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    There's still a few weeks before it starts airing but, I thought starting the thread for it now wouldn't be a bad idea, if only to generate some hype and let people who were unaware of its existence so far know about it.
    Plus, no way I was letting anyone make the thread before me! :p

    Anyway, the manga for it is really really awesome. So unless the animation studio fucks it up somehow (trailer says otherwise), me might have here one the best animes of the year, at the very least.
  2. The trailer seems really hype, hope this show delivers.
  3. It's basically by the same people that did Guilty Crown. That show was definitely nice visually.

    Some scans
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  4. Fuck I am hype for this show, Guilty Crown guys with an actual plot/writing is gonna be the greatest thing ever.
  5. Another PV
  6. The OP:

    I can feel the tears of joy down my cheeks...Man this is gonna be amazing!!
  7. Animation looks fantastic, but I'm worried about its pacing - there aren't that many chapters and it's a monthly manga. Are they going to write their own ending?
  8. Episode 1 was for lack of a better word.....Fantastic.
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    Two questions
    1.Why did that one titan have no skin?
    2.Whu did it look like it's sizziling?
  11. Questions I'm sure will be answered in time. It's obviously special compared to the others seeing as its at least 5 times the size of a regular one. It also looked like it fell from the sky, when you saw the explosion everyone was thrown up in the air as if something hit the ground really hard.
  12. Oh you guys haven't read the manga, cool. The big Titan is special, I'll leave it at that. As for the rest of you question, I can't answer those without spoilers. I LMAO when I checked Blog.seiha.org. I can't believe how someone could hate a show that is as awesome as this one.
  13. I don't read seiha anymore, Arudoc hates everything except moe and fanservice shit.

    Any way, first episode was cool. I liked it. It managed to make me want to read the Manga, read 3 volumes in one sitting. Can't WAIT for some of the other stuff to go down.

    Can I just say THE OP IS SO DAMN AWESOME

  14. I always check Seiha because he's the fastest to update his blogs with new anime. After he's covered the new animeseason first episodes, I hardly go back to his blog. Because of the reasons you said. He shits on everything that airs in Japan and then ends up watching the most retarded shows...
    I used to be a big fan of Randomc. It's still a good site, but I don't think any of em know Japanese. So they're late in blogging pretty much everything. They have great staff though. Some of the writing is excellent.

    I really like the OP as well, especially so because it reminds me of oldschool anime openings. I love how they throw in mangapages in their. Same thing with JoJo OP's.
  15. oh that first ep was fucking awesome, i was literally going "bite that woman!!!" and it totally did. this is looks to be an epic start to an epic anime
  16. Lol'd @ the blond soldier stopping his charge at the giant and running away. And that sister/friend of his is freakishly strong.

    This shit is just so good I want to know whats up with all the blanks in their memories, and the appearance of another special titan was cool too.
  18. Yea I know a lot to be explained, I was wondering why we didn't see the dad die and then all of a sudden here he is going all mad scientist.. That new Titan also seems to be mechanical, I wonder if there is a link there somehow.
  19. Oh you guys are in for a treat. I wonder if the anime will reach the big reveals or if it'll go anime original. Cause the big reveal is pretty late in the manga. We only got it like 3 chapters ago (1chapter a month).
  20. correct me if im wrong, their small town was on the outskirts of the outermost wall? and they just moved in between the 1st and 2nd wall?

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