1. interesting indeed, the man was like a totally different person.

    "so you don't recognize me then?" kaisen asked, stepping forward, and sliding Leo's zanpaktou from his back.

    "Do you recognize this?" he asked, now inspecting the blade like a familiar old friend.

    "how about how you came about that arm.." he asked, tapping at the robotic arm with leos zanpaktou.
  2. "Eh... no." Takezo said, looking at the man for a moment, then resuming his own thoughts. This was getting weird, and worst of all their were no chicks around anymore.

    He held out a sword, a red hilted beauty that was reinforced with silver long its edges. It was a nice piece of work, one he was tempted to say was his own sword, but it would prove to be more of a nuisance if he affirmed these people of thier idea.

    "Arms always been like this, not sure what happened but i've had it forever." Takezo said, holding up the grey arm, human in appearance despite its color.

    "what is this normal for shinigami or something?
  3. Hurs arrived at the gates of the sixth and took a deep breath. He was still alive and kicking. Let’s see how the division has changed while I’ve been gone. He stepped into the division and reached the reception desk and nodded, smiling as he tried to contain his reiatsu at the lieutenant level. Turning down a few hallways, he noticed two extremely strong reiatsu signatures coming from the inner training ground.

    Opening the doors, he smirked and then nodded.

    "If it isn't Kaisen-taicho. I'm lieutenant Hurs of the sixth. What brings you here to this neck of the woods?"

    He then looked at Takezo.

    “Ah and Leo-taicho as well. How’s the eleventh division doing? You know if you need any zanjutsu consulting, just let me know. That’s what I’m all about.”
  4. Walking through the gates of the division the young white hair entered. With a paper in his hand it read "6th division". He looked around at the tranquility that was serene in this area. His eyes began to scan the area, the beautiful flowers that were growing in the garden and the butterflies that were buzzing about. There was a small bridge that he saw in front of him, a water fall underneath it. There was greenery everywhere. Clearing his throat he slowly took a few steps into the seemingly surreal area. The clicking of his geta shoes caused a break in the flawless silence that seemed to present itself in this division. He raised his hand and began to scratch his head, his only arm scratching his scalp.

    Turning to the left and right once more he noted that absolutely no one was around. He sighed, the soft sigh still echoing throughout the environment. He mumbled something to himself underneath his breath that suggested that he was rather annoyed, there was no one here.


    The man cried out as to break the tranquility in the environment. He wasn't speaking to anyone in particular but it seemed like no one was around. He took a few more steps into the area.

    "Isn't there anyone who wants to fight around here?"

    The Naive young man called out.
  5. The receptionist was busy munching on a bagel as this white haired kid walked by. He seemed so much like an academy graduate and so much like the one that was scheduled to come in today that he just nodded and smiled at the determined youth who seemed to be so ready to take on the world that he didn't even notice the people at the gate. Shrugging his shoulders he went back to reading his book. The other shinigami on watch also didn't seem to pay the guy much heed, even though you were supposed to sign in at the reception desk they just assumed he was called in to be mentored so they continued doing work in whatever office they were stationed in.

    The receptionist finished his bagel and then brushed his hands off. He then heard the boy say something about fighting. He kicked his chair back from its reclined position and pulled his feet off a desk. He then raised his eyebrow as he peeked around the corner and looked at the kid. With a mischievous smile he pressed a button for security.

    In a communications center, a dirty blonde haired middle aged woman named Bellice heard the beeping.


    She then quickly looked out the window of the third floor of the high-rise building that had been upgraded into a kind of modern office with an edo style. It had an arch at the base of the first floor which Zain would have had to walk through to get into the open yard that contained the garden.

    "Avalia dear! It's an intruder! This is your time to start earning your keep. I've trained you well. Don't give him any chances! Remember he may be young but he's still a man!"

    A light blue haired teenage female shinigami sighed and closed her cellphone. The co-fifth seat.

    "Quickly! Quickly! You want to give a good first impression!"

    Meanwhile a few shinigami security members from the four corners of the division drew their swords and rushed in, then stopped, waiting for further orders.

