1. http://blog.us.playstation.com/2011/04/26/update-on-playstation-network-and-qriocity/

    First few paragraphs:

  2. For some reason the fact this happen doesn't shock me in the least bit.
  3. I'm kinda shocked but not surprised. TBH I only use my PS3 as a bluray player and do all my online gaming on Xbox 360. I think its sad, and I also think that if they got to ONE user they got to many users. Don't try to fool yourselves or the public by downplaying the enormity of the intrusion, Sony.
  4. I use it mainly as a bluray player as well, but I was disappointed when I tried to get on PSN to play some mvc3 with eddie last week.

    Although I don't like to take sides, sometimes it kinda boils down to "you get what you pay for" sometimes.
  5. I know Raug, but at least this gives me time to practice so that I don't get my ass pwned. :awesome I should really try to get that 360 now though. >_>

    Also, I feel sorry for my cousin. He waited so long to get that new MK game, and to play it online with others only for this to happen.
  6. sony messed with hackers, and put them self out there by threating them what did they think would happen. This is just the beginning, play station as a brand has made an enemy that never really goes away.
  7. I'm actually thinking about getting my nephews x360. i mean 50 bucks a year for online isn't too bad. Besides the xbox controller is much better than the ps3 one. But then I have to buy all the games again..
  8. rishain is my xbox live handle when you wise up and just do it.

    also i dont think i said it any where before but this new site stuff is bad ass, i love it.
  9. Crazy stuff here though, regardless of what Sony did to instigate it.

    I've always had a "yeah but..." feeling about PSN myself. Free online gaming has of course been around...but not free online where you do all your buying and gaming from one site. Those are typically pay sites for just such a reason as this...

    PSN is just such a huge target when you take that into consideration. Every online game that Sony uses (not just PS3, but PSP as well...) used their network. PC gaming is all fractured, and Xbox Live you have to pay for.

    Really, really crazy. Already texted the few friends I have who don't pay much attention to gaming media, but use PSN on a regular basis. This is a huge, huge deal going forward though....I mean, national news at least. Millions of people use PSN, so this...oy.
  10. Oh really lets not act like Xbox didn't go down for like 15 days a year or so ago. As I understand the situation some hackers decided to mess with the PSN as revenge against Sony taking a stance against PS3 hacking. This whole thing is retarded. I'm blaming the hackers mainly cause they're the ones fucking up shit when things were fine and dandy. Who the fuck cares about hacking? Stop being poor or don't buy the fucking system. I want to fucking download my bonus shit for Crysis 2 but I can't cause of some misguided nerd rage. Fucking people sometimes. Sony is a fucking business. I hope they find out who did this and string there asses up.
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  11. i understand your point it is the hackers fault, but sony has a responsibly to keep your information safe. I look at it like the whole iraq war the u s had, where people in afganastan/packastan attack the u s and we went to war with iraq. Ya sony was attacked by hackers but why are they going to war with their customers? Why not tell their customers who have invested into there network, there system, there product that they are at risk when sony has known for atleast a week? Yes there are bad people in the world that do bad things but when you have the trust of people to protect them form those bad things and you fail in our job and then dont tell any one you failed for 6 days leaving them exposed unknowingly to various dangers (identy thief, credit card thief etc) then you are just as much at fault. Had sony told people right away that they had a breech and that there/your information was at risk it wouldnt be as big of a problem, but sony instead waited 6 days, 6 days for the unknown hacker to get is hands in you information, with you being unaware before they said anything.

    if this was amazon and they waited 6 day i would sue the fuck out of them.
  12. Marlie, my post wasn't about how much better MS or Live is then Sony and PSN...

    It's just a completely terrible situation for millions of people. regardless of who did it or not...two things happened here;

    1. Hackers got everything but SSN's. That is huge. That by itself makes it a cataclysmic online event.

    2. Sony waited a week to tell anyone the severity of this.

    This is the equivalent of 71 million people leaving their doors open for a week while they're on vacation. If it happened yesterday and they're just now telling people...ok. But a week? A week is an ETERNITY when it comes to security of any kind.

    I wasn't making this a stupid console wars thread. The console wars have been dead for two generations now. This is about one of the largest internet security attacks we've ever seen. That it happened to Sony doesn't matter to me...What matters is that it HAPPENED.

    The Hackers do need to be found, but the damage is done already. A entire week. That is the terrible part, and that's the one part Sony had a say in...(other then providing security for it's customers...)
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  13. shit. I had an online account. Need to change my password. also just told my friend to call his cc just in case
  14. Oh god this is terrible. What really pisses me off though is the hackers think they're doing gamers justice or some crap like that, although I'm not sure how they think that when we could potentially be losing the money straight out of our pockets man this sucks.
  15. I just turned in my paper on corporate internet fraud, too...

    Sony's out a ton of money, the credit card companies are out a ton of money (ok, they probably deserved it) from reprinting all those cards, and our personal identifying information is now floating around on the interwebs (it probably was already). Good times all around!
  16. It's kinda sad that this had to happen. I mean don't they realize Sony is a business? If I were the head of the company I'd like to fix that shit before it got out too.
  17. ... seriously guys?
  18. lol...

    Anyway...shit sucks. Anonymous is taking no credit and most hackers do this shit just to do it. I don't think they really want all those credit cards. They just like knowing they fucked with everyone.
  19. It's interesting to see how every fanboy of some other console uses this as a chance to bash PS. I do find it very disappointing that a company of Sony's size can't keep this from happening. I'm glad I didn't put in any of my credit card information.

    For the record, I still have a Wii, an Xbox360 and a PS3.
  20. I seriously think it is. I've played with the PS3 and PS2 pad for years. I still don't like it. I'm not saying the xbox controller is any good, but it's still better than the shitty ps3 pad.

    I agree with Delph. Sony fucked up. I'm glad I never used credit cards for psn.

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