1. "Oh boy, more techniques."

    Hurs yanked away from the reiatsu barriers and faced Makoto eye to eye. He then, sighed and got more serious. A an extremely quick cut he made by sliding his hands across the double edged spear. The hands bled profusely but grip was all he needed. Even when he eventually started losing too much blood he would be fine.

    "More power to ya Makoto. Some people mistake me for traditional, but I only joined the shinigami ranks for power, I could care less for the Edo period crap. If I can't be the strongest, then so be it, so no big deal to me."

    Suddenly his reiatsu surged and he quickly stabbed the ground. All his zanpaktouless zanjutsu was coming into play. He ripped the earth asunder like an angry pool player that had stuck his stick into the ground and a spray of earth flew at Makoto. Just pebbles, if it was stone it would be sparks and if midair it would be wind but he would have to make do with the least of the options.

    The earth was meant to uncover whatever barriers were protecting the 12th vice captain. Hurs aimed a powerful but careful test stab at Makoto and then immediately slid the spear back and then kicked the suddenly elongated end to flip the spear over.

    "Binding Art 22: Lightning..."

    He gripped it once it landed and pole vaulted over Makoto aiming a sweeping slash from above like a hyper active broomstick. The true motive behind this however was to launch a few globules of blood at Makoto.

    Hurs took a gamble and then raised his free hand at Makoto midair.

    " Paralysis!"

    He was aiming for the blood, discharging the current into each globule the best he could, hoping that this would cause Makoto to hesitate as the electric blood rained down on Makoto. Once he landed he would not hesitate to spin right into Makoto like a kind of buzz-saw using devil's kata movement and his double bladed spear.
  2. Makoto didn't move from the spot. Instead, he formed a type one barrier around him, the seal on the back of his neck glowing a little as it was utilized to assist the barriers rapid creation.

    The sheer density of the spiritual energy composing the barrier itself was a testament to reiatsu mastery. It wasn't thick, as would be expected of such a sturdy structure, but the combination of the particles on a subatomic level made it one of the most powerful defensive techniques known at the time.

    Hurs' attacks slammed into the barrier without the slightest ripple. Makoto turned to face him.

    "So I gueas you have to ask yourself, at any point during that assault, did you break line of sight with me? Is this the real Makoto? Or is that one?"

    Makoto motioned towards the construct that had sprung up behind Hurs. It did not, however, move to attack just yet.

    "I can attack you at will, but you can't even be certain as to if I am even still really here."

    Makoto had puppeted the clone, making it speak that last taunt at Hurs. A third Makoto seemed to appear next to Hurs. Was this one a clone? Or had Makoto teleported and left a shell within the barrier again? This newest clone stood equadistant from the barrier and the first clone.

    "So Hurs, make your move."

    The second clone had spoken through puppeteering again while the real Makoto stood oddly still and silent beneathe the barrier.
  3. Hurs grinned. This was really great target practice. Unreleased Makoto was finally allowing him to give everything he had against an opponent. He kept his spear in contact and spinning against the shield. There was one more zanjutsu technique he had to offer. Hurs totally in the zone. His body became a blur as his reiatsu took him to new heights. His body was conditioned to use his blade to scrape against defenses using forge style. The style movements were incomplete but he could compensate using his adept use of the spear to fill in the gaps.

    A torrential whirlwind of sparks spun from Hurs' body, infused with his reiryoku, with the sheer friction of him wailing against the reiatsu barrier turning it into a whirlwind of flame, heat and air. Hurs was beginning to fall into a trance, he was reaching the limits of fighting as just a shinigami and not using his zanpaktou. To push himself further in this manner would be in vain since his zanpaktou was the next level of his zanjutsu in the first place. But he was curious to how far he would go with it. In a final motion and in only a few seconds flame and sparks lashed out at the two other clones. Whichever one would be using new barriers to guard from the heat or teleporting away, Hurs would suddenly be falling downwards into a stab using everlasting grudge to empower him to bury the man under the barrier.

    He found this puzzle to be fun, and it made him hungry for blood. With the eyes of an animal he would slash and cut his way through anything.

    Hurs! Hurs! Snap out of this! You're pushing yourself too far!

    Energy was beginning to form on the blades of the spears as Hurs began to subconsciously leak power from his shikai.