    "Halt! Stay right where you are and no quick movements!"

    Avalia walked out with her extremely straight and styled hair being caught in a light breeze and yawned then pulled a microphone that was underneath her collar. Even though this could be her first arrest since recently joining the division, she was a spoiled noble, and was used to her housekeeper and head of her estate security ,Bellice, scolding her and ordering her around.

    "It's just a graduate ma'am."

    The microphone barked back with a concerned female voice.

    "Why aren't you using kidou?! Stay on him!"

    Avalia sighed and gripped her sword hilt.

    "Can I help you?", she said softly
  6. A few shinigami descended quickly towards him. Zain turned towards the right and the left as he noticed people were coming towards him. He sighed, this many already? Suddenly he noticed that a blue haired woman ...or girl rather approaching him. He smiled towards her,

    "Oh I didn't think I'd get so much trouble for simply walking out here. Ah...whatever. Well you see the thing is that..."

    Zain eye'd the woman for a moment, he noticed that she was ...well a girl. His eyes began inspecting her for a moment before he shook it off quickly. He raised his hand to scratch the side of his cheek as she stood in front of him. Looking down for a moment he began speaking until finally looking up at her.

    "The thing is I am new here you see. I was recommended to this division and I wanted to join, perhaps I was assigned I don't know. Anyway, I heard that there were some decently strong fighters here and I wanted to take you all on."

    Zain reached for his lifeless Zanpakutou and drew it slowly and pointed it towards the woman with his right hand. A breeze blew by which caused Zain's left arm to fly in the wind. He smiled towards her with a confident smile as he held the 73cm katana in front of him. He stood with one leg forward and one leg back, his right was forward and his left back. His crystal blue eyes held a sense of confidence, they weren't devoid of that for sure.

    "So what do you say miss? I don't know if you all can fight but I'd like to test you out. Please go ahead and make the first move, ladies first of course"
  7. Avalia let go of her zanpaktou. Maybe he was lost?

    "Okay" she whispered, her seemingly peaceful poise seemed to gain more presence as she took a half step to the side and gripped her zanpaktou. She suddenly outstretched her arm and reiryoku channeled down it in a rush.

    "Binding Art 43: Hikangoku; Ice Prison"

    Things would suddenly get a bit colder around Zain, appropriate for the current seasonal spirit. The sound of a breath was heard in the air and the moisture in the air would suddenly freeze around the wrists and ankles of Zain binding them like tying someone's shoe laces together. With a motion of her hand the other four shinigami jumped in and picked up Zain to put him in a detention cell for an hour.

    Avalia smiled.

    "I wasn't intending to fight you, that has to be sanctioned by the lieutenant. You're under arrest for trespassing, but I will let the lieutenant know of your reasons for coming here."

    With that Avalia went back to being bored in her office.

    Zain was brought to a detention cell, broken free of the ice, and told to sit on a bench and wait was left there for half an hour before lieutenant Jericho arrived.

    "Hi there Zain... I'm lieutenant Chris Jericho! Got a taste of the 6th security force right off the bat eh? Well, no matter, it's our job to be the most rule filled division in the Gotei 13 although some of the nicest people you'll find here. The one thing that concerns me was that you were itching for a fight. Are you sure you want to join? Our fighting may not be what you're accustomed to. Also we look for men that care for justice... goody two-shoes basically. Haha, well not that annoying, but you have to have some ambition or pride in your job that is placed above fighting and that is keeping the peace."

    Chris Jericho rambled on as he unlocked the cell and led Jericho around to the dormitories.

    "We have 3 main jobs here that often overlap and that I and the lead co-fukutaicho Hurs Ulrich, oversee. That is the security force, those who protect the facilities and operations of the 6th, and escort important people, the vanguard, the hollow purification and most standard fighting force here in charge of going out and making a name for the division, and the Enforcers, the crime fighting and investigative squad. Once you decide on what you want to focus on here's a few maps of Rukongai and Sereitei. Trust me, you'll need to study a lot while you're here as well."

