1. Arashi spit a bit a blood out from his mouth. A bloody smile appeared on his face. The smile was one of that Arashi knew he got exactly what he wanted. "Buri was it? You want to know the time and the place. The place will be at the Arena here in Rukongai, in two months. That way you have all the time you need to prepare. But trust me when I say, I will not be the same the next time we meet. For I now know what I have to do to stop men like you. But that is for you to see at our last meeting. And believe my words when I say it will be our last meeting."

    The talented trash talker didn't mince words or hold back his anger. But he knew he wasn't quite prepared for Buri in battle. Gingerly, Arashi inched his arm and grabbed his zanpaktou before slowly sheathing it. "And for my part of the bargain. Misaki, it would appear I am in need of a doctor and a mechanic. Think you could take me to the 12th for both. Right now we are in a bad situation." His current plan was to go see Makoto and get repairs done to his arm, as well as heal up and train for the fight. He had to finish his training in order to beat Buri and the other opponent on his mind.
  2. ((pardon my delay...))

    Misaki stood back as Arashi began conversating with Buri. Removing her shikai she stood at a distance listening into excatly what the men actually had to say. But it wasn't anything special, once again just two men babbling as to who would be the strongest. With a sigh she looked over at Arashi and his condition, as he requested for assistance she softly nodded her head and walked right by Buri ignoring the last comment he had just said.

    Walking up beside Arashi, Misaki reached down and grabbed a hold of Arashi's forearm as she knelt down to place his arm over her shoulder. "Sure I'll lend you the help." with that said Misaki slowly lifted herself back up, making sure not to put any extra pressure on Arashi as he was pretty battered up. "Are we all done here or are there still a few more words that need to be spoken before I take you to the 12th?" she asked waiting patiently to either ones answer.
  3. Buri was silent as he stared at the both of them. A look of malice gleamed in his eyes. He looked at both Arashi and Misaki as if he had seen this many times before. Individuals inflated with their own power overlooking the simple truth that only he knew. He was tired of the ignorance and when he would meet these two again all would be revealed.

    His spiritual pressure skyrocketed as the mist suddenly encroached on Misaki. The sheer power that was emanating from Buri was almost nonsensical. A shock wave would lift Misaki off her feet and throw her towards the gates of Sereitei. In a fifty foot radius whole buildings were lifted into the air as well.

    "Until we meet again seniorita."
  4. The white clad shinigami arrived in rugonkai, still able to feel some presence that was left behind by Kronos. Using his reaitsu manipulation skills and the long forgotten but still practical, spirit rope technique, it would be easier to find Kronos. As Takashi made his way through Rugonkai, he found the compound of the noble guard. It was something he hadn't seen before, as he attempted to make his way in, he was stopped by a guard.

    "Excuse me, my name is Fushichou, Takashi. I request to speak to Kronos-san. I am a very old friend, though I don't believe he remembers me or may have the time for this. I am requesting immediate meeting with him, if nothing else, is it alright if you would kindly deliver the message to him. Tell him its urgent, if you will."

    Takashi smiled towards the man and waited for an answer patiently, he knew he didn't have time and if there was one person who maybe able to help him, it was someone who knew how everyone use to train. It was back in Takashi's time when people were almost killed to get stronger, a practice he felt was abandoned in some parts of soul society. He wouldn't stand a chance at this rate against whatever this new threat was, and it was time for him to start somewhere.
  5. Takashi smiled warmly towards Kronos, he was still someone was very admirable. He could see by his facial expression that he was happy to see him and did infact remember who he was.

    "Ah Kronos-san, its been a long time. Its very nice to see you," he said smiling warmly once again at the man. He gracefully accepted the invitation to come in, It had been a while since he had seen his old friend. As he followed Kronos he couldn't help but inspect the inner work-ways of the rooms. It was intricately designed and rather beautiful. As they made their way to the meeting table he sat on the futon and listened to Kronos hospitably offer him clothes and something to drink.

    "Ah Arigato Kronos-san, some new clothes and some tea would actually be greatly appreciated. I have been good, though I thought the life of a shinigami didn't suit me and left to start as a businessman. But I guess you always end up back here eh?" He chuckled a bit before he grew quiet.

    Takashi sighed as he placed his hands on his knee's, his gaze fell towards the table.

    "Though, I must confess I am here on a more serious note...," He said softly.

