1. Kumori stared across the room at the rough looking man who had just lit his pipe. With a patch over one eye and and intense glare from the other it seemed to Kumori like this guy was trying to pierce his soul with his gaze. That or maybe he was trying to instill fear in him. What ever the case maybe things like that didnt affect Kumori like they once had.

    "I'm your huckleberry." He seemed to almost spit the words at Kumori. He blew a row of smoke rings toward him and Kumori. Now he really could use a cigarette. "Are you the one I need to see to join this division or are you another one looking to stand in my way. I never lose and will get what I want so tell friend whats it gonna be because my palms are itching for hilt to rest in them and the weight of battle to pound them into deeper darker callouses." Kumori stepped in the room toward retched pipe smoke that burned his nose.
    "Im in no mood for any crap right now so answer me or ill force it out of you."
  2. The new guy seemed to have become extremely intense really quick. Satoru narrowed his eyes, staring down Kumori. He took a long, slow, drag off of his pipe and then titled his head slightly to the left and let the plume of smoke loose in the face of the new recruit. He motioned towards a rack of swords nearby.

    "I have no say as to whether or not you can join and I am not standing in anyones way, you are already here. I am just looking to let off some steam honestly and that loud fucking mouth of yours makes the perfect target for my fist."

    Satoru had become more aggressive in his tone to respond back to Kumori. He turned and began walking through the division towards the outside training grounds. A fight in the reception room would get him jailed or worse. But if he did it right, maybe he could get back into the swing of things.

    Satoru drew his asauchi as he came to the training ground, turning to face his opponent. He would let Kumori attack first to get a feel for the guys fighting ability and how it compared to his own. When he sized up the guy, he seemed to be about on par with Satoru so this would be interesting.
  3. A hell butterfly arrived at the division. Hurs broke away from the spar when he overheard news about the discovery of Makoto. He was alive, but amazingly was barely holding on. Hurs could have sworn he felt his reiatsu throughout the battlefield and a sudden rush of panic swept over him. He couldn't allow Makoto to die in a frenzy killing his own comrades. It was time for him to personally intervene.

    "Sorry Leo, maybe we should finish this some other time."

    Hurs flash stepped the hell out of the sixth.
  4. Makoto seemed to materialize just outside of the sixth division gate. He stood patiently waiting for Hurs to arrive. Makoto had a chuckle to himself about relativity.

    "It seems the shortest distance between two points isn't a straight line."

    Makoto could hear the sound of two prospective shinigami preparing for battle on the other side of the division. Well, not necessarily hear, per se, but his finely tuned senses allowed him to eavesdrop in a way.

    "Might be interesting to check up on the mewlings eh Hurs?"

    Makoto spoke to Hurs just as he would be arriving.
  5. "Yeup."

    Hurs arrived at the gates of the sixth.

    "Well at least you got your ass in gear nonetheless. If you were sipping tea at the 12th I'd be dissapointed."

    Hurs wasn't lying, silly Hurs had no place in this world, it was all serious Hurs at this point.

    Hurs walked straight into the sixth division and brought Makoto to the communications center.

    "Jericho, that's enough of that sparring. Let those two guys know that we're on war alert and they should all get back to the barracks and report for duty. We're starting operations now."

    Rolling open a map of the district of Columbia he showed Makoto the circles and drawings that was scrawled on it. He sent a broadcasted sound message plugging his unreleased zanpaktou into an amplifier. It was time for the kidou he had been working on to be put in full effect. Markings formed on his arms and hands as he activated the amplifier. This would allow a visual projection into those contacted's minds to see everyone in the room including a visual of the map which would be projected on the wall behind him once a projector fired up.

    "Black and white net! Twenty two bridges, sixty six crown strings, footprints, distant thunders, mountain peaks, valleys, night shadows, cloud sea, cyan line! Fill up the circle and zoom to the edges of the sky! Bakudo 77: Tenteikura; Heaven's Fortress!"

    "Gentlemen, this is de-facto captain of the 6th, Hurs Ulrich, and current leader of the 12th, Makoto Koboyashi. I suggest we begin operations as soon as possible before another invasion. You have all seen the capabilities of Vali's army. Easily able to access portals into our world and have powerful soldiers at their disposal. The second in command is a man by the name of Nikolai, an ancient shinigami considered the first spiritual scientist in the world. We suspect that he is in charge of the logistics and technology of these operations.

