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    Intro to POWER

    Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3281796/

    I am on the 5th episode and I love it. I would compare it to The Wire but it's nothing like it though only cause its a organized crime show run by a black guy. This show has great acting, great drama and a lot of hot sex scenes and some intense killing scenes. 50 Cent did a great job, I hope this show gets green lit for another season. I don't know how it's gonna end so I don't know if it's just 8 eps and done or they left more room for another season.
  2. just finished watching all the episodes. nice little revelation in the 7th episode. Gotta say that I enjoyed the show altho the acting was kinda bad here and there. Jamie aka ghost was def not one of them tho. He played his role perfect. Nice to finally see an awesome black guy in a gangster series. He's pretty stupid tho being pussy trapped like that. Too bad I can't say the same thing about the guy playing Tommy. Sometimes I really like him and how he acts but most of the times his acting looks so bad.
    Anyway def looking forward of seeing more of this. Is there any second season planned? O yeah can't forget about 50. He was pretty dope as well in this show. I have to admit that I had to try really hard to tell what he was saying at times. But I guess that's what happens if you get his in the face.

    Edit: totally forgot to add that there's so much sex going on in this show it's crazy. I wanted to watch it with my girl but after watching the first episode alone I decided not to.
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  3. Ah yes finally someone else gave this show a try on here :)

    I love Tommy, he's a sick gangster but sometimes he just does some stupid stuff, actually both him and Jamie I see myself flipping with who I agree with at times. Tommy's biggest mistake was telling his new 'girl' EVERYTHING about his operation. I was like WTH TOMMY, LIKE REALLY???? One of my best parts with Tommy was when he cockblocked his boy Ghost HARD at the Ice Cream Shop, I laughed so hard. The acting with Jamie aka Ghost is superb, he's not just one dimensional and he's looking at the bigger picture. Actually every smart gangster aspires to go legit, why wouldn't you want to? You don't stay young forever, it's just frustrating that some people can't see that and don't realize their time will run out and that life will catch up. A part that came to mind was when his daughter was disappointed about not getting the part for Annie. I could see myself telling my daughter about life lessons with I had one and looking at my wife like really you gonna say white girl/black girl stuff to my daughter lol.

    The sex scenes are one of the best things about this show cause they are really visual and hot. Seeing that Angela girl, who wouldn't want that girl.

    Ghost biggest mistake is falling in love for Angela cause she is an F.B.I agent. However, it's not entirely his fault there is no way of knowing that. I wonder if Tommy is gonna try to kill her cause it looked like he was outside her apartment. Good thing Tommy got to the C.I before he could tell Angela who he is. That part when Ruiz looked at the dick pic on his daughters phone was so freaking funny, just his facial expression in his disgust was done well.

    Now to 50 Cent, I kind of hypothesized him being behind everything I think around ep 4 or 5, I can't remember. They did a good job though cause I wasn't entirely sure and I then believed it to be Rolla cause him and Ruiz don't like each other.

    No word yet on season 2, I only looked on wiki though, I'm pretty sure it got green lite for season 2 though. I will be looking forward to watching it. They picked a good time slot too, cause not much going on in the summer to watch.


    I almost forgot the Mexican CARTEL!!!!! That dude is badass, I grew to like him, he makes me laugh every time now.
  4. haha you pretty much spoiled the whole series right here but anyway. Yeah I agree with most of what you said. Tommy is def stupid in trusting that girl. Its so obvious that that girl is trouble.
    Ghost falling in love with his old flame is nice and all but he should've handled it way more like a player. He's just walking around wherever with her like no one knows him. He could've been spotted in all the spots he took Angela. The biggest thing that annoyed me about this show is the driver kid (forgot his name). He's the biggest idiot, noob kid I've ever seen. Everyone knows the basic rules when working with the boss. Don't mess around with his women and never betray him. Not only does he think he can get into Tasha's pants but he also ratted Ghost out about him cheating. Good thing his dad got out of prison because the second Ghost found it he would've been in big trouble.
  5. Late to the party...pretty good series...and you all said exactly what I was thinking...great acting except from Tommy who was to over the top IMO..

    Confirmed for another season (10 eps) ...and season 2 should be a lot better because I want to see more about the crime side than the club scene
  6. Season 2 episode 1 came out last week. It was pretty good, and seeing Angela naked puts the icing on the cake. Episode 2 came out yesterday which I'm going to watch later.


