1. Hahah that was a tranny?
  2. I don't know.. it looked like one ahhaha
  3. I hope it wasn't.
  4. I think that's the girl who's good at SF and pretends to be a chick when he's actually a guy. I could be wrong, that's why I thought she was a tranny.
  5. Dude I randomly picked that pic. Quit trying to scare me. =O
  6. Seriously, try googling the girl I mentioned. I think it's her haha.
  7. lol I don't even know where to begin with googling that description.
  8. Yeah man, we had to have one last thing to leave our school with, and we decided to do a strip show. It was so funny, haha.
  9. Haha. So Haoh finally reveals himself to the world! XD
    Looking badass bro.
  10. Dude tell me about it. When i checked tal this morning all of a sudden i see my bro's pic on here.
    I was like wtf dude thats also me you're putting all over the web.

    Edit: Thanks man. I don't think I've ever seen a pic of you either. Reveal yourself no jutsu.
  11. lmao man. Guess you should stay away from NM as well. :troll
  12. Eddie, hush you :gross:
  13. What did I do? :awesome
  14. Haoh you look a lot less like a sandnigger as I suspected. =p
    You lying to us bro?
  15. Haha sandnigger? What the fuck dude. I'm even whiter than you. I get burned when it's 20 degrees celsius outside. I got milky skin bro
  16. No lie, I thought you'd be darker as well.
  17. ^See? I'm not racist with no reason D:

    But whiter then me? I'd doubt that xD
    I'll put up something later so we can compare.
  18. Not as dark as you probably thought though ravi. :p
  19. Hahaha oh wow if we're going to have a whiteness competition you don't even stand a shadow of a chance.
  20. Don't make me get ginger friends up in this.

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