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  1. The Purpose of General Discussion: GD is a place where you can post recent articles or news, or have discussions about substantive topics of your wish outside of anime/manga/video games, etc. Topics DO NOT have to be entirely news articles however. We'd actually like to see this section grow outside of news articles, so feel free to be a bit more creative. Unlike debates, you are free to give opinions at your leisure. Be warned though, that some posters may ask you to justify your positions

    As with any section of the forum, all rules apply here. Please read before posting. GD has no section mod atm, so it’s the jurisdiction of any Smod or Admin. Here are a few things to be mindful of:

    The 7 Cardinal Sins:

    1) SPAM: This is general discussion, not general lounge. One sentence replies are fine, provided that they have at least some substance to them. A post with substance helps further the discussion, or adds an idea. Use your common sense here.

    2) Needless Thanking: The thank button is there for a reason, so use it instead of posting thank you.

    3) Sentence Fragment Questions: It is okay to only post a question to someone in the thread. When you do so, try to make a sentence out of it, instead of just “Why?”

    4) Fear of Debates: It is okay if discussion turns into a debate. Sometimes topics do derail. If you think you are derailing a topic with a debate, you can take it to PM or make a thread in debates if you wish. But I’m not going to stop every debate from occurring. Once moved to debates section, the rules of that section then apply.

    5) Lack of Civility: Flame posts receive automatic warnings at the minimum. I understand that people get heated about certain topics because they are passionate about them, so I take that into account. But it is not an excuse to flame, be rude, or cross the line.

    6) Excessive Swearing: The more eloquent you are in your posts, the less likely it will be deleted. It is fine to swear as long as it is not excessive, but know that your post better have some substance to it.

    7) Rep (Pay attention!): Anyone who complains or talks about receiving or giving negative rep will receive an automatic warning/infraction. If you feel that someone has broken a forum rule regarding rep, PM an administrator. But it is not a crime to neg rep anonymously. It is my intention not to have any rep drama here. It is okay if you say you will positively rep someone, but I do not want long discussions about it.

    How to Post Articles Correctly:
    When you post an article, it is up to you to read it beforehand. I’ve seen articles posted in the past where the OP did not read all of it and jumped to the wrong conclusion.

    When you post an article, please provide a link for other members to read it.

    If your article is really long, do not post all of it. You can spoiler it, but it is better to just provide a link and pick out important parts to quote.

    Any excerpt of the article you put in your post should be quoted. You can pick the more relevant parts to post if you wish. In fact, that is highly encouraged.

    If you are posting something other than articles:
    Please make sure you are clear in what you want to discuss. Feel free to be creative, but keep in mind that it should be a topic worth discussing. If you are unsure if your topic is suitable, you can ask me or another mod. Just keep this thought in the back of your head: Does this belong in the Lounge, or General Discussion?

    General Tips:
    -Write full sentences
    -Cut back on swearing
    -Try to keep your temper
    -Do not complain about rep
    -Post article correctly
    -Be courteous
    -Be open to discussion
    -Have a sense of humor
    -Have fun

    My Final Words:

    It is not my intention for this place to be modded with an iron fist. Think of these rules as expectations for good discussion. I’d just like to see this place evolve into a subsection where we can have civil and quality discussion. I do not want to see ideas get shut down and people ridiculed. If you actually read these rules, and follow my general tips, you will have nothing to worry about.

    If you:
    -Have any questions
    -Are unsure if your thread is suitable to post
    -Or need clarification:

    Then PM me or another mod.

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