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    ...for some reason, i get the feeling that tasha will either get killed or arrested by the end of this series...tommy too actually...i think ghost will end up with the night club tho and ONLY have that left (his drug empire will fail) but it will be slowly spiraling
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  2. Did you see how Angela held her chest? Her heart was broken being lied to and taken for a fool. I can see her tearing shit up. Speaking of killing, I can see Tommy killing Holly cause from the preview to next episode it seems that he's gonna find out what kind of mess she put them in and he will have to make some serious decisions.
  3. That last scene was just WOW. Also, I like his character more. He gets the way its supposed to be

    Best Actors...
    #1 Tasha
    #2 50
    #3 Ghost
    #4 Tommy - Most Improved actor in such a short time too (i thought he was too over the top on season 1...but season 2 he is just about right)

    and I didnt expect Ruiz to be the one to start to bring down the empire....

    another series that Ill have to marathon once its over
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  4. Nah

    Definitely Ghost #1 then Tasha and right now I put Tommy up there next. LMFAO at Holly hand cuffing Tommy like that to the bed and llmmmaaaooo at Tommy's reaction at the end he would of chocked her to death if he had the chance. How do you not crack a big smile when your girl says she wants you to keep fucking your mistress lol. Also, OMFA at Tasha screwing Shawn, it's sooooo much worse when a women does it:mad: (double standards lol). The good thing is Angela has nothing on Tommy or Ghost and now they'll be on the same page and know to be smarter. What about that Ruiz guy starting to play on the chess board now, he's definitely someone to watch. He was smart enough to know Ghost doesn't trust Kanan. So much things happend this episode another consecutive amazing ep!!!!
  5. Tasha is fiiiiine
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  6. Man just don't fuck with those Serbian gangsters, cotdamn they don't mess around. Freaking chainsawing the guy to death, what is this a horror movie? lol
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  7. ^^you know that really happens right?

    google "Mexican chainsaw execution"

    the way that they are so non chalant about being seconds from death boggles the mind...especially if youre guy #2 and know youre about to meet such a horrific end
  8. Tommy won the episode again this week, back to back. That three-some scene and after not being able to get rid of the dog was comedy. Ghost is slipping, he's playing with fire and now his phone is bugged.
  9. Im surprised Angela was able to see thru the bullshit

    very out of character for her because so far she has been soooo stupid about everything
  10. MAJOR developments this week
    so...2 more eps this season and then another season of 8-10 (at least)

    not sure there is enough storyline left without jumping the shark

    I just realized...the whole thing was a set up

    not sure how...but Tommy is going to take the name as ghost...get a slap on the wrist...place alllll the blame on El Jefe...and basically walk

    Ghost knew this was coming - not sure how just yet. his cover will be...he was at the hotel doing business for Stern

    he arrived before tommy so should have been there first...the whole thing is a set up to get Lobos out of the way...get angela out of the way...which is why ghost is testing her with "leave with me tomorrow" AND a new cell number...she'll say no and he'll have her

    Im guessing Dre betrayed Kanaan and told ghost what was going on
  11. you're eithter watching this show or youre missing out tremendously

    another WOW episode
    1 more ep and then season 2 is over

    cant wait for season 3 (which will likely be the end of the series)
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  12. Man Kanan is bad shit crazy for poppin his own son like that. Ghost is being pretty smart and strategic but almost got into some big mess with Tommy wanting to betray him in court. Good thing the plan with the lawyer worked.
  13. Episode 9 was definitely a WOW episode. Shawn is such a freaking noob giving a loaded gun back to his criminal father and then basically telling him to F off. Well looks like Tasha will be going away alone.
  14. Tasha's not leaving

    ...really this sets some craziness into motion for next season...it will be all out war...you have Ghost vs Kanan...and no one else is really loyal

    Ghost KNOWS that Kanan is after him now...Kanan was about to do some outrageous shit by doing a driveby on Ghost's club..especially because its ALWAYS packed...which brings alllll of the police down on him but he feels untouchable (and really shouldnt)...the Serbs should be after Ghost as well...plus he just pisst off angela so shes after him too

    its him vs everyone...and like i said before...i think he will survive with a HUGE stack of money, but he'll be ruined (tommy dies, angela disbarred and arrested, tasha dies, children taken into protective custody...and all of his connections gone)...and what I hope is that he doesnt end up as Kanan in the end "just a bitter old thug"
  15. ^that ending. You watched too much breaking bad
  16. Shouldn't both Kanen, Ghost/Tommy and Luis be watching their backs against the Serbs? I mean they were all in on in on it. I would be trying to get revenge on all of them......actually probably not Ghost just yet, he still doesn't have his connect from Milan just yet.
  17. WOW!!

    great ending to the season...just blown away at every plot twist every 10 minutes

    you know...Angela is actually pretty smart when shes not busy being a fucking idiota

    ...also, why can these niggas never pull a fucking trigger? and wtf...EVERYBODY knows - DOUBLE TAP LOL
  18. This was a great season finale, towards the end they had me anticipating things I thought was going to happen but didn't happen and then they pulled out things I wasn't anticipating. When the cops was checking the burned building I loved that ending, that means he's alive!!! There is just a real lack of communication in that industry (drug industry) I find lol. I just realized typing this that Ghost got the bloody card because Lobos sent it to him back to him telling him that he is still alive?

    geez easy on the n-word @killacross lol.
  19. I only used it once...

    but anyway
    <-- black guy (because that excuses it)


    I honestly didnt like the Kanan cliffhanger..I think its stupid that Ghost didnt double tap...and it means that he should be COVERED in 2nd and 3rd degree burns..we saw the flames get him...plus he was laying there long enough for ghost to walk away and not see him get up...PLUS if he was stabbed soooooo severely that it killed him "instantly" so he has to go to a hospital to get stitched up and try to explain all of that away

    ...i think it was sloppy (but if Im 50...and Im having money troubles...Im not gonna get written out of my own show either)

    but now that we have a set up for season 3...i think my prediction is closer to right now more than ever
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  20. It's funny cause while I think your right but this is 50 Cent and irony is he survived getting hit like 9 times (I can't remember) and survived. So I mean it is possible but he would of had to get medical treatment asap. They definitely need to explain his great survival in the next season.

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