1. Eventually lodium limped back into the 12th division, a shocked cassandra tried to assist lodium, but he was having none of it as he made his way to the office. Finally lodium made it to his office, where he quickly fell back into his chair, only to be greeted by pain.

    With a few clicks, lodium's office came to life. Previous projects and events rolling across the screens as well as recent division activity. It seemed the 12th was 'dead', perhaps a proposal to central would be needed to be made, or just to carry on as norm and let the new division turn old and gather dust.

    With a sigh lodium turned his attention to his on going training program. Looking over the long list, it seemed it would take a few hundred years to complete. At least that would keep lodium busy until the 12th was truly needed. Perhaps the occasional trip to the academy to fill in as a teacher for a decade or two. Either way it seemed lodium had a lot of time on his hands. Yet there was still the vali n nicho situation to deal with.

    With another long deep breath out, lodium turned his attention to the dynamic reiatsu segment. It had been quiet awhile since he had trained, and if memory served lodium had made significant progress. Still with everything that had happened perhaps starting from the beginning would be best.

    However first, rest and plently of it
  2. Lodium woke from a deep peaceful sleep with a cough. In shock lodium sat up in his chair. It appeared lodium had done nothing but sleep his injuries off the last few days. With a long stretch and wide yawn lodium stood up and began pacing around his office. Slowly at first testing out his aching body, before returning to his chair.

    Turning his attention to the monitors, lodium began tapping away before a series of loud noises started to surround the division. Section by section the division began shutting down, the division would become a ghost division with the remaining members being distributed across the other divisions. Only a few area's such as quarters and reception remained powered whilst people when about there move. Only once everyone had gone and only lodium remained the rest of the power would be shut down and preserved until the 12th division was truly needed.

    With the training program memorised, lodium's office went into hiding as desk's and bookcases vanished into the wall. Leaving only a small two seater couch and a table. With a nod of self approval lodium was all set up, or at least the division was. Moving through the now dark division, lodium made his way to the lit up reception where he grabbed a pen and paper.

    To former fukutaichou makoto, I'll be in the academy. Come find me when your ready for answers.

    Pinning the note in plain site lodium made his way out of the division. His taichou hoari seemed to de-materialise, while his standard shinigami robes were still tattered from the tournament. That would surely leave an impression on the academy.
  3. Makoto dragged himself into the twelfth, his body struggling to maintain itself as he had outright refused medical attention within the eleventh. While it had been the medical squad offering, the fukutaichou had secrets within his very reiatsu that were required to remain just that, secret.

    Stepping into his office, Makoto tapped his monitor for a few minutes before a cocktail was synthesized and presented by a mechanical arm to him. A quick shot to his neck caused the man's spiritual pressure to spike briefly as his wounds seemed to close up and seal.

    "A forbidden technology saves maintains my existence. Seems to be all I deal with anymore."

    A small woman burst into his office just as the division shut down. She carried a note with her for Makoto.

    "Always keeping me on my toes it seems. For the time being, dismiss everyone. Our research confidentiality still stands under penalty of death."

    Makoto touched his torso lightly, running a finger over his flesh. It would take time to heal properly, but for now he was good.

    Makoto placed his badge upon his desk. With the twelfth shutting down like this, and not even being able to hazard a guess as to why, Makoto took one last look around. The place was a technological marvel.

    "I guess with no official rank now, I am free to move as I wish."

    Makoto had a large grin on his face as the overjoyed soul reaper walked out of the twelfth. Answers? Soon enough. His research took priority at this point and with the political shackles removed, a very dangerous shinigami began moving his chess pieces. This was likely the last time for a good long while that he would breath the rich air of the Seireitei. A gate to the human world closing silently behind the man.
  4. Hurs dragged himself over to the 12th reception desk and requested to be led to to the medical bay.

    Your favorite division~

    Hurs teased back at his zanpaktou.

    "Yeah and if you're bad I'll leave you here for testing. Speaking of which, I have to think of a good place to hide you."

    When Hurs reached a medical room he used a crawling rope kidou to attach his sword underneath his cot. A doctor came in to assess Hurs' injuries. They were pretty numerous but not too dangerous with the exception of possible brain damage and concussions from falling and getting knocked out so much. Hurs explained that that just added to the flavor of battle.

