1. SPRING 2012


    By far the weirdest anime I have ever seen.. Seen ep 1 so far, production value are great.
  2. That girl is fucking nuts. That said, for a while, I thought about picking up the mysterious girlfriend x manga but never got around to it.
  3. What...you get around to it nao :..
  4. :eek: You can't make me!
  5. Hahaha this is so weird I couldn't stop laughing. Is it weird that I started laughing together with Urabe when she started laughing in class? Her laugh is so infectious lol. Lol @that huge amount of drool though. For a minute there I thought that she vomited. Anyway, back to watching episode 2.

    @the pic KickZ has in the opening post, I was like wtf. What does she need scissors for?

    @Edit: what the hell is going on haha. Why is this girl a ninja? Why does she have drooljutsu? So many questions.. Makes me want to read the manga. Must withstand temptation..
  6. You must show you have the fortitude to abstain from falling for Entix's antics Haoh.
  7. ^Yes resist temptation.
    Lol yea the part when she suddenly let out a bucket of drool was a big wtf moment for me..

    Gonna finally catch 2nd ep today.
  8. Just finished episode 3, and am left wondering if she's a alien. :fry
  9. Man they are both aliens, and have you gotten used to the whole spit swapping thing yet Ed?
    Makes me cringe everytime she does it lol..

    And his older sister is probably thinking he is fapping at night lol:fresh
  10. Not at all, but that's probably because she sticks it in her mouth first a pulls it out all shiny.
  11. Yea and then you add to it that sloshy sound she makes, I gotta kinda look away or I think I'll gag if I watch lol.

    But her VA is awesome, big part of the reason I like her character.
  12. Just don't eat before watching.
  13. In the first ep to go with the "spit/bodily fluids" theme I was afraid all of his crazy dreams were actually gonna lead to him having a wet dream lol. Thankfully the mangaka didn't take in that direction.

    And you know with the whole spit swapping thing and then her spitting up like a bucket of spit you gotta think there's something seriously wrong with her...
  14. I thought he was going to have a wet dream when he had that sex dream.

    And don't these people know about hygiene?
  15. ^Lol exactly, she sticks her finger in some random dude and then come and does it to him right after..
  16. Imagine her giving someone a wet willie. :p
  17. :yuri:??? :shiny:
  18. Haha happy now?
  19. lol only slightly since it's still weird. :p
  20. Lol doujin should be incoming soon based on these too.:troll

    Damn she keeps getting weirder with each passing ep

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