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    Watched the pilot. Really impressed. Barring the atrocious English voices, it's a pretty solid series. It's seinen, not shounen, which means no bullshit power-ups. Quite refreshing.

    Episode one [FFFpeeps]: .MKV|.AVI
  2. I first thought this was a fighting anime or something with a guy mascaring lots of people, judging from the title. Little dissapointed when I found out it was a sport anime. Well, I watched it anyway, and will give it another episode or two. Plus, the voice of the main character sounds familiar...
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  3. just watched this, i want more :)
  4. I regret watching the raw, cause it looked shitty. I really like football and I like sport animes. So I'll give it another shot. Hope the sub can change my view on this.
  5. no more eps of giant killing out subbed?

  6. he's Touma from Index, if memory serves me right

    being a football animu, I like it, but I just can't get used to the drawing style

    also, the engrish of episode 1 made me consider quitting this, good thing I gave it a chance
  7. 3 episodes and they are almost caught up with the manga... so expect an anime original story i guess..
  8. Only the scanlations. The manga has been in serialization since 2007 and is thirteen volumes long.
  9. oh cool didn't know that. Want to seee moar!!!
  10. The manager is Tomokazu Seki aka Domon, Yzak, Gilgamesh, Chiaki and so on..

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