    Soon he was put into stasis and various healing kidous mended his bone, replenished his blood, and healed any internal damage. By this time he had fallen asleep. By the time he woke up, he finally felt like he was himself and less like a rabid dog. He got up and untied the knot underneath the cot and placed the double edged zanpaktou inside his sash. He then left for the sixth, ready to see what had changed by the time he was gone.
  5. Hurs suddenly flash stepped into the reception desk of the 12th disregarding any of the few guards present. For the ones that got in the way.

    "None of your bullshit!"

    He blew right through them with reiatsu, not really caring. He had seconds to spare.

    "Office ... there!"

    He indiscriminately fired a narrow kidou through the walls of a few hallways for a shortcut. He threw the door open. It seems the division came alive as it recognized Makoto.

    "Tell me what to do!"

    Hurs ripped open the bandages. The computer calmly told him to stand back as it began analyzing what was going on.
  6. A reclined, S-shaped bed seemed to emerge from the floor itself and lifted Makoto up to waist level for Hurs, a cache of wires and needled devices lowering from the ceiling. Immediately several multicolored injections were made as a drill began to bore into the base of his skull.

    Tell me what to do!

    Voice imprint recognized...
    Alotting privalges...
    Code Black...

    Welcome Hurs Ulrich. Please place your hands over Vice Captain Makotos heart and assist by manually pumping it until it can beat on its own.

    It was a fairly straight forward request considering Makoto still had the hole through his solar plexus. The computer was doing most of the work, and within three minutes Makotos heart began beating on its own.

    The young fukutaichous vitals were displayed in a fiber optic hologram. His pulse was weak and his spiritual body itself had undergone severe damage. It was only the technology present and his will to live that kept his heart beating slowly

    Please gently transfer the vice captain to the tank materializing now. Caution is highly advised.

    A large tank seemed to blossom out of the wall like blown glass. The sphere of foggy glass seemed to thin and open like a camera aperture.

    Makoto floated within the tank, the inferno of pain as he had forced himself to inhabit his mortal coil again had lowered down to a smoldering ache. Even that was slowly healed. Then he began to dream.

    Grand spires of geometry unknown, the sounds of a million million wind instruments played in a chaotic, frenzied cacophany, then Makoto let out a scream as the sights he saw caused an immediate panic. He awoke within the healing tank one day later, thrashing, scratching at the needles, tryinf desperately to escape from the images of the old things he had seen. A rush of spiritual pressure caused the tank to explode outwards and the naked and flailing Makoto fell to the ground screaming and grasping his head. His fingers dug into his skin for a moment as he began to calm himself down.

    "What... what happened? Last thing I remember was... that traitorous geriatric fuck... "

    Clothes formed over Makotos body as he brought himself to a sitting position, still shaking and holding his head.

    "I think... I was dead..."

    Makoto tried to remember why he had just been so terrified. His mind had already forgotten the terrors he witnessed to protect itself. The only thing he could think of aa the cause was the near death experience he had just went through.
  7. Hurs arrived at the 12th a bit more composed to see how Makoto was doing. His friend was hopefully stabilized for good.


    He sniffed and looked around, always on alert.

    "How are you doing? You really should give me some kind of tracking device, you're really starting to build quite the sinister reputation for turning into monsters."
  8. Makoto placed a hand over his chest and stood up to his full height. His friend did have a funny sense of humor. Makoto walked around his desk and had a seat, his computer blinking to life. The cold marble beneath his feet was refreshing.

    "My good man, you know that I only seek the destruction of the enemies of the true soul society, hollow or whatever the enemy might take the form of. If nothing else, I would hope that by now you would know my intentions are always for the greater good of the soul society."

    Makoto tapped away at his computer for a moment, already looking through the hollowfication files. He wasn't powerful enough. If the old geezer had nearly killed him, Nicho was far beyond his reach. Makoto pressed a node to each of his temples and began mentally changing the calculations for his technique.

    "Hurs, what have I missed? Where do we stand and what happened to our enemies? Anything from Central while I was out?"

    Images and numbers flashed too quickly across the screen as Makoto turned his attention to Hurs.
  9. Hurs pulled up a chair, sat down, and folded his hands.

