1. I absolutely love those blue nails.
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  2. Blue is fantastic color!
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  3. Nice pics, I think everyone has posted, except me and maybe a few others?
  4. ^ Sounds about right.

    Even better than green.
  5. @Jikit

    Black Rager!!!!!!!! Holy Moly that is an epic pic lmao!!!!!

    All you needed was Green/White Ranger and you would of been more then perfect. You got to see one Ranger and that in my opinion brings you full circle in life lol
  6. One thing I will add, when I was in Japan I was actually planning to meet up with DM maybe have a drink or 2. It didn't work out unfortunately, I think it would of been epic if we did meet up in Japan. The question is would the world be ready for 2 TAL/NM members to meet outside the interwebz? Normally I wouldn't meet strangers but I've known DM on the webz for a minute now and I was open to having a drink especially down in Japan. I was too busy though traveling.
  7. I once met a Naruto fan when I was working at a baby food factory (you'll probably know Nutrilon). They had a PC there so I was like fuck it. It's wednesday lets read the big 3. Before I could get there, the biggest nerd I've seen my entire life was already reading Naruto. He was only at page 4, so I sat next to him and we read it together hahaha. The guy had the shock of his life. Are you really a manga fan. I'm like full on nerd mode, dude I'm not only a manga fan, but I love anime as well.
    He wanted to exchange emails, but that was going a little too far for me haha. I bet he was a member on some forum. I should've asked him.

    Crazy pic Jikit. I agree with San. Life is good.
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  8. @Haoshmaru and @San Goku,

    I was at Miami for a SuperCon and it was pretty cool I actually met the original red ranger and blue ranger as well. I'll be attending LA where I'll be working with Austin St. John (Original Red Ranger) on his street team. Old power rangers are now voice actors in our anime and video games so going to Power Morphicon. I can geek out a bit and meet the rangers from my childhood before i get to old I'll be 28 the next time this rolls around. They also have the original Sentai Red ranger so I'm dev going.

    @San Goku if you ever seen The Last Dragon I got a picture with Bruce Leroy

    Star Wars Fans I have a signed Heir to the Empire book :) Good times
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  9. @Tony, back to the Mexican diet I see. You gotta watch out for them bigmac's man.
  10. Congrats on the weight loss tony
  11. thx guys

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