    A tremendous echoing strike accidentally flew from the spear as Hurs got way too into the killing attitude. The whole room resounded with a horrible humming and cuts immediately began to form on Hurs' body as the whole atmosphere was filled cutting malice.

    "Oh shit!"

    Hurs spun the spear and reduced the energy to zero leaving a large crater where the floor used to be and all of the trees pretty much in toothpicks.

    "Whoops. Did I getcha Makoto? Had a little interference there."

    He hoped he didn't get anyone hurt.

    "I think I'll take a break phewww. Catching up to all those clones can be a workout."

    He sat down to catch his breath.
  4. The two clones were blown away, simple distractions for Hurs. But what happened next caused Makoto to stir beneath the barrier. A single ripple of force ran down his barrier as Hurs reached his own limits without his zanpakutou.

    When Hurs sat down for a break, Makoto absorbed the barrier back into the seal. He wanted to know... he needed to know.

    Can I kill him?

    That voice again. The insanity he had run into during his ressurection seemed to be sticking around. ThThat was fine. At the same time, Alcahayr had seemed to positively radiate energy in response to the emotional outburst fromGna.

    "This isn't over yet Hurs. Stand up. Let me see your full strength, unrestrained."

    The sound of gears whirring at mind-numbing speespeeds filled the air as the room suddenly increased exponentially in size to accomadate the requests of the acting Taichou.

    "Bankai, Souseiki Kyanon."

    The division walls around the duo groaned for a few seconds as the spiritual pressure filled the room, adjusting the strength of the barriers to accommodste two bankai fighting within.

    The enormous cannon formed overhead, thin projection screens floated aeound Makoto, feeding him information to him. Every sensor screamed not to fire his weapon as he was danger close. Another screen listed every shinigami in descending order of rank who had last seen Makoto and Hurs leave the sixth division.

    "Clever clever... don't tempt me."

    Makoto could only smirk as the armor formed on his right arm, ribs, and the right side of his chest. Makoto held his shikai blade in the same hand as well.

    "Gotta give him a chance to release before we attack."

    A feq thoughts went through his mind as Makoto waited. Knowing what his abilities were and just how destructive a single attack could be, How would Hurs fare, mentally, in front of the single most destructive bankai known to the Soul Society?
  5. Hurs fared pretty normally. He wasn't really looking at his friend when he slowly got up until he heard the word bankai.


    He slowly turned around as the reiatsu pressure suddenly got very very big and impending. He already knew there would be big trouble just from the reiatsu, it literally gave him the feeling that the biggest gun ever was now pointing at him and what came out of it was fifty times worse and bigger.

    His mouth gaped open and he paused. Had Makoto finally lost it?

    "AAAAAAAH!!! What's your beef, jerky?! Do you want to put the universe's eye out?! Jesus Christ!"

    Gna then replied in an echo that could be heard in the room, a distinct little side ability due to her nature, when replying to Makoto's zanpaktou.

    "Oh? You want to go, fatass? Come on Hurs, we're the peace keeping division! Let me at em, he's exactly the kind of guy we're meant to put down!"

    Hurs sputtered.

    "P-put down... right... sixth division... shit. God we're so screwed."

    Hurs was witnessing one of those psychological fourth wall moments when realizing how insane everyone in the room actually was and how it would doom them all. But fuck it, he might as well go out with a bang.

    "Alright Makoto. Here goes."

    Hurs' reiatsu raised back to bankai level and gave him a bit of a confidence boost. A new feeling would be felt in the room as if space was distorting a bit as well as light. Hurs' reiatsu itself transformed into what looked like a silver mirage and then turned into an infinite aurora as a new being prepared to emerge. It was similar to what a spiritually sensitive human would see and feel when reality itself was being fluctuated by a hollow or another reiatsu being.

    He then threw his spear into the air.

    "Bankai! Echoes of the Dead!"

    The spear suddenly grew in size and a hand formed out of thin air and grabbed it. An 80 foot goddess on a horse with a lance stepped into the reality of Soul Society, power constantly vibrating from her. she yawned and then stretched a bit.

    "Okay. So do I actually beat the crap out of him, unlike you, or is this playtime like what you two boys were doing earlier? "

    Hurs put both hands in front of him.