    He looked up towards Kronos, his eye's met with the man's as he began to speak.

    "The sixth division was attacked moments ago by men with reaitsu like I've never felt before. One of the men, seemed to be connected to newly appointed Fuku-taichou of the 6th division, Hurrs. The men made quite an entrance, and left rather abruptly, though there are some enemies present there still, it is nothing that Taichou Arashi-san cannot handle with the aid of three Fuku-taichou ranked officers"

    He paused for a minute as he saw his hand tremble a bit before he calmed his nerves.

    "As you know, I've grown rather weak since I've been away for over a century. It has taken a toll on me and my power levels have decreased. Though my wit in battle hasn't left me, my power is not even equivalent of a third seated officer. This is why I came here...I heard your name being mentioned Kronos...I feel you have become quiet powerful."

    Takashi sighed as tea was brought to him, he instinctively grabbed the sides to measure the temperature, it was still warm. He paused a bit before continuing, keeping his eyes fixed on the man.

    "I am here to request your help. Simply feeling the presence of those two beings was enough for someone as old as me to know that I couldn't stand a chance. If I want to live, and stop seeing people I care about stop dying around me, I wish to get stronger...I have to surpass limits and surpass them fast.."

    He grew quiet as he picked up his tea with both hands and blew on the rising steam that emitted from it, his eyes now gazing at the tea, waiting for Kronos' reaction to everything he had said.
  6. Takashi sighed as he took another sip from his tea, he watched the waves slowly spread out in waves, he thought back to how the pasts were and just began speaking as he gazed closely on his cup of tea.

    "Do you remember when Zoey-taichou was here? Bob-taichou...Rabbit-taichou...Tai-taichou, Hin, Hara-san, they are all names now. I didn't have the strength to protect them Kronos. The life I lead was filled with simply watching people die before my eyes. It isn't simply loyalty nor duty, its more a combination of being..well..human. We shinigami reap souls so much that sometimes it becomes second nature to us. But when we see someone we form bonds with abruptly severed, it causes us to become...human again," Takashi chuckled a bit as he took another sip.

    He sighed a bit as he stirred the tea cup with one hand as he began to speak again,

    "Every Hollow that I kill, and every time my blade cuts another, it feels as though I am cold. Theres nothing separating life and death but the edge of a blade. Every life or creature that i've slayed has been something I could do because there was no bond. Whenever I made that bond...and it was severed, its something that had eaten at my soul for centuries now. The last time I was here I was speaking to Hara-san, and now I found out he too is gone with Kisada-taichou"

    Gritting his teeth he took a moment of silence, ponding to himself as he took another taste of the tea. He swirled it around and then set it on the table as he looked up at Krono's.

    "If I'm fast, i'm nothing more than someone who can evade. If I'm just good at striking, i'll be nothing more than a sword. If I can defend and bind, I'll be nothing more than a shield. Kronos, I want to protect with my life. There's no in between for me, I'm stick of cutting needlessly and i'm sick of being a shield that all too often breaks. I'm ready to fully throw myself, my body and my mind into gaining overall power."

    He let the words sit a bit before looking Kronos in the eyes,

    "I want to get stronger so I can be a vessel of defense for soul society. I was trembling when those two showed up, knowing I was too weak for anyone's good. I'm tired of letting others die, and I'm tired of not being able to save a comrade. Help me Kronos-san, the only way I'll become stronger is If I go to hell and back. I want you to train me in all aspects. Train me till I'm almost dead...its the only way..."

    Takashi became quiet as he waited for Kronos' response. He knew he sounded rash and maybe a bit hysterical but he swore if he came back to this place, he wouldn't let anyone else die.

    "Please, you're the only one who can help me Kronos-san. I want you to push my mind and body through intense training, and teach me newer skills. Rank means nothing to me, I simply want to be strong enough to protect. At my current level, I'm only as good as a block of wood," he shook his head at himself.
  7. Takashi watched as the smoke left the pipe that Kronos had lit. His eyes were fixed on the man as he began speaking, these concepts seemed exciting and very intriguing. Kronos was definitely the man to entrust his training with, his methods were those of the older days. Using incredible amounts of weight, stamina, swordsmenship, speed, and combining them together forming some what of a super soldier.

