1. Written in spoken word.

    As I start this session, I mind you that Soldiering is my profession, and these words are my confession.

    Loyalty, pride, and honor are my ammo, and aggression is my weapon.

    Due to orders and commands, I've had my share of battle in foreign sands.

    Just to come back and be called a "hero." And as ususual, I humbly decline and say, "no, no, I'm no hero."

    For it's not I that have the courage and stride like the brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, grooms or brides that survive for the soldiers that died on both sides.

    It is not I that wipe away the tears of the loved one fears while their soldier is deployed.
    Glued to the tube watching CNN news, observing their world being destroyed.

    It is not I that get those salty tear stained letters, folded flags, or prayers of the times to get better.

    So when someone shakes my hand, pick up the check or fine when I'm uniform as I dine, and tells me, "Thank you, you're a real "hero." I humbly decline and say, "no, no, I'm no hero."

    Please read, reply and share thoughts for I've shared mines.
  2. I really like it.It's interesting and it has a nice flow to it.
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  3. Definetly digg this.
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  4. Thanx, I appreciate it the fact you took your time and commented on this.
  5. Wow this was beautiful. Spoken word is definitely one of my favorite forms of poetry. The flow was spot on and the message just beautiful. I could see this being performed on stage, bravo
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