1. Final Fantasy 7 remake

    Why has all the buzz for this faded off the net?
    I've heard nothing about this lately, have any of you?
  2. Re: Final Fantasy 7 remake

    I actually assumed that the first time this rumor surfaced it was just a rumor. I know there was a 'technical demo', but it seems to me that was made for Square-Enix's own enjoyment. I highly doubt this was ever confirmed as an actual remake so much as let's blow it out of proportion.
  3. Re: Final Fantasy 7 remake

    I read this article last year and don't know much more. I'd really like to get some more news because a Crisis Core made me want to see an updated 7.
  4. Re: Final Fantasy 7 remake

    Wasn't there talk of a PSP version? Or did that get released already?
  5. Re: Final Fantasy 7 remake

    I'd rather see an updated release of ff6 then I would of ff7. More along the lines of how Street Fighter 2 got the HD remix. Thats how ff6 should be remade ^_^
  6. Re: Final Fantasy 7 remake

    Squeenix announced that since there was such a huge response to the technical demo, and millions of people were wishing for a remake that the project might take flight, depending on the time frame of the FF13 games. This was the last I heard of it, which was some months ago, I don't know the latest official news, but if we keep asking for it chances are Squeenix will keep it on the to-do list.
  7. Re: Final Fantasy 7 remake

    well.. i saw on a site that it was undetermed if it would come out..

    but insted they are selling the old version on ps3 online or something like that..
  8. Re: Final Fantasy 7 remake

    If they care about getting money, which they do, then they will make a FF7 remake. I'm calling it's release on the 15th anniversery of the original FF7 release, and I call a sequel on the 20th. They said that things would come out until the 20th anniversery, so my theory is that the 20th will have an end-all sequel release.
  9. Re: Final Fantasy 7 remake

    The only thing i heard about FF7 is the AC Complete movie, and that the original game is going to be ported to PSN for download.
  10. Re: Final Fantasy 7 remake

    Same here. FF6 is a great game. Would love to see it updated.

    Anyway, if they actually decide to remake it, it would still take around 3 years after the announcement before it comes out. They tend to be very slow with their games.
  11. Re: Final Fantasy 7 remake

    The game has already hit PSN in Japan, it's the International version so it can be bought from the Japanese store and played by English speakers just fine.
  12. Re: Final Fantasy 7 remake

    Yeah but who wants to go through the currency exchange to buy it and fuck PSN cards. I hate gift cards of any sort. Plus I already own the game on disc. I don't need another game taking up space on my HD as small as it is.
  13. Re: Final Fantasy 7 remake

    So they have a remade FF7 in Japanese?
  14. Re: Final Fantasy 7 remake

  15. Re: Final Fantasy 7 remake

    FF7 is awful rather get a new 6 If I couldnt stand cloud's angst when i was 10 i sure as hell couldnt take it now.
  16. Re: Final Fantasy 7 remake

    FF& was fantastic what are you saying
  17. Re: Final Fantasy 7 remake

    well it's just my opinion but it seemed pretty average to me.
  18. Re: Final Fantasy 7 remake

    It was anything below sub par, it wouldn't have had nearly as many extensions, nor would the people alone be able to make a 'remake' even a consideration. Game was an instant classic.

    I'll be be all over this shit if it actually pulls through.
  19. Re: Final Fantasy 7 remake

    Take that with a grain of salt.
  20. Re: Final Fantasy 7 remake

    Well considering there was never a wrap up with what happened to Genesis after Dirge's secret ending, they pretty much have to make a spin off sequel for that, or fans are going to RAGE. Including myself.

    Cloud's still got some juice left..

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