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    I saw the title for that movie a few days back and lol'd. I knew instantly it'd be one of those really aweful comedies.

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    Seven Pounds (2008)

    Quick Summary: Smith plays the role of a IRS agent, with a seemingly troubled passed, on a journey to change the lives of seven strangers. Throughout the journey he finds himself becoming attached to one in particular who end up changing him in the process

    Had no idea what the movie was about leading up to it. Hadn't watched a trailer or nada but Will Smith was in it so it was a must watch for me. Its one of those movies that have constant flashbacks from different time periods so it takes you a while to figure out whats going on. Its a kind of put-the-pieces -together film but no incredibly hard to figure out.

    Really good emotional drama overall. Dawson's heart condition left you wondering what future the two could have had together in the end. I loved the interaction between Smith and Dawson and felt they complimented each other well. Ending made me a bit teary, no lie!

    Soundtrack is awesome. Bird York has the voice of an angel.

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    Yes, it's my 1st time watching it. Unfortunately i only started watching from the part where Tony Montana goes to Bolivia to take part in his 1st offshore drug deal, which is half way through the film (wasn't on DVD or anything, it was on tv channel). Nonetheless, from what i watched it was a spectacular film, Tony's character is superb, the accent, the swagger, the gestures and everything about Tony Montana was superb. Loved every minute in the film, it wasnt some mindless shoot 'em up drug/action flick, it had depth as from what i watched since he strated off from nothing in the beginning and became one of America's most reputable druglord in history. Loved the action, violence, ending was extremely shocking.

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    Crank high voltage
    absolutely terrible movie. I know u shouldnt take it seriously but it was dumb as shit. U have a guy that have their heads in jars (futurama style). He gets his heart taken out of his body and is hooked up to this electonic thing.
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    I haven't watched any movies in weeks now. Does anyone have good recommendations. The last movie I watched was dragonball and Wolverine I think (both sucked major balls).
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    These are the movies I have watched. Possible spoilers? These are old movies so it probably doesn't matter.

    Gran Torino

    Story of an old man who is living in a neighborhood with many foreigners. With his xenophobic nature, he resents them and resents pretty much everyone else, including his selfish sons and their family. Standard stuff, he eventually gets acquainted with a boy who he attempts to make a "man" out of. I think that's the word, he basically acts as the father figure. Long story short, the boy and his family is harassed by their cousins who are the antagonists of this story. Eventually, they take things to far and the old man (Clint Eastwood acting as Walt or Wally) becomes an hero.

    It's an enjoyable movie.

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    Read from a diary point of view, the life of Benjamin is told by his daughter to her dying mother. Benjamin lives life in a reverse order, born old and inevitably dies as a baby. Plenty of love and struggle, but that's all I got to say about this.


    Monty Python and... (don't remember the rest of the title)

    I'm not going to delve much into this. It's just to silly. Humorous movie, go watch it if you didn't.


    The Killing Fields

    Movie on the Cambodian genocide. Very slow beginning, and the good stuff lasts for a short time. You can watch it if you have nothing better to do and want to see how Cambodia was under Pol Pot's regime.


    Black Hawk Down

    Shown so many times on tv but I downloaded this anyway. Movie is about a U.S. raid in Somalia to get rid of a warlord there. This raid was a failure however and the warlord was not killed. Watched this because this was partly responsible for why US didn't help Rwanda when the country was experiencing its own genocide. Textbook would probably be better but I was also bored and had time. Most of you probably watched this already anyway.



    To much nonsense in this movie. I don't recommend this at all. Wasted my time. I only watched this because I was hoping for a sex scene or something I remember from the commercial. I have no idea why I downloaded this. This movie is definitely asking to be deleted.


    The Silence of the Lambs

    The story of a young girl training to be a FBI agent. This plot is the young student (I think her name was Clarice Starling) seeking help from lovely Hannibal to catch a killer on the loose. Didn't really care much for the faggy transvestite killer and his pathetic victims. Cared more about the scenes with Hannibal in them. Long story short, the loser killer is killed, and Hannibal, escapes. Oh goody, a sequel.