    "Ah...I accept this burden. Though this isn't something as I see as a burden, my body will be used as justice and more than the typical limits of a shinigami. Justice is something that needs to be strong and powerful, if not, then no one would dare follow or abide by rules. I believe it is time, that we begin a new frontier. This training will undoubtedly push me to my limits. I want nothing less, to add onto everything I've already built upon. My speed, my stamina, power, and kidou. My reiatsu manipulation is my strongest point, so I should hope that a long with my swordsmenship, it has not decreased over the years."

    He smiled towards Kronos,

    "I appreciate this old friend. I am and will be indebted to you. If you do not mind, I would like to begin promptly. I would like you to train near me as well, your reaitsu is undoubtedly strong, I need to get use to feeling an extra pressure on my body. It will be like gravity itself is weighing down on me. For now, I will go and change my clothes, shinigami attire should be best. After which I will meet you back into the room you spoke of," Takashi bowed before getting up and walking over into a room he was escorted to.

    As he entered, he took his time to look around. The clothes were infront of him, he smiled as he hadn't seen this attire in such a long while. He immediately changed into the shinigami uniform and headed towards the door. He took a brief second to pause and look into the mirror, memories racing through his mind already. As he walked out he headed towards the training room.

    Takashi took in a deep breath as he walked into the room. It seemed sturdy and well built, he would need to focus and he hoped he would also be weighted down in some way as well. As he took a deep breath he sat down cross legged and closed his eyes, breathing in and out to relax himself until Kronos arrived with directions onto the next step of his training.
  8. I wonder if I truly have an unbiased sense of justice, to make myself want to be something, a vessel for protection. The young man thought to himself as he imagined all the hollow's and people he saw slaughtered before his eyes. Names, faces, memories, all coming to an end at one swing of a sword or one crushing blow.

    He sighed once more heavily, though just in time as Kronos entered the room. Takashi's thoughts were interrupted as Kronos began to speak, though he was glad training was about to begin and to be out of his head. He stood up and listened to the man talk, his words and actions were strong. Describing a new technique, it was exciting, and yet frightening at the same time. As he listened it seemed the first was to work on Takashi's speed, something that was lacking for sure.

    The Technique named Shukuchi was introduced to Takashi, something he hadn't heard of. As Kronos spoke to him about the technique it didn't quite fully make sense to him. Though he was familiar with newtons second law of the forces acting in an equal and opposite fashion.

    "How will this technique differ from Shyunpo? It seems that-," before he could complete his sentence, Kronos was already up sixty in off the ground. Takashi looked up a bit confused, though he was ready to try anything.

    "Ah, Kronos-san, I'm ready. I want to see first hand what the fruits of this training are. You are right in saying that people might seem skeptical of your power..but as you said, there's something behind it. Show me, please, and I am ready to begin. Just tell me what It is I must do," he smiled at the man warmly and took a deep breath, ready for any direction this training would take. If Kronos really was as Takashi thought, he would be in for hell.
  9. The Captain of the Rokubantai arrived with a flashstep at the arena that Nicho built in Rukongai. It was one month until his fight with Buri. He was going to train here away from everyone. For ages he had this ability stuck in his head. Fear and uncertainty held him back from completing it but now he felt he had to. The enemies of Soul Society were too great for, what would be, his greatest creation to stay an idea. The Thunderer took off his Captain's haori and placed it neatly off to the side.

    With a flash step, Arashi launched himself at mid-level captain speed at the wall. Contorting himself, he prepared to make contact with the wall with his feet. But the hot-headed captain misjudged his own speed and slammed into the wall with a thud. Arashi hit the ground and slowly got up. Now his mind was calculating the next try. Even in his mind it was more difficult than just initial timing. "This will take a while."
  10. Arashi's timing with changing his body movement at sub-second speeds was increasing. This was something only he could do because only he knew what he was trying to accomplish. But this training was as tough as any as he had ever done. His legs were oddly really sore. But soon a hell's buutterfly from his receptionist arrived informing him of the 12th and their demands. Soon Arashi was off, back to the 6th.
  11. Takashi used shyunpo to quickly flash onto the pillar where Kronos was. He waited a second, making sure his footing was correct as he listened to the man speak. Takashi's eyes widened as he listened to Kronos, doubling reacting and action time a long with continuously being able to do this.

    "So..its sort of like a spring on the earth, utilizing this natural spring or this natural force, you can use it to give you an extra push. In essence, you will be able to gain speed naturally using this opposing force to your advantage..interesting.." Takashi smiled, he was thrilled that he would be able to learn such an incredible technique.