    Everything in these areas is completely fucked. Large voids of plus spiritual energy everywhere. Traffic is low and the military is all but gone. Lots of hollow readings. Why the District of Columbia? To help cover up what is going on and at the same time have access to any ambassadorial and governing power over the geopolitical Earth frontier. This is the most heavily guarded area and we assume they are using Nikolai's technology to seal the reiatsu and presence of their hollows to keep things seemingly normal from our point of view. There are other reasons as to why they might be so covert but those are just theories that are irrelevant for the time being.

    What we do know is that there is a small, concealed but un-listed shinigami reiatsu in the Kazakhstan area. I've been monitoring this stationary point closely. Every few weeks a hollow reiatsu will suddenly appear and then disapoear. Then in a matter of days the squadron of hollows surrounding the district of columbia will gain one more member. If we are to assume Nikolai is in this area and is taking a part in creating this new breed of hollows. We will need visual confirmation of his identity, which can be done by the 2nd or by my men.

    I have studied the few records on this man's history and personality and it appears he doesn't like surprises. If the 6th, 2nd, and backup from the 12th concentrate a surprise attack on his headquarters, with only him and a few others as bodyguards we will give him a shock. The 7th could provide a diversionary attack on DC, although retreat if casualties become critical. Of course we'll want to try and disable all communications if possible. But it's only a suggested move."

    With a smirk Hurs continued.

    "We also know of another man, Buri, a man even older than Nikolai. So old that this goes before the time of shinigami itself when there were only beings known as Balancers, charged by the Spirit King Himself to maintain order. He is a future threat, but for now he for whatever reason seems content with being neutral and creating his own force in Rukongai. We know that he is even more hostile to any threats to Rukongai in particular. Both of these men are extremely strong so to even venture to hope for a quick victory is impossible.

    My plan is to use a portable dangai gate wired to end up in Rukongai, and knock Nikolai through the dangai and into Buri's domain. Now, if this is done, we can all retreat back to Soul Society and devote all of our forces to putting pressure on Nikolai and protect the citizenry.

    The problem is this. Vali's plan seems to be upsetting the balance. If he loses his number one man to us, he will try and retaliate by killing as many citizens of Earth to put pressure back on us to attack. Now in order to counter this we have three options. Follow his lead and attack Earth as soon as possible, eliminate plus souls in Rukongai..., or wipe out an equivalent amount of hollows. The main group of hollows are currently based in Hueco Mundo.

    This is where stage 3 of the plan comes in. In order to avoid killing innocents, we could, if Nikolai is still alive, push the fight through a portal into Hueco Mundo. If timed right, if we trap Nikolai in Hueco Mundo he will be left alone to deal with Nicho. the object of that would be to get him to do the hollow killing for us. Now how we are going to get him to do that is still in the works, but in order to sustain the least amount of bloodshed we will have to play these factions against each other. I'm open for any suggestions. Any windows of time for your operations you can think of?"
  6. Makoto listened intently as Hurs broadcast his message, getting everybody on the same page about the war and the retaliation being planned. They had been hit and hit hard at that. Makoto yawned and scratched his head, thinking about what was to come. If Vali began wiping out souls on the earth to tip the balance, the entire universe would be undone without balance being restored.

    "Between you and I Hurs, purifying the equivalent amount of hollows would be ideal. The only problem is that they would all come into the Soul Society on top of the influx of souls from Vali's genocide on the earth. It would only accelerate the process of our mutual destruction. There is only one real solution and I think we both know what it is. Other than that, the plan is about the best we can hope for at this point."

    Makoto crossed his arms, looking down at the ground. The days to come would be dark, very dark indeed. The chance of success was even low. The soul society had come close to destruction before, but this was beyond even that. The very foundation of the universe as it was known was at stake and the victor of the battles to come would define reality for better or for worse.


    Satoru had swung his sword for his new comrades gut when the blade was swatted away by Jericho, letting him know that they were officially acting under war-time orders. Sheathing the asauchi, Satoru headed for the cafeteria. A good meal was something he wouldn't take for granted especially when it could be his last.
  7. "Right. Which is where another plan will have to come into effect. I would be forced to be cool with a genocide if Buri wasn't there. But a mass genocide would force him to declare war on us, and this will cause big big problems. If they launch an offensive on us right here in the neighborhood we're going to lose a lot of men.