    "It's looking pretty grim Makoto. I'm sure everyone is on edge due to the fact that Nicho is gone, but alive in a different way. My brother on the other hand is completely different. He's intent on killing us all and has very quickly acquired the assets to do it, most probably from the Human World. He is with a scientist named Nikolai, very powerful and also somehow from the human world, which leads me to believe he's some kind of exiled shinigami. And on top of all that they have vasto lordes on their side as well, several we faced in rukongai. No idea how they got that but the implications if they're walking around in the real world are devastating. With that kind of reiatsu they could indirectly tear apart the balance. And that's their aim. They simply want to annihilate as many plus and shinigami as possible."

    He then started to wring his hands.

    "I think what he's trying to do is force our hand. If he wipes out enough plus that means we have to purify hollows to counteract that or kill humans. Damn it!"

    "The sheer magnitude of what we're up against and how little we have has been taking its toll on me, haven't had much good sleep in a looong time. Say..."

    He looked over at the screen which seemed to show graphs, images, and data about hollowification.

    "How is it going with that hollowification research? I remember you used me as a test subject and it actually worked... I think. Not sure what it's for but I haven't noticed anything weird."
  10. Makoto remained stoic as Hurs explained the state if things. He sat with his elbows resting on his desk and fingertips touching together, quite comfortably.

    Tapping a few keys on his computer, Makoto handed Hurs a glass of juice.

    "Drink this. It will revitalize your body as though you had gotten a full ten hours of sleep. The only real set back with it is that prolonged use causes extreme visual and auditory hallucinations. The mind has to be given time to rest eventually, be it through meditation or jusy plain sleep."

    Makoto rose from his seat and approached one of the walls of his lab. Again, it seemed to become more transparent and opened as an aperture. A full array of labratory equipement seemed to spring to life. Makoto checked a small freezer and brought out several vials to begin spinning upon a centrifuge. He walked around to what appeared to be another healing tank with some monstrosity floating within it.

    Makoto tapped on the glass, the response to the tapping being an odd feeling of pressure within his own mind, Hurs would feel as though he had been slapped across his face.

    "The research is going well actually. You were extremely helpful and I am relieved that you have not run into any side effects. My own hollowfication is, at the moment, more like a chrysalis at this point however. I had thought that it would be easier to control the energies involved with the process but with recent events I have had to make many more changes to subtle, well, very technical bits of my research. I feel though, that I am one step closer to bringing our comrades home."

    Makoto walked out of his lab, five people seeming to appear out of nowhere as they filled in the lab and began working.

    "There is a tech-"

    Makoto seemed to simply vanish and reappear behind Hurs, his sentance continuing on as though that was where he had been the whole time. The odd thing would be that his entire presance would have completely vanished for a moment. There would be no traceable path he had taken or even a lingering trail of spiritual energy that would have followed.

    "-nique or two that I need to finish sharpening up. Perhaps a little sparring match is called for. I need to stretch out the legs a little and training is something I need to do anyway. What say you? "

    Makoto held his office door open for Hurs. If things really were as bad as he made them out to be, training was definitely called for.
  11. Hurs nodded. Any sleep debt made up was always beneficial. He drank. Amazing! It was ten times more refreshing than water. He was in a trance and time seemed to slow down.


    He sat quietly but watched Makoto walk up to a tank with some menacing shadow it concealed. Once he tapped the glass he suddenly felt a force hit his face.

    "Wh-what is that?!"

    Makoto of course only talked about it vaguely as part of some grand project. Hurs walked out the door slowly, pretty confused and awkward as he always felt in the 12th. He sighed as Makoto mentioned training.

    "Of course I'm down for some practice. I just... wish I wasn't so pressured to get stronger this way. I want freedom for once. Like Bilbo said, too little butter spread over too much bread. We have to act as a completely different unit for the sake of surviving this, and that means I may have to stray down an Arashi path a bit and push some buttons to make things work."

    "I take it you're a speed and kidou type right? I have a few techniques myself I've been working on, although probably nowhere near your level. But I'm down"
  12. Makoto laughed at Hurs as the duo boarded the elevator and a comment about him being a speed and kidou type. Makoto clapped his hand on Hurs shoulder as he nodded and pushed a button to descend.

    "My area of specialty, since there is no real reason for any of us to hide any combat abilities from each other in these dire curcimstances, is the manipulation of spiritual energy and its applications in battle."

    Makoto walked into the large underground training area. A panel emerged from the floor and Makoto began pressing buttons with experienced finesse.

