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    Loup. A French docudrama. Really great. I loved how the actors almost didn't say a thing, and yet I understood everything what was going on between the people and the wolves. (Loup=Wolf)
    So I would give it an 9/10.
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    Blind Side

    This was an excellent inspirational movie. It provided lulz and at times i had to hold back some man tears.
    A must see!
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    Avatar. 10/10. It blew me of my chair and will keep me down for a looooong time.
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    Well, since the last movies I watched were 1 after another, I'll review all 4.

    1st: Dragonball Evolution. 1/10...



    Who ever says they liked this movie should be shot! Who ever says this is a good adaptation of DB should have their genetalia torn from them!

    2nd: G.I. JOE. 8/10.

    Good movie, but I predicted that it would be rex...(I've never seen the cartoons so I don't even know if he was in them)

    It provided good action, humour, mainly from Marlyn's part, (is that his name, I forget), and it had a decent storyline. However, I felt that it dragged in certain parts, mainly towards the end, and like i said, was predictable.

    3rd: Tropic Thunder. 9/10


    Was funny as hell, but dragged in a few parts...

    Ben stiller was just retarded in it, always good to see, and downey! Hell, that was just funny! Black was just black, you can't go wrong with that, and the other two(I forget their names), brilliant at what they did.

    4th: Star Trek. 9/10

    Action, humour and adventure! Very good, but, it did drag a little (movies do that a lot now).

    I loved simon pegg in it, that was perfect casting for humour value! And Leanord Nemoy was just epicly epic!
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    last new flick i saw was avatar and while i loved it i have a few beefs with what critics have been saying its message is.,but that it. visually its stunning the story line is kinda of obvious but its been a while since that material has been done. the comparison to dances with wolves is well justified

    9/10 cause nothing is perfect
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    The Blind Side 8/10

    - Heard good things about it, so i decided to take a look at the movie. Solid movie good story. Based on a true story and while i was thinking there was gonna be this big dramatic part of the movie that causes his to leave his new family and they come looking for him. It didn't really turn out that way. Still the little drama piece was done well. Sandra Bullock was awesome in this movie.
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    Boondock Saints 8/10. It's basically Punisher light (with light I mean more light hearted. The killing was still stone colled and awesome). Good movie though. Willem Dafoe was really awesome in this one. The Mcanus brothers weren't bad either. Funny man was funny.
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    halloween 2 (09)
    well, i'm a fan of zombie so i dug it but it's not his best work. I didn't like alot of the family showing up (because i didn't understand it) but the character work was great, especially loomis. Mane is a great Michael too.
    it's a great movie but it's definitely not for everybody.
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    Finally caught Avatar today....and I don't get the hype

    From a visual stand point I agree Avatar is incredible. The graphics are top of the line and the detail to visual quality is nothing short of amazing. Storywise however this movie was practically a bore, all the Frengully/Pocahontas/Dances With Wolves in Space jokes you've been hearing are true. The last 45 min are really the only exciting part otherwise it was a decent at best. It also didn't help that Cameron has spent the past year stroking his ego about how this movie will change the cinema world forever when it really hasn't.

    Fantastic visuals...great action...decent acting...Boring and way too familiar story
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    it has changed the cinema world visual wise... that is what he meant...
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    He developed an completely new way of shooting film. For the filmmaker he's opened up new possibilities. The consumer wouldn't care either way but if you're involved in the film industry then it has.

    I saw The Wrestler...wow Mickey Rourke...awesome job. Really solid film.
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    now all you have to do is read moar x-force and i'll get you a seat in the fistbump alliance.

    I saw avatar, (about 2 hours of it)... now I lately hate everything movie related because of the job... but god fucking damn it was that good. as simple as the story was the execution of it was fanfuckingtastic
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    Saw sherlock holmes
    good solid movie, great cast.
    acting was very good, lines were delivered well.

    but going from avatar 3d on a 20m high screen to this, the picture quality look so much better in avatar :/
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    yeah, digital projectors are fucking insane quality wise.
    back when wall-e came out my theater had it in both regular film and digital, you watch the digital version and then go back to film and it just looks like somebody spit in your eyes.
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    Yeah, last one for me was Avatar.