    "Hold it, hold it... Okay Makoto. She's ready. Do you want us to attack first or what? It just looks like you could nuke the whole Soul Society with a bankai that powerful. I don't want this getting out of hand, it's just a spar remember?"
  6. Makoto felt a surge in spiritual pressure from his zanpakutou as pins and seals began to open and draw in energy. Warnings covered every screen indicating a 0% chance of survival for all four combatants. The screens shut off as Makoto began to power up his attack anyway.

    "One final attack Hurs. I want you to throw the entirety of your power into it. God knows your zanpakutou needs the extra help with how pitifully weak she is. Perhaps she would have been better off being a spatula so she could at least take her proper place in the kitchen. Perhaps she would get more use there anyhow."

    Makoto howled with laughter, the cacophany of the dueling spiritual pressures drowning him out.

    "If I wasn't confident that we will both walk away, I would never put myself in this situation Hurs. No holding back. Show me the strength you have acquired to fight Vali with. I can promise that if you do hold back your attack, you will surely die."

    Makoto pointed his cannon down at Hurs. A single sweat drop ran down his cheek. There was something he needed to know, a reaction he wanted to observe. The true intent he had started this fight out with. Already, signaks had been sent to the division itself, fortifying this particilar area of the division with all resources available.

    "Souseiki Kyanon - Alpha..."

    Makoto pulled the trigger. The walls and barriers around the two groaned beneath the pressure of the attack. The brilliant flash filling every corner of sanity in the training area. The entire division was bending outwards from the pressure as Makoto used his bankai to its fullest potential, not holding back in the slightest.

    The seal on the back of his neck was thrown open as Makoto prepared to act after seeing Hurs' attack loosed as well.
  7. Hurs winced terribly as Makoto threw an insult at Gna.

    "Wh-what are you doing, you madmaaaan!"

    The entire division quaked as Makoto's unreal bankai powered up and it only got worse when Gna's reiatsu sharpened at the insult. She wasn't particularly the easily angered type and she didn't really understand most of his references, but calling her weak on just her second day on the job would definitely do it.

    "I was going to knock you around but now it's going right up your cannon!"

    Hurs was crouched with his hands over his head and closed his eyes. He couldn't really trust anything right now, he just hoped this wasn't seriously how he was going to die.

    Gna's unique musculature vibrated with energy and the spear grew white hot as a new form of forge style ignited the tip. The movement seemed to make her arm look a bit longer and shimmer due to the average shinigami eye not being able to comprehend the movements of her very body. She threw the spear right at the cannon, with the speed leaving a whirlwind behind it, as the cannon fired and actually sped fast enough to collide right in the middle of the room, resembling a laser shooting down a missile.
  8. Seeing Hurs' attack launched, Makoto teleported to him and then pulled him along with him. Hurs would feel a horrifying sense of Vertigo as everything would go dark for a split second before emerging into the precipice world.

    Makoto let loose a loud sigh of relief and then began laughing with the same relief to the point he fell backwards on his ass.

    "Sorry about that all. But from the very beginning I have wanted to test out exactly what is going on inside of that room right now. I was not completely honest with you my friend and for that I do apologize. It is rather exciting though isn't it? The endless, mind boggling possibilities of what could be happening within the twelfth..."

    Makoto stood up and brushed himself off.

    "Good thing I was quick enough or the forces back there would have torn you and I both apart. So... Hurs... care to do the honors of a count down to possibly the greatest discovery of our time? Fifteen seconds until I order the division to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow within that room. Then we will teleport back exactly five seconds afterwards. What is going to happen!? The suspense is maddening!"

    Makoto giggled like a child while he spun in a circle, making small jumps every few feet in his rotations. He wasn't sure how Hurs would react to the situation exactly,but then again it was the last thing on his mind.
  9. Yup, this was it, everything was fading into black. Soon the peace of oblivion would quiet Hurs forever. The poor guy tried his best. For a few seconds he was sure he was dead until he heard Makoto and realized his hands were just covering his face.

    "Makoto, what's going on? Did you blow up Soul Society? Or am I part of some sick dream on Earth which I'll forget when I snap out of a coma?"

    After Makoto explained, Hurs breathed a sigh of relief.

    "Well it better be worth it! You better not have fried my zanpaktou permanently I worked hard to get that and I'll be really pissed, but not as much if your ridiculous thing got wrecked too..."