    The map pointed that the Enforcer squad was located in the ruins of the old academy, but the Vanguard and the Security force officers were located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the CCC building (Communications and Central Command) that Zain had passed under.

    Jericho led him up to a vacant dormitory and handed him the keys. It almost resembled a hotel room inside and was quite comfortable.

    "Heheh. Nice eh? We have some spoiled types in the division, and some WEALTHY ones too, but nothing wrong with a little comfort after a hard day's work. Also no need to bow to me, or the captain. We keep a respectful nod as best to acknowledge people. The tradeoff is you are expected to follow rules to a T if you want to be respected here. Strength is cool but that doesn't just cut it. Although"

    With a grin he continued and whispered.

    "I love fighting. So if you really want to call people out to duels and sparring the inside training ground and the outside training grounds are all permissible. Just don't try to bang up the places too much. No heavy arts of destruction, shikai, or bankai permitted unless you come to me or Hurs... sooooo any questions?"
  8. Calmly, Zen walked towards the entrance of the Sixth Division. As so as he awoke in the soul society, it was his goal to join the sixth division. Why? Because he would want to become the best member of the division and then move on to better things. Maybe even become a captain of another division, and get some big bootied hoes to fill all the open spots. Upon entering he noticed how the sixth divisions square was filled with flora.

    "Yea, whatever."

    The place was an absolute bore. There was no fighting, no delinquents, and no hoes. It he whole place reeked of orders nd tranquility.

    Zen let out a huge sigh.

    "Hello, is anyone around! Preferably a female wit some nice cheeks?"

    Taking a few steps further, he found a shaded area where he would stand against while he continued to loath his surroundings.

    Murmuring under his breath:

    "This place is as dead as Grandma..."
  9. Zain felt a cold chill around his body, he shivered until he looked towards the woman with anger. The crystalline structures began to form around him. Zain gritted his teeth before he was turned into a complete Popsicle. Soon however, he found himself thawed out and sent to a detention room. The walls were very bleak and tile which made him sigh. The door opened and in came the Lieutenant was it? He hadn't heard much while being frozen..seriously...how does someone hear while frozen? He shook it off as he listened to the man enter and speak to him. Zain simply nodded and kept saying 'yes sir' as the man continued his speech. Upon completely he figured he may as well speak.

    "Well, I guess you're right Fukutaichou-san. I came here to try and fight and get stronger. I don't like when people pick on other people and I want to put a stop to that. The eleventh division is a lot of fighting but it seems like they have no goal or motivation. I suppose I understand that this is more of a class of wealthy and more refined and good soldiers. The way I look at it is it seems like they are 'light'."

    He sighed as he leaned back in his chair a bit, looking at the vice captain in his eyes as he spoke.

    "I want to get stronger to protect people not to mindlessly get stronger. Can you help me? You say you like fighting and I really want to fight. I don't have too much use for things other than this sword and my hand. If you could, I would like to spar. I wouldn't even mind if I were sparring with you or another person. I suppose you're way more trained than myself which could cause a problem."

    Zain scratched his head as he reclined in his chair. He then became more focused, letting the chain down slowly before getting up and bowing towards him; rather unexpected.

    "Please. Teach me!"

    Was all he said, seems like the kid thought it through and really wanted to fight. He couldn't help but feel excited at the opportunity to fight.
  10. Jericho nodded at the kid's budding interest.

    "Sure. We're just as open as any other division for training and sparring. It's just that we're required to keep a certain decorum and peace around the place. Being a member of the 6th can be more badass than it seems, you just have to embrace being a little bossy heheh. Let me give you an example..."

    Lieutenant Jericho suddenly flash stepped at yet another guy who had waltzed up in the division, disregarding the reception desk or announcing his presence and just blatantly trespassing, just like Zain had. Bellice was busy talking to the receptionist about being more careful about letting anyone in, but was floored and practically paralyzed at the chauvinist remarks flying from this new one's mouth, with her own mouth gaping wide open. Jericho decided to end that crap before she decided to castrate the man. That old lady, as old fashioned as she was, was not the kind of person you wanted to piss off.

