1. Ok so I got into a arguement with my gf last night over this. We were sitting at a pub where saw a drunk chick slap one of her male friends in the face and the beta sat there and did nothing so this pretty much jump started the conversation about men being betas, should men hit women, carrying women's purses etc. As my girlfriend is FOP Israeli with no understanding of America and it's culture or history, I tried to explain to her about how feminism, the single mom epidemic and the deliberate pussyfication of men in America makes men believe it's think ok to take the subservent role in a relationship underneath his women. The media always portrays the fat, bumbling, idiotic husband and the smart, sassy, powerful wife and the kids that treat their dad as a joke and the husband never seem to get the he deserves as the head of the household.

    As a women her argument was that carrying a your woman's purse doesn't make you gay and it's a nice gesture by doing something make your woman's life a little easier. I explained to her that a man carrying a woman's purse when she could carry it herself is emasculating and embrassing and it shows that the woman has the guys by the balls making him perform a menial task as easy as carrying a 5 pound purse because she's too lazy to carry it herself. To add insult to injury, she asked some scrawny, 120lbs soaking wet with change in their pockets, PBR drinking, skinny jean wearing, hipster looking guys that were at the table next to us would they carry their women's purses and they all chimed "Absolutely!" and two of them had their girlfriends there and my girlfriend made this smug face like "See I'm right again!" and I told her that by looking at them I already knew what their answer was going to be. Am I in the wrong here? Am I overthinking things? Not that I'm doubting my stance because I'll never carry a woman's purse beside my mother's and even then she'd never ask me to. Have women finally "won" where beta behavior is now the norm and any "deviation" from it is deemed unusual or "jerky"? Am I just a chauvanistic throwback of a man that need to "drink the Kool-Aid" and stop lifting dat heavy ass weight, accept my murse and put on my skinny capri pants? Chime in dudes.
  2. You´re absolutely right. If it´s could you hold my purse for a second, I´d be cool with it. But carrying her purse. Oh hell no. Why the fuck do you bring along a purse if it´s too much of a hassle to carry it. Bitch please leave your shit at home, if you can´t even carry a purse.
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  3. Emasculation of the males in this country has gone too far.
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  4. Of course Ill carry a girl's purse. Box of beers is heavy for god's sake.
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  5. It's one thing if her hands are full or if she has to do something for a minute that makes it inconvenient to carry. If you're talking about carrying her purse around all the time, that's just dumb. Unless it's filled with shit for you, in which case yeah you get to carry it.
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  6. Funny thing is we discussed this before and since then she never asks me to hold her purse. Instead even when we go out to the club she always puts her purse down near me and I stand watch over that shit like CERBERUS GUARDING THE GATES OF HELL.

    If we're out somewhere then put it by my feet or put somewhere where I can see it. I don't have to hold your shit. It's embrassing enough I have to go shopping with you in Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret but now I have to hold your purse while you decided if you want the pink thong with the lace or the pink thong with the flowers. Fuck this I'm grabbing something from Cinnabun and go browse Express and GNC and you can handle that shit by yourself.
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  7. Just holding or guarding the purse should be fine, as people will try to steal it for some money the instant they think no one's looking, but there is no fucking way the guy should carry the purse like some sort of pack mule or butler. A boyfriend is not a servant.
  8. I was following you up to this point.

    You lost me here haha. Shopping at victoria's secret is awesome!
  9. Men confine most of the things they need to carry to their wallet but women feel the need to carry a lot of things that they're not going to use. It's not my problem if they brought too much stuff. I'll watch it if they need to go to the bathroom or something but I'm not carrying the damn thing.
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  10. You were in Korea...dudes are apparently even worse over there according to my friend who lives there. Dudes are little bitches towards their girls. My friend was at an amusement park with his now ex (he is a white American, she was a rich American educated Korean girl)

    Basically they walked past another couple and the guy was holding his girl's bag. She basically started saying "Oh look how nice it is that he is holding her purse...you should hold my purse, Korean guys would do it."

    He looks at her and goes, "I told you not to bring it. That's why I didn't bring a bag...I knew we weren't gonna need it. Now if it's too heavy then yeah I'll hold it but I'm not gonna hold it because you made a bad decision."

