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    It's not really horror, but you might want to try Battle Royale.
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    yeah not horror but from the guy that did Ichi (Miike) and the guy who wrote Ringu (Horoshi) comes Crows Zero 1 and 2
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    Got any suggestions for thriller movies
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    i see. i might consider it if it is somewhat eccentric.

    i already saw 'battle royal'. i haven't seen the sequel though.
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    It's not all that good, but it should still be on youtube if you plan to see it.
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    I'm watching Mars Attacks! and it's absurd how many good and famous actors play in this one. It's like they did a funny project because they got bored. Anyone know what got all those actors together?
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    Money or the chance for them to work together?

    I just watched Bloodsport. As a kid I loved it. All kids loved The Karate Kid but when I was 8 I got to see this and it made a big impression. Watching it for the first time in quite a few years it looks kind of crap. It has not aged well and MMA has spoiled me, the fights that looked so good to me as a kid look like crap now. Does anyone know of a film like Bloodsport that has half decent fights? I like the cheesy, generic and overdone international tournament set up, I just want to be able to enjoy somewhat believable fights :S Perhaps they should remake it, keep the music and the signature 80's montage. Now that I think about it maybe Tekken will be up to the job. In the meantime, suggestions please.
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    Shootfighter 1 and 2, more mma styled from like 93-94 i think. Bolo Yueng acts in it also but as a good guy this time.
  9. has anyone seen "the cove" on animal planet? please watch it....i feel its very important.
  10. I finally got around to watching Requiem for a dream.

    My God. Ending was straight up depressing. I just sat in my hair for a good minute taking it all in. Was like the movie began to make me physically sick. The actual movie itself was awesome. Great insight into the characters and what they were experiencing through their constant drug use. Pretty much touched on the short, temporary highs and the crushing, long lasting lows of each characters addiction. Music was awesome. Each piece complimented its respective scenario perfect.

    But damn......just so depressing. I didn't shed a tear but feel like all the happiness I have just left my body.

  11. Just saw a trailer for your highness. Looks pretty funny and damn does look nataly portman look fit.
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  12. The Prestige - Better than Inception, imo.
  13. Seriously. Requiem is one of my favorite movies of all time, but one that I'm always reluctant to watch again. It's a spiral into a pit of despair, and as the credits are rolling you just sit there watching it, hoping that there's going to be some after-credit relief. But it never comes.

    Also, the music in that movie stuck in my head for days.
  14. question about buffy the vampire slayer

    I had never ever seen it. Maybe few minutes of some episodes.

    Worth watching it now?
  15. So i just finished watching battle los angeles, i effing loved it, one of the best military based movies i've seen, blew independence day outa the water, meaning, i could imagine something like this actually happening vs humans reverse engineering a alien jet strapping a nuke on it and destroying an entire alien species with it

    season of the witch was pretty cool too, nicholas cage was amazing in it
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