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    Lets kick up posting in here. I know I'm a hard ass on spam and I'm highly against useless creations of threads left and right, which is why I employed the prefix system and why it's so.."nitpicky". So bare with me.

    However with the high post rate in the review thread and reading Haoh's post (thank you haoh) asking for recommendations I thought now's the time to open this up.

    Let me be very clear this is not a free for all spamfest, BUT, I'll be far more lax on spam in here. What exactly is the thread for? Simply put, movies. Recommend, talk about any movie even those with a thread (NO SPOILERS IN THIS THREAD), classic cinema, idle film talk, rumors anything cinematically relevant.

    So simple recap

    • Talk about anything film related in here
    • Plot talk is fine, plot summaries are to be spoiler tagged.
    • Talk about any movie even those with a respective thread (take it easy with this one please)
    • Talk about rumors and future movies (this is to keep from having threads about movies years away and with just simply no info on it)
    • Recommend movies, ask for recommendations and discuss
    • Keep it clean I don't want bashing and fighting in here, take that to the film's thread.

    So with that being said, enjoy your general movie's thread. I've made it pretty clear what you can and can't do in here, I'll be in here constantly, you have been warned.
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    I'm downloading Friday the 13th and it's the first movie I've downloaded in months. I heard there were a lot of nude ho's and what not in there so I guess it's watchable? I'm also going to the movie tomorrow to watch Terminator Salvation. I heard good things about Terminator and I hope it won't dissapoint.
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    the new friday the 13th?
    its just lame man, even as a horror fan i was put off by how cardboard-like the characters were
  4. Re: || Recommendations & General Film Discussion

    Remakes never work, we know this. Revamping works though.

    They keep remaking horror movies which is sad. You'd think someone would be disturbed enough to revamp a fucked up horror movie, I know a few dudes that can off the top of their head *cough*fieldy*cough*

    If you like movies like Prom Night, Haoh, you might enjoy Friday 13th remake.
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    Star Trek, if you haven't seen it go see it. I'll make you a tag if it isn't more awesome than Terminator(which I haven't seen yet).

    Duplicity, it has Clive Owen in it and is better than The International. It's complex and everything makes sense at the end, you'll enjoy it.

    Also I love you, man scores high. I haven't seen this one either.

    Oh and horror movies do suck, there's one recent horror movie which I can recommend and that is El Orfanato. It is spanish and is directed by Guillermo Del Torro (Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy 2) if I recall correctly, no blood in this movie but is far more scarier than any other recent horror movies I've seen.
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    I really don't watch horror/triller movies that often. I've never heard about Prom Night but I guess I'll watch Friday the 13th tonight. I was gonna watch Terminator today and went to the movies but there weren't anymore seats available which was fucked up. I was gonna watch Star Trek instead but the friends I was with didn't like Stark Trek so I ended up going home.
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    well the Halloween remake was pretty damn good, i dug that alot. otherwise i really can't think of anything.
    texas chainsaw massacre with Jessica Beil was ok but it was more like the same flick with hotter chicks.
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    They'll like Trek after seeing the movie. =]

    Also there is Chau (from OffCenter), I cracked up everytime I saw him.
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    El Orfanto is also know as the The Orphanage... was a very good horror loved it... but most ppl i know don't watch it cuz its in Spanish with english subs.

    Drag Me To Hell is a must see...

    holding on to hopes he does Evil Dead 4 soon
  10. Untitled Batman Film

    SDCC: Next Batman Movie to Start Filming in 2010! - Superhero Hype!

    Interesting news coming from Commish Gordon. As long as there is no black Riddler, I have hopes for this.
  11. Re: Untilted Batman Film

    black riddler?
  12. Re: Untilted Batman Film

    Remember the Eddie Murphy as the Riddler rumor?
  13. Re: Untilted Batman Film

  14. Re: Untilted Batman Film

    It doesn't have an official name yet.
  15. Re: Untilted Batman Film

    I know, and it's still just a rumor, but read it again "Untilted?".

  16. Re: Untilted Batman Film

    Typo bro. And its a pretty solid rumor if one of the major actors says it.
  17. Re: Untilted Batman Film

    that would fucking suck
  18. Re: Untilted Batman Film

    Lol @ Black Riddler.

    I wonder if there will be any announcements at ComiCon tomorrow.
  19. Re: Untilted Batman Film

    This should have gone in the general film discussion thread as a topic not as a new thread.

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