    Hurs nodded and was definitely ready to return to the main dimension.

    "So what is this thing you wanted to discover anyway?"
  10. Makoto just smiled as Hurs asked the obvious question. Too obvious. There wasnt any mystery in simply giving away the climax to the story!

    "That feeling right there, that feeling of yearning ignorance... you know the most exciting part of this all is the fact that I have no answers!? Did your zanpakutou break? Did I destroy the entire soul society? Or did nothing happen at all? It's all rather exciting."

    Makoto ran his hand through his hair as he looked around for a moment.

    "Well, shall we go and see what has become of things?"

    Makoto teleported the duo back into the twelfth. Immediately the smell of ozone hit his nostrils like the sweet air post-lightning storm. The division itself seemed to be none the worse for wear, the constant hiss of excess spiritual energy venting provided an almost calming ambience.

    Nothing stood out as particularly different around the two shinigami. Their two zanpakutou seemed to be suspended at the point of impact from the monstrous attacks. As Makoto took a few steps towards them, he abruply stopped. The last few feet between himself and his sword had an odd distortion in an area of five feet around the swords. The space around the two blades seemed as though reality itself had been pinched together by some extraordinary force.

    "Hurs... do you see this? How far away do the zanpakutou appear to be? One foot? Two? Ten? I have a technique that I use to gauge distance with ambient spiritual particles and by my count they are roughly twelve miles from us."

    Makoto circled around the perimeter of the damaged space/time before him. He was in absolute awe now that he had actually witnessed this.

    "The quantum ressonance between the forces at work between those two attacks has basically caused space itself to be... uh... well... folded in on itself. The area here in front of us is enormous from the other side of this ripple and tiny when observed from the outside. Fascinating. I present to you, the first recorded example of the... Kobayashi-Ulrich Ressonance Cascade. Or in layman's terms, folded space."

    Makoto began walking forwards, running to his sword. Sheathing the blade on his back, Makoto glanced at Hurs, curious to see how he would react to this newly created state of entanglement.
  11. Hurs blankly nodded at Makoto. He knew that this was exciting for his friend, but it was getting a bit revolting as to how far he would go to further science. Of course, that was always the case. With a mental step of faith, Hurs calmed himself and he was eventually teleported back into the the twelfth.

    "Welp, looks like everything's intact."

    He then noticed the zanpaktous suspended and listened to Makoto's explanation. He chuckled.

    "Heh. There definitely isn't a god because he would have done away with you a long time ago Makoto. That is pretty cool though."

    Amused, he walked around to the other side of the bubble and ran in. The feeling was odd and extremely disorienting, as if he was running on a flat escalator in the middle of a bubble. He grabbed the zanpaktou and then tested out a flashstep to only land a few feet away from the boundary of the folded space.

    "Might I suggest thinking up a few ways of distance measurement signaling within the space? It's hard to tell where it ends and begins."

    With a smile he took a deep breath and holstered his zanpaktou.
  12. "God? No no no, he would have no purpose. My job is to ask how can we accomplish this, It is your job to be the conscience and ask should we."

    Makoto sent a message to his team, the five engineers quickly going to work, isolating the event and they began taking measurements. Makoto walked towards the lift and motioned Hurs to follow as well. Pressing his palm to the cold screen, the lift began its rapid ascent.

    "So, I suppose I will see you at the sixth? I assume that is our destination. My team has quite a few tests to run and reactions to observe regarding just the localized area field."

    Begin construction on the Star Well...

    The message was sent via hell butterflies to each of his team. A concept for a new type of perpetual energy was in the works now as well. Stepping off of the lift, Makoto escorted Hurs out of the twelfth division, lights turning off behind them as though it were still in sleep mode. Then Makoto was gone.
  13. As Hurs was escorted out of the building he gave Makoto a hard pat on the back.

    "Oh I expect you there asap. A lot of reports say that we could expect yet another full scale battle within a month. Makoto, we seriously need to do some tricky dick funky shit and push that expected deadline back. We are in really bad shape to fight yet again. And this is all assuming the guys in Hueco Mundo are comfortable enough not to get involved in this. I can't give you orders but eh, it is wartime. See ya there"

    Hurs left the division and then flash stepped off. He was getting used to using that as his method of travel in between Sereitei, he never had time for much of a break.

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