    In my opinion the best way to fix the consequences of all that is to do a mass assasination of Buri's forces. Create an inquisitionary force and wipe out all rebels and criminals in the area entirely. It'll make this solution a bit more justifiable, we could all use a few less degenerates in this place. I mean we're talking about a guy who wants to take over Sereitei and use it as a base to create a national superpower. He cares nothing for hollows, keeping the balance, or even Vali. I don't know why... perhaps he thinks he can actually seal off Soul Society from the spiritual system. Maybe he's just insane. But it's better taking him out than innocents. He should have a large enough group of followers to match that excess you're talking about Makoto. This will literally mean, wiping out a whole generation and leaving us in the care of infants and souls with no memories to lead Rukongai, a completely fresh start.

    Now, I'm sure a lot of you are wondering, why we can't just stop Vali from causing genocide outright. The reason is, Earth is literally a trap for our forces. If we wage a campaign against him it will leave Sereitei wide open for Buri's attack. I've done some snooping around and it seems like everyone is waiting for us to be completely drained before they make their move.

    We need to save our strength for the final push. To ensure our counterattack on Buri to be a success, I suggest that we.... contact the Royal Guard for help on this... we can't afford to slip up. We should also reach out to our neighbors in the mountains. Let them know of the situation and improve diplomacy between them and us. If we fail to stop Buri, we may need to use their help, territory, and resources to retreat and regroup in order to take back Sereitei."

    Hurs sighed.

    "Even with all of this, this is only one stage of the war. I have no idea what Nicho is planning on doing, but hopefully he's benign for the time being."
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  8. Leo had taken his time getting around to the most important task on his docket, securing his own division. The diversion that had been provided to him by the sudden departure of Hurs left him with some time to think and reflect on what exactly he needed to know as a new captain, and where too look.

    the 11th was his next stop, but he wouldn't overlook the wealth of knowledge the 6th had at its disposal. The receptionist, with some gentle coaxing, provided him with journals of former taichou's, namely Hara.

    The time this took was well spent, he had much to learn about management and just how to create the correct environment for his own division, so his quest for knowledge wouldn't be stopped here. He had to learn more from the teachings of those like Zoey and Koi, former taichous of what was now his division.

    A plan was starting to form in his mind, one that would challenge the 7th given the time and the proper care.

    He was still in the corner of the reception area, his eyes running through the notes one last time before he turned them back over to their proper owners. the text had been censored in order to prevent any division secrets from slipping out, but in this instance it wasnt a bother, nor what he was looking for.
  9. Hurs had been spending his day beginning his new endurance training. Leo would notice the cells of the 6th being extremely empty save for one traitor, Mahmoud. Despite this seemingly low arrest rate, tensions were high between the new faction in Rukongai and the peacekeeping division and Hurs understood something was going to give if it kept up.

    After getting a buzz from the receptionist, Hurs walked into the lobby, glad to see there was a visitor from outside the division. Bonding between divisions was important. He noticed that Leo was looking through some journals. With a content smile he wondered if Leo had any questions that he could help with.

    "Captain Leo, Can I be of assistance?"
  10. "Perhaps, I'm looking for some more... personal material from the 6ths former captains." Takezo noted, showing off the scroll carefully. The text was old by all accounts and not something to be pushed around.

    "Doe's the Sixth possess any of Shoto Kisada's journals? I would like to take a look at them if at all possible." Takezo said, rolling up the former scroll and placing it in its proper holster, a plain wooden box. Humility always fit with Hara, and was one of the things that Takezo remembered from his later days as a captain of the sixth. He had learned much, but the source of information had yet to be extinguished.

    "and please, no need to go by that old moniker, call me Takezo. formalities can be cast aside, at least on my behalf, Capatain
  11. Hurs nodded carefully making a mental note to remember Leo's name change. He went to his office to get the journals and brought it for Takezo to look through.

    "How are things going at the 11th? I heard you've been trying to get them back into shape. In my opinion, the eleventh is a very important division for upholding the traditions and respect for the bond between soul slayer and shinigami. If you need any help mentoring the rascals, let me know... I could use a bit of practice myself..."

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