1. My instincts were just giving off a bad vibe, which why I haven't attempted to watch it yet. I may see it just to see what my instincts were warning me of lol.
  2. Don't do it... save yourself two hours...to do something else more productive.
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  3. Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter

    At times I felt humor, remorse and anger for how retarded this girl was. Kumiko is about a girl that believes in the fiction movie Fargo is real and travels across the Atlantic to pursue the treasure. The movie is fiction but events of the movie are based on real life.

    Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3263614/?ref_=rvi_tt

    Based off Takako Konishi: http://grantland.com/features/kumiko-the-treasure-hunter-fargo/

    Throughout this movie my mind raced between giving it a 0 - 6 even 7 out of 10, back and forth. You'll have to watch it to understand. If you have nothing to do and I mean nothing, then it's worth checking out.
  4. Watch the Honest Trailer for it on YouTube instead. It's hilarious.
  5. I just did. It's pretty funny.
  6. Batman Unlimited: Animal Instinct

    ...if I didnt d/l it i would have been upset for spending the $1.50 at redbox for it
  7. Terminator Genisys

    It starts really strong and keeps up the quality till last fifteen minutes. those were very weak

    Rest of the movie was extremely enjoyable. so many references to past two movies fun action scenes

    If you love terminator movies I think you should like this one.
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  8. I watched a movie called 'The Lovers' 2015. It is about an under water archeologist and they find some golden ring and there is a love story behind it. One of the archeologist falls into an a coma and we are brought back to like the 1800's in India (or whenever colonization began there). All and all love transcends through time and the man is revived through the power of love from the present and past. I give this a 10/10. A lot of Indian actors and actresses as well as European(American? ). This would is probably a good chick flick and at the same time a guy can enjoy it. I randomly selected this and it didn't disappoint.
  9. Lower & Snake: Zero 2014


    Misaki Amemiya is an assistant inspector for the Metropolitan Police Department's Community Safety Bureau who becomes ensnared in a trap while investigating a mysterious illegal video website called "Babylon". Soon, she's bound and tortured along with Shizuko and an oversexed housewife named Ruri.

    Okay this is a Japanese film and if you weren't impressed with Fifty Shades, this is that on steroids fused with an action and horror flick. I really wished I had subs with it. I got the gist of what was going on but a lot of details were left out. Still I recommend checking this movie out
  10. Big Hero 6 - it's a really great movie. Probably a 8.5/10 for me...very close to saying a 9.
  11. Agreed......... i liked it better than the original. I didn't like it as much as T2, but i can honestly say Genisys wuz better than all the other Terminator movies besides Judgement Day.
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  12. Just watched Ant-Man. It was a good comedy. Paul Rudd and Michael Pena just killed it with the hilarity.
    On the negative side: predicatable plot and bad villain.
    7/10 would recommend for a quick laugh.
    PS: can anybody else who has watched it spoil me for the end credit scene? i heard there was a mid credit(which i saw) and an end credit scene.
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  13. You can google the credit scene... there's already been posts about it.

    but it's Falcon and Cap talking to each other in front of Bucky. They are talking about something, and Capt mentions that they can't trust Iron Man, then Falcon says "I know a guy" hint, hint Ant Man
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  14. I watched a movie called 'Tai Chi Zero' 2012. Classical type of Kung-Fu movie about trying to prevent the industrial age from coming into their village and destroying their way of life. Not much action going on, storyline was a bit all over the place. You thought the main character was going to learn Chen-syle kung-fu to get revenge on his master that was killed but then it switches to him helping these people at the village. It is very animated in a weird way with captions I wasn't really for it. Then it ends abruptly but it says that a sequel will occur. I give it 4 to 5 out of 10.
  15. They shot the sequel together with the first part. Its called Tai Chi Hero. I think i watched the two together.
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  16. I watched 'Lia and Eva' (2015) last night staring Viola Davis and Jennifer Lopez, this movie is freaking crazy. Mother had a son gunned down in the streets and she goes on a rampage. I lol'd at this soccer mom cleaning up shop in the hood with these gangsters. Acting is superb, you get a real sense of the stress a mother and family goes through. It is interesting how everything is pieced together to find out the killer.

    The movie before the last was 'Zu Warriors From The Magic Mountain' (1983). This is an old classic kung-fu movie about supernatural beings, exorcist and demons. When I was watching it I was fairly impressed with the creativity animation, action and comedy of characters. I feel a lot of anime that deal with supernatural beings were probably based off stuff like this. I also feel like if this movie was to be remade with a large budget and today's cgi technology it would be epic beyond proportions.
  17. 1/10 Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem

    WTFF is going on with this animation studio and this universe? Im avoiding this BS from now on
  18. ^^

    I could just tell by looking at pictures that movie wasn't going to be good lol.

    I watched a couple that I feel people need to watch. Last night I saw Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation. That movie was awesome, a lot of action, complex espionage type of shit you would expect to see in this movie. 9/10

    Bloody Sunday - about the whole civil rights for the Irish and fight with the Brits. The Irish just wanted a peaceful walk and protest and it went from 0 to 100 real quick. Innocent lives were lost and it was covered up really well. 6/10. Don't let the number throw you off, it came across that they wanted to capture everything about what happened on that day and stray away from any theatrics.

    Child 44 - Man I loved this movie, this is based in Russia, a lot of great actors. You have serial killer on the lose and Russian's trying to find traitors at the same time. I can't say a lot about this other then I had no expectations and I was blown away. 10/10

    No Good Deed - Idris Elba plays psycho killer bad guy and invades a random woman's home and she has to try to get to safety and get rid of him at the same time. 8/10
  19. The Martian. 9.5/10
    This was an excellent movie. Ridley Scott return to form. Realistic space exploration. Probably the best out of the recent space movies. A surprisingly fun movie considering the fact that its about an astronaut stranded on a dead planet all alone. A bit long considering my bladder was full. 2h 21m. Also Captain Blondebeard ftw.
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  20. Crimson Peak. 8/10
    Do not go into this movie thinking it is a horror movie. Its not. As the female protagonist in the movie describes this is "not a ghost story. its a story that has a ghost in it". That being said i hope that future horror directors consider this as the new standard to beat in terms of ghost design. And that leads me to the best part of this movie, the visuals. This was a visually stunning movie. It was beautifully gothic. And not to mention creepy and disgusting. Also a nod to the guys who did sound for this movie. Story wise it fell short but only when compared to the amazing visuals. Dont get me wrong, its not a bad story. But you find losing yourself in things like the color palette of a particular scene. That is why I gave it an 8 and say that the imagery and visuals outshine the story.

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