1. Are you pure Irish?
  2. No I live in Northern Ireland which is part of the UK, so I'm a British citizen lol

    I think one of my grandparents is from England and another one from Scotland.
  3. As long as you're in that circle,it's good. Keep it that way. Don't fuck up your good genes.
  4. Don't worry I won't be breeding with American's or French anytime soon :p

  5. Nope a shop in limerick had one, I'm pretty sure a guy I know has one too.
  6. Pfft if it was in Limerick it was probably fake.
  7. Limerick is the knife and blade capital of Ireland it's called Stab City for a reason, fake my ass.
  8. agreed. not bad looking.
  9. And1s look better on you,EE.

    Vans look better on people that wear skinny jeans.
  10. Lol true, but I just wanted some Vans to work in so I through a outfit on with them!
  11. Leroy,you look arab.

    Was this taken at Mamzar park (dubai)?
  12. Take Your Large Bladed Weapon to Work Day

    Unfortunately I missed that day when I was working I guess.
  13. lol well they just saw the pictures of it too, I've never brought it there troll

    It was enough to convince one of them to buy one though, but he's a WoW noob so I don't feel good about that.
  14. Jurai u're ripped brew
  15. Look at the bright side. If his company begins laying people off then they can just start massacring the upper management.

    That adds a new dimension to the advantages of labor retention.

    Capitalism has been defined as every man out for his own interests. Well, if said man uses a sword to make the company share his interest, then the system has been played nicely. The checks of the "out for myself" system is division of labor. The baker needs the farmer, the mill, and the smith as he is unable to fully provide for his own means (by Aristotle's definition he is either a beast or a god if he can accomplish that). Then clearly, being guaranteed one's own safety from a disgruntled worker with a sword is part of that process which is capitalism.

    Yet you still fail to see the benefits of such a system, Elk?
  16. I dunno, if the boss is safe from the disgruntled sword wielding workers, I really don't see the benefit...
  17. It's the sword-wielding workers who keep the boss safe from themselves by keeping them employed.

    But a common issue is that layoff decisions come from corporate, often in another state somewhere and with security checkpoints. DAMN!

    Oh yeah, nice pics! Looks like facial hair is back. But that gets approval from the Bara.
  18. C'mon guys, try and keep the thread spam-free.
  19. wave i'm not gay or something, but damn i would enjoy you giving me a blow a lot...
    take that as a compliment, lol
  20. Pizu,post new pics!

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