1. I got really annoyed by the fact that Jamie didn't just shoot kanan and vice versa. Shit would never go down like that in the real world. And Tommy is in a real blind. To be killed or to kill.
  2. Power season 3 ep 1 is out.
  3. Good episode S03E03. I am glad that they made Kanan's entrance realistic cause there is no way he should be anywhere near back to normal. I like how Ghost got back at the 2 other club owners and possibly landing a new business partnership. That Asian girl is fine as hell. We need to see more of her!!!
  4. BUMP

    Thank You For This Episode S03E05. I've been waiting 3 seasons for this! That is all!
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  5. For real. That was a tense episode. So many things going on but good to see Angela finally proving her loyalty to ghost. Next episode shit is going to hit the fan
    Also holly finally out of the picture. She was so fucking annoying
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  6. You mother fuckers have not seen S3E06


    THAT WAS A GOOD EPISODE!! Did not see that coming AT ALL...though it is still annoying that they cant just pull the goddamn trigger
  7. season 3 is by far the most intense season....Milan is just absolutely terrifying

    I think it would be fitting if Kanan got himself killed by them...also...I wonder what the end game is...he said he only wants his money plus interest...I doubt he would just disappear after that
  8. So was that the season finale or is that next week?
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  9. Episode 10 is the season finale...just getting back from work so haven't seen it yet
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  10. Hmm it's was a good finale except for some parts. I'll let you watch it first before I spoil stuff
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  11. I'll just say you have to be a special kind of idiot to not keep your mouth shut and wait to claim what you know instead of announcing it right away. Damn I didn't realize that was the finale.

    I can't believe they got rid of Milan that easily, like I thought it was a fucking joke and he was gonna pop right back up. I was very disappointed in his death. Someone that out smarted Ghost on every level gets killed like that.

    The way how Angela came to that conclusion that Ghost is the killer of Knox is retarded. People were taking evidence from the crime scene and she just happens to feel that she needed to do her own investigation. Also Ghost leaving his fingerprints behind made me mad lol

    I'll say it in here WTF LOL @Knox did you really tell your boss who is up on the food chain and working with a kartel that you're bringing him in lmfao.
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  12. So the finale wasn't that good.. Aside from the absolutely dumb shit that happened this season... There are many good things... Holly gone... Knox gone... Kanaan was throw away this season because the Tariq storyline was just booty...

    My biggest complaint is that Milan had this entire network.. But not one single loyal person? Makes no sense... So I'm sure the next person is going to appear to take back the network from Tommy

    Also... They completely forgot about Keisha.. Completely forgot about Tariq talking to the counselor or his school problems.. And Kanaan went from kill him cold blooded to make him a protégé..

    And all the cops are inept but suddenly Angela can get a warrant for arrest due to some fingerprints... Over night? Gtfoh

    And to top it all off.. Not a single pair of tittays this episode...unforgivable
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  13. Season 4 started this week

    ...man Tariq just irritates me...but the Tasha/Angela exchange was ruthless :eek:
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  14. Woah, I had to cover my eyes after I seen its back. I will watch it tonight!
  15. Tariq is the dumbest kid I've ever seen in any show
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  16. Finally watched it, that was a GREAT season opener. I really thought Proctor was gonna get Ghost on bail, that judge switching her mind last second was really ruthless lol.

    Prediction, that new FBI guy is gonna figure it out some how.
  17. Prediction: Figure out only the part the Jamie didnt commit the murder...but be so far into the case that he goes for the conviction anyway

    No one in the show is entirely clean except for maybe the white cop (Sax) and the black cop (Donovan)
    ...everyone else has something that they are hiding
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  18. Anyone watch episode 2? I'm really really hoping someone is smart enough to get the video of the gun being planted in Ghost office.

    Tommy torturing that gun like if it was a regular leisure activity on a nice day was funny. I think Tommy is going to be completely locked in this season and on top of his game.
  19. sadly...Tommy isnt smart enough to run the organization...and I doubt he has anyone (besides Ghost) that is loyal to him -or- that he is loyal to
    he's going to go just a little too far soon enough and someone else will put a hit out on him...or hes going to get himself caught because he messes up his prison break plan for Ghost

    I just wish they would kill off Tariq and kill off Kanaan...those two characters are just not interesting...Tariq is too old to be that naive...and Kanaan is supposed to be too ruthless and calculating to be this fickle
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  20. Man.. The story line is so simplified for the sake of drama

    No one reviewed the security camera? And just because ghost knows a name and an address the guy backs off? The guy gets killed... But the lawyer knows a guy? So no one is going to investigate a fed disappearing?

    But hey.. . Lala Anthony got some nice tittays.. Glad to see a pair this season.. 4 eps deep seemed like a long wait

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