    "I agree to your terms, and I again thank you for lending me such an incredible technique. Though... I was under former Captain, John-san in the 2nd divison and various other taichou, and from what they've taught me I have kept to myself. So you can rest assured that I have pride in other divisions techniques."

    Takashi flashed another smile,

    "I think I'll begin now, I hope I'll be doing this correctly.."

    Takashi took a deep breath in before jumping down on the pillar and onto one of the protrusions. The feeling on his foot felt awkward at first as he jumped from a different position to another different position. He could feel the tension in his feet but he attempted to think about what Kronos had said.

    Each 'limb' of the pillar felt strong and tense, as Takashi moved around he could feel himself wanting to shyunpo. He resisted the urge as he began to contemplate what he was doing. Some limbs were easier to move through than others, but some were rather difficult and required contortion of his body.

    "Kronos-san, am I doing this correctly?" Takashi questioned as he continually moved about.

    Each step he began feeling something, whenever he would shyunpo he would feel something similar but he wasn't sure exactly what it was or if it was just the urge to use shyunpo reappearing. He particularly liked the idea of reiryoku, though he had only briefly learned it before Hara-san's disappearance.

    "I'm feeling some strange combination between each jump" Takashi narrated to Kronos as he was jumping about.

    "I'm not sure if its natural but its sort of a mix between when I would concentrate to find spirit rope and shyunpo, though It doesn't feel like reaitsu. I'm not sure if I'm doing this correctly" Takashi spoke as he continued to leap around from limb to limb.
  12. Takashi listened to Kronos as he leapt from pillar to pillar, he felt the spring board aspect but he wished to rush into the shyunpo aspect of it. This technique felt so unusual, but at the same time very prosperous. Takashi could feel the slight balance shift and opposition in force while he was scaling each pillar and jumping around. Kronos was right, this was more about breathing and feeling while thinking. Over analyzing a technique wouldn't be good at all for him.

    He stopped a second quickly as Kronos mentioned his zapakutou.

    "Damn it!" He said as he stopped abruptly on a pillar.

    "I must have left that thing outside, I didn't want to seem hostile to the guard. Though I just got appointed a seat, I'm still unsure of some customs here. Things have changed. I'll be right back"

    With a flash the white haired shinigami was gone. A few seconds went by before he walked back into the room, jumping back onto the lowest pillar and looking back up at Kronos.

    "Ah, this thing is getting old and worn out, but I still have it!" he laughed a bit as he slid the sword into the cloth that hugged his waist. He took another breath as he began to leap from one pillar to the other, focusing on his natural breathing and the flow of each step. He wanted to 'feel' that pushing sensation whenever he would go from one pillar to the other. He could almost feel the pushing sensation but still needed to feel the balance between the pillars.

    "Kronos-san, tell me, what is the use for my zanpakutou for this technique?" Takashi asked as he continued to leap from one pillar to the next. He began to more clearly and distinctly feel the spring board that Kronos was reffering to. Each breath focused and calmed his mind, allowing him to feel that extra 'push' that accompanied each step.

    It was like the man said, a pushing sensation in which he was propelled by this opposing force for a fraction of a second. He wasn't sure if this was it, but decided he would focus more to exactly and presicsly feel the moment. Each step began feeling distinct, something was definitely happening.
  13. Kronos was correct when he said that a shinigami was only half of his true self and his zanpaktou was another part. He felt more concentrated and more focused, as though his energy had returned to him. He listneed to Kronos' words as he continued to leap about. His mind was more clear and his focus was all the more. He noticed that as he focused his breathing he was feeling some natural sensation in his feet whenever he pushed off. The sense of the 'bonce' was becoming more clear and that exact momment when it occured was becoming more of a second nature.

    The trick was, that it felt like he was about to release kido or go into shyunpo, but at the same time he knew that he couldn't release any reaitsu. This being the case, he felt himself being propelled but by just imagining it, as though his body and the force of the spring board were coming together and the opposite force helped propel him, Before he noticed it, he was getting faster, his speed was increasing. As he used this springboard to propel himself, he felt the bouncing motion that helped propel him from pillar to pillar. The shinigami was going faster, he could feel the air resistane on his face increasing with each jump of the pillar.

    "Kronos-san..I think..I feel it!" Takashi said triumphantly.

