagged scar across her abdomen.


    Personality: At her core Kami is an easygoing loving, loyal and accepting person who always puts others before herself; but her life in Rukongai has taught her to hide her feelings behind a disturbingly playful and nonchalant attitude. She has become a social chameleon, adapting her default pleasant and cheerful demeanor to fit the situation. Those who have witnessed her infrequent temper know Kami is extremely strong willed, and is rarely frightened or nervous of even the most intimidating people. Her strong will carries her through when she must do whatever necessary to protect those she cares for, regardless of what it costs her personally.

    -Hot springs/baths/showers
    -Fireworks, stargazing
    -Intelligent and/or strange people
    -people watching
    -playing piano
    -Plenty of stuff---but it’s much more fun if you find her and ask ;)

    -People who constantly whine and complain, wallow in self-pity or wait to be rescued
    -Being cold
    -When she has to lie

    Special Characteristics:
    In addition to her naturally wide vocal range and her ability to play the piano, Kami has an uncanny knack for reading people that had been born of her love for them. This skill has been sharpened considerably during her absence in Rukongai due to the nature of her work and surroundings.

    During her missing years Kamilah has been anything but idle. While not doing anything to add to her academy training, Kami instead has been professionally trained in the ways of a geisha and (*ahem*) courtesan. She continues her training in various subjects under the care of her friend and confidant Kochou Tsubaki, proprietress and head courtesan of the red light district’s most famous brothel.


    Human life: Kamilah lived a very sheltered life being raised by strict but loving parents, and was from an early age schooled in playing piano. She never minded because she loved to sing, and in the human world had become a popular idol singer. She also always had a love for and understanding of people, believing that generally they are inherently good and kind.

    What Kami hated most about being a star was that she was always distanced from people both on stage and off, unable to actually spend time with them besides a carefully monitored publicity stunt. Instead of playing a large sold-out show at a stadium Kamilah was the kind of person who’d rather perform for a smaller café crowd; laughing and singing with the people there. In order to connect with others, she would sneak out without her body guards or the notice of others and talk to as many random people as she could, going to karaoke bars and music cafes. Most times she got away with it safely, only getting a sound scolding from her parents and agent when found. The last time she snuck out she was found days later, brutally murdered by a stalker.

    Her spirit was there watching when her parents discovered her body, and she has never forgiven herself for the pain she put them through. It took much convincing on the part of a kindly shinigami to get her to accept moving on to Soul Society, but through her strong will she has retained all of her memories of her human life with the hope that one day she would find her parents again.

    The Early Years (Pre-Academy): When she arrived in soul society she wandered a bit, unsure of where she was or what she should do. After stumbling into a little town she was lucky enough to be taken in by an old couple who ran a small restaurant, and she happily helped them with whatever they needed; cooking, cleaning, running errands and waiting on customers. As a bonus, she was able to sit and chat with all the different people who came in and out, sometimes even doing little impromptu performances.

    Kamilah was completely satisfied with this life and hadn’t even given the shinigami any thought, until her neighborhood fell under the control of a ruthless gang lead by Ryoma Shuuichi. Her newfound family didn’t experience much trouble beyond the normal at first (being ransacked, couple of fights, having to give up money, etc), until Shuuichi took a liking to Kami and propositioned her. Although it was a naïve decision, she told him what she thought of him and where he could put his offer. Not willing to take no as an answer, he took out his rage on both her and her grandfather who had tried to come to her defense. After much begging on her grandmother’s part, Shuuichi took his cronies and left—promising that he’d been kind and merciful this time, but they’d continue to pay for their mistake.

    The next few months were absolute hell, being endlessly harassed by the gang until the eventual destruction of the restaurant. During these times she became rather jaded and distrusting of people; still kind and cheerful---but guilty and wary of people’s ulterior motives. In order to try and make things easier on her adoptive family Kamilah disappeared into Rukongai, eventually coming to academy in order to become a shinigami.

    Academy Years: Kami’s first experiences at the academy were some of the best of her life; she met wonderful new people, enjoyed the classes and the found solace in the sense of safety there. She quickly found good friends in Lafco (aka Souji), Tatsuya and a soft spoken girl named Mariko, and enjoy every moment spent with them.

    Things quickly turned sour when the academy was attacked, and the students were forced to fend for themselves as best as they could. It was during these attacks that she discovered a mortally wounded Mariko, and according to her friends wishes, killed her out of mercy. The jade magatama that Kami wears had belonged to Mariko and is worn as a reminder.

    As graduation grew near, Kami found herself growing closer and closer to Lafco, their relationship sometimes slipping past the bounds of friendship. The closer graduation came and the more their bond intensified, the more agitated she became. She was terrified of the past catching up to her and more importantly, what Lafco would think of her and the life she had led. She spent many nights awake thinking of what to do until finally it was apparent—she would leave.