    Aaaannnd they aren't together anymore (that wasn't the reason).

    My personal opinion...getting slapped by a woman in a bar and not ya know...slapping her back doesn't make you a beta, doing absolutely nothing makes you a beta and that's where he dropped the ball. If that were me I would've told her not to hit me again and if she did I wouldn't have slapped her...but I may have done something like flick her in the forehead really hard and be like, "Shit hurts, doesn't it?" Or pinched her really hard...but not a slap.

    As far as me and holding a purse/girly bag goes. I will hold it for a second, she needs to go to the bathroom and needs me to hold it...okay. I'm not adverse to occasionally holding it for longer periods of time but she shouldn't expect me to hold her shit for her all the time.

    Which Haoh is this? The one with the Japanese girlfriend or the other one? Because if it's the former while Japan has gigantic gender role issues (MASSIVE ones) one thing I've noticed is that women here don't seem to pussify their men out in public...now in private (specifically married ones) the woman takes care of the finances and then pussifies her husband financially.

    I NEVER see dudes carry their girls bags/purses, etc here. Then again, in Japan there are quite a few men who may not be carrying their girl's purse but may be carrying their own murse instead.
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  11. Translation of what those "scrawny, 120lbs soaking wet with change in their pockets, PBR drinking, skinny jean wearing, hipster looking guys" :

    "Dude. We wanna get laid tonight. Sheesh."
  12. At the end of the day though...women want to fuck men. Not little bitches that they walk all over. So why do women act this way and do this shit? Hell if I know...they're women and thus make no god damn sense.
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  13. At the end of the day, anything that a guy does ( even the smallest thing that he doesn't even notice 'that he did wrong' ) can be a 'justified reason' for him to not get laid by x girl tonight. Even if a guy does everything right down to the last minute detail, he still might not get laid that night due to <insert problem here> that the girl has like a headache.
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  14. I'll hold it for a second if her hands are full[IMG]

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  15. The one that doesn't travel around the world to find a girl :) I agree, from what I saw when I was in Tokyo, Japanese women looked submissive. I don't trust them for one bit though. They're devils in disguise. Acting all shy and cute in public, it's hard to tell what's really going on between their ears.

    Getting pussified financially is messed up. It's one thing that your girlfriend earns more than you and it's another if you girl brags about it.

    My bro ain't a pussy. I'm pretty sure he thinks of this the same way that I do. Hold it for a sec, no prob. Carry it, big no-no.
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  16. Wait, what's the saying" Women... can't live with them..can't live without them..."
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  17. Well what I mean is that since many women are housewives they end up doing all the financial things like the budget. So basically the man makes the money...gives his pay to his wife she gives him his monthly allowance and sends him on his way.
  18. Screw that If I'm making the money then I'm not getting some shit allowance. A budget is important but come on an allowance is for kids not a man.
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  19. Except for the fact that all he knows how to do is work. The typical Japanese man is never home and if you're not the one doing the monthly budget you don't really know how the money in your household is working. So unless he wants to start taking on that responsibility he will just shut up and deal with it.
  20. It's far worse in Korea and I believe in most of Asia. Alot of men hold their women's purses and have their own purses from what I've seen walking around. I've had a qt korean gf before and she never asked me to hold it mainly cause I'm a big black guy and half the time she didn't know if I was gonna rob her or what. I keed I keed. As for the slapping me and my girl just kinda sat there like "Wow did she really just slap him?" and it wasn't a love tap it was one of those full on slaps that you hear off a Three Stooges comedy bit that's why were like like wtf? As for hitting women that's a whole new thread in itself but I believe that no one should be using violence against each other in 2013 if we are all civilized individuals but if I'm assualted by anyone I WILL defend myself. Like I told my girlfriend I'm not going home with scratches and bruises just cause a girl wants to throw a temper tantrum and the invisible rule book of feminism says that I can't defend myself against a women aggressor. No one is above an ass whooping these days.

    >implying a nigga wants to smell like Lavender and Mango Explosion body lotion when hanging out with his boys
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