1. I cancelled my card just to be safer. The fraud alert to provide an extra safety net. If cancelling your card isn't your best option don't do it. Just watch your credit statements like a hawk for the next couple of weeks
  2. Yeah that's what I'm doing. So far nothing. I just paid off one of my college loans so I should be good for a min on spending money besides partying. I'll give them another call pretty soon. Another great thing is that usually whenever I buy stuff online I have them send me a email of the transaction. So unless they hack my email and delete it before I check it then I dunno.
  3. Going by local newspaper, you can extend the attack of the PSN to Sony in general. Specifically, MMOs section or something. So if you played something like Everquest ( I did years ago and stopped few years ago but apparently they still keep your info ) by the company, expect a warning email in your inbox very soon if not recieved already.
  4. Rest of the entry: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2011/05/04/sonys-response-to-the-u-s-house-of-representatives/

    I would like to point out this small detail:

    I lol'd
  5. SOE got it too. Though the CC information stolen from them is outdated (Old data from back from 2007) and mostly from European countries.
  6. Ok so when is this bitch supposed to be up again? I check every morning before I head off to work. The weekend is coming up and I wanna play some fucking Crysis.
  7. Should be up the 5th (tomorrow for me) according to Playstation people. But I think it'll at least 1 more week.
  8. Fuck I want to destroy some fags in demon's souls
  9. Today is the 5th here. I wonder if it'll be up when I go home today.
  10. strange...i dont remember registering for any SOE games...but got the email today

    which gives me a great idea for scamming people...Ima send them an email like

    Dear Friend, I am Prince of Nigeria and recently was appointed by Sony to double check information...Your info may have been compromised...as such, please send me your DOB, SSN, CC Info and the name of your first pet, car model, and mothers maiden name to compare with the files...as such, I will send you $10,000USD in compensation as settlement in full

    ...thank you for your cooperation
  11. http://blog.us.playstation.com/2011/05/04/sonys-response-to-the-u-s-house-of-representatives/

    I mad.
  12. Actually, I'm glad it was Anonymous and not some random Russian. I feel that they're less likely to sell my info off. All I know is that Sony better hash the damn information this time.
  13. Snap. Sorry about that.
  14. Since they are Anon then I'd think they'd be more likely to sell my info. I mean they just DDOS'd a billion dollar company for pretty much no reason. Also I heard these guys were based out of London. I really hope they catch these guys and string them up. I'm actually starting to get impatient for the PSN.
  15. **logs into XBL**

    Microsoft better STFU about life just in case...or have some gangster shit jus waiting in the wings
  16. Sony offering one year of free credit protection


    Also, the Hackers are preparing for round 3


  17. That's protection plan is balling. If i get my identity stolen within a year I can get up to a million in damages? Fuck yeah sign my ass up. I hope that second part about another Anon attack is wrong. Why can't the realize this is just making people angry. Ok you did it once to exploit Sony's security haha we get it. We've gone a week without playing now cut the shit out and let people get on with there lives. Holy shit I wish I knew who these guys were I'd personally kick their asses.
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  18. kinda defeats the purpose of being...Anonymous no? shit for $1M Im gonna steal my own identity
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  19. im thinking it wasn't anonymous but just someone who wanted it to look like them in order to keep the feds off their back

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