    He knew every second exactly where the 'bounce' momment was. wheenver he felt it, he would simply just use that feeling of prereeasing his kido combined with the focusing of the spirit rope. In a natural movement his body itself acted combing his spirit and physical body as one without the use of reaitsu. It was a strange feeling but it was something that began to become second nature quickly. Thanks to Takashi's reaitsu manipulation skills, it was much easier. He felt the momentum evrery time he jumped. Takashi wasn't sure of how fast he was going, but it was significantly faster than his normal speed. He hoped he had already attained the basic of the technique.
  14. Takashi let out a smile as he noticed Kronos' grin, he couldn't help but feel a bit of an accomplished feeling as he saw the dents which were left behind on the pillars. He was apparently focusing Shukuchi from his Reiryoku. He listened to his mentor speak about how he would have an added 600lbs distributed over his body. Takashi's eyes widened as he wasn't expecting that as a start, though the aspect of weighted training did appeal to him significantly.

    As Kronos released his reaitsu he could feel a pressure being weighted down on him. Takashi couldn't help but smirk feeling as though gravity itself had shifted and increased all around him. Taking a few breaths he attempted to go past the pressure of Kronos' reaitsu, though it was a difficult task. He couldn't believe that this was only a fraction of his reaitsu, Kronos wouldn't release his full reaitsu just yet, but this was enough to be felt throughout his entire body.

    Breathing a bit Takashi attempted to do what Kronos had suggested, breathing deeply and feeling the technique itself. He pushed off his foot once more, a dent in the ground was made as he felt the spring more and more accurately. Takashi kept going from one pillar to the other. He knew he had to expand the technique past his feet and so he began to flip and attempt to catch himself with his hands. He wasn't able to do it as well, but he needed to feel the 'springing' motion past his feet.

    A couple of times the shinigami was uncessful in feeling the technique on his hands, He knew he had to let the flow of Reiryoku flow through his entire body. He began pondering on it, and he noticed that the feeling of using his feet was almost like releasing reaitsu for shyunpo. As for his hands, it was almost like releasing a kido. He felt himself slowed down however, getting use to the gravity took a great deal of time.

    The atmosphere was definitely difficult to get use to, but once Takashi could get the hang of it, it would be much easier for him to move about. As Takashi leapt from pillar to pillar with his hands, he could feel the release of kido-esque movement. As he dove down and catch himself with his hands, he felt the spring once again, he used this to use Shukuchi once more. He could feel his timing getting better and better throughout his entire body.
  15. After a short rest Takashi was up again, he could feel himself getting stronger and better at the technique the more he practiced it. He took in a deep breath and pushed off the 'spring' once more. The concept was getting more and more clear as he pushed going from one side of the room to the other. He began feeling the ease of the technique take hold. It was odd, but also felt as though it was becoming a second nature to him.

    He was ready to continue on with some weights, he let out a smile as he was reassured that his love of training and getting stronger hadn't escaped him after all these years. He took in a deep breath as focused his mind, clearing it of any distractions, focusing only on the 'bouncing' of the spring and the breathing that he had. He hoped he could come up with something new but nothing really came to mind at this point.

    As he continued, Takashi could feel the technique becoming easier and easier to use. The force he left behind in the form of a crater was getting bigger, and he was happy it was doing so.

    A second later Takashi heard a noise that made him stop, Kronos had said something to himself. Takashi couldn't help but smile as he looked up at the man.

    "Oi Kronos-san, you sure are deep in thought, would you mind if I asked, what are you focusing on anyway?" Takashi spoke as he used Shukuchi to reach a nearby pillar to where Kronos was meditating. He didn't wish to disturb him but it seemed as though there was something oddly powerful he was doing. As an addition, the shinigami now seemed to be quite accustomed to Kronos' reaitsu.
  16. (no problem at all! I know how that goes man, no sweating that stuff. Post when you can, honestly makes me more excited when I gotta wait lol)

    Takashi smiled as he stood by Kronos and heard him speak, truly he had attained a level which was far beyond the previous mentors. The white haired shinigami stood with his hands in his pockets as he looked at Kronos from his back, deep in meditation, almost as he spoke.

    "Matter..eh? Sounds rather complicated, but multidimensional skills are always a rare, I would love to see this" Takashi flashed a smile as Kronos began speaking about the next preparations. He listened closely as Kronos stood and began speaking to him, a more serious tone. Kronos spoke in such a riveting tone, almost capturing Takashi's attention like a Taichou would. He couldn't help but smile.

