1. Her conversation cost, but all you have to do is pay attention/While her figure is hotter than hell's kitchen
    Her smile is the secret weapon you couldn't forget to mention/While her eyes is full of conviction
    Her selling her soul is highly unlikely/But for the right price you could purchase her body nightly
    Her taste is the finest, like the rarest of tea/Blind to the common, how unsightly

    Don't you worry about nothin' mamas, I'm gonna pray for you.

    He's the epitome of a ghetto symphony, music in motion as he hussles on the block/Can't see the future, too busy watching for the cops
    He's hopin' for a change, maybe a life rearrange/But bills gotta get paid, counting dollar bills right down to the jingle of pocket change.
    He knows he's worth more, but sells himself short/I guess it happens when your dealin', eventually you'll lose your freedom in court.
    He wants to turn back the hands of time, but when your lost in the grind, doing time, it only fast forwards never rewinds.

    Don't you worry about nothin' brotha, I'm gonna pray for you.

    I'm a lost soul caught in between a rock and a hard place/We was a pair of jokers, but now I feel like I lost my ace
    I couldn't possibly imagine reality without the technicality that words like friend or loved one is only a descriptive formality.

    I'm looking for faith in an atheist, seeing a bulls eye, that's clearly a miss.

    So please don't worry, just pray for me. -Drass
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