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    Given Sony's free credit protection, I'm almost sad I cancelled my card. Then again if I hadn't and I got compromised, I bet their protection wouldn't cover me saying that I didn't do my own due diligence.

    Re: Marlie:

    Anonymous always struck me as the more "idealist" group. I don't really agree with their means, methods, or even always their message, but to me they'd be more likely to breach Sony just to breach it (or DoS it) than they would to maliciously steal information against people themselves. That said, there could still be individuals within Anonymous that did this for their own gain. It comes down to whether it was Anonymous as a collective - which Anonymous is saying that it was not - or whether it was individuals. Collectively I don't think Anonymous would mess with our info. Individually...
  2. Who the fuck cares why they did it. So what if they're doing it to fuck with Sony. I don't give a rats ass. They're just an annoyance. Because of them millions of people can't get on their ps3. Instead of hacking psn they should've done something else. I don't know what, but at least something that doesn't involve annoying millions of people
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  4. This is making my head hurt. Why is this happening? Oh that's right....FOR NO REASON AT ALL. Apparently the internet is serious business if people are so called "warring" over absolutely nothing. Is this over money or just some neckbeards ego. This is effecting millions of people. These people aren't heros or deserve any praise whatsoever. I hope this guy turns all his buddies in. Also I heard the PSN isnt gonna be up till the 31st. Sucks but take your time Sony and do it right this time.
  5. What I am taking from it. Anonymous ( in general sense ) isn't one for the attack on PSN with credit card theft. Ones that went rogue ( let's call them the baddies ) shifted blame towards Anonymous in general or more specifically the other folks that don't do it ( goodies ). The goodies found out about this and said 'oh helll no' to the baddies and are now 'warring' to set things straight. With the 100 mil people being caught in the crossfire ( and others that go to the hacked sites and sterf ).

    Forgive me if I am re-stating obvious or something. A bit late for me.
  6. That is rather noble. I mean there are a shitload of people who are caught in this like us who just want to play video games. Sony not matter how shitty the security didn't deserve this nor the backlash it's getting.
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  8. Oh hai, what about Europe :)
  9. i dont see any states illuminated though
  10. According to people at Narutoforums New York is online now. I wonder how long it'll take for EU to get online.

    Lol when you try going to that blog Raug posted you get an server offline error. Hackers busy again?
  11. PSN back up in New York
  12. it says maryland is up, im probably gonna go try and sign up and get online
  13. EU should be up today. I might set up my ps3 again tomorrow.
  14. I got on. Had to update, did it. Prepared for some black ops ownage and the mawfucka stopped and said PSN IS UNDERGOING MAINTENENCE WTF!!!!!!!
  15. >mfw the PSN is up in GLORIOUS KOREA

  16. Are you from the US? If you are. It's weird you can't play. I guess it's not fully operational yet.
  17. i keep getting a server error when i try to change my password
  18. psn back up philly but i can't get on playstation store. Maybe they're still working on it.

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