1. Review the Last Movie You Watched

    don't just post one liners like "I saw wall-e it waz gud lol" and keep the spoilers to a minimum/under tags if you're talking about flicks that are out right now.

    forgetting sarah marshall 7/10

    it had it's moments. typically i don't go for these types of movies but i actually enjoyed it, mainly because of the interesting characters. definitely worth checking out.

    Halloween By Rob Zombie.

    loved it. this guy really knows how to make a horror movie. the main characters are actually likable unlike the recent friday the 13th. the way this was done was far superior to many of the recent "realistic" horror flicks, just good writing, acting and directing. so far Rob hasn't made a bad movie and i honestly can't wait for the flicks he has in the pipeline at the moment.
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    Since Clive Owen was in it, I had my expectations. But then again I didn't knew I was about to see Duplicity. The film's timeline messes with you head at first. But everything becomes clear at the end.

    Better than Clive's other flick The International. I also love Julia Roberts in this movie. She plays her role pretty good.
    I give it a 8/10.
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    Star Trek (2009) 10/10
    casting was perfect, cg was amazing
    best movie of the year so far
    pushing to be top Trek movie ever
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    That's so true.

    Even when I found the TV series boring.
    Though I was my laughin my ass off everytime Chau and Spock were on screen. I just couldn't take Chau serious. And Spock, I mean look at the haircut and eyebrows.
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    Star Trek (2009):

    I really enjoyed this sci-fi flick. Spock was a real prick at first, but then i grew to like him as he befriended Jamie. Great action, animation was really good, acting was also top-notch imo. All in all it was an enjoyable sci-fi film.

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    I've seen more interesting World War II movies than this one... it felt way too long with very little action, and ended on a very sudden note that just made you think "....wtf, was this it?".
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    I loved this movie. I loved the plot, the action, and how the main antagonist was such a bad ass! he beat so much ass and the mind fucks in this movie was pure epic! I recommend this movie to everyone!
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    Angels and demons:
    3/10 terrible movie
    If u are going to adapt a book into a film, DO NOT CHANGE THE PLOT!
    Ron howard has delivered one of the worst films i have seen in a long time. The book is my fav of the four san brown novels, yet it he has produced something worse than da vinci code.

    bad things: making it a sequell - its a prequel!
    Not including key plot characters - papa vetra, glick and kohl were crucial to the plot but were left out of the movie.
    Acting: it shouldnt be hard to keep speaking in the same accent.
    murders: people who were meant to be killed werent and people were killed the wrong way.

    /end rant
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    Yes man

    7/10. It was good for what it was, but it wouldn't be a movie i bought at full price or anything like that
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    Crows Zero (japanese live-action movie) 8/10

    This was a lot better then I expected. The fights were pretty good and it was pretty funny as well. Story was cool as well. I'm looking forward to movie 2.
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    The Departed, my 3rd time seeing.

    Still a damn great movie, the cast and their performance is off the hook.
    Anyone who hasn't seen it yet, it's worth it every second.

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    I guess you also just watched it on Veronica? Movie is definitelly awesome but it's fucked up by the fact we already now the ending. You know what's fun. Spoiling the ending. My sister fucking raged when I did that lol.
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    I don't mind knowing the ending since it had been a while seeing it.
    The only thing that I still knew was
    that everybody was going to die, I had forgotten most details, like the guy getting killed in Nichilson's mob was also actually a cop.
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    I still knew that. Some of my friends who I recommended it to didn't fully understand the movie at first. They had to watch it 2 times to fully comprehend what was going on. And they study hbo as well fucking noobs.
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    That movie was awesome. The crew they put together there was fantastic and I also love the OST.

    Ending was indeed crazy. What was it, about 5-6 people died in the space of 6 minutes?

    In the end I felt so bad for Leo's character. Imagine the crap they guy had to go through mentally just to get by day by day.
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    ^I raged when that happend. I mean really raged. I actually yelled fuck it when that happened. The dude really deserved a happy ending.
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    If feel you Haoh. He tried real hard. I still yell out in anguish every time I see that scene.

    At least he got a shot at Damon's girl before all was said an done
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    Yeah and the funniest thing about it is Damon just noticed it during the funeral, when he saw her there.
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    Did you also think Wahlberg was pretty awesome in the movie.
    He cracked me up.
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    Lesbian Vampire killers 3/10 (drunk 8/10)

    With a title like this it could have been so much more but saying that there were some pretty nice boobs in it lol The music in it and the killing scenes were bad but what do u expect for a comedy which cost around £50,000. If ur stoned or drinking this can be a funny movie with lots of lulz.

    The Lesbian Vampire Killers plot revolves around two down on their luck slackers, Fletch and Jimmy, who decide to temporarily escape their woes and go on holiday to a remote village, only to find that all of its women have been enslaved by lesbian vampires due to an ancient curse. Things go further awry when they hook up with a bus load of attractive foreign female history students and run in to the local vicar, who seems to think that Jimmy is the long lost descendant of a local vampire slayer.

    Under the influence this made me lmao.
    "If u kill me, i shall rise more powerful than u can possibly imagine"
    (Narrator)"With that he lopped her f**king head off"

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