1. Posted as one of the spectators.

    So any idea what is gonna happen RP wise? As in what does the future hold?
  2. There are a lot of plans, but I've been stuck in places without internet for the past few weeks. So only up til now have I had time to continue work on the new site and post here :/
  3. so i have no idea where to go to ask this question, so i'm sure this is the place-

    i've been away for two years, what the hell do i do with my character? the last post was supposed to be interacting with Lodium in the 12th division, i was supposed to prove myself to show that i got the "stuff" to be in that division, and I finished that...and before i disappeared i had gotten my shikai got approved, s~o should i just start training my shikai? or...what? i mean is this place still active? should i just give up on here...?
  4. Seeing as your not taichou level, your fine to come back at the exact level you left, but you need a good story to explain your absence, then you can start your shikai training. Do me a favor, and send the gm's a refresher on your shikai. Or send it to me I can forward it to the others.
  5. did the Gm's change? Or at they still the same?
  6. Welcome back by the way. I believe the GM's are Vigilante, Shane and er...yeah..someone else.

    Also, Janza and Shane, please continue your fight.
  7. I have been browsing peridically from my phone and havent been seeing any posts to the fight.
  8. yea, thats my bad. ill try to post tonite
  9. I know we've all been busy and all that. But I must ask, have we all decided to call it a day? Would be nice if the RP could get moving again. Especially if we could make some serious headway on that other project.
  10. I still wanna rp. I just haven't been able to do anything. Shane and I both were taking too long, and then it just stopped.
  11. Well it would be cool if we could find a way to move things along. Would be a waste not to have one last hurrah and what not.
  12. Would anybody like to continue? Cause I would be down.
  13. Im down for it. Cant speak for everyone else though.
  14. Noooo my beautiful RP
    >> What did you do :p
  15. I refuse to let this die.


    Here is a new site that I've made. I've talked to both Shane and Vigilante and they both have some interest in returning but the fact of the matter is this rp cant survive with less than five active/ semi-active members.

    I've done some recruiting over the past few weeks to see if others would be interested in coming back and finding new blood, but If we choose to do this, changes will have to be made in how we do things which may affect our characters in the short term for the long term benefit of the rp. More on that if there is any semblance of a return to the old days.

    Either way, The site is up, and is being tinkered on for the next few days, as it will be complete by the weekend (I've said this before, problems was coordination between me, Shane and Vig, but right now this is a one man show) . it has a handful of needs left but all in all its capable of handling character transfers, techniques, kidou and rp'ing in the academy for the sake of simplicity.

    I'll be sending out emails to former members of this rp as well to see if they would be interested in a comeback or just to let them know whats going on. If you are genuinely interested in making this comeback happen. please hit up anyone you think might be intrested to coming and taking a look at us.

    I appreciate your time and patience.
  16. Okay. I will pop on over. But from a quick glance, you need to get familiar with the admin panel on the site. Work to be done. But do pop by people. Hopefully we're not too late with this move.
  17. I'm surprised you guys are stil going. Seems like you'll need some site design and other things. You'll have to forgive me for leaving so often. I usually run on some other forums atm. Nostalgia seems to continually hit me. Seems like I randomly know when to always pop back in...
  18. It's been on and off really, all three of the gm's got busy and we lost a few guys which basically gave us five members. We had a plan to move to anew site, but life got in the way for me personally.

    good deal, were trying to bring in as many new/old people as possible to the new site. the more the merrier. come check us out and if you have anyone who may be interested bring them along as well. Basically going to have a semi-fresh start so nows the time.
  19. I was always waiting for Shane to post more.
  20. Shane has had computer problems for as long as i can remember. He built his own awhile back but a part he bought was broken, has been playing tag with the company ever since. Im not sure he will even be around much as it is now.

    anyway, to fill you guys in. The new site is ready for RPing, we are doing a soft reboot of this rp to make it more beginner friendly. All members form this site can keep their skill and power levels as they were. However, we will all start as students in the academy again and for the moment we are basically de-powered. Everyone will be rewarded at the end, but this is to establish a good jumping off point for new members. see the new site for more information on this or send me a pm over there. heck, question in the thread.

    Ill have an app up by tomorrow night at latest, basically just transfer your stuff over as you see fit. we can start as early as tuesday if this gets done. Im going to rework the academy forum on the new site, but you'll see what i mean when by tuesday.

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