1. in last two weeks i have seen

    Pumping Iron - motivational as shit
    Daybreakers - LOL SHIT SUCKED
    MacGruber - jesus christ this was bad
  2. how could you not like daybreakers? it was awesome movie!
  3. The Human Centipede: 3/10

    utter crap. 100% medically inaccurate as opposed to the tagline claiming its 100% accuracy. i'll props to the actor who played the surgeon sadist decently. i already read reviews of this movie and they weren't in favor of it. i was curious to see how the film portrayed the concept of making a "human centipede" though. my pet peeves are watching unrealistic moments in movies where i think the character could have done a different action to change the tides of the scenario but they are too stupid/the writer or director is. if you are trying to kill someone, make sure they are dead. and i don't know how a cop with a gun can die to another person who is already weak/unable to walk and has a scalpel. good thing the movie was short.
  4. The Chaser: 8/10

    South Korea does it again, seriously I love South Korean films. They are quite refreshing overall and they really push boundaries. One of the things I love is the tendency to focus on "bad people". The Chaser is one of those films. I was at the edge of my seat for a lot of the film. Good ass film.
  5. Sex in the city 2


    It was actually better than the score I gave... maybe around 5/10...
    The horribleness of this movie is not the bad acting, the terrible plot, pathetic characters... no.
    that could be quite bearable because all of this would come together with quite number of funny things, few very beautiful shots and enjoyable soundtrack.

    The thing I loathed is...

    that's a fucking fairy tale with very dangerous impact.
    This was my first contact with the franchise but i never realized how much it promotes stupidity, shallowness and very despicable behaviour which in eyes of the fair folk seems like a great idea.
    and my gf liked it.
  6. You almost lost your man card until I noticed the GF line. I don't think mine would subject me to that shit.

    Ninja Assassin - 6/10
    Action was great, plot was cliche

    Public Enemies - 8/10
    I love movies like this. Great soundtrack, great acting, great camerawork.
  7. ong bak 3 ( total letdown)
    i watched this movie with the ong bak 2 on mind.man wat moovie it was and shoooooo....OB3 was like a loosened baloon.only thing different here was that he added the dancing style of the girl in his fighting.yeah fighting.... :huh: bull shit!! nothing was there.just a touch and go and to add more insult dark magic and curses were added.damn u tony jaa :angry: when we see ur name as protogonist we expect endless bad ass fighting,never mind whether the story is gud or bad.ur action is the story man.

    talking dick (thai)( gud fun)

    well just like old saying "the dick made all the difference".the story was just an average teenage shit, but when u add the talking dick factor into it, yup..it became fun :D .imagine when u wokeup oneday and ur dick started to talk...thats when ur nightmare begins.a fun movie to watch.

    lone wolf and the cub series :omg:

    thats rite omgoooodddd.man now this is the real samurai assassin.u give me money i kill them for ya whether its women or a child,dont care.classy from the beginning to the end.each and every part rocked.man itto ogami one bad ass motherfucker.in the second edition there was a fight between itto ogami and some ninja women and during the fight one women got her breast torn a part by the BMF damn i was like "oh shit" fuck yeah!! those ninja mama sans really got fucked to the core.this is just the layer guys.go and grab the movie and watch this grand collection of action, emotion and gory dismemberment.u will never be dissapointed.oh yeah u will..when u realize it ends with the sixth part.
  8. Toy Story 3 - fucking amazing
  9. ^Is it even out?

    I haven't watched any movies recently, I suppose the most recent ones would be gone in 60 seconds and con air.

    Both of them are still good to me.

    Con air more so.

    Great plot, good action, bit of comedy thrown in there.

    Gone in 60 seconds.

    Good film, plot action, but getting kind of boring now.
  10. Predators-
    Solid action flick, probably the best action movie out this summer. Really good job with the acting too, was not expecting much from the cast so that was a pleasant surprise. They did a great job with the Predators too, "Mr.Black" especially.

    4 out of 5
  11. ^ are you serious i watched that movie last night and it was terrible, i'd give it a 4/10 and that's only because most of the acting was done better than i expected. The plot was mind numbingly terrible that i wanted to walk out after 15 mins but am glad I didn't because there were a few scences and shots that were very good. The fight sequences weren't the best, heck I expected alot more action from the predators although they did look very cool.

    In all crappy story with a few good scences, good acting, good cgi and costumes but you expect alot more from a predator movie than what was given
  12. A Single Man

    Colin Firth is such a fucking good actor
    Soundtrack is sooooooooo good..
    Trailer is quite deceptive though
  13. Inception

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  14. is it ooooo i want too see this
  15. Just saw Inception.


    Although I wished that it was longer and a little bit slower during the first part of the movie, that was rushed.

    But other than that, I loved it.

    Also, fuck Chris Nolan for leaving us hanging like that at the end. I wanted some closure :angry:
  16. Inception was fucking awesome
    a top notch movie easily one of the best movies i have ever seen
    it just grips you till the end makes you want more
    truely one of the best work from Chris Nolan
  17. inception = one of the best movies in the last 5 years without a doubt and should definitely hit alot of peoples top 5 list. I will say it wasnt perfect... but it was DAMN NEAR CLOSE. Only problem i had with it was character development of Ellen page and tom hardie's character was a little weak. Besides that shit was legit as hell and was the shortest 2 and a half hour movie i have ever seen. Infact , if i could of walked back into the theatre again and watched it back to back I WOULD HAVE. This is one of those movies you just want to find the guy who made it , shake his hand and thank him for giving us something so awesome.

    thank you mr . nolan.
  18. so watched this awesome movie called RED the other day, awesome movie
    it was badass to see some old time legends kick ass

  19. strange i saw a movie with the same name last night, it was awesome :D. had lots of fun and turned two skeptical friends into believers.
  20. RObin Hood/ FOr reals.

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