    He then answered Zen's question about big booty hoes. (forceplaying a bit here)

    "No, but my foot is!"

    The speedy kick would knock Zen into the air a few feet and knock the wind out of him. The guards would then drag him away to a detention cell. If this string of idiots kept up, it would really give the security force some good practice around here. He then continued answering questions.

    "Ah yes. That's a decent reason to join. Hurs was stuck between choosing this division and the 11th as well. At the least you have to be a stable compound."

    "A fight eh?"

    Jericho rubbed his chin and then thought for a few seconds. He then smirked as he thought of a lie.

    "I have some paper work to do, but I definitely know someone who caan. Hey Avalia!"

    Avalia, who had been bothered to stop playing games on her special super expensive electronic cellphone outfitted to connect to Earth internet to oversee Zen getting dragged away opened her eyes a bit more as he called over to her. She walked over.

    "Yes, sir?"

    "You're a prodigy right? Why don't you show Zain the ropes. He wants a fight! You're a strong girl for your age, go ahead! Show him how it's done."

    "Sir... I really would prefer to get back to my post."

    "That's an order Avalia! I won't take no for an answer, we need new recruits."

    Jericho said sternly. Avalia's eyes bugged out, having her usual hedonistic and self-centered lifestyle completely breached by this totally uncool division.

    "Yes sir... god..." She muttered under her breath.

    "Follow me..."

    Avalia led Zain to a traditional dojo, the inside training grounds. It had a high ceiling, a stone floor, and reinforced walls in case things got too dangerous.

    "So... you want to... fight? Like with real swords or with bokkens because we generally use those..."

    Avalia's mood was beginning to turn foul. And her foul moods were dangerous. If Zain wanted to have a fair fight, he'd better watch what he said.


    (For Zen)

    Meanwhile Jericho walked up to the cell where Zen was held.

    "Yeah. I'm going to put a big ass no trespassing sign at the front of the division if this keeps up. So... who the hell are you and why are you here?"

    Jericho hoped and prayed that this guy wasn't planning on joining.
  11. "Normal for a shinigami raised for battle in the 7th perhaps.." kaisens words lingered, as he inspected the sword for another moment.

    "But i can tell you, i was there when you were grafted with that arm. Before it was so advanced. It used to be a bit more... obviously mechanical. You can thank the 7th's partnership with other divisions for that. well, that and the hollow that ate your old arm." kaisen let out a chuckle at the mention of the hollow, a subject leo had talked to few if any about.

    Kaisen ignored Hurs' arrival, as his gaze focused on Leo.

    "Let's see what we can do about this situation..." as Kaisen spoke, he moved, his battle hardened reflexes jamming Leos own blade straight in to his gut. His movements were short, precise, and gave little warning. He had to move as such, even with his memory gone, this was still Leo he was dealing with, Muscle memory, and reflexes were completely different from ones actual memory. And Leo was one of the most dangerous Shinigami around. After Kaisen of course.
  12. "Do i smell cake..?" Takezo asked, his attention now elsewhere as Kaisen made his move. The other two could talk all they wanted, but he knew who he was, and despite the resemblance, it just wasnt him.

    He saw the flash of steel a moment too late, even if he had the captain level abilities as these men claimed, there wouldnt have been much he could have done to avoid the blade.

    His hand though was close enough, and despite him it darted toward the blade quickly the two making contact before it could slide through to his stomach.

    As soon as the blade met flesh, A crimson glow flashed brightly, and a wave of reiatsu rolled forth from the light, the room seemingly beginning to shake from the weight of the spiritual pressure emanating from the man.

    "Ugh... my head...." Leo said, the light fading as he reached up to try and alleviate some of the pain, only for him to smash the hilt guard of his blade into it. His zanpaktou now back in his rightful possession, it seemed it would not harm him today, and that was something he could be thankful for.

    "Well... Hello Kaisen! its been awhile, learn anything good on your little trip?" Leo asked, smiling wearily as he replaced his zanpaktou onto his badly torn belt sash, while reaching out with the other.