    Hannibal, a cannibal and highly intelligent psychiatrist, is hunted by Mason Verger, a man seeking revenge. Why you may ask, well I didn't understand the scene fully, but Hannibal influenced Mason to cut up his own face disfiguring him during the process. Meanwhile, Clarice Starling, now a FBI agent, is seeking to find Hannibal and arrest him. MEANWHILE, Hannibal is hiding incognito in Italy. A policeman eventually learns that the man he has gotten to know is none other than Hannibal Lector. Seeking reward money, he screws up and is hanged by Hannibal with his intestines hanging down to the streets. Things got wrapped up, Hannibal and Starling eventually meet, and that's all I'm going to say. Really great movie, it has Hannibal after all. Love this movie (and Hannibal to a degree. To many mixed feelings for him actually.)


    Hannibal Rising

    The story of young Hannibal and how he came to be the man we know him as (the man in The Sleeping of the Lambs, Hannibal, and Red Dragon). Gruesome movie, but everything was well done. Not saying much because I need to wrap up my review post but this movie is a definite watch, along with the other Hannibal movies.


    Overall, the Hannibal series should be watched. To interesting and amazing of a character.

    I also watched Fahrenheit 9/11, but not much to say about it. It was interesting to some extent.
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    watched soul men ondemand last night and its hilarious. The funniest movie i've seen this year. 8/10. would be a 10/10 but the comedy sort of died for a little bit in the middle of the movie but then it picked up.

    Favourite scene-when they were in coffin with their dead pal
    favourite line-skip on deez nuts or sue deez nuts
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    well just watched "white baloon".

    a feel good movie.the innocence of a little girl in comparison to the matured world was protrayed beautifully by jaffer panahi.the girl was so cute.Several people try to take advantage of a little girl's innocence to hustle the money her mom gave to her to buy a goldfish on the newyear eve.i recommend this movie 8/10

    "babum ve oglum(my father my son)".

    wat can i say abt this movie.amazing !! emotions at its best.a nice movie to watch with ur family.Cagan Irmak told us dying for opinions and the importance of the family.i bet u will nver wants to grow up after u watch this movie. 10/10
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    Lady in the Water (0/10)

    Friend of mine recommended this movie and lent it to me, and I must say, those were 2 hours of my life completely wasted. Story is utterly ridiculous, the acting is awful, the development of the plot is just pathetic (somehow everyone immediately believes there are such things as a Tartutik (or wte the fuck it was called))...
    Truly an insult, not worth paying even for renting.

    In Bruges (8/10)

    Finally seen what everyone over here is making such a fuss about. Pretty funny movie, loved the acting (+you can't beat all the swearing with the irish accent), storyline was quite good, and overall it kept me entertained. Ending was quite interesting as well I'd say, leaves it up to the viewer to think of what happens next. Definitely recommend it, though more to be rented than bought at full-price.
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    ROCKY 4.

    IT'S ROCKY!!! If that isn't enough, HE BEAT DRAGO!!!
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    Dragonball Evolution: 1/10

    I honestly can't believe they're actually serious with this. This movie was an entire joke. I watched it with a neutral point of view, treated it as something entirely different to the manga since I knew I'd facepalm every 20 seconds if I didn't... it was ridiculous. Dialogue was pathetic, acting was a joke (and wtf is a Nimik? Justin Twatwin should learn how to pronounce things... and act!!!), storyline and development of the plot was so simple and so unoriginal that it was laughable (uncool guy, needs to get the girl, needs to defeat bad guy, saves the world, gets the girl, becomes cool guy, lolololol the end), and the bad attempts at comic relief (ex. Goku's classroom "fantasy" about Chichi...) were utter fail. Can't believe they're going through with making a sequel, I know one future movie I'm happily gonna be missing... One epic fail.