    WOW! Episode 2 was even better then episode 1. They are doing a good job and I like where this show is heading. No wonder season 3 got green lit. There is a lot of stuff going on between Ghost and the Club with Stern and the new GM I'm interested to see how that is going to unfold. Ghost/Angela/Tasha triangle will always be good. Tommy seriously needs to drop his girl, for someone that doesn't slip he is doing the stupidest thing but every man has a weakness I guess. I like Fifty's character, he's gonna be the guy I love to hate which suits him well lol. That scene with him getting head and then forcing his son to get some was hilarious. What a father/son relationship they have going. Ghost is really smart questioning again at the end if he knew Kane was out of jail. I'm sure he'll figure it out soon.
  7. Damn, I didn't know power was back. Downloading now! !
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  8. Just watched both episode. Man I love that this is back. Empire is fun and all but this is way more gangsta.
    Like you said, ghost has great instincts. The minute he saw that 50 was out of jail he questioned him.
    The ghost/Angela/Tommy triangle is gonna end really bad. Ghost is gonna pop Tommy. I'm already spoiling you guys now because this is for sure to happen Hollywood cliché and all. It would be epic if ghost actually killed angy instead. My respect for this show would skyrocket
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  9. omfg I could see Ghost doing that too Tommy too, I'll hi-5 you from my computer if you are right. If Ghost kills Angela I'll cry but it's very possible and he should probably do that if and when he needs to.
  10. Episode 3 was pretty good and Ghost got what he wanted the killer at least saying Rolla didn't hire her. I wonder how fast Ghost will be able to connect all the dots before it's too late.
  11. Man...I wonder what Ghost did that made Kanan decide to take him out/over

    at first I thought that it was just Kanan being hungry/greedy

    but he said something in ep 3 that makes me think that he feels Ghost did him dirt
  12. You know ghost is sharp as a knife. He will figure this out sooner than later. That hitwoman ho tho, why not just say it was kannan. It's obvious he just got you stabbed.

    I feel sorry for ghost tho, for a minute things were looking like they were gonna work out but then angi had to hit em with the Tommy news. We all know he won't testify against Tommy because he's in on all this business. Bro's before ho''s man, that's all I'm saying.

    I don't remember kanan saying anything like that. But I do get a strange vibe from him. It feels more then just jealousy.
  13. Ghost being smart figured out kannan is behind all of this shit. Still it's seems like it's too late. There in too much of a mess. And Tommy's redhead is def gonna snitch and fuck shit up. Unless she gets popped next episode.
  14. WOW...episode 4

    this has become my new favorite show this season

    also...Im impressed by 50...his acting has improved dramatically over his Get Rich or Die days...probably #2 on the show behind Tasha
  15. I enjoyed Power again! It has come to the point now that every time Ghost and Angela talk I kind of have to look away at the screen cause I just know it's not going to end well once the real truth comes out. I'm glad Ghost finally figured it out but I may have to agree with Haoh it is a huge irreversible mess. People got killed who shouldn't of because off of lies. Oh the redhead girl is talking for sure and I would be so shocked if she didn't, she should of took that money that Ghost gave her to get out of town.

    @killacross I've been saying that to myself for awhile now with 50. It's not too surprising he's been getting a lot of small roles here and there over the years like with Stallone and Del Nero, ya I would put him after Ghost and Tasha.

    How about Tasha though! Mom was packing HEAT! and went right back into mom mode when the kids called like it was nothing when Kanan left lmao. I think Tasha now believes Ghost and that should make things a bit easier.

    The ending scene was pretty badass with Kanan. From that time with all those goons eating in the restaurant and Kanan gave that look, I was like "Ouup! That guy is dying" lol.

    It's all about this show, Ballers and Suits for me right now this summer.
  16. An interesting fact that I found out on instagram. TV Ratings has Power eclipsing Spartacus as Starz biggest draw. More people are recognizing how good this show is and the potential it has.
  17. already renewed for a third...just needs 1-2 more seasons to wrap the story up...

    sO I hope they dont keep extending it until they run out of ideas
  18. I'm watching ep 5 of Power right now and I had to stop at the bathroom scene to say OMG, is Holly really saying what I think she is saying right now? *continues to watch episode*
  19. yes...yes she is....and from that...i count 2 future bodies (at least i hope so)

    ...plus i think the ending of the ep (knox seeing her with ghost) will do more damage to Angela than the reveal

    either way...good good show

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