1. So my Blu-Ray collection is approaching 250. And there are still like 15 blurays I can buy without hesitation atm.
  2. anyone here watches Brooklyn 99

    Copcomedy show. Really funny so far. Feels like it was shot in late nighties.
  3. "babum ve oglum(my father my son)"

    watch it !! awsome drama
  4. since we don't have dedicated mythbusters thread ill post my question here.

    whats your guys opinion on MB getting rid off build team? and generally the whole show?
  5. Since we have no DC general discussion thread I'm posting this here. You should be ashamed!

  6. I can't think where else is more appropriate than a general film dicussion thread to post this:


    It's a transcript between Lucas, Spielberg and Kasdan in 1978 where they were discussing their ideas for Raiders of the Lost Ark. I haven't read it all yet but it is really interesting and thought I should share this gem.

    As a side note the 6 posts on this page of the thread now span 3 years :/
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  7. Now that the show is over, I'd just like to say that I loved this show and I'll really miss it.

    Still, I'm glad that they were given notice ahead of time so they could give us a proper final season instead of having the show just get cancelled in the middle of things without a proper ending.

    There goes the last good show on the Discovery channel. Now it'll probably be replaced with another dumb reality show about logging or gold digging or something. I wish the Discovery channel would go back its routes with shows that are actually about science and discovery.

    Mythbusters could be silly and entertaining, but focused on actual science and you could actually learn something watching the show.

    I'll miss it. :( :TT TT:

    Truly the end of an era.
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