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    There's only two things you things you need to know about this anime: 1. Director = Shinichiro Watanabe, 2. Music = Yoko Kanno...both of Cowboy Bebop fame of course.
    Needless to say, I'm psyched for it, and hopefully others are too.
    A plot that centers around jazz music is never a bad idea either XD.
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  2. That's it. I'm sold.
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  3. Stealing my thunder!!!! I wanted to make this thread.. Anyway, first time in a long while that I'm excited about a show. Can't wait for this and Uchuu Kyoudai.
  4. Spring is going to be epic. Game of Thrones season 2 is looking to be amazing. Deadliest Catch is back. This show. And a few more animu that look good.
  5. Mad Men also returns then, don't forget about it. It's pretty awesome as well!

  6. Add to the hype :)
  7. The preview gives me Beck vibes..

    I'm sold.
  8. Trailer 2
  9. Hype Hype Hype!!
  10. Just watched it. First ep was damn good.
  11. Decent intro to the characters in the first ep, was a bit bland for me but I'll give it another 3 eps or so to see where it goes.
  12. Bland? I found it very atmospheric. It suited the main character, and his life, well IMO. Of course Watanabe will ratchet it up.
  13. Ep2 by Horrible subs http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=download&tid=306448

    Kaoru so lucky. Ri-chan is fair game now. Sentaro you really have the best taste :). That live session was freaking awesome. Loved the animation. Really impressive stuff
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  14. Really liking the show so far. Episode 2 was just as enjoyable if not more than the first one. Also really liking the OP and ED for this.
  15. Yes thank you for this thread. It's just one of those series that I know I will love all the way through as soon as the OP played in Ep1.

    Yoko Kanno as music dir. for the fucking win. The animation of Sentaro playing the drums was the best I've seen. The dialogue never got too boring or over the top. I don't see how you go wrong with Watanabe and Kanno anyways.

    @Kickz it should give you Beck vibes because Shinichi Uehara the Art Dir. did background art for Beck and was art director for one of my fav series. 12 Kingdoms.

    Also, in ep1.. I can't remember what that well known piano tune is he's playing when requested by the girl he lives with.. very short and then gets in trouble for playing piano too early. Love that classical tune. Wish he'd played longer.

  16. Clair de Lune
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  17. at least you didn't say this was from that scene in Twilight.. or I would have _______ you with a rubber _____ made of metal ____ and puppies.
  18. What does Twilight have to do with it? Are you watching Twilight behind our backs? :fry

    And you would have hugged me with a rubber ducky made of metal love and puppies? :shiny:
  19. who the hell said anything about rubber duckies and metal love puppies? You sick fuck!. they had this song in twilight and sad humans like you relate the song to that. :p

    and coincidence.. I mentioned the AD Uehara above.. well he's pitching right now for the Texas Rangers and striking out the Yankees lol. What's the probability of that happening.


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