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    Street Fighter: Legend of Chung Li - I don't know, I'm not sure if I liked Kristen Keuk as Chung Li. I couldn't get my hatred for her in Smallville out of the way. If she had only quitted after season 4 or something I'll still be on the bandwagon for Kristen Keuk is one sexy bitch. The monologues in the movie...made me cringe. Her voice is EHHHH. The fighting were okay I guess... but what was up with that club scene? Chung Li vs that old woman? At first they danced? Then they fight? Like where's the lead up... and I didn't think Bison was that convincing at all. So overall this movie was a 6.5/10. It gets a passing grade, but it sucks.
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    Just watched the Hurt Locker, wanted to know why all the oscar and award mention... Shit was good. Enjoyed it beginning to end. Loved the fact after he got rotated back home, he realized that even with a wife and kid, there was nothing he loved better than defusing bombs in 1000 degrees celcius.
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    Sherlock Holmes: It was entertaining. Not a great film, but entertaining. 6/10

    Inglourious Basterds: *Sigh* Worst Tarantino film I've seen. Very disappointed. 5/10
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    ZombieLand; Not a zombie genre guy so I didn't see this when it cam out. It was pretty damn good, lots of jokes, characters are good and the whole thing is just fun. 8.9/10

    Madagascar 2; nice mainly for the stunning visuals/animation, plot/humor itself was meh. I litterally fell asleep during the last 3rd of the movie and later rewinded it. 5.5/10
  5. Watched Twilight 1 & 2, because my little sis was hyping it so much. Last time I listen to a fangirl. Movies were meh. The way that vampires are portrayed in the series is gay. The whole build up of Bella falling in love with Edward is shit. It's basically they meet and they fall in love. Love at first sight. Also how their love for eachother grows in such a short time is shit. I hear the books are better.. Not interested enough to find out.
  6. Saw Daybreakers a couple days ago and I must say it was fun, gory entertainment.

    It is a movie about how most of human population turned into vampires, the remaining humans are being hunted down and how vampires are coping with shortage of "cattle". It is quite good movie and I recommend it even tough at the end the plot got a bit thin. Additionally, one of the reviewers called the movie "anti-Twilight". I agree with that comment so if anyone want to bleach the image of sparkling vampires from their mind this is the movie to see.
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  7. The princess and the frog. 8/10. Nice animation and art. Story is fun different take on a classic fairy tale. Still too much singing for my taste. Why does disney always have to turn their movies into musicals? Well I'm used to it by now. The songs weren't the highlight of the movie that's for sure.

    @Dreed haha.
    I knew there was a cure. Thank you.
  8. District 9; Watched it today at work, it fricken blew me away. Awesome gripping story and the realism of the aliens is superb. Super Super movie, has to be in the top 5 movies of the ENTIRE DECADE. 10/10 I seriously need the sequel, NOW!

    Adventureland; pretty funny move set in the 80s about pot head teens who work at a carnival. Characters are pretty funny, and its one of those really slow movies that use charm of characters rather than plot. Liked the music tracks on it as well. 8.7/10

    Juno; Pretty out of the box movie, lead character was solid and Michael Cera was ok although I liked him better in SuperBad. 8.5
  9. Clash of the Titans(original version)
    6/7 not bad for that age but they got some facts wrong
    Book of Eli: 7/10 lack of dialouge always gets me, anyways a good movie
  10. Memento 7/10 and that's being generous. Really don't get the hype about this movie. Story was decent and acting was good, but nothing blew my mind or anything. It's no Usual Suspects, Shawshank or Godfather.
  11. crows zero 1 & 2.

    movies by takeshi mikkee.well the name says it all.adapted from the manga 'crows'.the one thing that intrested me in this film was " if one has guts and rite physical attributes then he cud become a fighter,but to b the king of shuzuran u need more than that.higly entertainig..when i saw it bak to bak.
    "martial arts and fighting r two different things" BY TAMAO SHERIZAWA

    sex is zero

    a korean sex comedy,well...its kinda over but had some funny scenes to laugh over.

    my sassy girl(korean ver:)

    among the movies to b watched before u die.romance at its best, comedy at its standard level and drama made beautiful by the cast especially by beautiful jianna jun(blood the last vampire fame)..ohh i love that girl.


