1. I actually just listened to this interview and discussion on Pedophilia, and it was really well put together, but hard to hear. I agree with the views the interviewer comes out with, in that the thoughts without action and actively seeking help really promotes that people in this mindset are not monsters. Sure, people who DO act on it, should be on registries, be in jail, and the like. But this is really a small percentage of people who sexually abuse in general. These are people with problems, and like normal society, any of them are able to offend, and any of them are able to seek help, and struggle with what they have to go through. I dont promote pedophilia, or think any of it is okay. But with the mindset of them being monsters as the social norm, I feel this is worth a listen and discussion. You may find a certain type of girl attractive, and thats okay. It is your type, there isnt anything you can do about liking that certain type, so you go for that certain type.

    Here, their type well, young. And it is morally wrong, and very illegal, and in my view disgusting to think of. But they cant do anything about liking this. Thats why this kid is a warrior and I feel for his struggle as he knows it is wrong. He knows it is fucked up, disgusting, and is trying to do something to not only help himself, but others too.

    Thoughts on this taboo and very touchy subject?

    Here is the thing I was talking about listening to. Its a half hour long, but really worth the listen.

  2. edgee
  3. If I have time I'd like to listen to that when I go home but my stance doesn't change. Even if you haven't gone near a child or what acted on it, I'm not gonna put you in a situation near my child or anyone elses as a precaution. As for him being born with an attraction, I'm not gonna go into a breakdown of science about it but seek therapy to rectify that.
  4. I agree with Marlie even if they are trying to deal with it and take preventative measures they should never be around children. No one would invite a recovering alcoholic out for drinks its the same principle.
  5. Your not born into this type of thing and others it's a choice a lifestyle.
  6. Who the hell would choose that?
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  7. The majority of inmates where I work are there for sex crimes, many of them were crimes against children.

    They don't come off as your typical predatory type. But they took the choice to do what they did.
  8. No sympathy whatsoever. Liking a chick and some dude digging a young boy isn't in the same ballpark.. not even in the same fucking universe. They need therapy and meds to control these impulses cause you can't stop a dude from wanting to screw little boys. Their wiring is jacked up and they'll need help in the above for the rest of their lives.

    normal people = we people who look at playboy or porn and think man that chick is hot. Them = man that 5 yr old is hot. It's inconceivable and disgusting. It's beyond my comprehension to find a child sexually attractive and if I ever found out any of my friends were like that I'd break every bone in his body.
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  9. What about loli den?
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  10. it's anime.. perspective.. still I don't care for or get off on chicks that look 13 in anime with giant juggs wanting to get it on with the male protagonist. I mean it's anime. I like real women.. I don't know how else to put it. I'm sure a kid in his early teens freaking loves it and why wouldn't he.
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  11. Well that's why I like A Serbian Film, it really shows the slippery slope of sin. I, for one, think people in this country are faaar too focused on the extreme cases like pedophiles or rapists. Although it's bad it's always going to be there. If we really want to reduce it or keep it from spreading we would have to address the exposure of pornography to kids. Maybe they won't go into fetishism on this level, but there are other terrible habits that develop due to sexual disorders or pornography that really close them off from a healthy life. I'm speaking from experience by the way.
  12. You're missing the point of your analogy; using good sense and determining that an alcoholic should not be invited to drink with you is a good idea because it avoids a social situation which is dedicated to the consumption of alcohol. This is not the same as refusing an alcoholic the right to walk through a grocery store if he could accidentally stumble into the wine section.

    You can't prevent a non-offending paedophile from being around children in social situations, no more than you can prevent a non-offending man with a strong desire to rape from being around women. Let's keep perspective here, guys; the most notable thing about these guys is that they have not commit a crime.

    You're an idiot.

