1. First trailer is out...

    I am intrigued.
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  2. Hmm.....well it fulfilled the role of a teaser quite nicely.
    I am adequately interested and teased.
  3. Waiting for the green ranger Easter egg or reveal at the end of the film with something like a defeated Rita saying something like, "It's only just begun!" and the camera shows the green crystal thing or something like that.

    And lol and them doing Jason x Kimberly...we all know once Tommy comes through she's dropping Jason's ass.
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  4. Okay, that looked pretty fucking awesome.......
  5. I dunno. I'm thoroughly underwhelmed. I know that I'm not going to get the same kind of feel as I did watching the old shows when i was growing up. To do something that cheesy would be laughable. But I was hoping that it would still have some essence of that. Its still a teaser so who knows?
  6. Personally I wouldn't even give the thought of going to the theater to anything remotely similar to the classic as a grown man, but this I can work with. They have the elements of the original. So they made Billy the black guy (Blue Ranger) and I think I seen an Asian dude who much be the Black Ranger then? I hope that was freaking Tommy on the train or we get to see a good amount of him in the last 20 min of the film kicking ass.
  7. Rita taking a more direct role on dealing with the rangers? Interesting....
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  8. One of the newer Rangers is on trial for 1st or 2nd degree murder. He killed his roommate with a sword, how fitting seeing he is a Ranger. A bit off topic but I remember hearing about it not too long ago and thought I would stick that in here.
  9. [IMG]

    Supposed Megazord design.
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  10. Is that design alright or did barry's sexy-time with timelines start fucking up universes beyond his own?
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  11. 2nd trailer

    Significantly better than the first trailer. Better look at the dinozords and the megazord. I still wish this movie was a bit more...colorful. At this point it looks like a DC movie, especially that space ship scene.
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  12. Well they revealed a lot in that trailer. I agree on the "DC" muted look. I was like...oh boy another Kanye trailer lol. CG felt cringy but we'll see.

    I see this either being a TMNT / Transformers "success" or a F5 utter fail. Some of the dialogue was cringy as well but kids will love it.
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  13. It will not be good...BUT NOSTALGIA!
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  14. I seen that trailer the other day. The Rangers suit and zords look cool. I would need to see a bit more.
  15. Bryan Cranston as zordon is enough to get me to the theater.
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  17. So apparently Zordon is the original (first) Red Ranger and Rita was a Green Ranger that went rogue.
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  18. Yea just back from watching it, didnt have high expectations going into see it but film was solid enough. Not a whole lot of action mostly backstories and them getting to know each other which they always do when planning a multi-movie anyway so not totally unexpected
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  19. I watched it two nights ago. I'm actually glad they kept the cheesy action scenes that were a bit like the original show. But in doing so they messed up the tone of the movie. For the most part they tried to keep it real and emotional right until they got in the armors.
    I liked most of the characters except for Billy. He was annoying as shit. And no matter what you've heard about the mid credits scene its not worth it. Its just some guy calling for Tommy over and over.
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