1. She is too cute to be true :3

    And hardness as a pet is relative. They are easy in away, no need to take on long walks or such. Not many hedgies actually likes human buddy, they get on fine on their own. As nocturnal animals they are fun to have if you too like to stay up late. If not, then they are terribly boring.

    Down sides, they require lots and lots of space (hedgehog can travel easily ap. 10-20 km in one night). Food is disgusting, worms, crickets and other yacky creatures. And preferably alive >_> Not every vet knows how to treat hedgies so healt issues can caust a lot
  2. Those are some mighty cute hedgehogs Martzu. :3
  3. Yes they are so adorable. So hedgie girl doesn't appreciate your company? Surely that's not true.
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  4. She knows I give food so I am tolerated XD

    Please folks, post more stories and pics of your pets, they are so adorable =)
  5. Only tolerated? She doesn't cuddle?

    *wants a cuddly kitty*
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  6. Noup, she is not cuddling kind. My hedgieboy loved being petted, hugged and even took some kissus too now and then ^^; But the girl is too independent by nature to enjoy cuddling.
  7. Some fairly recent pics of my dog.

  8. this is mine he wandered onto our yard one day when he was really young and we put him in out backyard so he wouldnt get hit by a car and hes been with us ever since.



  9. this suchs man. mine's dead. She was a labador springer spaniel mix
  10. @ eddie, does your dog ever trip over his feet hairs? the hair looks nicely kept though

    @ hunter demon - cuute dog! i love the 1st pic of him over the fence.
  11. Thanks Drak. He doesn't trip on he doesn't trip over it, but he does tend to have it stepped on a bit. Though, that's kind of because he likes to lay down under chairs, near stairs, and in doorways.
  12. @ Drak yea he can crawl over it so we have to watch him when he not on his chain he also can open the gate which is why he has to stay on a chain but he is known to break chains too lol
  13. Today I got a little babyboy :3:

  14. I always wanted a dog, but my mom wasn't having that. Been fortunate to have 2 cats, 5 kittens, 2 turtules.
  15. Cute and bleached.
  16. I told myself if I were to get a dog I would want a Huskie.....I would even go for a wolf as a pet.
  17. cool hedgehog. looks albino. but i am guessing it is not.

    and at that "cat video"..... i looked at the other vids too on that site >.<. how uh... educational....
  18. That was the first time I see that. Cuteness is too much for my eyes =3
    That dog somehow looks like a human, which is great because I can think of it's owner to look exactly like the dog.
    Albino! AWSOME! Will he develop color over time?
    Just kill my sense for animals in one blow. Like furries having intercourse isn't enough?
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