1. Examurai Sengoku



    Alternative title: エグザムライ戦国 (Japanese)

    Genre: Action, Samurai, Yakuza (?)

    Plot Summary: The Examurai Sengoku anime production depicts the members of the EXILE group as futuristic samurai that are transported back in time to Japan’s sengoku (warring states) period. The anime character renditions of the EXILE members were designed by manga creator Hiroshi Takahashi (Crows, Worst).

    Running time: 12 minutes
    Episode titles: 24
    Airing: 2009-01-10
    Animation Production: TMS Entertainment

    Japanese Staff:

    Hiroshi Takahashi: Original Character Design
    Kouji Miura: Series Composition

    Japanese Cast:

    Akira by Kenichirou Matsuda
    Atsushi by Hiroki Tanaka
    Hiro by Tetsu Inada
    Makidai by Daisuke Endou
    Matsu by Yuuto Kazama
    Takahiro by Yuuki Masuda
    Usa by Chihiro Suzuki

    (Source: ANN)

    First four episode torrents: Anime Suki: Examurai Sengoku


    I wish I could say that the quality of subbing and video is boss, but it isn't. And also not that it seems a tad anti-climatic at times because the background soundtrack is void during many dialogues. Probably intentional, but it is the way it is. I did attempt to find a clip on YouTube with no success. Sorry.

    Bah, you all know me -- I'll give just about anything a try within reason?
  2. Re: Examurai Sengoku

    Might have to check this out since it says samurai and yakuza in the genre.

    Anything? :rolleyes:
  3. Re: Examurai Sengoku

    I'm digging the VAs and the story is slowly coming along. Episodes are short, blerg.

    "... anything within reason." You got that?! Hahaha! XD
  4. Re: Examurai Sengoku

    I wasn't even thinking the usual, but for a few seconds. :p

    How is the show?
  5. Re: Examurai Sengoku

    You would ... I expect it. It's more fun that way?

    It could use some help, but it's entertaining.
  6. Re: Examurai Sengoku

    I downloaded this serie after seeing the character designs. I think they're from the mangaka of Worst. Like you mentioned in your first post the quality of the anime and subbing wasn't good and that's also the reason I didn't watch more than 1 episode. Too bad because I really like samurai anime.
  7. Re: Examurai Sengoku

    Yah, this is by the same mangaka of Worst and Crows; Hiroshi Takahashi. There's some action/fighting sequences in the next couple of episodes after the first. Not too shabby, but the video quality still isn't up to snuff. Sad. I enjoy the samurai genre as well, but this one isn't super cool.

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