    Time Skip/The Missing Years (More details to be added as they are revealed):
    On the brink of graduation, Kami became restless and without saying anything to anyone she left the academy. She couldn’t move on with her new life until the ghosts of her past were dealt with and initially, she left only planning to find and make amends with the grandparents she had left behind. When she found her grandmother, the old woman was living in squalor, driven mad by the death of her husband at the hands of Shuuichi and the secrets Kamilah had kept from them. Once the old woman realized that Kami had returned she tried to kill her; driving a blade into her abdomen.

    Unable to bring herself to strike her grandmother, Kami fled wounded into Rukongai where the next few years of her life became much more than she’d ever bargained for—not only finding old family from her human life and new friends in the strangest places, but running into old enemies who had become stronger than she’d ever imagined. After disappearing for years without a trace, Kamilah has returned to the academy covered in black and blue bruises, refusing to speak on the events of the past few years. The only permanent changes that speak to the events of her missing years are her new disposition, a new unique set of skills and a scar.

    Current Position: Student

    Abilities in Order:

    Academy Stats:
    Hohou – 145
    Hakuda - 123
    Kidou – 100
    Zanjutsu - 80

    Known Kidou:
    Number 4: Byakurai (“White Lightning”)
    Number #1: Obstruction
    Number #6: Kanashibari (“Bind”)
    Personal Techniques:
    Reiatsu orb
    Reiatsu shield (with and without orb)
    Reiatsu weapon
    Reiatsu armor

    Weapons: (new characters does not have any weapons at all.)

    Zanpakutou: (Basic form of your weapon)

    Type: (Type for instance Elemental/Physical/Summon/Support/Supplement.)

    Shikai: (basic description of what the release looks like)

    Stage 1: (effect of stage 1)

    Stage 2: (effect of stage 2)

    Stage 3: (effect of stage 3)

    Bankai: (basic description of what the release looks like)

    Stage 1: (effect of stage 1)

    Stage 2: (effect of stage 2)

    Area of Speciality: (For instance Science/Medical/Fighter ect)

    Personal Techniques: (Special abilities learned by your character that are not shikai/Bankai. These might be Reaitsu tech, Kidou tech, physical tech, Scientific Tech.)
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  20. Name: Tsumugi Hokuto
    Age: Unknown (Looks like someone in her late twenties)
    Gender: Female
    Blood Type: O
    Best Traits: Ambitious, athletic, robust and self-confident. Natural leaders.
    Worst Traits: Arrogant, vain and insensitive and ruthless.

    Reiatsu Colour: Rather than having a colour, it is the negation of light (perfect "darkness"). Like thick, black smoke, not a burst of energy (Only looks weird, nothing special about it).

    Appearance: Hokuto is generally seen wearing the standard academy outfit, albeit modified from the norm. The colouring is that of the blue male version rather than the red female variant, and she wears an umanori hakama (It has divided legs, so it looks more like large 'trousers' than a 'dress'). She is sometimes seen wearing simple, blue elbow gloves.

    Height: 5'6"
    Hair Colour: White
    Eye Colour: Golden
    Notable Features: Hokuto is dark-skinned with a well-endowed figure. She has a nimble body type with the faintest hints of muscles developing (Not like the picture yet). Both her ears have two piercing. She has a tattoo on her left cheek (The one in the picture). Her hair is generally short, though she has two decently long bundles of hair tied into two ponytails.


    Personality: Hokuto is staunchly loyal, firm, and unbending in her beliefs. She is a hard worker and takes a strong moral stance. Character strength is of great importance to her and it shows in her self-confidence, which sometimes borders into arrogance. Respect is something that's earned in her eyes, though this does not necessarily mean she needs to know a person to respect him. She's a generally nice person at the core and you'll rarely see her angry. She is straight-forward, however, even insensitive in certain situations. While it is never something she would say, she is aware of her good looks and is proud of it. Oh, and she's very much a tomboy.

    -Lazing around
    -The night and everything that comes with it (Stars, cold, and so on)
    -Bettering herself
    -Hot springs

    -Lazing around
    -Very insecure people
    -Being without a goal


    Hokuto's history isn't all that special. Her life on earth was very simple and wasn't filled with any tragedies or amazing events. Well, she was in love with a person and was set to be married, which counted as amazing in her mind. It simply ended one day, her heart just... stopping. Her soul was easily persuaded to cross into soul society, and she has forgotten about her old life on earth.

    Her history in soul society has been nothing special, either. She was taken in by a female shopkeeper, an elderly and motherly woman who could use an extra hand, and she worked there for quite a while. She made friendships, made enemies and generally had it good. Her decision to join soul society was based entirely on a whim, something that rarely occurred with her. Her friends all backed her up after finding out she had the potential, and so she joined the place.

    Position: Academy Student

    Abilities in Order:
    Zanjutsu – 55
    Hakuda – 80
    Hohou – 65
    Kidou – 55

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