    "god i love my planet." well this is wat i havee been telling to myself for many years.but did nothing to save it.this documentary is a must see coz in the end u will see how beautiful our planet is and how ingorant we r in saving it. beautiful aerial camera works too..watch it u will like it..
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  12. Little Big Soldier
    A recent movie by Jackie Chan.

    Very very good. Mixes comedy (lots of it) with quite serious stuff from Chinese waring period (200 BC) Few things were quite touching. I got a feel the fights were more realistic than in other Chan movies. Yet they were greatly enjoyable.

    Watched it with subtitles so that's more awesome.

    Recommended when it appears in USA.

    even though i was told that this movie sucked,i took up the challenge coz i like when people bite each other to become vampires and infected and all..i predicted every next scene as it progressed but only in one scene i was suprised like WTF!!(with a smile on my face) it was when porn legend ron jeremi made his appearance.like he made his appearance in crank 2,this was also good.well to make things even funnier devils daughter is also their as the main villainess bitch.

  14. The Crazies

    I haven't seen a thriller that actually did its job for quite a while now and this movie definitely did a great job. Story was alright and wasn't your typical zombie apocalypse movie. Timothy Olyphant is and always will be one of my favorite actors. He looks too cool.
  15. triangle

    Worst movie i've seen in a long time. The stuck in a time loop plot was terrible and the 3 killing scenes were *point gun shoot*. Figured the plot out almost instantly when they got a the boat. The only wtf moment was the very end where u find out she knew what was gonna happen all along *so why da fuck did u spend the whole movie working out what was going on* :again:
  16. How to Train Your Dragon (in 3D)

    Can't believe this doesnt have it's own thread yet, movie was EPIC. Goes in the books next to Toy Story 1. Amazing visuals, highly charged plot, great cues and voice acting.. A+

    gettin da Bluray when it comes out XD
  17. How to train your dragon (IMAX3D):Very, very good movie. I had put it up as the best movie this year so far in my book. But I'm not sure after watching Kick-Ass. Animation is well done, and the flight sequences with 3d are awesome. 9/10.

    Kick-Ass: After seeing the first trailers, I was going to pass this one. But the last trailers intruiged me, and I really enjoyed this one. It has lots of gore and awesome action scenes. Go watch it. 9/10

    Clash of the Titans (3D): I was thinking epic action, all I got was moderate action with a shitty storyline/development. Shit wasn't making sense (and I am not talking about the Greek mythology). Add up being tired as hell and uncomfortable 3d glasses, I didn't enjoy this. 5.5/10
  18. Kick-Ass: 10/10 best superhero movie/movie this year so far. loved the action, gore and humor in this movie. it had a great mixture of great experienced actors and fresh new ones and everyone of them kicked ass
  19. Dune. Yes the original but it just came out on bluray and it looked incredible. Instant David Lynch classic with numerous stars. The sister of Paul Muad'Dib, Alia Atreides, has grown up to be a pretty hot chick but if you are a Dune fan then by all means get the BD version that also has online and offline content. Looked just wonderful.

    His sis grown up:


    After: Alia

    Dune BluRay
  20. Fast and Furious - This movie started okay I think. I liked Hon? Han? that Asian dude that was in Tokyo Drift. Then it got wack. But one thing I realize. Jordana Brewster is hot!! Omg, I thought she was a regular looking chick. But for some reason, this movie attracted me towards her. 6.5/10

    Resident Evil - I never saw this movie before. I just watched Fast and Furious and saw Michelle Rodriguez in it. So I deiced to watch it. It was okay I guess. 6/10

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