    "Kidou..that I know..huh.." Takashi took a second to ponder. As Kronos' words resonated in his mind he could all but feel all of his battles. From the time where he was admitted into the second division, fighting off leader of the 'wolf pack' to his tournament matches where he had competed against various shinigami in the past. As Kronos asked him what kido he knew how to use, it was all too obvious to him, the answer flashed right before him.

    The shinigami took a deep breath and turned towards Kronos, his blue eyes fixed on his,

    "Well to be honest, I don't know much kido. If you wouldn't mind, that would definitely be something I would love to learn, some Bakudo and some Hado alike." Takashi laughed as he rubbed the back of his head jokingly.

    "Though...there are two that I know well, Bakudo and Hado alike, I've used them countless times during battles. They've served me well..and every time I've used them I've gotten to know them better and better, I feel like those are the two I am most accustom to."

    Takashi turned away from Kronos and took a breath in, inhaling and filling his lungs with air. A second later he exhaled, slowly raising his left hand, his eyes focused on a pillar that stuck out.He slowly extended his index finger out, closing the rest of his hand in a light fist.

    "Rikujyoukourou" (Bakudo 61)

    A bright yellow light shot out from his finger, the light came together on the pillar as rods or pieces that clutched tightly towards the pillar.

    "That technique saved my life more times than I can count, it's almost become so natural. Though, I would like to branch out..learn some more that can bind. There's another as well...another one I know all too well"

    Takashi smiled as he kept his left hand raised, he opened his fist and turned it onto a palm. A golden ball began forming in his hand a long with lightning that surrounded and erupted from the orb.

    "Hadou no Rokujuu San: Raikouhou!" ( Destructive Art #63: Thunder Roar Cannon)

    Takashi shouted as the thunderous blast emitted from his palm and shot out towards the pillar, Takashi attempted to not do any more damage then had to be done.

    "These two are so natural to me, I could do them in my sleep" The shinigami joked as he turned towards Kronos with a smile.
  17. Takashi smiled as Kronos spoke more about training. The young looking shinigami took to heart whatever Kronos had said, his words to any normal person may seem long and cumbersome, but to anyone who had trained with someone at a higher level than themselves, they would take each word as gold being handed out.

    Takashi nodded, placing one hand on his hip as he listened to Kronos,

    "Ah, let me give it a shot"

    Takashi said as he looked out and away from Kronos. He took a deep breath in, closing his eyes once more, it was time he 'felt' the kido.

    " Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings.."

    Takashi could feel something building, it was like a light pressure, some formation or a clot or perhaps a build up. He breathed as he continued the words.

    ".ye who bears the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus..".

    As he continued the chant, the pressure built up more and more as though something were circulating through his body. He felt the mass of pressure combined with the light feeling, as though his body was reacting.

    "..In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens... Hadou Rokujuu San... Raikouhou!!"

    Takashi shouted as a mass of energy built up in his hand, his hand which he had held out fired a blast of electrical force once more. He turned and looked at his hand, the pressure was gone. To think that all of that feeling could happen in mere seconds of just saying the word.

    With that, the white haired shinigami turned back to Kronos , looking at him intensely while trying to describe the feeling.

    "I felt as though...there was some type of energy or pressure building up. As though my entire body was reacting to something and as though there was something flowing. I felt the pressure and the energy combine, forcing or building. Once it had I could feel it getting more and more intense, as though it was begging to be released. After I had released the kido, it felt like the pressure was gone. It was almost like my internal energy had shifted...to think that THAT could have happened ..all of that..while I just simply released the kido and felt nothing but a small burst of energy coarse through my hand..I'm not sure if that is what I was suppose to feel.."

    Takashi smiled a bit as he spoke. Of course he hadn't ever really pondered what he had felt, but it was definitely interesting. He looked towards Kronos to tell him what it meant. It was true that his kido wasn't the best, and all he knew how to do was some destructive ones, but now was the time to learn his body. Takashi was seeing a trend, before he could learn more about his zanpakuto, kido, etc, he would have to learn more about himself to begin with.
  18. "Dividing and combining..making the blast more powerful eh? Interesting!"

    Takashi focused his reaitsu and took another breath in. He recited the chang once more

    " Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus. In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens."