    Gave it a 1 instead of 0 just for a few of the action scenes... some were passable.

    edit: actor for Yamcha should have his own definition of fail
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    Land of the Lost - 5/10

    This movie was just silly. Will Ferrel, was just silly. Danny McBride and Anna Freil were good supporting characters, but the movie wasn't really that great. I called out the ending because it was sooo predictable.

    Matt Lauer was probably one of the funniest people, playing himself :(
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    The cast for this movie was well casted they were all funny.
    The story was good funny as hell with all the out there scenes.
    The ending was somewhat predictable but still surprising. The credits were funny as hell you must watch this movie.
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    Man this movie was full of lulz. The adventure about a group of drugged out friends searching for their lost friend. So amusing. The pics at the credits was filled with just as much lulz.

    8/10. Should be watched.
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    Hangover 8.5/10 Funny awesome movie. I regret not watching this instead of TF2 in theaters. I freaking watched a cam for this one. I LMAO. Credits were awesome.

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    Angels & Demons 7/10
    Pretty good movie. I really like these mysterie movies. I read on IGN that they saw the plot twist coming from a mile far. I didn't have that problem at all. Of course I had a suspision who it was but never knew for sure and that's why this kind of movies are fun to begin with. The dude with the glasses that kills 3 of the 4 pope candidates is fucking commando. Too bad he gets killed in the end. All in all an amusing movie.
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    ^ co -signed on angels and Demons. Another Hanks movie I actually enjoyed all the way through.

    Domino - 9/10
    You see Keira Knightley get naked after hours of brutally fucking people up as a bounty hunter. Need I say m0ar? .
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    I just watched 12 Rounds and it was awesome. At first i thought it was just gonna be some boring wanna be indy film,but it was more than that. :D

    8.75/10 because it was slow at the beginning but at the end it got hot and it made me jump out of my seat. :D

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    hahahahahahahaha I agree
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    The Hangover

    8.7/10 surprisingly funny movie. I loved the wedding singer at the end singing gangster songs and cussing at the grandma.

    Transformers 2.

    Better fights than the first one, better visuals, bigger explosions. But unfortunately the story was a trainwreck unlike the first one, and thats a big thing. Only character who was funny was the sector 7 guy, everyone else was either mediocre or fail.. Megan and Shia were alright, the parents jokes seemed to forced,the army guys seemed completely unnecessary in this movie, and I fricken HATED that 3rd wheel mexican dude from the college along w/ the Twin Bots and the little monster truck bot all of whom were utter fail.

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    now go read the book and see how amazingly fail this movie is
    one of the worst i've seen in years, worse than what they did to the da vinci code.

    Transformers 2
    Megan Fox, Robots, Hot Robot with metal ass penis thing, explosions, sweaty running Megan Fox, Robot Heaven >_<, Megan Fox, Metal Testicles of Destructor, Explosions, Explosions, Explosions.

    6.5/10. Enjoyable, dont watch for the plot or acting
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    Transformers 2

    God awful. I said this in the other thread, but a mediocre story line (seriously, I'm sick of the adventure crap but there also many more explained events and plot holes) and the nonsense that goes along with it (Oh my. I'm Shia and I can't say L WORD :argh) cannot be justified with Megan Fox and loads of explosions! The shameful attempts at comedy makes this movie even more fail.

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    Boys 'N the Hood

    Old movie I know. I've actually seen bits and pieces of it (enough to know the plot) but I've never seen it from start to finish. I have comcast so we get free movies and this happened to be one of them. Started it at 12am last night and couldn't be bothered to stop.

    In terms of just simple storytelling, this movie really excels. The plot is like one giant trainwreck of a movie that does not pretend to be anything else. You know it won't end well and you want to stop it because you're emotionally invested in the characters but you can't.

    If you guys did not know, Lawrence Fishborne (aka Morpheus) is in this movie. He plays the role of a father figure exceptionally well. I really like how this movie highlights the importance of a father and what a difference it makes on Cuba Gooding Jr's character.

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