1. just saw that poster on ann and I would love to see a live action flick. ^
  2. Japanese students making pictures mimicking show;



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  3. So manga readers correct me if I'm wrong but was episode 3 just not in the manga?
    I just finished volume one and was like, huh?
  4. Some parts were, but they're fluffing the episodes to keep the pace down.
  5. It's all from the Manga. It's just in the Manga, the flashbacks to their Academy days don't happen until after the current invasion arc ends.
    The anime producers placed the flashback at the start of the show, probably because when it appears in the manga it crops up at a really odd place.
  6. Oh man now theres a twist.
  7. Hironori Tanaka in episode 7, nice.

    Really love this pic
  8. nice episode, have a few theories but won't say anything as it's based on a manga and don't want someone who has read the manga to confirm or deny
  9. Well damn, that was a spectacular episode best one so far, BGM was awesome! I kept waiting for
    Titan to turn back to Eren, it seems so obvious its him, but how...

    Also Mikasa

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  10. that was awesome great ep and ending was somewhat expected let's see hownext week pans out
  11. Well damn, called it exactly lol..
  12. Lets see what kinda theories people will come up with in the next couple of episodes.

    @Kickz, well done, though it was kinda easy to spot :)
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  13. I was reading this awhile ago then I lost interest in it then I found out it had an anime and started reading again. This show/manga has a Valkyria Chronicles feel to it. I'd love to see a Hollywood film of this series. It can name quite a few sci-fi directors that would have a field day with this.
  14. OMFG I was not expecting that, I kind of knew that was Eren but WOW!!! Ep 8 was great, I can't even find the right words to explain what happened and how and why it happened. I sure hope I can get some good explanations later.
  15. [IMG]

    ^Best case scenario.

    How in the hell did you lose interest in this? It's so interesting and mysterious. It keeps you guessing and wondering what's going on. I've read that people dropped it because they thought the art was shit, but it's my first time reading your argument.
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  16. Dude if you scene the new trailer to Pacific Rim you know that Hollywood would do this movie so much better than the Japanese. Any way I stopped reading when there wasnt much going on in the plot. I'm current with the chapters now and now shit got really real last chapter.
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  18. Nice mod xd
  19. Called it :p
    Although I knew a few days ago, my volumes 1-4 came in the last shipment at my local shop :)
    I see what you meant about the anime being handled better than the manga though Hao, things are just way more intense. This is good though because now I can read the manga and still get the same level of satisfaction from watching the anime.
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