1. We havin a whiteout?
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  2. Shit no gingers, no fair!

    I had one ginger friend but we had a fallout a while back so i can't bring it!
  3. No gingers for me.

    Hold on, is your sis even that white Haoh?
  4. Hold up, why you talking about my sis bro?

    @Ravi, I gotta admit. That's pretty white. You're almost transparent :p

    Oh fuck, look at my boy Eddie in tha house Blading it up. Cool glasses bro.

    Edit: How the hell did I miss Raoul posted a pic? Looking sharp man. You look more like a latino than anything else. I would've never guessed that you were Moroccan.

    @haha look @mini San awesome!!
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  5. @Haoh Told you bro.

    Btw EDS, I knew you were black! But THIS!? I won't be able to see you unless you're smiling.
    You look like you're at a wedding.

    And epic mini-me sannin xD
  6. Fuck, even i have got nothing on you.
  7. Then I guess it's settled, the whitest kid you know.
  8. Cause at least one of you have to fit the stereotype.

    Everybody knew I was black since the day Elk tried to call me asian or something on vent. That's at a family reunion. Decided to go all black that night since I went all white in the morning.
  9. God damn boy Clay you white. Are we still holding the whitest boy contest because hands down you're winning this one
  10. I'm fine with that lol. It's the Scottish/Norse bloodlines
  11. Clay unless you are nervous about being around Eddie this white-out is still going.
  12. I'll toss some flour on myself and beat all of you.
  13. It's true, bowties are cool. But that beard... You really let it grow. :eek:
  14. Fezzes are cool Clay.
  15. Yea, hard to find in Macon though.
  16. Going on 9 months without shaving other than mustache.
  17. Are you planning to let it grow even more?
  18. Trying to make it one year. And then I'll decide from there.
  19. Stetsons are cool too.

    And lol at Martzu not getting what you were doing. :p
  20. The Bowtie continues to live on but his hats always die :(

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