1. The Conversation

    It seems like last night I fell asleep, soaked with tears, soul feeling weak as my body ceased it's own heart beat. As I fade my future looks bleak, I reflect how little I've lived. How humble and meek. My life has been hit or miss, tongue and cheek, and it's over in a blink. I asked for forgiveness, for my sins, and that's where my discussion begins.

    Dras: Where am I? How did I get here?
    HIM: Stay calm like still waters and have no fear.
    Dras: Who the hell is you?
    HIM: I am the heavens above, the oceans of blue. The Alpha and the Omega, the creator of Jeru.
    Dras: Sorry, If I may be so bold, but why did you leave us?
    HIM: Leave? Never, for I brought warmth to the cold, and faith to the believers.
    Dras: I don't mean to be rude, but you starved the hungry, and fed the sinners with gourmet dinners, plagued us with Cancer, HIV and AIDS. Left us in the dark, created hate in our hearts, told us that my fellow man are brothers, then divided us apart. Taught us the same pride, that lead to shame and bloodshed in YOUR name. And when it came to blessings, it was you who was shrewd!
    HIM: My son there's reasons and answers for everything, yet you were the one who questions "I" with blasphemy. You lied, cheated and stole. Showered you with life's' blessing a million times fold. Consoled you when you thought you was alone. I loved you, for you were made from MY flesh, and MY bone. I gave you freedom of thought, worship, and soul. The route of heaven and hell is for you to choose.
    Dras: Lord, I am just human, far from grace. I make mistakes. But you put me in a place where it's hard to survive, I don't need to remind you of the hell I've seen, the sins I committed just to stay alive.
    HIM: And that is the reason,why I'm going to give a second chance to be revived, but in return I encourage you become the "you" that "I" believe in you to be. And take my gifts, and harsh lessons in stride.

    Day breaks, and I find that the conversation was a dream, and I'm alive and well, trapped in life's prison cell. Still there a little doubt, if His promise will be fulfilled, for my soul seeks freedom from this shell.

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