1. Oh the plot twist at the end? Eh?

    Rocky -10/10
    Perfect underdog sports movie. Also prefect soundtrack.
  2. Prometheus

    This was such a feast for the eyes, from the new age tech to the planet/moon's landscape and dust storm. Fassbender (Magento from last Xmen) made this movie. He owned every other character, the rest of them for the most part were pretty shallow especially the captain who was cheesy as fuck (hands up scene as they ram the engineers' ship).. I haven't seen any of the alien movies so I can't really compare, but as a stand alone movie I thought it was manageable plot wise aside from developing the characters enough, most of them were just there to die. Fassbender's character the robot and the female scientist were the only one's really given any spotlight; her birthing scene was very disturbing. Anycase I am looking forward to the sequel where they go to the engineers home world. 8/10

    That definitely saved the plot from being a snoozefest, also Griff was such an awesome character.
  3. Premium Rush

    JGL is so awesome man, dude has been on a winning streak with (Inception, 500 days of Summer, Batman 3, Looper) and now this. The premise of Premium Rush is so simple but they make it work with a creative way of telling the story. Its kind of a throwback action movie back before we got all of these huge production CGI /super hero stuff. Recommend seeing this atleast once for JGL awesomeness. 8/10
  4. Interstate 60: Episodes of the road

    I saw that movie 8 or so years ago, not from the beginning tough as it was on TV. Yet it managed to burn into my grey matter so strongly that even after those years I still remember every scene vividly. I did not have a chance to see it since then till just now.
    Strongly recommend watching it.
    It's comedy/road trip/philosophy kind of movie. Not gonna spoil anything, nor discuss what I liked the most about it but just say that the movie had a powerful impact on me back then and still has now.

    Love it.

    Also it stars Osborn, Commissioner Gordon, Doc, Pink Ranger, Plissken and Cyclops.
  5. last stand

    gandalf may b the famous guy of "u shall not pass"...but when arnie sez it,u will b the only one going down. just saw the movie it takes me back to the old days. the dude still got the badass attitude and thats gud coz more r abt to come.same old attitude, same old weapons, same old fashioned " knock knock...who...bang bang". well nothing more into the storyline coz its kinda familiar but its arnie and thats the difference.love it if ur a arnie fan.

    still got a say this, even though he is all wringled and became old...his stare still has the madness in it.

    its how he sez " FUCK OFF"
  6. Man of tai chi
    I give it a very biased 9/10. Mainly cuz I've always been a fan of tai chi and the very few people that could use it in a real combat situation.
  7. The Croods

    Fun animated movie...9/10...predictable ending but its a childrens movie so whatdya expect
  8. The Equalizer


    Basically its the Black man's Taken...that Denzel is a bad mother fucker though

    Generic story, some cheesy dialogue, some cheesy feel good moments and some glaring plot holes..bit of a mix of Taken, Bourne Identity and Saw/Final Destination

    the movie is basically, Black Batman I enjoyed it
  9. Edge of Tomorrow


    doesnt take itself too seriously and Tom Cruise still has enough star power to play lead in a scifi/action movie...and he was GOOD in it

    very, VERY good movie
  10. I really enjoyed that movie as well, very unique sci-fi in terms of alien powers.
  11. Boyhood


    I was curious about the premise (they basically picked a kid at 6 years old (plus supporting cast)...and came back year over year toi film a little here and there...and did that for 12 years)

    it was a suprisingly good movie...and I dont really know why

    its just one of those movies that you can find something to relate with...

    my only complaint is that the ending didnt really feel like an ending (it didnt really provide any closure)...but thats life I guess
  12. Drive 8.7/10

    Fun movie, violence can be a little much but overall a nice little story that didn't drag on.
  13. Hunger Games Mockingjay Pt 1

    Probably the best entry in the series
  14. Mad Max

    Holy crap was it a ride. There is literally nothing I would have changed about it. The plot is simple. If you watched the trailer you know whats going to happen.
    Yet the way it was presented, oh boy. It was incredibly intense, spectacular experience. Special effects deserve an oscar. Especially since it was all pretty much done cg-less, fully working cars with flamethrowers driving high speed across real desert (not australia cause of rain, Namibia will do)
    then we get to design of characters, from max to the bad guys. Desert-post-apocalyptic-punk in its finest.

    Do yourself a favour and go watch it!
  15. Project Almanac


    I think Im done with the whole Found Footage genre
    ...cant really think of one that I thought...that was excellent besides the first Paranormal Activity (which was 8 years ago btw)
  16. What? I don't think I can take this seriously...
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  17. I actually liked this movie for that reason. It felt like some kids were just experimenting and discovered time travel by accident. This was the whole charm of the movie.
  18. Kingsman: The Secret Service


    quite the fun little movie that doesnt take itself too seriously....the funniest part is that the girl was completely written out of the story at the end...i completely forgot about her until she appears in teh mountains to say "YES!!" when they save the world
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  19. The Lazurus Effect 1/10

    take a generic horror movie and combine it with Lucy (2014) and you have this movie

    ...pretty dumb premise (drug to heal damaged brain cells in coma patiets runs amok and instead of repairing pathways...creates even more new ones that gives you powers)...why are the super genius scientists/doctors always so stupid??
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  20. Jupiter Acensding - 1/10 . WHAT I stopped watching after half an hour...
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