1. Now maybe it's just me, but it seems like if you're not into RPing there aren't exactly any threads here to really explain what it is, I assume it's like dungoens and dragons, only nerdier. But that also brings to mind the question how the dice are rolled and whatnot.

    So maybe a "how to Role Play" thread would be nice, Yachi, Martzy?

    delete this thread if/when you decide to do this, or ban me from the RP section, I care not~
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  2. That is actually a good idea. I have been thinking the same idea. But just never managed to pull either time or enough effort to do so. We'll try to work it out someday. Or if anyone has good links or ideas, please post them up ^^
  3. Let's start with the most basic of all FAQ's.

    (pending Martzu and Yachi)

    What is the minimum length of a role play post?
    Depends on the role play, however there will be no posts below five sentences.
  4. Well, we have rules coming soon. And that will clear certain things up. Like how many sentences =)

    I guess what would be needed is something explaining what is GM, godmodding, ooc-posting and such.
  5. I dunno if it is posted here, but I remember Satandra making a very useful "How to" RPing post in KM (In NM). I don't remember if it was about the Naruto RP specifically or just RPing in general, though. Long time since I read it.

    Anyway, something like that post would be a good idea.
  6. Satandra did post it in here too. Can be found -> here. And it is more about writing proper posts.
  7. Martzu, I can write a FAQ up, if you'd like. We just need to compile everything that should be on it. For now, let's leave this thread here.

    All members who read this, please post any questions you would or do have about role playing here. Hopefully a nice FAQ can be compiled answering everything.
  8. That would be splendid, Yachi-pooh. I try to figure out some points too that might be good to include this FAQ.
  9. hmm, just some points to touch on.

    Point of view* Most rps work best in the 3rd person POV, some people prefer 1st, but its a smoother read if its 3rd.

    wording* Use a thesaurus people. Saying the same descriptive word 20 times in one post is just redundantly annoying.

    Punctuation* I used to be the worst at this, yachi hated me for it. But punctuation can make all the difference in the world. It can change the entire tone of ones voice, or change something from a statement to a question, or vise versa. Plus, if you punctuate, you come across as more intelligent, therefore earn more respect.

    Spacing* A giant wall of text is not only hideous to look at, but troubling to read. At the same time, 3 blank lines between every sentence is kind of a pain. The best way to space things out is by paragraph. or perhaps when your changing from one point to another.

    thats all thats on the top of my head. if i think of more, ill try to get it to ya yachi, and if you disagree with a point i made, well adjust it to your liking.
  10. My point was rather less on the aesthetics of posting, and more on the rules of how you level up, how you attack people, how fights work, how the battle is decided, ect...
  11. Good, Kibs. See, by stating that, you've made sure that it will be touched on. That's why I'm requesting for members who read this thread to post any and anything they'd like to see answered in the FAQ, no matter whether it's on the basics, mechanics, and anything else involving role playing as a whole.
  12. If you need any help on it just send me a im steve, i should be on msn a lot more now since i'll be working on papers most of this week, which means less wow also.

    A major problem i see with newcomers to the rp's is that they don't read over their posts after they write them, to pick up the grammatical or diction errors. Might want to touch on that since it can make a post so much easier to read
  13. Lol well, I noticed everyone's just talking about grammar and sentence structure, and nobody quite understood that people still don't know how to RP in the first place, exactly proving the point of this thread. xD
  14. I think I get what you are asking.

    Tons of work are done behind the scenes. Starting from character design to planning arcs. Some people RP in away they just respond what previous person who is part of his characters arc have written, improvise it. Then there are those who does planning and makes plans ahead.

    Who, what, where and with whom is often agreed and planned while having a convo via MSN or PMs.

    My last convo went bit like this:
    JK: Should Kay visit Aiko.
    Me: That would be splendid.
    JK: Will do.

    We have RPed couple of years together. We have general knowledge of each others characters and so on. That is why that was easy.

    But when RPers don't know each others it usually takes bit time and effort to find out who would be ready to make an arc or mission with you and what it will include.
  15. I don't RP these days, but I do know that posts should be detailed rather than a cut and dry one sentence post. Also, when in a fight with another player (combat, of course) you should never type out them getting injured in your own post unless the two of you agree with it beforehand as well as any other type of manipulation of someone else's character. It should ensue something like this:

    Player A throws a punch with his right hand.
    Player B ducks under it and delivers a counter punch to Player A's abdomen with his left hand.
    Player A takes the punch, but grabs Player B's extended arm and attempts to bring him to the ground.

    Not like this:

    Player A rips out Player B's heart and eats it.

    Obviously these are just examples and real posts should be more detailed. As for godmodding, a player has to judge what is and isn't themselves and post responsibly. Just remember your character can get hit and its doubtful they can take on 1,000,000 things that are supposed to be at their level all alone and get out without taking a single hit.
  16. So there's no real type of dice system, and it's based on level/honor?

    Also @zu, if you're planning your RP ahead of time on MSN why not just have the entire conversation in MSN? This seems more like fanfics than actual RPing.
  17. That and good moderation.
  18. i prefer not to plan, except perhaps a basic idea. But majority of my stuff, i try to make up as i go.

    As far as dice, nah. its mostly honor / gms watching over to make sure someones not godmodding, or going ott (over the top)

    to be honest, we dont really keep leels for each char in ss, the only times theres even points, is in the academy. Then for a basic understanding of where you sit, theres the power charts, which show where someone seats overall level wise. But since most levels are pretty close, it comes down to rping ability to see who prevails.
  19. Okay you bitches, I didn't say explain everything in here, I said give things that need to be talked about haha.
  20. I don't think that the actual 'How to post and rp properly' is all too important. Of course there can be a general outline stressing the importance of fair play and lengthiness, but the two major rp's I think already have outlines to specifically tell you how to post. KM does at the least. I think a major part of the FAQ could be explaining how the rp section works.

    Not all people know that we role play using a text based, turn by turn system. Maybe the FAQ can teach someone who is knew to the rp'ing scene here, or new to the text based rp'ing scene in general, what the rp section truly is and how to utilize it properly. Like it could briefly cover how to post, how to create an rp, how to join an rp etc. Pretty redundant, but then again, I know exactly how redundant it needed to be for me when I first joined.

    Hopefully that hasn't been stated before.

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