1. Men kissing men still makes me cringe. I told one of my best friends who is gay that.. he knows not to share details of his sexual adventures with me. Why? Cause I'm straight and I don't give a shit and it's nasty to me. Marry.. whatever I don't care just don't get all super gay touchy feely and share that stuff.

    It happens when you look decent and work at a clothing store .. back then. lol.

    Sorry but ewww.. just eeeehhhhhhhh. Fucking gross! lol. That thick man tongue.. with cake. Oh and unless I read it wrong the moron Sam left his CFL football team cause his boyfriend left him. So absurd. He was nothing but a sideshow. You get the chance to get paid and play pro football even in Canada and you leave cause he left your ass after 6 months? 15mins of fame over.

  2. also, in Dallas some of the best times we ever had was going to gay bars and dancing. Just stay out of the bathrooms or you'll get cornered lol. Just take a chick with you and you are good to go. I still prefer big whorey boobs and a round ass or I'll need a fluffer due to my windsock.

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