1. I was wondering why no one was reviewing the camera footage lol. Like how hard could it of been.

    Lala gots a nice back too, did you see that ass?

    I just wanted to slap Tariq for quarter of the show so much I couldn't look at it.

    I take back any good thing I said about Tommy in this season lol. God that was the most fucking stupidest thing you could do, killing a Homeland security agent like that lol.

    Just like you said lol
  2. That was the dumbest thing we've seen so far... Ghost has always been in control

    What the hell?

    But finally.. Some common sense prevails
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  3. When I was watching I literally said no Ghost is just imagining what he wanted to do to the guard in his mind....oh shit wtf he really is doing it lol.

    DAT SEX SCENE THO!!!!!!!!!!! That Asian bartender, good Lord.
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  4. Well that was a pretty gruesome death to Julio and a live by the sword die by the sword way to go out. I really hope Dre gets a bullet now. The near death incident with Tommy was intense too.

    I'm glad this K'nan side story has concluded. I'm actually surprised at how it turned out but it makes sense. A bit of a connection with Tariq was made and deep down he was thinking of his son that he killed.
  5. i think that shit was stupid

    Ghost robs Tommy? how will that NOT come back on him?
    Kanan shot a cop...how can that NOT be investigated?
    Dre: Don't make it look like it was connected to the Toros
    Toros guy: cuts off Julio's Toros tattoo
    how can that NOT be connected?
    Kanan can kill him own son...but cant kill the spolied kid of his worst enemy?
    Tommy beat a guy to death with a baseball bat...how can he NOT be caught?
    how can Ghost bludgeon a man to death with a plate and NOT be caught?

    ....The show has just taken so many absurd twists this season
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  6. Well, when you put it like that shit was pretty fucking stupid.
  7. The wrong person died in episode 9 :again:
  8. not really...they were both annoying for different reasons
    ...hopefully Ray Ray catches up with Tariq next ep so that the show can finally move on to interesting storylines

    Good riddance
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  9. Dude Killa wtf is wrong with you. You a cold us mofo. Ghost is def gonna snap and kill all of those fuckers
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  10. That was a satisfying closing scene in the season's finale

    Also tasha is still one of my favorites.. Just always so smart
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  11. Yes indeed I was happy with the ending. Also, noticed no one is talking about the tracker on Tommy's car. I think it has to do with Teressi and his wife having cancer. Working with the DEA?

    Tariq some what redeemed himself in my eyes.
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  12. I was scared it was going to be Ghost VS Kanan again with the matrix gun Katas bs

    Glad he got popped

    Also... Hope Tommy took care of Destiny for us

    Isn't the tracker how they got Tommy back in season 1 or 2? He went to meet the connect at the hotel and ghost dipped out

    Dre has dreams!! ... Poor father Jim Norton

    I never thought Angela knew James was ghost.. Did Tasha spill the beans? Not my ride or die boo thang
  13. I think shes just using her own common sense and intuition to know James is Ghost.
  14. thought she knew he was crooked...but thought Tommy was ghost


    ...Forgot about Holly. Holly told Angela in the bathroom
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  15. After that last scene that nigga Dre gon die
  16. Season 5 started this week.

    Decent episode...but that scene with Ghost and Dre at the cemetary -- that shit was awesome! The rage on Ghost's face...just wow -- think we might be in for a good season
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  17. This episode was beyond decent, it was great. The audacity of Dre coming to the grave site with Ghost there at night is ballsy! He better hope he don't ever get caught.I really REALLY wanted Dre to get killed. I also remembered that I hate Tariq and that has continued.

    There was a lot of emotion for the season 5 opener, acting was on point. I liked the flashback flashes Angela was having when she was at the crime scene. Angela being who she is, it's hard for me to see how she thinks she can get away with deleting records from a crime scene.
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  18. forgot to mention

    that gospel choir at Raina's funeral sounded like booty
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  19. Another great episode with ep 3 on Power. A lot of stuff went down. Diego is my new fav villain in the show lol. I like that he can be off script, crazy and very calculated all in one. I want his sister and his main chic....omg who is that main chic from last elpisode?

    Ghost thinking he locked down the business deal was hilarious, that should be a lesson to all of us.
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  20. With ep 3 I feel sorry for Angie's actress

    .. She's a decent actress but her character is just so dumb

    She meets the guy and is spread eagle in a day... But tells him all her secrets (we caught a lead on the jimenez case) like they are soulmates

    .. She's obviously being set up - but I wonder if it's internally... Or if this guy is the new Sandoval
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