    "Oh! this is new..." Leo said, the hand he had stuck out gripping a blade, the asauchi he had used earlier. It had taken on a new form, the blade now slightly longer then it had been originally, and it now matched his other zanpaktou, seemed whatever had happened had transferred into the second blade too.

    "Well, the more the merrier i think..." Leo said, placing the second blade in a comfortable position on the same side as his original zanpaktou, he didnt know how it happened, but regardless it was a pleasant suprise.

    He reached out again to shake Kaisen's hand, then followed that up with one towards Hurs, who he hadn't immediately seen.

    "So... uh... what are we doing here? i dont seem to remember what brought me to the sixth now." Leo said, smiling weakly, the man seemed to remember himself but something was still a bit... off.
  13. Hurs noticed that Kaisen was pretty intent on what he was doing, which was holding up a zanpaktou.


    He suddenly exclaimed as Kaisen promptly tried to stab Leo, who was clearly suffering from a kind of memory loss. The crimson flash that followed was pretty overwhelming, as the senior captain regained his strength all in one go. Hurs was surprised he could move as the reiatsu shook the room.

    Gna even spoke up.

    Are you sure you want to ask these guys?

    Hurs nodded and then explained.

    "We picked you up, unconscious, in district 80 of Rukongai. I checked in with Yavasha while I was walking back from the Great Forest. Whatever idiot gave you amnesia, which is what you're recovering from right now, decided to keep you alive fortunately for you. If you ever get any info on who might be stalking you, you should notify the 2nd and the 6th to help investigate. We can't have captains disappearing at a time of war..."

    Hurs paused to let Kaisen tell his story and then continued.

    "The reason I was away was that I was training and have finally manifested a bankai. I've never really had my abilities tested in a very long time, so I would greatly appreciate it if you gentlemen could help gauge my strength."
  14. Looking at his hand, it was strange that the blade vanished, Save for a few razor sharp snowflakes that sat in his hand. Letting them drop, he was surprised even more by Leo's sudden change. His memory came back in a snap, which was what he had been hoping for, but something was off about him. For starters, He had never shaken his hand like that before.

    Shaking it off, he looked at Hurs for the first time since his arrival.

    "You'll have to get in line. The 2nd division has already asked me to visit them.. But maybe Leo here has some time on his hands?" Kaisen said, more or less asking the last part. It didn't matter really, as Kaisen took another look at leo, then turned and headed for the exit. It would seem he had alot on his mind, and chit chatting was not on the agenda.

    to bad the walk from the 6th to the 2nd was a short one.
  15. "Thats odd, i never would have guessed someone had taken a liking to me like that... Oh well, maybe it'll work itself out in time, dosnt seem like i did anything terrible."

    "Leo? whose that?" Takezo said, scratching his head as kaisen made his exit, that was an odd name as well. He couldn't remember if it had been his nickname or not. Whatever it was he was still unfamiliar with it.

    "Well sure... Yea i can let you test out your bankai for a bit. I need to get the blood flowing now. er.. not literally!" Takezo said, stumbling as his mind tried to occupy himself elsewhere. THe 11th needed his attention soon, and he had many new ideas to implement with the old division that may not be well received without some coaxing.

    "Lead the way Captain, but do be kind enough to go easy on me now."
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  16. Hurs entered the outside training ground with Takezo trailing behind.

    "Captain... heh. I'm not completely in the mindset of a captain, but I'm beginning to warm up to the title. As for holding back, I'll do my best, but Gna here is pretty anxious. We'll start off unreleased."

    Hurs drew out his double edged zanpaktou and bowed. He started off only two a pace and a half away from Takezo. He was comfortable with close quarters combat, so there was no need for any sudden movements, traps, or speed to start off the battle. After squaring off, he stepped forward swinging his weight to the side, feinting an arching slash downwards at Takezo's head but instead crouching slightly into a horizontal slash at the abdomen.
  17. "If it pleases you." Takezo said, unsheathing the short sword, he would start off with this one for now, he saw no need to go any further for the moment. If Hurs was looking for a warm-up, he would humor him.

