1. Trying to get over a serious case of writer's block. So serious, I didn't even realize I had it

    I used to create worlds and dreams and love
    And fear and sadness and pain
    Words would flow from the tips of my fingers
    And I would cry and rejoice and learn
    And ponder and adore my creations
    They were beautiful and lovely
    And loveless and tragic
    And all mine
    I was all mine in a room
    With these words and their sorrow
    And together we cried and laughed and wondered
    But now they are gone
    Replaced with beautiful and lovely
    And loveless and tragic
  2. Based on this you haven't lost your touch. Now where to find that inspiration to make you write again.
    I liked this one. Telling a story how life changed, giving an explanation to the writer's block, and then writing it out. :thumbsup:
  3. Thanks Martzu! I kept staring at it and rereading it over and over and just really couldn't tell if it completely sucked or was exactly what I wanted to say. So I appreciate your kind words :p
  4. I liked it. It wasn't the average run of the mil, but very descriptive on the "words" you once loved.
  5. I liked it,it was good. And had a nice flow to it! :3:

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