    "This room is going to use a combination of hard and soft light projections along with soundwave manipulation to create a realistic envronment of my choice. Various sensors will constantly read your vital signs and engage all of your senses to create a hyper realistic experience that also forces you to fight harder than you normally would through subtle pheremone manipulation."

    Makoto pressed one more button and a large forest seemed to blossom all around the duo. Makoto drew his zanpakutou and stretched his arms for a second.

    "Don't play like you haven't gotten stronger. I can read your spiritual energy like a children's book. Your very presence, for anyone who knows you, has changed dramatically since I saw you last. Have you been able to do it yet? Call your zanpakutou into shikai without the release phrase. We will fight at shikai level for twenty minutes with ten minutes at bankai level. However, we will not use our zanpakutou abilities. Mine doesn't play well with others because of its specific abilities and I would rather not kill you on accident."

    Makoto appeared to Hurs' right and slashed horizontally at his neck. It was a very basic attack, not fast, not flashy, but simple and effective. The suddeness of the attack would be a little off putting. Makoto had made no indication that he was going to attack. There was no warning. No visiual cue like the twitch of a muscle, only a slight wobble in his spiritual energy.
  13. Hurs drew his zanpaktou. He frowned a bit and moved his head side to side a bit humorously to kind of say 'Eh... kind of'.

    "I guess I dislike the kind of people that get to waltz around with great strength only intending to cause trouble and be children about it."

    With a grin he gripped his broadsword and angled his body at Makoto.

    "I'm sure you know what I'm talking about."

    He brought up both his hands over his head and turned the moment he saw a blur in his field of vision. He brought the blade over his shoulder and caught the blow with the flat end, braced by his guarding arm in a very classic western sword guard. He immediately swung the blade down at Makoto's torso, forcing him to go on the defensive. He knew darn well Makoto was too snazzy to just get pressed onto the offensive and forced into a zanjutsu arm wrestling competition so he suddenly stepped back and released his shikai with just a thought.

    He spun the spear around his back and shoulders chuckling, meaning to keep Makoto guessing.

    "I've got to hand it to you Makoto, in terms of looks your shikai is a 10 out of 10. I think Gna here's a bit jealous. She's a bit condescending and wants to make sure that she is number one in the looks department, poor thing."
  14. The spear ripped through Makoto, his image it seemed, was just that. A soft projection, an illusion. Makoto had himself cloaked beneath a light layer of reiatsu, bending the light around him to cloal him completely.

    A gentle stab at Hurs' back was the vice captains retaliatory attack, the blow being thrown simultaneously in tandem with Hurs' own attack.

    "Why thank you. I can appreciate the... minimalist nature of your own shikai. A bit more plain in appearance, but the beautiful abilities it posseses is true proof that beauty can come from within."

    As Makoto had attacked, his cloak had fallen intentionally. Again the attack had been the exact same speed as the last one. If Hurs had not caught on already, he would be able to tell that Makoto was measuring his distance, reach, and Hurs' general reaction time.

    "Two more attacks and I should be able to avoid the majority of your offensive capabilities Hurs. Can you manage to hit me before then? Even afterwards, I wonder just how much stronger you have gotten."

    Makoto seemed a little jovial for a scientist to be in combat. He chuckled at the implications of being a trouble-maker.
  15. The constant motion that Hurs was using was the third flow of his spear style. By instinct's grace alone, the stab from the back was already missing as he naturally moved and caught the blow on the spear suddenly switched to his back in the constant flow of the movement. It was like juggling on a unicycle, no big deal. The spinning motion of the move would knock Makoto's blade upwards and away from its target.

    Hurs suddenly kneeled holding the spear in a staff in a spinning swinging attack, looking like a helicopter rotor suddenly appearing at Makoto's legs. Even if he avoided it however.

    "Hado #4: Byakurai!"

    Now the living helicopter rotor for an instant was a rotor made mostly of kidou, lashing out at wherever Makoto would appear. The first byakurai would fire from the front blade of the spear sweeping the area for Makoto in front of Hurs. If Makoto went behind him he would multicast and fire another one.

    Hurs stopped and then brushed off his knee as the seemingly electric kidou made the tips of his spear white hot for a few seconds. A tree or two fell over behind him as a result of the attack.

