1. Clothes mostly.. and I needed them bad especially the underwear that my balls seem to rip apart. I haven't asked for games or electronic shit in years since I buy all that myself during the year or black friday. Bought 59" Samsung plasma/3d, upgraded my liquid cooling in my pc, mw3 and skyrim so that was my xmas to myself.
  2. Proof you're becoming oldfag like us.
  3. I got Uncharted 3, Boondocks season 3 another $100 giftcard added to the one I got last week and 50 bucks. Aaand KOF13 which came in the mail today but I ordered that before Christmas so it sorta counts
  4. Youngfag
  5. :troll
  6. I know. I jelly.
  7. LOL Cuban is such a camera whore.
  8. So with that 100$ I got, I turned it into Terminator 1&2, Galaxy Quest, Expendables, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, and Clone Wars Season 1. All Blu-Ray.
  9. He has to be, for Dirk's sake.
  10. Pots and pans. Some bananas.

    Tools to do a woman's job, fruits to pretend I'm a woman with.
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  11. Post more, son!
  12. Hey MD, how is that Porcupine Tree album you got for xmas :troll
  13. Porcupine Tree are a very good band. I can't tell what the joke is here though. :troll
  14. Figured you would like them. You have had to be a former pothead. That's the kind of music I fucking hated until I smoked lots of green.
  15. I dunno, a free app.
  16. i got nothing, but bought myself dark souls...
  17. went halfsies on new sunglasses, got a new rain jacket, a couple shirts, and some money to help me pay off the credit card i got to buy my laptop

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