    At this point his body began feeling the same, but it was what Kronos had said, it was time for him to increase the blast power, something Takashi hadn't even thought about.

    " Hadou Rokujuu San: Raikouhou!! "

    As the words left his mouth he began feeling the the build up of pressure again, quickly, he put both his hands out in front of him. The blast began building, larger than it had before. Takashi's eyes widened as the golden blast lit his blue eyes. He could feel significant more force through the blast as it charged.

    As he waited a split second, feeling the build up pressure he felt a large charge course through his hands as the blast pushed out with great force, causing Takashi's body to jerk a bit. As it did, the blast forced itself out and pushed out. Blasting into the nearby ground and forming a larger crater.

    After the blast, Takashi inspected his hands, turning back to Kronos.

    "Amazing! I had no idea that simple form and technique, combining a kido with more than just one hand could maximize its potential. This makes more sense...I felt so much more power. Its amazing Kronos-san!"
  19. "Ah, I see.."

    Takashi listened as Kronos instructed him on the power that would come from using both hands. It seemed that it left him vulnerable but produced a lot of energy. He waited a second before taking in a deep breath and looking at Kronos.

    "To be honest Kronos-san, I only know how to use sōkatsui, this will be my first time attempting it with both hands. It may take a bit of practice to master however, I haven't ever tried mastering or even using soren sōkatsui, if you wish, I'll try using the technique, though if you will teach me, I'll gladly learn how to do it. But first, if you'll allow me, I suppose I should try it with Raikohou"

    Takashi focused his reaitsu and took a deep breath, holding onto a kido wasn't something he had ever tired, possibly since his days in the academy. He slowly focused himself and began the chant, in order to feel the kido once more.

    " Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus. In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens..."

    Takashi felt the pressure of the kido as it formed into a ball with both of his hands. The yellow electric energy flew wildly as Takashi held onto the kido, it wanted to be released. He breathed slowly, attempting to control the mass of energy and hoping it wouldn't explode.

    The young looking boys hair flew about wildly as the kido gained energy and built up , it was burning his hands a bit but he kept it under control with his reaitsu. He felt the flow of energy through his body, all the reaitsu rushing from his body and somehow fueling itself into the ball.

    He felt the energy build as sweat dropped from his forehead, he held onto the ball as long as he could until he simply pushed his hands out. A flash of white lighting emerged and blasted a giant crater into the training ground.

    Takashi fell to his hands and knees as his hands were smoking, he felt drained for a few seconds and his breathing was no longer controlled. After a few seconds, Takashi got to his feet.

    "You sure know how to make a guy work, eh, Kronos-san?"

    Takashi chuckled as he caught his breath.

    "I have to admit, it was weird feeling my body pooling the energy into that ball of kido, it was almost like some force was pushing itself through my bones and my body, It was surely strange..."
  20. "Ah, I shall go about it. I feel a bit drained, though I want to look back at the finer points of some kido and perhaps feel a bit more about this feeling that I feel whenever I am using kido."

    Takashi flashed a smile and turned around, facing away from Kronos

    "I'll be down there training a bit. From what I can feel, its getting late and I suppose its time I fall asleep for a bit. Your training doesn't seem to loud so I highly doubt I would need to leave the training grounds. Its a bit of a habit I suppose, that it is, I like sleeping on battlefields"

    Takashi chuckled before using shukuchi to make his way down past the pillar and onto the solid area. He breathed a bit and then focused his reaitsu, attempting to tap more into the inner workings of what drives his reaitsu pathways. As Takashi took in a deep breath he figured he would practice the Hado.

    He again recited the chant and waited for the build up of spiritual energy. He needed to strengthen his reaitsu pathways a long with his mind. He focused his mind and took a deep breath as he held onto the kido, increasing its energy. Perhaps if Takashi could hold onto the kido for a while longer he could have it gain more energy and strength instead of releasing it prematurely. He took in a deep breath once more, sweat dripped off his face as he attempted to hold the kido in place.


    He shouted as he let the kido leave both his hands, a monsterous roar came from the kido as it was charged, producing a devastating blast. Takashi breathed a bit heavy as he could feel the energy being drained from his body, his head was feeling a bit weary and tired, it seemed fatigue had gotten to him of training the entire day.

    With that He took in a deep breath before collapsing to the floor. He could feel a burning sensation all inside his body, he simply ignored it. Within a few minutes the man was fast asleep.

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