1. To whom it may concern,

    As I begin this love letter, my heart flutters like falling feathers. When it comes to girls, I have had the bad, the good, but none better. I was just thinking of your only slight imperfection. How you perfected human perfection. God's supernatural selection. As promises go, I swear to take my time and love you slow, and I'm not talking about when my eyes undress you but, as my queen when I address you. It's criminal how innocently my mind subliminally obsesses over you. Just your voice is the inspirational muse to Van Goghs' ear. Can't you hear? If your reading this, I want you to put your hand over your left breast and feel my reason for living, breathing, and being. If you don't understand yet, let me give you the tip of iceberg we call "us." If my soul was a bank, you'd have all access to my funds, the beneficiary of my trust. Now as I end this letter implementing in my scheme of complements.
    Yours Truly, Drass.
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  2. Your poem has nice flow. Also sweet and loving message. Not sure if I ever wanted to receive a love poem starting "to whom it may concern". It kind of gives impression there is very many who will receive same poem. :p

    Maybe it's just me and my gutter mind, but I first read this line as you are suggesting love of your life to do some self groping and by doing so giving you a reason to live. ^^;
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  3. I loved it.Very nice poem.
    Nice job!
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