1. doet

    I got XBAWKS GAYMZ. Like, seven of them. Dark Souls, Resonance of Fate (both awesome), Skyrim, Vesperia, Prototype, DMC4, and Just Cause 2.
  2. Axe Shower kit and a knick knack.
  3. Nothing.
  4. ^
  5. Does it still count if you bought it for yourself, and opened it before today? :troll
  6. Blurays
    Transformers Trilogy
    Captain America
    Rise of the Planet of the Apes
    Sucker Punch

    $100 gift card
    nice shirt

    but the kicker
    Tickets to the Braves opening day game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Taking my nephew to a Rangers game. He got the srs loot as he also got a 320gb MW3 edition Xbawks 360 (the one with the mobo design that doesn't RROD).
  8. Cologne, clothes, and three books [Private Parts by howard stern (>.>), History, and The Mysterious Island]. Also it seems that eddieson has graced us with another sig /monocle
  9. An Xbox that doesn't red-ring?! Is he some sort of time traveller from the distant future? I heard we won't get one of those until 2008.
  10. Got a kinect and Xbawks for the family room. Mine remains in my room, all lame and outdated... -_-
    Ummm, got the last season of Trailer Park Boys that I was missing, some kick ass shirts. Cologne.

    Got a 3ds and LoZ OoT, which with the slight update in graphics, looks fucking amazing. Skyward Sword for my Wii.

    Thats it I guess!
  11. 2008? I wish. With the pop-top HDD can self-destruct at any moment! RROD just helped MS sell more Xbawks is all.

    Yeah the new OoT is great. Mario Land 3D is also fun.
  12. Gave myself this:


    Have to wait a month before it's here though :) Still way cheaper than buying it in Holland though.

    Got the new Freddie mercury bio and €500,-
  13. RRoD hasn't been a problem for a long time. New consoles have been protected against it for quite a while, as have the ones that preceded them. Also, MS replaces all RRoD consoles. They're pretty decent about it. Still useless cunts though.
  14. Master Quest is not just having updated graphics but it's also remade partly. You will enjoy it tons.
  15. I got new soft PJ's,a makeup set,a scentsy with scent bricks,a soft pullover shirt,soft socks,and a box of chocolates.
  16. Not much loot for me but I gave a ps3, and a bunch of games, bunch of toys, bunch of earings. I was santa this year
  17. Really? I wonder how I send mine back to them.
  18. i got saints row 3 and the old republic, then some chocolates
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  19. Water+Shock proof Camcorder i can use for my scooba expeditions, and a bunch of new boarding gear for this season..

    Game wise I got zip, since i already have everything. =p

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