    These people feel strong emotions and feelings that are largely beyond their control and harmful to the individual. If you have no sympathy for a person that feels the strong, life-crippling desire to sexually abuse a child, and represses that desire and refuses to harm a child, he's not worthy of your sympathy? Maybe you need to pull your head out of your ass.
  13. I'd say one person's sexual attractions are exactly in the same ballpark as another person's sexual attractions. Just because those are different attractions doesn't mean it's something else entirely. "We look at X and think that is hot" means that the brain is reacting in the same fashion to different stimuli. It may be entirely genetic, genetically predisposed, or somehow got wired that way over the course of that person's life - but either way it's wired that way.

    Therapy on a good day barely works for mundane issues. You're not going to re-write someone's sexual chemistry with therapy. You can try to help them control themselves, to keep from acting on those impulses. For some of them you might be able to mostly trick the brain into thinking that they're not attracted to children. But whatever combination of genetics and factors in their life lead them to be where they are, and unless you can change that (not likely) it's not going to change anything about what people find attractive.

    In pedophilia's case we as a society recognize the high potential for damage to children from pedophilia, and we act accordingly to protect them. Also keep in mind that pedophilia doesn't necessarily mean 5 year olds. It could mean 14-16 year olds. What if they got hit on the head in high school (where liking 14-16 year olds is natural) or something else just caused the brain to not develop from there? Is that their fault for getting hit by a car or whatever caused the trauma?
  14. what?? @MD I think we're on two different pages man lol. That is not what I was referring to.. c'mon a little dialogue brother before you tear into me. I apparently missed something. I was talking about the assholes who willingly go out there hunting down kids. Guess I need to read the OP again.

    oh.. yeah and fu lol
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  15. They might not be able to help themselves, but society can work to prevent.

    I see some questionably stuff these days that at a glance might seem innocuous but in reality isn't helpful.

    Is this appropriate? For some ratings is it worth it?
  16. I know that they will probably meet children in their everyday lives. I'm talking about inviting them into situations where their temptations would be tested. I feel that they shouldn't be around children if it can be helped. If they know what they feel is wrong and don't act on it and seriously want help then we should do what we can to help them. What can be done to help them? Is it possible to psychologically retrain them against their feelings? Even if it is possible is it ethically right to do so?
  17. You didn't read the OP at all. A two-second glance could have prevented your ignorant posts.

    What does that mean? "Temptations would be tested"? Do you think that if they're around a kid in a room with other adults, they'll just go berserk and start tearing the kid's clothes off in front of everyone? Being in the casual company of children is no more "testing your temptations" than a rapist walking down the street and walking past women. You can't sentence someone to anything for not committing a crime.

    Also, lol @ "is it ethically right to do so?"; yes, yes it is! No more ethically questionable than attempting to retrain someone to not want to cut off their own legs. If someone has an attraction deemed harmful to themselves and others, there is no question of ethics. It's treated as a clinical illness.
  18. I'm not sure that 16 years old makes you a pedophile. If that's under the age of consent they you are still a sex offender but I'm not sure if I'd call you a pedophile. I dunno...

    Also there have to be pedophiles that don't actually act on their attraction to young children. Like they recognize that a child can't make those decisions so they abstain from it.
  19. @MD no I'm not you are.
  20. I do not condone or understand pedophilia but I thought I'd put this out there anyway.

    Society has deemed that being attracted to kids is inappropriate and wrong. In some countries or civilizations it may be considered less taboo. Is pedophilia different to any other fetish? Someone who can't get it up unless their partner is all clad in leather or someone who really fancies nurses. I genuinely think that is a question worth considering.

    Look at the amount of people that like loli... something that I personally take issue with but so many don't. Where do you draw the line? Essentially society has deemed some things ok and some things not.

    Is pedophile a bad word? Is being a pedophile a bad thing? If you fancy kids but know it is wrong and never act on it is that any worse than fancying someone of the same sex? At what point and in what country was it acceptable to see someone of a different ethnicity... or religion?

    You can't prevent a pedophile from not liking kids. What you can do though is ensure that they know not to act on those impulses.

    It's just food for thought, I'm being largely rhetorical but I thought it was worth saying.

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