    Being the right brained person I am, I did my best to look for the uniqueness that lingered throughout the movie. The acting was really well done and, of corse, the art was just fantastic. I couldn't get over it all for a good few days. The story just needed to be...well, it was just not unique as I had wished it to be. The people, the environment, all of that worked out well, the story just needed that different...oomph. Or something along those lines. Eh, whatever the case, I did enjoy it a lot and I'd be more then happy to view it once more.
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    7 Samarai

    the old 1954 japanese version (dont know if there are any remakes)

    GREAT movie, a bit long, but completely worth it. 9.5/10.0
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    ^ There's an anime version, too. Original is better, however.

    Watched a lot of films lately. Here's a small list.

    Super Size Me: If you eat five-thousand calories a day of anything, you'll get fat, you retard. Good lord. 5/10

    Man on Wire: Had to go download some subtitles for the French segments, but otherwise, very well directed, very passionate film. One of the better documentaries I've seen. 7/10

    Harry Brown: It's no Get Carter, but it's one of Michael Caine's better films. Pretty damn enjoyable. 7/10

    Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels: Better than Snatch; very stylish film with fantastic pacing. 7.5/10

    RockNRolla: I actually prefered this to Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Easily my favourite Guy Ritchie movie. The best written of his films, in my opinion, with the most interesting characters. 8/10

    Reservoir Dogs: Very powerful and effective work from Quentin Tarantino; I'm late to the party on this one, but the action is fantastic and the dialogue contains Tarantino's trademark edge. 8/10

    The Hurt Locker: Probably among my favourite films of 2009. Very effective action-thriller. 7.5/10

    Milk: Of all the films I've seen recently, this is the second best. Extremely powerful performance by Sean Penn; imaginitive, endearing and very, very tragic. 8/10

    Juno: Say what you will; Ellen Page's performance was Oscar-worthy. I really, really enjoyed this film. It surprised me. 7/10

    Death Wish 2: While not a good film, by any stretch of the imagination, it's certainly an enjoyable one. Fun to watch, but doesn't exactly have much artistic merit. 5/10

    Dirty Harry 2: Magnum Force: Better than the first film; not much beats seeing Clint Eastwood kill people. 6/10

    The Naked Gun I & II: While not particularly funny, they do have their moments. These films, I enjoyed not so much for their comedy but for the sheer goofiness of the plot. Enjoyable, for reasons beyond comedy. 6/10

    The Dark Knight: Rewatched. Not Christopher Nolan's best, by any means, but still a very good superhero film. Rnjoyable to watch. 7/10

    Food, Inc.: Good lord, this was more like a comedy than a documentary. I watched this with the girlfriend and we spent the entire movie cracking jokes. 4/10

    The Truman Show: Almost as good as Milk. By far the best acting I've seen from Jim Carrey (yet to see Eternal Sunshine). Great film. 7.5/10

    American Beauty: The best film I've seen in a very long time. Thought provoking and beautiful in its message, this is by far the best acting I've seen from Kevin Spacey, and he's an amazing performer. The entire movie, from start to finish, was unabashed genius. Incredible film, and probably takes a spot on my top five. Lester Burnham is one of my all-time favourite characters. 9/10
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    there is also the Western Remakes which turned out to be the Maginificent Seven.
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    I'll check them out, thx. The anime version sounds especially intriguing, but I think the beauty of that film lies in it's great great cast acting, costumes .. generally things anime can't reproduce.

    I saw "Doubt" the other day. Meryl Streep did an awesome job as the Evil Nun, but the movie itself was ok, it kept me awake on a sleepy night. 7/10
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    wow MD, you're quite hard to impress with your ratings

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