    "Since you're so curiously analyzing me I suppose I better help you out. That was divine kata, a defensive more close combat kata I was using to keep the battle at a pace. It's not nearly the strongest zanjutsu technique but it is the most skillful. That's the thing about zanjutsu, when two masters are fighting we see everything as one giant attack consisting of many movements. If a battle ends in a single movement that means there is a gap between the two fighters in skill, because being hit by a zanpaktou is a win, unlike hakuda where damage can usually be afforded."

    Hurs wondered what Makoto would do next.
  16. Makoto pointed his blade towards the ground, resting theflat edge against his bbody as Hurs swung his zanpakutou at him. Makoto slid back a couple inches from the brunt of the impact. The byakurai however, would detonate just beyond their point of discharge.

    "Kidou won't be nearly as effective against someone with the understanding I have."

    Makoto slowly circled around Hurs, reiatsu clones forming as he walked. Five clones plus the real Makoto stood around Hurs.

    "Since our timer is starting to run on now, lets pick up the pace a little bit. I have my own range analyzed, as well as your own. The proper adjustments have been made and measurements observed. Get ready Hurs, I will only hold back enough not to kill you if you are overwhelmed."

    The clones began shyunpo'ing around Hurs, cutting sharp angles around him just as they made it out of his line of sight. A simple technique using redirection to make Makoto appear quicker than he really is.

    "Oh, did you think this was all there was to it? You're going to be my test subject for this one."

    Makotos spiritual pressure increased a little as the real technique began. The real Makoto began to teleport when he reached outside of Hurs' field of vision and reappearing on a seeminglu random vector. The clones simply vanished and reappeared, giving the illusion that they were all teleporting snd reappearing mid-shyunpo. This also made their vectors seem more erratic and random.

    Then the attacks began. Six, simultaneous attacks every half second accompanied by six byakurai raining down on Hurs from thin air where Makoto simply began to spawn them.

    His attacks were aimed specifically for nerves to cause pain and incapacitate as opposed to organs if he were trying to kill the man.

    This technique really showed Makotos strengths in kidou and energy manipulation. How long could Hurs keep up his defense?
  17. Gna began to speak up as Makoto began forming clones around Hurs.

    Don't panic. There's more to this speed than meets the eye.

    They both agreed and readied a stance.

    "Out of respect I'll let you have your fun. It's not like I'm arresting you or anything."

    Hurs wasn't completely new to the concept of being jumped by a bunch of targets at the same time, in fact, he had already fought something much worse and won. He couldn't let that get to his head though. The problem with any surprise attack or group attack was that it gambled individual mobility and reaction for a collective coordinated overwhelming attack. Group attacks create the split second illusion of it cohesively being one single unit to cause hesitation. Gambling in the instinctual knowledge that there was no way one of these things would survive on their own against Hurs, the plan was already in motion. It was less of a cohesive rational thought and more of a primal understanding fueled by the will to survive.

    Hurs readied his counterattack as he waited for Makoto to actually attack him.

    "Ye lord of flesh, sky and bone, cast away your insecurity and unite fire and shadow."

    The clones suddenly attacked. Hurs picked one and his whole body leapt into him as a ghost strike suddenly shot from his hands, aided a bit by his body weight and sudden velocity. The blade of the clone that Hurs focused on would suddenly be stopped and then pushed back as Hurs knocked it away from the imaginary circle that the clones were attacking him, just barely missing the rest of the attacks. Hurs thanked his stars when kidou suddenly kicked up a little dust and created thundercracks as they hit the spot right where he was just standing. Hurs swung and broke away from the displaced clone, given a chance to focus on the one Makoto that was not like the others.

    "Rise from your mortality to meet your ethereal brethren, Hado #65: Crimson Flare Cannon!"

    Hurs used his bit of free time to aim his hand surging with kidou energy at the reiatsu signature of Makoto that was hovering away from everyone else. A red flame cannon sized but slightly darker red colored ball of energy fired at Makoto. He would notice that it was flying towards him, seemingly the kind to have to make contact in order to do anything, but it would suddenly balloon into many times its size. It was only fair that Hurs treat Makoto to one of his own tricks, a compact kidou using a bit of gravity and a large bit of extra energy that suddenly changed mass.

