1. This actually sparked a much better discussion than I thought it would.

    Rai, I don't think I understand where you are coming from. I am just going to go on a limb here, and guess that you find girls sexually attractive, right? (I dont think I know you enough to make a precise determination, and wouldn't wanna be wrong here). Being sexually attractive to girls, do you try to abstain from entering environments where girls will be, for fear of suddenly offending, ripping into their clothes and having your way with them? Golly I hope not.

    If you read that small paragraph and think "That is ridiculous, of course I like girls!" Then you have missed the point of my argument.

    If you read that small paragraph and think "Well, why would I do that? I obviously am not a person capable of rape" (Hopefully) Then you are now entering into the mindset of what a few of us here are trying to defend on the subject of non-offending pedophiles.

    They MAY or MAY NOT act on and try to satisfy their urges, just like you MAY or MAY NOT have gone out, find a partner, and made the frickle frackle with him/her. The difference here being, pedophilia is illegal, and not right. And a difference here being, you have the chance to go about finding ways to help yourself, and they can't. They can do nothing about their sexual urges without being the monsters society paints them to be. So the ones that don't act on these sexual impulses. The ones that are taking steps and measures to help themselves and seek out ways to support each other and keep off of these, do these people not deserve our sympathy and in some respects respect? Could you go on in your whole life, attracted to girls, and keep yourself from EVER doing anything with them? It is a difficult battle for them.

    And yes, whoever said "It's the lifestyle they chose" Get your head out of your ass. I think my argument as been based around the main point of, "You didn't choose to like what you like, and you can't just stop liking that, how is it any different for them?"

    Think about it? You are into females, do you think that can just be fleshed out of you? I don't believe that is how life or the brain works there bud.
  2. And, in the scope of evolution, people only recently began waiting past the 20 year mark to marry. Before this happened it was actually acceptable to marry 13 year olds provided they could fend for themselves in the current society.
  3. You guys hear about that Nigerian girl that poisoned her husband and his friends that where part of the groom. She was forced into a marriage at such a young age and took matters in her own hands.
  4. @MD Of course they're not going to go crazy and attack a child right there but it could tempt them to seek out a child to attack. I know that the person in the article wants help and know that its wrong but would I still invite him someplace where I know that children would be, hell no. Also I ask is it ethical because if we use it there then it sets a precedent for it to be used in other areas. What if we start psychologically retraining anyone who we think has a problem that society views as wrong? What if nations used it to retrain their citizens?

    @MC CLEAN I wouldn't rape anybody but I might try to hook up with one of them. If I found them attractive I might want to have sex with them or find some else to have sex with. I'm assuming the feelings would be similar for a pedophile. The difference being I can freely act on my sexual attraction pedophiles can never do that. I can't even imagine how difficult that must be.
  5. Go read my reply to you. Top of the page.
  6. Ten bucks says if Tits McGee throws herself on you, you'd just go with it and not be thinking much at all. People talk bout sexual decisions but most of time sex is impulsive and in the moment. I find it ridiculous when adult males talk about their self control when most of them would jump on a decent piece of ass at the drop of a hat. Don't lie to yourself you're as horny and impulse driven as the next guy. Unless you're still a Virgin in which case sorry bro my bad didn't mean nothin by it

    That being said, anyone who is a parent would have zero sympathy for pedos regardless of them suppress their impulses. I don't have much sympathy with people who want to rape or murder but suppress their impulses. They need a lot of help, I think that, but I'm not overflowing with compassion. I can COMMEND someone for getting help, yes, but compassion and sympathy? I dunno, no, not really
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  7. But these people arent in the same boat as being who suppress the urge to rape or murder really. Its just sexual attraction. There may be no urge or desire to rape or kill these kids, just that they coincide with what that particular pedophile finds appealing. I don't see the connection at all.

    Sure, everyone views a pedophile who has sex with a little kid a rapist. But how does that mean one who controls his tendencies and stays away from kids a rapist? He may not be intending to "Rape" the child. He doesn't intend to do anything to a child. He may be suppressing his attraction, not an urge, as the urge may not be there.

    How can he be a rapist, or someone suppressing rape urges, if those urges don't exist.

    I can honestly say I have not been with many women as of now. But that doesn't cause me to want to rape one I feel sexually attracted to.

    If I missed the point of your post, then my bad.
  8. As someone who has spent a lot of time with children and has been exposed to children who have been abused I can say that any form of sexual contact with a child is harmful. Debate me on that point if you wish.

    Whether the person doesn't intend to rape, to me, is somewhat irrelevant. His urge is inherently harmful in nature. My point was even if he never acts on it I'm not going to applaud him, similarly as I would not applaud anyone who wants to hit women but doesn't.

    Your argument being he is just attracted what's so wrong with that? I see your point I just don't care much. I can fault him for his attraction, because his attraction is not healthy at all.
  9. It's best to just not bring it up to other people, and cold turkey from the internet, get a few hobbies, and wait it out. Over time, it will heal, he's not ONLY attracted to kids right?
  10. I don't think so. I watched it a few days ago, but I believe he said he wanted a partner and didn't know how he would go about finding one though. I assume that means he is into girls and just doesn't know how to find one with his 'mental' condition. He wanted kids, but had no idea how he could have one with how he is. So, I think he is into normal things too. Just with a small side fetish, if it can be called that.
  11. Liking to fuck Khari in the ass while digging a screwdriver into his urethra is a "small side fetish", wanting to plow some kids is not.
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  12. lmfao^

  13. ^This is how it really all started, Vicious.
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  14. Thats why I said "If it can be called that"

    My wording was bad, but thats just the only way I found I could word it with how my argument was headed. I just intended the main point to enforce that I felt the guy in question who was interviewed liked other things than just kids, seeing as he was talking about finding a spouse and starting a family.
  15. Wanting to get married and be a father doesn't necessarily mean that he likes women his own age. It could just mean he wants those things but is only attracted to children.
  16. I know, it very well could mean that too, that is just how I took what he said. I guess the only way to confirm is for him to clarify himself, but that's how I interpreted it.
  17. If these people are solely attracted to kids even if they don't want to hurt them how long can they last not being able to act on their feelings? Eventually it will be too much.
  18. How long can you go without raping someone?
  19. Forever because I can go to a bar or club and pick up a girl to have sex with me. Can they do that?

  20. So you're admitting that so long as you can have access to girls you don't have to result to rape. But if that were to go away are you saying you may be inclined to rape?

    Here is the thing about rape. Typically you either have the propensity for it or you don't.

    What you just said echos the bullshit comments that feminist and other idiots make when they say men are all rapist at heart.

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