    He held the short sword in his left hand, the grey arm fully exposed for the duration. While he was clothed i tattered remnants of his shihakusho, he appear perfectly comfortable despite this.

    The first strike was parried easily enough, the zanpaktou coming at him horizontally despite the vertical feint. A better opener the most. Usually Takezo would have to initiate combat, but he was just as good as letting the fight come to him. Steel scrapped against steel, before Takezo pushed off and took a calculated sing backwards, careful not to step to far back as to miss his own attack with the shorter blade.

    The tip would cross along Hur's chest if he wasn't careful, it would not be a very deep wound if it connected but one that would make Hurs think twice.

    The training ground had been empty beforehand, but now a crowd of 6th shinigami were gathering on the outskirts, interested in what was taking place. IT was not often that two captains sparred openly in any division outside of the arena. Thiswould not be something to miss.
  18. Hurs brought up his guard and patiently blocked Takezo's counter. With a flash step he was to the side of Takezo, charging in with a stab at the neck. But it wasn't a normal stab, it was buttressed by a Hado 4: Byakurai, thus the kidou would fly from the tip of the sword at Takezo's neck first and then a thrust at whatever Takezo would use to block, an arm, the wielding hand or whatever. Hurs knew that it was near impossible to end the battle quickly at a guy of this level, not to mention this was a light duel, nothing with killing intent.

    With a chuckle, Hurs jumped back before Takezo could throw something back at him, using hit and run tactics for now to feel his opponent out. He honestly had no experience with the 7th squad fighting before. This would be interesting.
  19. Kumori was tired and angry. He had never felt such intense emotions in his entire life. The hollow attack on the academy changed him. He was no longer the happy go lucky guy he was before. His dog was lost in the fray, stepped on by a massive hollow and snuffed out. To Kumori the pup was all he had in this world his only companion. His school, his only bond destroyed in what felt to him like a matter of minutes. With nothing to do and no where to go only one thing stuck in his head. He never ever wanted to feel that way ever again. He didnt want to see it happen to anyone either so when the dust settled and he delt with his loss the best he could Kumori made his way to the sixth division.

    Walking in the gate of the sixth Kumori felt intense spiritual pressure all around. Power like he hadnt felt before and it was unnerving. At the same time he felt excited these people were his kind of people there strength made him hungry for a fight and he was ready. Kumori worked his way up to the reception area getting more and more pumped up. "BOOM" Kumori kicked the front doors in and stood in the door way waiting for his eyes to adjust announcing himself "MY NAME IS Kumori Shuudoushi REMEMBER THAT AND I AM HERE TO LEARN AND TO BE THE STRONGEST SHINIGAMI TO EVER EXSIST."
  20. Satoru had been hiding away within the sixth after the hollow attack had decimated the soul society and he had tried to assist in the combat in Rukongai. His soul was simply tired. No, tired wasn't quite strong enough of a word. He was defeated. The young shinigami prospect had seen so many of his comrades die, eaten, ripped apart... the body parts flying through the air... He closed his eyes and hugged the worn asauchi close to him.

    A loud, obnoxious recruit shouted something about wanting to be the strongest shinigami. The blood-splattered faces of his friends filled his mind. A new emotion seemed to be sparked in his being. Not new, but a powerful spark of anger. The spark had plenty of kindling to work itself into a blaze. The youngster kicked his way out of the closet he had been hiding within. The shaggy looking shinigami prospect walked into the reception room.

    He had been gone for awhile, but maybe his superiors would over look it considering that he had been through more than most recruits would see in their entire careers. This newcomer seemed to be hungry for a fight. Satoru leaned his right shoulder against the wall and lit his pipe. Taking a long draw off of it, he blew three lazy smoke rings at Kumori.

    "I'm your huckleberry."

    If he was looking for a fight, Satoru needed to blow off some steam anyway. It had been too long since he got a chance to stretch his legs and he needed to really let go of the horrors he had been through.

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