    It would probably take a lot more to take out Makoto, but while he was busy figuring out what was going on, if it was the real Makoto he would be doing his best to ward off damage which would mean it was the real him. And if that happened Hurs would use flash step to get right in his grill and aim devil's kata strike with enough power to cut through almost anything not a zanpaktou. It would look like a god armed with a proud scepter spinning mid air in a single direction and then suddenly stopping and then swiping at Makoto's chest with horizontally with the added momentum of the spin and the built up kinetic energy of his coiled body, and the sliding power of ghost strike for it to really reach out and rip into something if it hit.

    The combined power had enough force to rip open Makoto's lungs and even if ducked cause a disorienting wind blast. Hurs would be left in a half moon stance, the spear having slid almost completely from his grasp and him holding the outer end of the circular spear. He pivoted and angled his body in one fluid motion to the side pointing the other blade in front of him ready to continue fighting in one. This was the essence of a zanjutsu style, controlled, tested, and ready for anything.
  18. Makoto grinned as Hurs tried another kidou. Again, it seemed to detonate prematurely, expanding and exploding where Hurs had just been standing. As he charged the real Makoto, Makoto stuck his tongue out mocking his opponent as he teleported across the clearing they were fighting in.

    The solid clone he had left in his place would have the same resistance as a sword carving through flesh and organs. Only this clone seemed to become more dense, lodging Gna within it.

    "You've done great so far. Lets see how far this can push you ."

    When Makoto had teleported, the chants for the kidou he had wanted to cast were spoken in the precipice world. The vice captain held out his right hand as the clones around Hurs immediately converted into kidou.

    Everlasting Grudge, Sky Ribbon, Sky Ribbon

    As the binding kidou were attacking Hurs, the last three clones seemed to combined their energies into a heaven shaking lightning cannon. The beam of lightning roared to life around the area Hurs had just been.

    Makoto only grinned broader aa the chime to signal the end of the shikai sparring stage went off.
  19. Hurs was far too mature to complain about his kidou being ineffective, everything Makoto had said about it being ineffective was turning out to be true. Suddenly Makoto was gone again with disturbing speed. The rational part of Hurs' brain thought it was over, but the instinctive side could immediately tell that what he had 'killed' was already devoid of life. Hurs just had to whine a bit when his zanpaktou got stuck in the clone.

    "Makotooo... cut it out! This shit is weird!"

    Hurs pulled out a reiatsu blade and stabbed quickly into the wound where his zanpaktou was lodged and quickly pulled his spear out, then stepped back a bit.

    "Yeeeech! That's it! I'm not falling for this shit again! I'm using it now! Hado#40: Flame Siege Shield!"

    He had to get something prepared, Makoto was an extremely unforgiving foe.

    Gna sighed.

    You're really gonna use that technique?

    Yeah, fuck this, I'm getting out of here.

    Suddenly the ground suddenly got heavier as one of the clones molded into an everlasting grudge. Hurs immediately dropped the shield and jumped on it, the moment more weird stuff was happening.

    "Wooooo hooooo"

    The controlled explosion on the outer part of the shield threw him away from the clones and towards Makoto. The area lit up with whatever Makoto was planning to utterly destroy him with behind him and he cut his way free of the ribbon which did a poor job of catching up to his sudden speed. He knew that Makoto could control kidou so he used the combined force and raised reiatsu to transition into a quicker flash step. A reiatsu blade would be thrown at Makoto while the spear came from behind to stab.
  20. "I see. Interesting application for that kidou there."

    The reiatsu blade seemed to slam into something and shatter while Hurs began breaking through thin reiatsu barriers, hastily formed from the ambient particles left over from the massive kidou attack.

    Makoto swayed to his left and made a half-turn to face Hurs again. The barriers had almost completely bled the kinetic energy from Hurs' attack. He didn't seem to have elevated his fighting level quite yet. That was fine.

    After his last attack, Makoto had switched to a far more conservative and defensive style of fighting, not even bothering to reform his clones. He had proven ranged superiority, an attempt to claim close quarters combat would seal this fight for him. He only needed to make Hurs believe that his tactics were ineffective.

    "I've got to apologize Hurs, this fight has been heavily in my favor from the moment you aggreed to the terms. Without having to worry about your unique zanpakutou abilities, I am free to use my capabilities to their fullest. But I know you, even in the face of defeat, you struggle on, clinging to god knows what."

    Makoto sheathed his zanpakutou on his back and crossed his arms.

    "Come on then. Allow me to show you why it is hopeless."

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